Past Unbound (House of Doms Series)

BOOK: Past Unbound (House of Doms Series)
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The House
Doms Series

Book One


By Ava Snow

Published by Horn
y Devil Publishing

Copyright 2013 Ava Snow




The House
Doms: Past Unbound Copyright © 2013 Ava Snow

Edited by Kat Marshall and Colette Stone

Cover art by Dee Allen

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.








“Yes, just like that.”  He had to consciously think about not pulling her hair, but with every suck, lap, and lick his control melted.  “Damn Precious, that feels good.  Harder!  Take me to the back of your throat and swallow.”  She did as he commanded, then she cupped his sac and lightly rolled it in her hands as she continued to suck and lave his cock.  When she hummed around his dick
it made his hips buck faster.

He had to get his control back.  Her mouth was not where he planned to come, even as his hips bucked harder against her, driving more of his wide, long, length deeper with every thrust.  The shocking heat of her wet mouth and that tongue that twitched along his most sensitive flesh, sent tendrils of hot, fierce lust shooting up his spine and into his brain.  She was so fucking sexy.  With her long, silky hair bunched in his fist, he watched her lips stretch tightly around his cock.  His cock appeared wet and glossy from her ministrations before disappearing into her mouth once more.  She tugged and squeezed his sac, the delicious pain only enhancing the pleasure.

“Enough!”  Pulling on her hair, he pulled her off his cock.  Helping her to her feet, he gripped her face in his hands and kissed her until they both needed air.  He guided her backwards until the back of her knees hit the edge of the big four poster bed.
“On the bed, Lia, hook your hands under your knees and pull them up and wide.”  His eyes grew darker and more focused as he stood at the edge of the bed and watched her spread herself in front of him, offering him everything.

“Take me, Dare!  Fuck me!”  Her voice was filled with lust and was music to his ears.

“Fuck you,
recious?  Is that what you want?”  Dare took his dick in hand and guided it to her drenched pussy, slamming home on the first stroke.  The force of his thrust rocked the bed.  Her cunt
was a tight, burning glove that fisted his cock in glorious perfection.

He would never get tired of being inside her.  It was like being home.  There was nothing better.  Dare pressed upon Lia, slid his hands to where she held her legs wide and bent back for him, bringing her legs straight against his chest so that her feet locked neatly around his neck.  “Hands on the headboard
Don’t let go.”  Dare’s thrusts grew harder and deeper hitting her cervix with every push of his thick shaft, stretching and filling her completely.

“Yes!  Oh god, yes!  Dare, don’t stop!”

Precious, I know.”  Dare watched her eyes gloss over as he continued his deep, hard thrusts.  He knew he couldn’t keep her on the edge much longer, but he couldn’t get enough.  “I love fucking you, feeling your pussy melt around my cock.”  Alia squeezed him harder with every word he spoke.  He knew she was close, but he wasn’t ready for her to come yet.  Slowing his thrusts, he loved the frustrated whimpers that left her lips.  “Not yet, Lia.  Beg me.  Beg me for the release you need.”

Her eyes flew open, and she glared at him, letting him know they would have to work more on her training.  He almost pulled out of her; just let the head of his cock sit at her entrance, teasing her with short, shallow strokes, driving them both crazy.
“Give me what I want
, P
recious, and I’ll give you what you need.”  Her sexy little mewls were driving him mad.  Dare pushed just beyond her entrance and pulled out.  Sweat dripping down his back, he concentrated completely on the feel of her body surrounding his, concentrating on every response she gave.

“DARE!!!  Oh god, please!  I need…Sir, please may I come!?!”

He could feel the burn start from his neck, travel down his spine
armth spread across his balls as the flesh pulled up taut
, ready to explode.  The sweet sound of her surrender pushed him over the edge.  “Come for me
, P
recious!  Come NOW!”

Lia screamed his name as she came.  He followed her with a long, low growl, his come filling her to overflowing.  Their bodies were slicked with sweat and their breathing harsh.  Dare released her legs, easing them down to the bed before falling over her, taking her mouth in a heated kiss.

Dare broke the kiss and whispered against her lips.  “I lov
e you, P
recious.”  The sated smile she gave him went right to his heart.  He held her a while longer before rising and going into the bathroom.  Cleaning himself, he then wet a cloth with warm water and returned to the bed.  Stopping at the foot of the bed, he took in her body with the moon shining on it through the open curtain, the hint of sweat on her caramel skin made it glow.  She was so beautiful inside
she was all his.  Climbing on
the bed, her soft, sated moan filled his ears as he cleaned the folds of her sex.  After dropping the cloth on the small nightstand b
eside the bed, Dare lay beside Alia, taking her hand in his.  He looked down at their entwined fingers
and once again noted their differences
large and white, hers
small and brown.

“You know our skin tones don’t define who we are, Dare.”  Her drowsy, sated voice reached his ears.

“Yes baby, I know.  I wasn’t even thinking that.  I was thinking about how small your hand is compared to mine.”  He couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out when she snatched her hand away and swatted his chest.  He pulled her closer and fell into a contented sleep with the best thing he’d ever had wrapped in his arms.




Darius McKade stood in the enormous library of his father’s home, looking between his mother and father as if they had lost their minds.  He had always loved this room with its cherry wood book cases built into the walls filled with books that he had read many times over.
Now, he
stood there not believing what he was hearing.  He was twenty-four years old and they still wanted to run his life.

“You can’t be serious!”  Dare looked at his father, with the same dark hair and gray eyes as his own.  Davis McKade crossed his arms over his massive chest and glared.  Darius had once admired the man before him…now he only despised him.

His rage only grew as his father continued to speak.  “Quite serious.  You slept with Tracy and got her pregnant.
Now you’ll do the right thing by her.”

He should have known his drunken stupidity would come back to bite him in the ass.  “Do you know how many people raise children without being married?” he asked.

His father narrowed his eyes and all but spat his next words.  “You’re a McKade, Darius.  McKades raise their children as a family.  I will not have a bastard for a grandchild.”

Darius returned his father’s words with just as much venom in his voice.  “And you will not force me into a marriage I do not want.”  He stared at his father with equal determination to win.  He would not continue to let his father rule over him.  Dare knew exactly what this was about, and he wasn’t going to let it happen.  His parents didn’t approve of the woman he loved because she didn’t come from wealth; she wasn’t some waif
thin debutant.  She was one of the most beautiful black women he had ever seen
the inside and out.  Well he didn’t care and they could both go to hell.  Lia would be his wife.  He wanted and needed no one else.

He turned to his mother sitting on the leather lounge chair, only to see the sad resolve on her face.  He knew she would be of no help to him, so he looked back at his father.  The man had a smirk on his face and a handful of papers in his grip.

“What have you done?” Dare asked as a sense of dread filled his body.

“These are ten new construction contracts that Alia’s father bid on.  He did not win, but came in second.  I can make sure that he is awarded them.  Landing these contracts would set his dying business back on the right track.  It will be up to you if he gets them or not.”

Dare stared incredulously, not believing what he had just heard.  In that instant he knew his father would do anything to get Alia out of his life.  She would never be good enough for him in his parent

s eyes.  He ran his hands through his thick hair and let out a foul curse.  He knew that one way or another he was going to break Alia’s heart.  She loved and worshipped her father above all else.  She was daddy’s little girl.  Charles Ward was a good man and worked hard building the construction business he owned.  Charles didn’t deserve this from his father.

His father spoke when he remained quiet.  “You will go to that young lady and break things off.  You will marry Tracy as soon as possible, and you will uphold this family’s name.”

Dare looked at his father with complete disdain and hatred.  “I will do this
after Mr. Ward has the contracts.  Once this farce of a wedding is over, neither of you will ever see me again.”

His mother’s quick intake of breath at his statement caught his attention for a moment before Dare turned back to his father.  He loved his mother and knew she loved him, but she would side with his father on this; for that he would never forgive her.  “There will be an agreement drawn up.  It will be clear that Tracy gets nothing in the event of a divorce.  The agreement will provide for the care of the child, no matter what happens between me and Tracy.  There will be a paternity test done when the child is born, and if it is not mine, the divorce will be swift,
Mr. Ward will keep the contracts.”

He watched his father narrow his gaze and nod.  “I will have the papers drawn up.”

Dare shot back a dark glare and shook his head.  “No.  I’ll have my own lawyer draw them up.”  Darius glanced at his mother and watched the small tear roll down her face.  In that moment, he realized his father was evil and would do everything he could to keep him and Alia apart.  His father was worth millions; it was inherited money, not earned, and he used that wealth to rule his family with an iron fist.  Dare’s mother would do and say anything his father wanted her to in order to be kept in the lifestyle she was accustomed to
he couldn’t find it in his heart to hate her.  Turning back to his father to see the glare in his eyes that he knew matched his
he turned and stormed out of the study.  His hopes and dreams slammed shut as hard as the study door.


After putting in Darius’ favorite beer, Lia slammed the fridge door shut.  She was still fuming after her confrontation in the store with that bitch Tracy.  She really wanted to strangle that tart within an inch of her life.  Tracy just didn’t get the picture.  Darius didn’t want to have anything to do with her.  But her parting shot still weighed heavily on Lia’s mind.

She had just put the last of the dinner on the table when the doorbell rang.  She knew it was Dare before she opened it.  “Why didn’t you use...”  Her words died a quick death when she saw the haunted look in his gray eyes.  His short, dark hair that was usually perfectly coifed was all over his head, and those beautiful gray eyes of his were so red
rimmed it looked as though he hadn’t slept in days.  “Dare?  What’s wrong?  What happened?”

Dare walked right past her and into the living room.  His angular jaw was clenched in pain and grief, almost as if he’d lost his best friend.  Closing the door and walking in behind him, Lia went to take his hands only to have him pull away from her.  Caught off guard by his obvious resistance, she put her hands on her hips.  “What the hell, Darius?  What’s wrong with you?”

She watched him take a long, deep breath before he spoke and ripped her heart out.  “I can’t do this anymore.  It was good while it lasted, but we just aren’t going anywhere.”

Lia cocked her head and stared through him, not believing what he’d just said.  She couldn’t have heard him right.  With the build of a linebacker, Darius was much taller than her five foot four inches, forcing her to strain her neck to look up his six
inch frame into the eyes she loved so much as if he’d completely lost his mind.  “Darius, this isn’t funny.”  She turned to head into the dining room, when he caught her arm.

“Unfortunately, I’m not joking.  There are so many things you don’t understand, and I can’t explain them now.  I’ll be leaving town in a couple weeks.  You’re strong and beautiful; you will be just fine without me.”

Stunned, Lia turned to face him.  He really wasn’t joking.  He really was leaving her.  Turning his back on all they had, all they meant to each other.  All of a sudden, Tracy’s last words to her came flooding back to her mind. 

“Tell me one thing, Darius, does this have anything to do with Tracy?”  The look on his face told her all she needed to know.  “Get out and don’t come back.”  The calmness of her voice startled her.

“You don’t understand this now Lia, but I hope someday you’ll forgive me.”

She didn’t want to hear another word.  “I SAID, GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. NOW!”  She held her chin up, refusing to let him see how much he was destroying her very soul.

Darius put the keys in his hand on the table, walked to the door, and stopped.
“I’m so sorry
Precious.  I never wanted to hurt you.”

“You are only sorry you got caught.”  She watched him walk out and quietly close the door behind him.  Lia didn’t realize she’d thrown the glass in her hand until it hit the door, smashing into a million pieces.  Her stomach cramped, her knees gave out, and she hit the floor.  Not remembering much of anything else after that, she woke up in the hospital, her father holding her hand and talking softly.  She had a hole in her heart and a pain in her belly.  Pulling her hand away she turned her back on her father, clutched her belly and cried at the injustice of it all.

BOOK: Past Unbound (House of Doms Series)
3.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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