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Michelle Craig

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Perfect Ten



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Simply put, I dedicate this book to
each and every one of you. It was a boat load of fun to write. May you find pleasure throughout the pages.

One suggestion though. Take a chance and let that inner sex kitten/lion out. Don’t over think it
. Just get down and dirty and have some fun. Take this book to bed with you and see what happens.

Every fucking one of us is a Perfect Ten. Now go out there and shine!



S. E. X.


Say hello to
the best three letters of the English alphabet. As I was coming of age, I had as much sex as I possibly could. As a matter of fact, I lost my virginity at the ripe old age of fifteen, only a week after my father died, and to an eighteen-year old senior. After that day, I figured I knew just about everything I needed to know about girls. I mean, hey—an eighteen year old wanted to play with
cock. I figured I’d have the pick of the litter after word of my prowess and my huge cock got around.

Of course
, it didn’t quite happen that way. I think I actually got carpal tunnel from jerking off so much. As it turned out, the eighteen year old had only lost a bet. She didn’t want me. She was just the one who lost and had to be a pity fuck for the poor kid whose dad had just died. Whatever the reason, I still fucked her.

Funny thing happened a couple years later
, though. I grew about eight inches and then sat back and watched as my shoulders got wider and my muscles became more defined. Six-pack? Nah, I had an eight. And guess what? Girls dug it. But I still couldn’t seem to get the sex thing quite right. Then it hit me. Here I was, a physically great looking specimen of man, but I didn’t know shit about what women wanted in bed. And I didn’t really care as long as I got off. However, word spread about my selfish behavior in the sheets, which didn’t work out so well for me.

sexcapades weren’t nearly as frequent as I thought they’d be through high school, but near the end, I was learning. I learned to listen to the girls I was with. When I stroked them a certain way and they gasped, I stored that little nugget of information away. And then I hit the mother-load. I tasted my first pussy and, fucking-A, I was hooked. All I wanted in life at that moment was to learn how to conquer that tender little nub that drove girls to grind themselves against my face, calling out my name.

That learning helped me immensely in the next phase of my life.


“That’s it. Fuck, yeah. Just like that.” Christ! Will I ever get sick of
getting blown? “Softly now, sweetheart. Oh, yeah, that’s it. That’s perfect.” I watched her lips slide slowly over my dick. I could feel her tongue lick at my balls when she took me in all the way to the hilt. Was there a man alive who didn’t love that?

“I’m gonna come right down your throat. Is that what you want?” She moaned and curled her fingers into my ass confirming what I already knew. She was yet another trophy wife who didn’t get the attention she needed from her wealthy husband. “Ahh, God!” I grabbed a fistful of her hair and moved her head faster, watching her suck me in over and over. “I’m gonna fill your mouth.” I came, thrusting deep into the back of her throat. She gagged on it, and I came some more. When she spit me out, I took my dick in my hand and continued to pump myself until I had nothing left. I was mostly done at that point, but I still had enough left to shoot a couple of hot drops on her parted
lips. Lucky girl.


Like I said before, my sex life wasn’t always like this, but it is now. I can pretty much fuck who I want, when I want. Yeah, I’m that good. And no, I’m not humble. If you’re good at something, be proud of it. Own it. Now, before any of you women get up in arms thinking I’m still a selfish piece of shit, who only cares about getting himself off, get the whole story. Talk to one of my dates. They’ll tell you what’s what.

I admit that I might hold their head down on my dick a couple of seconds past pleasant. I might ram into them from behind a bit too hard in the heat of the moment now and then, but ask them how their night was. Besides, there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain. I haven’t had a complaint yet, and this is why—I don’t come until she does. If I can’t make her come, and come hard, before I do, then I’m not doing it right. So, yeah, I’m


Chapter 1

Joe Starling


So I guess
I should start at the beginning to get you up to speed. My name is Joe. Joe Starling. Joseph Starling, Jr., to be exact. I’m twenty-six years old, and I’m a professional escort. You might wonder how someone comes to be in that profession. Well, you’d be surprised how prosperous life can become when you’re in the right place at the right time.

I can’t say that I was ever grateful to be poor, but if I wasn’t, I never would have been where I was, when I was, the day my life changed. You see, I have this friend. His name is Shawn, and I’ve been friends with him forever. He’s one of the few friends that didn’t drop me when my life turned to shit after my father died.
Apparently, when you go from being a rich kid to a poor kid overnight, your desirability as a friend decreases.

Anyway, seven years ago, Shawn married his high school sweetheart. Even though I sure as hell wouldn’t have thought about getting married at the age of nineteen, it didn’t surprise me at all that he did. And I was happy for him. I really was, but when he asked me to be his best man, I had to tell him no. He knew why and
he wouldn’t accept my answer. I didn’t have any money.

Now, I don’t mean that I didn’t have the money to throw him an epic bachelor party. I wasn’t talking about not being able to hire the hottest strippers with the biggest tits. None of that. I actually
didn’t have enough money to rent a tux or buy him a gift. You know what he said to me? He said, “I don’t want to hear it, Joe. I’ll get your fucking tux. If you’re not standing up beside me, I’ll punch you in the throat.” You might think that sounds harsh, but he had just told me he loved me and needed me by his side. Us guys, we don’t gush mushy shit, but it doesn’t mean we don’t feel it.

So, what was I supposed to do, not be in his wedding? This guy is closer to me than any blood brother would be if I had one. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. So I pulled extra hours at work to scrape up enough money to help put food on my mother’s table, help her pay the rent
, and have enough left over to buy a small gift for Shawn and Carrie.

The day of the wedding, already dressed in my
tux, I was running one last errand for my boss when it happened. The blueprints I was delivering slipped out of my fingers as I tried in vain to hail a cab in the late afternoon. As I bent down to scoop them up, I saw a man scanning the crowd as if he were looking for someone. We locked eyes for all of a millisecond, and he headed my way. As he worked his way through the throngs of people crowding the LA streets, he seemed to be checking me out. When he finally reached me, he grabbed my arm and turned me fully toward him.

“Yeah, I think you’ll do. What’s your name, kid?”

“What’s my name?” I jerked my arm out of the guy’s grasp. “What the fuck’s your name?”

He laughed at my attempt to be a tough guy. “Calm down, kid. My name’s Gary.” He looked me up and down, which was just plain creepy. “How’d you like to make five-hundred dollars tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, right.” I couldn’t imagine what this joker was about, but I knew I didn’t want any part of it. “I don’t sell drugs. Take a hike.” I turned around to leave, and he grabbed my arm again.

“Wait. Hear me out. I work for an escort service. We have a client who wants someone young and hot to make her sisters jealous at her twenty-first birthday party. Big family, old money. Our escort got sick, and I’m looking for someone fresh to fill in for him.”

“An escort service. Is that even a legal business?” What the hell? Was I in Vegas or something? Candid Camera? What was this?

I could tell the guy was annoyed with my question
. His body spoke volumes—tilted head, raised eyebrows. He was genuinely offended.

“Yes, it’s a legal business. Escorts are simply that. Escorts. This isn’t a sex operation. It’s an escort service.” He handed his card to me. “Look us up. If you’re interested, show up tomorrow morning at ten. The girl’s party is tomorrow night. We’ll see if you might suit her needs.” Done giving me his
spiel, he turned around and left.

You know the saying
‘curiosity killed the cat?’ Well, hear me meow, because there was no way I was going to miss that meeting. I mean $500 for taking some chick to a party? Count me in!

That meeting changed my life.



Chapter 2

It took me
about seven years to climb up the ranks at Perfect Ten, but now I’m at the top of the pyramid, so to speak.

When I first started working for them, I mostly attended picnic type parties with women who didn’t want to go alone. I’ve even attended with some men
. Of course, I had a different set of rules for them, since I don’t swing that way. My friends couldn’t understand why I didn’t turn those jobs down.

“How the hell can you go out with some guy and pretend to be a queer?” Shawn asked me this on several occasions, and I always told him the same thing.

“Come on, man. How many times do I have to tell you? They’re people, just like anyone else.”

“Yeah, but they’re gay. Aren’t you afraid they’re going to try to turn you gay?”

I had to laugh at him. “Turn me gay? Uh, no. You’re either gay or you’re not. I’m not. I’ve met a lot of nice guys, and only one’s hit on me. They know I’m not gay going into it. They’re not looking for a relationship. Most of the time, they’re just looking for someone to be with so their family will stop bugging them about being single.”

, I don’t mind being on a date with a gay guy. As a matter of fact, I’d rather be with a gay guy than some of the chicks I’ve had to date. Some of them are God awful. Grabby as all hell. However, the desperate ones are usually the ones with the most money. Or they’re willing to spend the most anyway.

My worst date was the one I had on my very first night of work at Perfect Ten. Looking back, I guess my will power—and intelligence—was pretty much non-existent
, but hey, I was still a kid, you know? So this girl wanted me to be her date at her twenty-first birthday bash. It was a family event that was more like a wedding. This chick had a huge family. A big Italian family. And I was pretty sure the guys in suits and ties wearing dark sunglasses were
there for the champagne. But I digress…

At first, I thought I’d hit the jackpot. Sophia was a five-foot nothing girl with jet black hair that fell halfway down her back in silken waves. The material of her short, strapless, red dress was so thin that I could see her nipples jutting out from small, but perky tits. With each breath she took, the dress threatened to slip down over those tits, and I found myself hoping for a full on sneeze, but I’m getting off track here.

Anyway, Sophia had told her family that we’d been dating for a while, which was fine by me, since I had her cover story before our date. She neglected to inform me, however, that she’d told them I was a lawyer. Big problem there since I didn’t know shit about law, nor was I old enough to actually be a lawyer.

“Daddy, this is Joe.”

A huge, hulking man stared me down until I wanted to shit my drawers. I took his bear claw in my hand and tried not to sink to my knees as he squeezed the ever loving shit out of me. “My baby tells me you’re a lawyer,” he boomed at me so loudly I jumped a little.

I glanced at
Sophia with a look of pure fear in my eyes. I knew I didn’t look a day over my nineteen years. That was one of the reasons the agency hired me. They told me that women liked young looking guys.

“Uh, yeah. I just finished law school, sir.” Fuck, I needed this animal to release my hand!

“We have a bunch of lawyers in our family. What school did you go to?”

I knew right then I was royally screwed. As soon as I named a school, he was going to get one of his goons—excuse me—one of his professional protectors in the suits to look me up and find out I was a fraud.

Before I had to speak up and sign my own death warrant, Sophia came to the rescue.

“Daddy, I told you. He went to school back east. Now leave him alone.” She grabbed my hand out of her father’s (thank Christ!) and led me outside to the patio where people were drinking and being merry.

“Sophia, what else did you tell your family about me? It didn’t say anything in your profile about me being a lawyer. I need to know these things.”

“I know, baby. I’m sorry.” She ran her hands up my chest and interlaced her fingers in my hair. Now
, normally, I’d be all over that shit, but I didn’t think I wanted to tangle with Daddy.

I smiled at her while gently removing her from my body. “Sweetheart, I’ll
gladly pretend to be your boyfriend today, but you need to follow the rules, okay?” That meant no inappropriate touching. No intimacy other than hand holding, arm around a shoulder, that kind of thing.

She stuck out a beautiful, provocative
, red pouty lip, but reluctantly agreed. That was when I knew this job was going to be tough. I mean, I was a nineteen-year old guy. I wanted nothing more than to suck on that lip she offered. Pull it into my mouth while I ran my hands up and down her incredible body. Maybe cop a feel and then press my dick—which was now as hard as a fucking railroad spike—against her pussy and see if I could make her squirm.

As I said before,
I love pussy. Love it. I love the taste of it. I love the smell of it. I love it surrounding my entire face. If I could, I’d live there just licking my life away.

Shit, sorry. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Hard-on, pussy, ah, I got it. This job was going to be harder than I thought.

So, anyway, even though it was only seconds before that Sophia agreed to back off, she didn’t seem to think I really meant it. She looked down at the bulge in my pants with a gleam in her eye. “You sure you want me to keep my hands to myself?” She looked around to make sure we weren’t being observed and ran her fingernail down my dick.

I j
umped at her touch. “Jesus, Sophia. Knock it off. I don’t know what sort of date you think you hired, but I’m not a prostitute.” There. I almost managed to sound offended. I could tell by the way she was still boldly staring into my eyes that it wasn’t going to be that easy to make the birthday girl take no for an answer.

Just as I thought she was actually going to pull away, she grabbed my junk and rubbed me up and down. I tried, I really tried to pull away, but my body went forward instead of back. All right, fine. Maybe I didn’t try that hard. What? I’m only human.

“Come on, Joe. Let’s hit the pool house.”

What could I do? I followed her lead. When we got to the pool house, she roughly shoved me through the door and slammed it shut with her foot.
Before I even had a chance to look around the room, she yanked the top of her dress down showing me those perky tits with the darkest brown nipples I’d ever seen. She then franticly grabbed at my zipper as she sunk down to her knees. I thought,
fuck yeah,
and I helped her out.

“Oh, my God! You’re fucking huge! I’ll never be able to suck all of that.” She looked up at me through thick, black lashes with pure joy. “But I’m sure
gonna try.” And off she went, leaving a trail of candy apple red lipstick in her path.

finished stripping out of her tiny dress as she simultaneously sucked on my dick. When she was completely naked, I grabbed her under her arms to stand her up. Then I got a good hold of her waist and lifted her, swinging her around so that she was hanging upside down. Now I could suck and nibble on that gorgeous pussy as she sucked on my dick. She snaked her arms around my waist and held tight, helping me hold her there. Pure fucking heaven, let me tell you.

“Oh, God. Umm.” This
was, of course, muffled as her mouth was full—but I could tell she was enjoying it as much as I was. I bit down on her clit, none too gently (hey, it was her fault she was a hellcat) and she screamed, popping me out of her mouth.

“Fuck! Yes, do that again. Fucking suck me, Joe.”

Never let it be said that I didn’t follow orders well. I sucked her hard and then stopped all together.

“What are you doing? Don’t stop!”

“I need to put you down. I want a better angle so I can give you the attention you deserve.” I put her down on the couch, spread her legs wide, and headed straight back to her pussy, which was now swollen and glistening. Like I said—fucking gorgeous.

She grabbed my head and ground herself against my mouth. I have to say, it was intense, but damn, I loved it.

“Fuck, yes. That’s it. Oh, God. Harder. I’m gonna come, Joe. Fuck, I’m coming.”

I stuck two fingers inside of her then, and she screamed as she came around them. I continued to finger fuck her and suck on her clit until she couldn’t take it anymore and wriggled away from me.

“Jesus, Joe. That was fucking incredible.” She flipped herself over, still panting, but ready for more. “Fuck my ass!”

Holy shit!
Was this girl for real? I fumbled around in my wallet for the emergency condom I kept there. Couldn’t be too careful, right? Breaking a world record for fastest condom placement ever, I covered myself. “You sure you want this?”

“Christ, just shut up and fuck me already!”

Good God, she was one nasty slut. I’d never had anal sex before, but without another word, I spit on her asshole and tried to drive myself home, but it wasn’t as easy as all that. My big guy was way too big for her. Lube. I needed some lube. Quickly scanning the room, I eyed a bottle of Banana Boat on the table. I grabbed it and slathered a thick layer on my dick, filling the room with the smell of coconut. Right before I drove into her again, I added an extra dollop directly onto her back door for good measure. This time I went a bit slower, fitting tab A into slot B, and holy mother of God. It was fucking fantastic.

“Yes! Harder. Fuck me harder, Joe!”

I was already going at her pretty hard. Christ, at this rate, I felt like I was going to tear her in two, but hey—she wanted it harder. I grabbed her hips and rammed myself into her as deep and as hard as I could. “God, Sophia, if I keep going at you like this, I’m gonna come.”

She was rubbing herself between her legs with one hand, while the other was positioned so that she could feel my dick slamming into her ass. She started moaning and calling my name again. Just as my back started to arch in a most splendid orgasm, the door flew open with an ear-splitting bang, and her daddy walked in, but fuck it—I was as good as dead anyway. I threw back my head and came hard, buried deep in his daughter’s ass.


You’re probably thinking that I left
Sophia’s on a stretcher, aren’t you? Well, I’m sure that’s one way the date could have ended. But no—that’s not how it happened.

Her daddy took one look at me nailing his little
Sophia and clutched his chest, groaning.

, my God! Daddy, get out!” Sophia frantically reached for the cover on the couch to put over her naked body. Me? My dick was still in her ass. I mean, what was I supposed to do? Pull it out? Leave it in? Cover us both up and hope he left? Decisions, decisions. Finally, I grabbed hold of the condom (wouldn’t want that just hanging out there) and slowly pulled out. Sophia gave a visible shudder, which I’m sure her father wanted to hurt me even more for.


He didn’t answer her. She looked over at me, eyes wide. “Joe? Something’s wrong with Daddy.”

I looked up from zipping my pants to see that she was absolutely correct. There was most definitely something wrong with Daddy. “Uh, I think he might be having a heart attack. Call 9-1-1.” I ran over to him just as he slid down to his knees. “Lie down, sir.” Shit! I had no idea what to do. I was supposed to bang on his chest or something, right? I sure as fuck wasn’t putting my lips on him.

As he lay down, he grabbed me by the throat with one of those meaty fists of his. Even gasping for breath, he still managed to growl at me. “Get the fuck out of my house, asshole.” And I would have been happy to if he would have just let go of my neck.

I fumbled around for something to hit him with to break his hold. Yes, I realize that I shouldn’t have been thinking about hurting him further, but it’s hard to form a coherent thought when someone is trying to crush your windpipe. Just as I was about to hit him with an ashtray that I grabbed from the table, he loosened his grip.
Thank God.

Nope—too soon to thank God. See, he didn’t voluntarily loosen his grip on me. He loosened his grip because he had stopped breathing.
Shit, shit, shit!
“Sophia?” Why the hell was I the only one in that pool house with this guy who wanted me dead? Where was everyone? “Sophia?” I screamed it that time like a little girl who’d just found the boogeyman under her bed.

“What the fuck did you do to Victor?”

Finally! Someone came. It was one of the suits—maybe it was too soon for celebrations after all. “Nothing! I think he’s having a heart attack. Sophia’s calling 9-1-1.” He pushed me out of the way and began CPR.
Good, you kiss the fucker.

In the ensuing commotion, I snuck out the door
with my shirt and shoes in hand. I didn’t stop until I got to my car. Revving the engine, I high-tailed it out of there and never looked back. Thankfully, but not surprisingly, the agency didn’t hear from Sophia about the incident.

Worst… date… ever.


BOOK: Perfect Ten
5.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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