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Pink Butterfly

Pink Butterfly

An Erotic Story

Geoff Lynch

Adult content: suitable only for mature readers

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© Copyright 2013, Geoff Lynch

Chapter 1
Lost and Found


Jeff Delgado stood in the hallway looking into the dark window of his wife’s office. He looked at his watch and noted the time was 4:37. He was wondering where his wife could be working. She was usually at work till 5:00 and it made no sense she was gone this early. He tried the door and found it locked. He stepped back, shaking his head in disbelief. The other offices in the hall were well lit and people were sitting behind desks typing away at their computers, but not his wife, she was gone.

Jeff stepped over to the office to the right and knocked on the door. He slowly opened it to get a look at the woman behind the desk. “Excuse me,” he said, coyly getting the woman’s attention. “Do you know where Laurie is?” pointing down the hall towards her office. Jeff didn’t know this woman, or any of the staff his wife worked with, as he worked evenings and rarely made the sixty mile trip to where his wife worked. Today was her birthday and he wanted to surprise her with dinner and a movie, but he was the one surprised when he found her missing from her office.

“She left early, said it was her birthday and went to the bar with some of her friends,” the woman replied. “Did you have an appointment with her? I can call her for you.” she added.

“No, that’s ok. I should’ve called first. Do you know what bar they went to?” Jeff asked, acting as stupid as he could considering the circumstances.

“They always go to Max’s, it’s sort of their hangout,” she replied with a smile.

“Max’s?” Jeff asked. “Do you know how to get there?”

“Sure, it’s easy to find. When you drive out of the parking lot, take a right. Drive down to Fifth Street and take a left at the light. The bar is on the right side of the block.”

“Thanks,” Jeff said and smiled as he closed her door. He slowly walked back down the hallway towards the entrance of the building. He stepped outside into the warm sunlight and pulled out his cell phone and rang his wife. In a few seconds his wife Laurie greeted him enthusiastically. “Hi honey, what’s up?” she asked.

Jeff replied, “Hey, I was thinking about taking the rest of the night off and coming over to take you out for your birthday. I know we had plans for the weekend, but I wanted to surprise you.”

There was a long pause on the phone and then Laurie responded, “I have to work late tonight honey. I have two case reports to finish and turn in before 8:00 am tomorrow.”

“So you’re still at your office?” Jeff asked, looking back at the building he stepped out of.

“Where else would I be?” Laurie replied with a nervous chuckle.

Jeff decided to play dumb and go along with his wife’s story. “I never get over there you know, I’m not that familiar with your work schedule.”

“Yeah, I’ve been here working my ass off since lunch. Another one of those families that needs services you know. I know how boring this stuff is to you.”

“So when will you be home?” Jeff asked.

“It will be late, past midnight I’m sure. Don’t wait up for me.”

“Do you get paid extra for the hours you put in after work?”

“I’m salary, I thought you knew that. I don’t get paid for extra time. It sucks, but that’s how it is.”

“Ok,” Jeff said disappointed. “I’ll be home at my regular time then. I might actually make it to bed before you do this time.”

Laurie said her goodbyes and the conversation ended. Jeff stared off into the distance deep in thought. “What the fuck?” he said under his breath and walked down the steps to his car and got in. For a moment, he thought about what he would say when he got to the bar and found her there with her friends. His mind went blank for a while, as he looked around his car and back at the building before him through the windshield. He wasn’t sure he was in any mood to make any confrontation at all, as this took him by surprise. But he was in town, he knew where his wife was. He knew that she was lying to him and he had to find out why.


Jeff pulled into a parking spot across the street from the bar. At this hour there wasn’t much traffic and only a few cars parked anywhere near the place. He got out and walked across the street to the entrance to Max’s and took a deep breath. He pulled the door open and stepped inside, allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness inside.

In a few seconds he could see there were only a few people sitting at the bar and the rest of the tables were empty. For a moment, he felt relieved that his wife wasn’t dancing on the bar naked with men tossing dollar bills at her. He stepped over to the bar and got the bartenders attention.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“I’m looking for someone actually. Do you know Laurie Delgado by any chance?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah, she comes here a lot.”

“A lot?” Jeff asked.

“Two or three times a week I’d say. Her and her boyfriend.”

Jeff swallowed hard, trying not to let the bartender see the steam build in his system. Then the bartender asked with a smile, “Why? Are you a bill collector?”

“No, I was supposed to meet with her about services,” Jeff said with a lie. “She asked me to meet her so I could get the power back on at my house.”

“Oh, sorry man,” The bartender replied. “I didn’t mean to make a joke about that.”

“No problem,” Jeff replied. “Do you happen to know where I could find her now?”

“Try her boyfriend’s place, it’s on the other side of town two houses from the police station, on Jefferson Avenue.”

“Do you have an address?” Jeff asked feeling the skin on his body start to burn.

The bartender took a napkin from behind the bar, a pen from his pocket and drew a map of how to get from the bar to the police station. He drew an arrow back and scribbled in two boxes for houses. “Jefferson Avenue is a main street in town, you can’t miss it. Follow that map and you won’t have any problems.”

Jeff folded the napkin and shoved it in his pants pocket. “Thanks a lot man, I appreciate your help,” Jeff said with a smile.

“No problem, you have a nice day and I hope you get your power back on before it gets dark.”

Jeff opened the door to the bright sunlight and walked across the street back to his car. Now he was beyond livid and started to shake as he pulled the keys from his pants pocket. The napkin fell out with the keys and he bent over to pick it up. As he stood back up the blood rushed from his head and he got dizzy for a moment. Once again he shook his head, got back in his car and took off towards the police station drawn out on the map.


A block from the police station, Jeff pulled his car over to the side of the street when he spied Laurie’s Ford Escape parked in a driveway behind a red KIA Rio. Both cars sat outside in the drive next to an attached garage with the door shut. Jeff turned off his car and sat there for a moment thinking. He pulled the keys from the ignition and made sure he had the spare key to the Escape. He tapped it on his leg for a few moments. He looked up at the Escape again and with almost an automatic impulse, opened the car door and got out. He let the keys dangle from his hand and brush against his leg as he crossed the street onto the sidewalk and made his way past the police station to the house where his wife’s car sat silent. He looked at the plate number and then at the contents of the interior to make sure this was indeed the correct vehicle. It didn’t take long and he knew that this would not turn out well for him.

For a moment, he tried to gather his thoughts and began to grit his teeth and shake nervously. Anger welled up inside him and adrenaline shot through his veins making his heart pound in his chest. He had to make a decision; walk away and drive home, or confront his wife now who he assumed was in the house with her lover. He looked back at the house and started walking towards the front door almost without thought, leaving the car behind him in the driveway.

At the front door he paused, trying to listen for any sounds coming from inside. He reached out and to his surprise, the screen door was unlocked. He pulled it open slowly, trying to be as quiet as he could. He then turned the door knob to the main door and it was unlocked too. He gave the door a little shove and slowly pushed his hip in and entered what looked like the living room. It was quiet, and no one was in eye shot of the front door that he could tell. He didn’t know for sure what he would have done if he met his wife and boyfriend right then, but he wasn’t thinking clearly to begin with.

Once inside the house, he gently closed the door and looked around at the layout. The living room was modern enough with shag carpet and a nice couch and matching recliners on either side of the fireplace. There were tall potted plants near the windows and the house was very clean and neat. Beyond the living room was a door to the kitchen, and to the left was a hallway that led to who knows where.

Jeff stepped in closer to the kitchen and listened hard for sounds coming from any direction. He paused at the hallway and saw an open door with carpeted stairs leading to a basement. It was well lit, with a light glaring above the staircase. He moved in closer to the door and paused, waiting to hear any noise that may come from below. It was silent. Only the sound of the humming from the refrigerator could be heard from the kitchen. Now he started to wonder if this was the house she was in at all. Maybe the driveway was shared by the neighbor as well and he was trespassing. All he knew was his wife’s car was parked outside and she had lied about where she was, so at this point he was determined to find out where she was and what she was doing. What he didn’t need right now was a home owner with a gun, stepping out of a bedroom with a death wish.

Then he heard the sound he was waiting for. The sound of footsteps from the basement and he froze in fear, realizing he had no weapon to use and was probably going to scare the hell out of whoever was down there. He looked back at the kitchen and spied a butcher block full of kitchen knives and thought for a second about grabbing one, just in case he needed to defend himself. Then he thought about running out the front door and waiting for his wife to come home later and confront her then.

The sounds of the footsteps continued from downstairs and his anger once again overtook his emotions sending him over to the kitchen to grab a knife. The first knife he pulled was at least nine inches long and he was satisfied he could use it to intimidate and or injure or kill, if needed. He slowly stepped back over to the doorway, his footsteps muffled by the shag carpet and stood with body hidden behind the door; his eyes focused on the bottom of the staircase. The footsteps stopped and now he could hear the muffled sound of a man’s voice. He waited for a response and heard nothing. Then the man’s voice again, more footsteps and then the sound of the water pipes running water through the house.

Scared to death, Jeff quickly and softly walked back to the kitchen and replaced the knife back in the block where he had found it. He was getting the hell out before he was caught and sent to jail for home invasion and trespassing. His heart pounding, he turned back to see the light from the staircase dim for a moment, as someone climbed the steps up to the main floor. Now he was fucked. His first reaction was to squat down and hide behind the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room. He left the knife in the wood block.

A moment later, the figure stepped up onto the main floor and walked past the doorway to the kitchen and down the hall. To Jeff’s horror it was a nude man who seemed to be in a rush, stepping quickly down the hall and disappearing into one of the rooms. Jeff scooted over to the other wall on the other side of the doorway so he wouldn’t be seen when the nude man came back and sat there with his back against the wall; his heart beating out of his chest. It didn’t take long before the nude man once again crossed the doorway and headed back down the stairs to the basement.

Taking a deep breath, Jeff stood up and checked to make sure the coast was clear. He quickly scurried back to the front door to make his escape, when he was stopped in his tracks by Laurie’s purse sitting next to the recliner on the floor. He wasn’t able to see the purse when he first came into the living room, but from this angle it sat on the floor like a glowing ball of fire. Now he knew his wife was in the house and he knew there was a naked man downstairs and that the water was running in the house. “Holy shit,” he thought to himself, “They’re taking a shower!”

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