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Plush The Prequel: A Billionaire Romance

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A Billionaire Romance

The Prequel


By KB Winters



Copyright © 2015 KB Winters

Published By: BookBoyfriends Publishing

Copyright and Disclaimer

This book was a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.


Copyright © 2015 KB Winters


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Billionaire CEO Cooper Brighton has one rule—never to fall in love again. His life is full of parties, hookers and hook-ups. But behind his panty-melting smile and Armani suits is a broken man, still haunted by his own demons.

Until her…

Table of Contents

Title Page

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Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six


About The Author

Chapter One


As soon as I stepped into the club, I remembered why I’d stopped going to clubs in the first place— the deafening music blaring, the smell of a thousand different overly perfumed women, and the sleazy guys just looking to get off.

Although I guessed I shouldn’t judge, since tonight, I was one of those guys.

A pseudo-friend had invited me out to the opening of a new club downtown. Opulence. I’d been hearing buzz about it from a few different people. It was being hailed as a new concept in clubbing. A fusion of sorts. As I stalked along the edges of the main room, I could see why. The main space looked like a million clubs I’d been to before, all over the world. Sure, it was a little higher end, with a white and gold decor, but there was a large dance floor, swarming with sweaty bodies and skimpily dressed women. There was a bar on the far side of the room, absolutely crammed with people either trying to get drunk—or get someone else drunk—and then dozens of booths skirting the outside of the dance floor.

The real difference was what was above the main floor. A quick elevator ride would take you to the upstairs which was a ring of rooms set up for any kind of fantasy you might have. Each room had windows on either side of the door. With the flick of a button, you could block them out, or, if you were feeling particularly adventurous, leave them open and let anyone walking by have a front row seat to your freak show.

There was a thrill to the idea of being watched by a room full of strangers, but ultimately, for someone like me, it would only be a huge liability.

What am I doing here?

It had been ages since the last time I’d been to a club. Sure, the women caught my eye, but I had never had a shortage of hot women throwing themselves at me. I certainly didn’t need to go deaf in order to find one…or two…willing to play my games.

I was just about to turn and leave, knowing I could always use work as an excuse, when I heard my name.

“Cooper!” I turned and saw Jessie, the friend who had invited me, rushing across the room. Jessie was a buyer with a chain of department stores that carried the Plush line of products. I’d met her at a launch party for the newest product line late last year. We had wound up at the bar, laughing and drinking together. Jessie was a pretty girl, but from the get-go, it had been strictly platonic between us. Every now and again, she would invite me out to some major event—most of the time, I said no.

Which, I was starting to think, I should have done tonight.

But then…I saw her.

Holy shit.
My eyes locked on the woman walking a few paces behind Jessie as she came towards me.

Jessie skated across the polished floors and practically slid into my arms. I could tell she had already had way too much to drink. My mind wondered if her friend had as well…I embraced Jessie, but my eyes were glued to the woman standing behind her. She was a blonde stunner, wearing a barely there, bandage style dress that was suctioned to her curvy body. I subtly took her in, not wanting to draw attention to my hungry eyes, but I couldn’t stop my cock from stiffening as my mind flooded with the image of tearing the barely there dress off of her.

“When did you get here?” Jessie asked, apparently oblivious to my lusting over her friend.

“Just now. You want a drink?” I noted her empty hands.

“Sure, but first, there’s someone I want you to meet,” she said, looking behind her. “This is Samantha. She’s my cousin.”

The blonde leaned forward to shake my hand, her gorgeous breasts nearly escaping the two strips of fabric that strained to contain them.

I had to have her. “Let’s get you a drink,” I said, offering her my most charming smile.

Samantha smiled and I knew I’d already won. If I didn’t know Jessie better, I would have had to assume this was a setup and that this girl, her cousin, knew exactly what she was getting into.

As it was, I needed to find a way to get rid of Jessie. She wasn’t exactly the type to take subtle social cues.

I led the way around the outskirts of the dance floor, the two women inching along behind me.

“Oh! That’s Todd!” Jessie squealed. I turned at her words and watched her frantically waving to some guy across the room.

“I’ll catch up with you two later,” Jessie said before turning and disappearing into the crowd.

Well, that was easy.

I smiled, grateful to have the luscious blonde all to myself. I ushered her forward, to walk a couple steps ahead of me. I noticed the men around us turning to watch her walk by and I placed a hand at the small of her back.

She was mine.

At least for the next few hours.

She swiveled her hips as she swung around to lean against the bar. My eyes never left her ass, and I could feel my cock twitching as I watched the sway of her hips.

I flagged down the bartender and ordered two cocktails. Despite all the people crushing in around us, the service was fast, and within minutes we both had a drink in our hands. Samantha sipped her drink, her full lips grazing the edge of her glass in a distracting way. I studied her, wondering if I could cut through all the “what do you do for work, read a good book lately, and favorite food” bullshit.

“Are you from LA?” I asked, throwing out a simple question to test her eagerness to have a conversation. If she wanted to talk, we would talk. But once I got her alone, we would do what I wanted.

She took another slow sip before answering, licking the last drop off her lips.

Fuck…this girl knew what she was doing.

“No, I’m from New York. I’m just here through the weekend.”

Perfect. In four days, she would be three thousand miles away. Everything about her met my criteria.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I said, grazing her leg with my free hand, stroking her silky skin up her thigh.

She hesitated for a moment, but then smiled. “I’ve heard stories about you, Cooper Brighton.” She wagged a finger at me. “Are they all true?”

“Come upstairs with me and you’ll find out,” I said, a half-cocked grin spreading over my face.

She considered me for a bit and I chose that moment to push my hand under the tight edge of her dress, seeing if she would stop me.

She didn’t.

Her blue eyes darkened and she gasped when I made my way up the inside of her thigh and towards her panties—if she was wearing any. Two more inches and I would find out.

“Cooper,” she breathed, leaning forward and placing her lips gently against my ear.

My fingers slid higher.

“Take me upstairs,” she said. Her words sent gentle vibrations over my ear which seemed to travel through my entire body, lighting a fire within me that could only be extinguished one way.

I pulled my hand out from under her dress and immediately grabbed her hips. I pulled her flush against me as I took the final swig of my drink. Then I grabbed her by the waist and led her through the maze of people to the central bank of elevators. They were glass as well and for a moment, I could just imagine the number of people who would fuck inside them within the first month of the club being open. This kind of club was begging for people to get out of control. That was the whole draw of it. I slid my hands down the outside of Samantha’s dress, cupping her ass, as we rode up one floor.

Once we departed the elevator, the whole thing was fairly simple to arrange. As soon as we stepped out onto the second floor there was a large desk, almost like a reception desk at a high end hotel. A man in a dark suit stood behind the desk. I approached and with very few words, the entire thing was settled. He asked for my name—I gave him a fake one—and a pile of cash. In exchange, he handed me a little fob with a number etched into the black metal.

I smirked as I realized it was basically a really expensive, chic version of the one-hour motel. As we walked to the room I’d rented, I couldn’t help but peek in on the rooms we passed. Most of the rooms were closed up and I couldn’t see anything. But then, we started to pass a few that had opted to leave the windows open so anyone could see inside. It became pretty obvious which rooms were open for spectators, as there were small clusters of people milling around in front of them.

In the first one, there were two brunettes, one going down on the other. They were both naked and very shapely. My cock was rock hard with the anticipation of fucking the blonde on my arm, and seeing the glimpses of those two brunettes had me straining to keep control and not throw the blonde up against the wall and take her right in the hallway.

Apparently, it’s been too long, Brighton,
I told myself. It was probably true. I
been far too busy working to have much play time lately. Most days, I stuck to my very rigid routine, one that started before the sun came up and ended well after it went down again—with ninety-nine percent of it spent shut up in my office in downtown LA at the Brighton Enterprises complex.

The brunette on the receiving end was climaxing—loudly—and I had to pry myself away from stopping any longer. The next room was also open, but far less interesting to me. Some big, meat-head guy and his little blonde spinner fucking like animals.

The whole thing reminded me of the red-light district in Amsterdam.

I had to give the club owner props. By the time we got to our room, I was rock hard and ready to go.

As soon as the door was closed behind us, I hit a switch and dimmed our windows out. I was too high-profile to do anything as stupid as leaving the windows open for the entire world to watch me fuck some chick— even if the idea of it did send a new sense of thrill through me.

The room was designed much like the rest of the club, gold and white. Luckily, whoever had designed it knew just where to draw the line to keep the whole thing from crossing over into tacky territory. It was actually very elegant.

I stopped examining the room and turned my attention back to the blonde in front of me. She seemed to be taking in the room and by her slight trembling, I could tell she was more than a little excited.


My eyes raked down the blonde standing in front of me. Her dress was so tight it had the illusion of being painted on her curvy body. Her breasts were almost completely exposed between the two strips that contained them and there were cutouts at the waist, showing off her perfectly tanned skin.

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