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BOOK: Prelude to a Rumor, Part One
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ormer SEAL Randy Young
isn’t looking to settle down. He just got out of a bad relationship with his share of emotional scars. When he and Sean Kaheaku team up on a surveillance job, he isn’t opposed to a little fun while they work.

Sean learned the hard way that workplace romance doesn’t work out. Hell, hookups are always risky. But, when they find themselves on the run in a foreign country, lines get crossed, and both of them discover more about each other than they ever expected.

This is a prelude to the full-length book A Little Harmless Rumor and has a happy for now ending. It is NOT a serial and it is not required to read this book to understand the relationships in the final book.


someone doesn’t mean you can save him from himself.

Rumors are swirling about the fall of SeanKaheaku, but he’s ignoring them. Six months earlier, he had his entire world turned upside down and he still doesn’t know what to do about it. He retreated to his home in Hawaii to recover and reassess what he wants to do now that he’s been burned as a security agent.

Now lovers, Randy and Jamie arrive in Honolulu to find the lover they once knew is now even more secretive and belligerent. He refuses their help, but they are both too stubborn to leave—especially since they sense something dangerous is stalking Sean.

As the three lovers spend more time together, old feelings float to the surface and the twosome becomes a threesome. Nights are even hotter than the Hawaiian sun, and all three lovers find the connection exciting and overwhelming. But, the trouble is still out there and arrives intent on destroying Sean and everything he loves—including Randy and Jaime.

»WARNING: This book contains three spies who like to play games in and out of the bedroom, hot m/m loving, more m/m/f loving, dangerous games, lies, a few misdemeanors, and love scenes so hot, even most Addicts will be shocked.  There is also a group of Alpha males with badges who will have their own series, a heroine who knows how to handle her two men, and two men who know exactly what she likes. As usual, ice and towels should be handy to help you through the book.

ean Kaheaku padded
barefoot down the hall, keeping his back against the wall. He made as little sound as possible. There was no reason to alert anyone in the penthouse that he had arrived. If the package he had been sent to steal wasn’t there, he could disappear without an issue.

When he reached the door to the room, he took hold of the door handle. A slight twist told him it was locked.


With deliberate moves, he pulled out his kit, picked his favorite tool. He squatted down and got to work. Why was he even doing this? He gets a message from a brother he didn’t know existed, telling him to get this package. It must have been important because his brother paid with it for his life.

He heard the click of the door unlocking. He slipped his tools back into his pants pocket. With a quick look down the hall in each direction, he twisted the doorknob and opened the door.

It opened slowly and he found a completely empty room.

He frowned. There was an open window with wind billowing the sheer white curtains. Other than trash and a few rodents, nothing remained. He stepped into the room making sure to keep his attention trained for any little sound. He walked over to the window and looked out. Nothing…just the quiet stillness of the night.


What now? He had been so sure that the package would be there. Lassiter had paid him to make sure. This is why he hated working alone. If Jaime and Randy had been with him, they could have used all their contacts to ensure the best results. But, for some reason, Lassiter had wanted only him on the job and when someone pays you ten thousand for a job, you just do it. At least in his business you did.

A creak sounded behind him. He turned to confront the threat, but he was too late. He saw nothing but a piece of wood that came rushing toward him. He had no time to prepare for the smack. A sharp brutal crack to his skull left him dizzy, the room spinning around him. He tried to walk, blinking to gain focus. He heard another whoosh before the wood made contact with the back of his head.Then, he was falling into a deep dark pit of nothingness.

About Melissa Schroeder

rom an early age
, USA Today Bestselling author Melissa Schroeder loved to read. First, it was the books her mother read to her including her two favorites, 
Winnie the Pooh
 and the 
Beatrix Potter 
books. She cut her preteen teeth on 
Trixie Belden
 and read and reviewed 
To Kill a Mockingbird
 in middle school. It wasn’t until she was in college that she tried to write her first stories, which were full of angst and pain, and really not that fun to read or write. After trying several different genres, she found romance in a Linda Howard book.

Since the publication of her first book in 2004, Melissa has had close to fifty romances published. She writes in genres from historical suspense to modern day erotic romance to futuristics and paranormals. Included in those releases is the bestselling 
Harmless series
. In 2011, Melissa branched out into self-publishing with 
A Little Harmless Submission
 and the popular military spinoff, 
Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance
. Along the way she has garnered an epic nomination, a multitude of reviewer’s recommended reads, over five Capa nods from TRS, three nominations for AAD Bookies and regularly tops the bestseller lists on 
Barnes & Noble
. She made the USA Today Bestseller list for the first time with her anthology The Santinis.

Since she was a military brat, she vowed never to marry military. Alas, fate always has her way with mortals. Her husband just retired from the AF after 20 years, and together they have their own military brats, two girls, and two adopted dog daughters, and is happy she picks where they live now.

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BOOK: Prelude to a Rumor, Part One
12.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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