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Between the Sheets

Sandy Sullivan


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IMPRINT: Erotic Romance


Copyright © 2010 by Sandy Sullivan

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This book is dedicated to my fans. This piece is the first in the series called Between The Sheets and involves many different genres of romance. This piece includes some BDSM and the coming releases will delve into ménage and many other interesting sub-genre’s. Enjoy Melissa and Drew’s story and keep your eyes peeled for more, Between The Sheets.


Between the Sheets


Copyright © 2010

Chapter One

Melissa Gordon, CEO.

Her lips lifted in a satisfied smile. Perfectly manicured fingernails swept along the nameplate on her desk. It had taken five tedious years, a lot of ass-kissing, hard work and time-consuming hours to get where she sat now, but it would be worth it in the end. At thirty-five, she'd given her life to having this position. She didn't care if it meant being alone. None of the men she knew were confident enough in their own lives and careers to compete, let alone take command of her strong personality.

"Doesn't matter," she said, waving her hand absently through the air. "I don't need a man anyway. That's what they make vibrators for or one night stands with a guy you don't know." Her right hand swept the hair from her cheek and pushed it behind her ear. "In my dreams, I guess, since I haven’t had time for even a one-night stand lately."

The clock on the wall pinged a solitary seven o'clock.

With a quick exhale, she blew the hair off her forehead and pulled up the spreadsheet she'd been working on.
No use going home right now. I've got plenty of work to keep me busy for a few more hours yet.

A firm knock sounded on the outside door of her office.

"Who the hell could that be at this hour? Everyone else has already gone home."

Another knock and she grumbled under her breath before she rose to her feet.

"All right. I'm coming."

The plush carpet on the floor cradled her steps, silencing the click of her stilettos. She tugged at her skirt to smooth an invisible wrinkle as she reached the door.

Sweeping it open with flourish, her breath caught in her throat when she came face to face with the most enticing chest, amazing set of brown eyes and the softest looking black locks, she'd ever seen on a man. The black t-shirt stretched across his pectorals and her hands itched to touch. Blue-jeans graced a trim set of hips and hugged his muscled thighs like a second skin. Black pointed-toe cowboy boots completed the package.

A cocky smile drifted across the man's mouth when he noticed her perusal.

Catching herself before she drooled down the front of her expensive silk blouse, she said, "Can I help you?"

"That depends." The rich, deep baritone that met her ears sent shivers down her arms and she fought the urge to calm them by running her palms across her flesh.

With her hand on her hip, she tapped her foot impatiently now that she'd gotten over her initial reaction to the handsome younger guy in front of her. "I don't have time for this. I'm the only one here at the moment and I…um…didn't call you."
Believe me, I would have remembered.
"Who are you looking for?"

One shoulder found the doorjamb and he crossed his arms across those tempting muscles of his chest. "What if I said, ‘you’?"

A ragged breath caught in her throat when desire raced down her back and settled between her thighs.
Okay. It's been a long time since I've actually been with a man especially one that looks like this, but dayum!
"Then I'd say you're lost. I wasn't expecting anyone."

Melissa Gordon, correct?"


The wicked smile returned to his lips. "Then I am looking for you."

Inhaling a steadying breath, she turned back toward her office. Safety and sanity meant putting some distance between her and the sexy male. "I doubt that, but I'm willing to indulge your fantasy."

Wrong words.

She spun around and heat crawled up her neck. "What I meant to say…"

A soft chuckle met her ear and she couldn't help but smile. "It's fine."

"So, what can I help you with?"

"I came to deliver a message."

"Really. What kind of message?"

"It’s from someone who cares about you and wants to see you relax a little."

"Sounds interesting. Who might have sent this intriguing message?"

"I can't say."

Her eyes narrowed before her gaze swept over him again. "Is that so?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"What's your name?"

He stepped in front of her desk and leaned so close, his lips almost touched hers. Full, luscious lips screamed for her to suck the bottom one between her teeth and nibble while she watched them move. "Uh-uh."

"What? You can't even tell me your name?" she whispered, trying desperately to keep from throwing her arms around his broad shoulders and pushing him down on the desk to ride his hips.

Damn. It's been way too long.

"No. Strictly confidential. I’m a professional liaison, you might say."

A sigh rushed from between her lips and she sat back in her leather executive chair. "Okay. What are you supposed to do for me?"

"You need to get your purse and follow me."

"Follow you? I don't even know your name or who sent you and you expect me to follow you somewhere?" Mistrust settled in the pit of her stomach. She didn't become the CEO of Marshall Enterprises by being a wuss.

"She knew you'd say something like that."


"I can't give away her name, but she's close to you, like a sister. You can trust me. I won't hurt you and I'm not taking you anywhere you aren't already comfortable. I'm only forcing you to cut off work before your normal nine o'clock time and taking you home. Your home, that is."

"You know where I live?"

Her cell phone vibrated on the desk. With a frown, she picked it up and read the screen.

'Enjoy your night and don't do anything I wouldn't do.' The text came from her cousin Amanda's phone and she smiled. It had to be Mandy who set this up. She must have hired this attractive, younger man to spoil her favorite cousin just a bit as a special treat in celebration of Melissa's promotion.

"Yes. Your benefactor has set up a nice relaxing, hot bath with candlelight, wonderful smelly bubbles, music and red wine, for your pleasure."

"And your part in all of this?"

"I'm your chauffeur."

"You don't dress like a chauffeur." Her gaze moved down the t-shirt, jeans and boots before she said, "You look more like a cowboy to me."

The corners of his lips twitched and he cocked an eyebrow, challenging her with his stare. "Driving a car for someone else isn't my first profession."

"What is?"

The grin grew bigger. "I'm not telling, but the boots are real."

"You ride?"

"Some." Walking around her desk, he grasped her hand and pulled her to her feet. "Let me take care of you for the evening."

"All right. So I indulge this…pleasure. Then what?"

"Nothing. It's all for you, sweetheart." Warm lips brushed the back of her hand and she allowed him to lead her toward the door. "You decide."

"Wait. I need to get my keys." She pulled loose from his grasp, grabbed her purse and keys before she followed him out the door and to the elevator.

When they had stepped inside the gold glided box, she slipped her key inside the elevator lock box, turned it and pushed the bottom for down.

"Damn. You've got one impressive security system."

The doors slid open and they stepped into the main lobby.

"We have to."

They reached the cool night air and she shivered slightly when the breeze skimmed over her arms. His arm went around her shoulder and she couldn't believe she stood there with a complete stranger, a gorgeous complete stranger but a stranger nonetheless. A black Lincoln Navigator sat near the curb and when they reached it, he pulled open the passenger door with a sweep of his hand.

Sliding inside the plush interior, she adjusted her skirt and set her bag on the floor while he went around to the driver's side. She followed him with her gaze, admiring his trim physique.
He must work out or do something very physical to keep those muscles so toned. Too bad he's way too young for me.

The SUV started with a low purr when he turned the key.


"Yeah right. Do I look like I could afford something like this?"

A soft giggle left her lips. "Not really. You look like the pick-up truck type."

The warm chuckle that met her ear warmed her clear to her toes.

I wonder if I could get something more out of this than just a driver.

"You got me pegged, babe. I own a dually."

Intimate silence surrounded them while the lights of the city flashed by the vehicle in a whirl of color. Fifteen minutes later, they pulled into the driveway of her house. The front lights were on, shining invitingly from the entry way out into the pavement through the etched glass of her front doors. Once he turned off the Navigator, he moved around to her side and opened the door. With a soft click of her heels, she stepped out to stand beside him.

"Care to join me for a bit?"

The sexy-as-sin grin lifted the corners of his mouth and he said, "I thought you'd never ask."

Once inside, her eyes widened at the display. Several bouquets of flowers were set around her living room, a bucket of ice with her favorite red wine sat chilling next to the couch and candlelight bounced off the cream colored walls.


"Nice," he whispered behind her.

"Romantic. Too bad I don't have a steady someone to share it with."

One hand slipped around her waist from behind and he pulled her back against his chest. "How about a temporary someone?"

Relaxing her head against his shoulder, she closed her eyes and smiled. "Only if you tell me your name."

Fingers swept over her arm and brushed against the side of her breast. Breath hitched in her throat while she fought a moan of ecstasy that rumbled in her chest.


"Call me Lissa."

"You're beautiful, Lissa." He turned her around and cupped her face with his hands. The first brush of his lips on hers and she lost all train of thought. Desire rushed through her to settle low in her belly and sent delicious waves of need pulsing through her pussy lips. His tongue swept inside her mouth to dual with hers and he slanted his head to deepen the kiss.
Oh Lord, he's good. Tastes good too.

The buttons on her blouse gave way to his seeking hands and moments later, it and her bra lay in a pile on the living room floor. Grabbing his t-shirt in her fists, she bunched it up between them until he lifted his mouth long enough to whip it over his head.

"Oh my, but you're one gorgeous man," she whispered before her lips skimmed his chest.

A thumb rasped over her nipple and she pushed her breast into his palm. Her teeth nipped at the tight nub of his and breath caught in his throat before a soft moan tripped from his mouth. The zipper on her skirt fell under his hand and he pushed the linen down around her hips.

Brown eyes twinkled in the light when he saw her slip of black lace panties, black garter belt and sheer black hose. "Ah fuck, baby. I've never seen anything so hot in my life."

"I doubt that, gorgeous, but nice of you to say." He swept her up in his arms and she buried her nose in his neck to inhale his tangy cologne and musky male scent. "I love the way you smell."

"How about we find that bubble bath?"

"Down the hall and to the left is my bedroom and bathroom," she murmured and smiled when she heard his deep groan as she ran her tongue across the skin of his neck.

The candles were lit in here too, bouncing radiant light off the mirrors on the walls. Mandy had scattered them around Lissa's huge tub and the scent of lavender filled the room. Drew dropped her legs and she slid down the length of his body. Her breasts brushed against the hair-roughened chest of her lover until her heels clicked against the tile floor. Fingers unfastened the garter belt at her waist before he rolled the sexy nylons down, following their path with his mouth.

Threading her hands through his hair, she held his head against her stomach when he laved at her belly button with his tongue. He slipped the lacy underwear down over her hips and let them fall at her feet. One hand skimmed up her leg and she whimpered when his thumb glanced against her swollen clit before wandering back down the other thigh.

The diamond stud in his earlobe winked in the light when he tipped his head up to meet her gaze. Warm palms on her ankle had her shivering again until he slid off her shoes. When he stood, she grabbed the button at his waist and slipped it free. Her hands found his ass and she pulled him so his cock was cradled to her stomach.

"Mmm…someone's up for a little fun."

"Oh yeah." He rubbed his impressive length against her. "Think you can handle it?"

"I'm looking forward to it."

"Me too, babe. I have a feeling you're all woman."

She trailed a fingernail down his chest and said, "How about you get the wine in the other room and I'll warm up the water?"

"My pleasure." He turned when he reached the door and shot her one of the hottest grins she'd ever received.

"Why don’t you leave those sexy leather boots in the other room, handsome?"

"I'll be right back."

His ass leaving looked mighty tempting. Even loose at the waist, his jeans molded to his tight butt cheeks. With a small sigh, she turned on the water in the tub full hot to warm it up. Her fingers trailed through the bubbles a moment as she bent over the rim to test the temperature. The next thing she knew, his naked pelvis and rock hard cock fit perfectly between her cheeks. Lips trailed down her spine and she shivered.

"I could take you just like this with your pretty little ass stuck in the air." Palms and lips cut a path down her back, shooting desire straight to her center.

God, the man's good.

Her pussy clenched and cream slid down the inside of her thigh. Slowly, she stood and turned to face him. Catching her bottom lip between her teeth, she chewed lightly while she surveyed his body clear to his feet. Without taking her eyes off him, she sat on the edge of the tub and swung her legs around before she slid beneath the bubbles.

Palm up, she challenged him with her gaze and said, "Join me?"

With a wicked gleam in his eyes and a tempting bob of his cock against his stomach, he slid into the water and stopped in front of her, nose to nose. She grasped his proud shaft in her hand and stroked up and down. Eyes rolled back in his head and his jaw ticked with the need to fight for control. He let her play for several moments before he grabbed her hand to forestall her movements.

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