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He was spending his nights going from one bar to another and Simon was getting worried. Werewolves couldn't get drunk, their bodies metabolised the alcohol too quickly. So what was Rick doing if he wasn't drinking himself into a stupor? It was something he should talk to Alex about. Maybe in the morning; he had other things to concentrate on tonight instead of what was going on with his brother.

Alex looked up at them as they walked into the room. "Evening." Alex caught sight of the bag Simon was holding and his expression changed to one of smug understanding. Instead of saying anything, he just raised his right eyebrow at Simon. Simon glanced at Zack and noticed his cheeks were once again pink. This caused Simon's cock to jerk in his pants. His mate looked sexy as hell when he was trying to hide his embarrassment.

Turning back to his brother, he smiled. "Zack and Hayley are spending the night." With that pronouncement, he grabbed Zack's hand, turned and left the room. He could hear the chuckles follow him as he led Zack down the passageway. Once they reached Simon's room, he turned to talk to Hayley.

"This is my room, Princess. Your daddy will be in here if you need him at any time, okay?" Hayley nodded and snuggled further into Zack's arms. "Would you like to see where you will be sleeping?" Once again the little girl nodded in her daddy's arms.

"See this door right here? This is your room." Simon opened the door next to his and walked inside. The room, being in a house of so many males was extremely masculine. The bed was thick chunky wood with a dark blue quilt and pillows. The chest of draws and bedside table were made to match the bed and gave the room the overall feel of belonging to a man. They would have a lot of changes to make if he could convince Zack and Hayley to move in with him. He knew he wanted his mate with him always but wasn't sure how Zack would feel about living with his brothers.

Simon was aware their living arrangement wasn't the most conventional of set ups but it worked for his family. The brothers had all been close growing up with only a few years between each one, and Simon wasn't sure he wanted to live apart from them yet. His wolf liked living in a large group and living under the same roof as his alpha gave Simon the added sense of security. He would have to talk to Zack about moving in with them and see if he could persuade his mate.

"Wow, look at the bed, you're going to get lost in there tonight." Hayley giggled at her father before he let her down. They watched as she ran across the room then attempted to climb up on the bed. She was just a little too short to be able to heave herself up entirely. Simon went to help and once Hayley was up she climbed right to the middle and settled down with a soft sigh.

"Oh no, you don't, missy. It's shower time. You need to get washed and dressed and brush your teeth. Come on." Hayley reluctantly crawled to the edge of the bed where Zack took her and helped her down. "We'll just be a minute." Zack said to him as he picked up their overnight bag and headed into the attached bathroom.

Simon sat on the edge of the bed to wait. He looked down at the erection currently tenting his pants. "Soon," he muttered. The damn thing wouldn't go away. Simon was lost in thought ten minutes later when Zack emerged from the bathroom with a sleepy looking Hayley in his arms.

"Let's go say goodnight to everyone then we'll tuck you in." Hayley nodded and was let down. She held Zack's hand and in the other she clutched her wolf teddy tightly to her chest. Simon followed them out, He leant against the wall leading into the living room and watched as Hayley said goodnight to his family.

She walked right up to Alex and held her arms out asking for a hug. Alex seemed to be startled by the gesture and didn't know exactly what to do. He looked at Zack and silently asked what she wanted. "She would like to give you a hug goodnight." Zack said softly. Alex, finally understanding, sat forward and picked Hayley up, giving her a gentle hug before putting her back down. The expression on his big Alpha brother's face when he let go of Hayley was so tender and caring; he had never seen his brother look at anyone but his mate like that.

Hayley walked around and gave everyone else a good night hug. Brian seemed to hold her extra long and when he let go, he turned to Marcus and said so quietly Simon could barely hear him, "I want one of these."

"I know, we'll get there," Marcus replied just as quietly.

When Hayley was finished, Simon pushed off the wall. "Goodnight, everyone." He said as he turned and led the way back to Hayley's room. Once she was tucked in tight and a nightlight plugged in for her, Simon leant across the bed and kissed her on the cheek. "Goodnight, Princess."

"Night night, Simon. Night night, Daddy." Simon watched as Zack leant and gave his daughter a big hug and a kiss goodnight.

"If you need us in the night, we're right next door. Okay, Pumpkin?" Hayley nodded but didn't reply as her eyelids were already closing.

Simon took Zack by the hand and they quietly left the room, shutting the door behind them. Once they were in the passageway, Simon couldn't hold back any longer and pushed Zack against the wall. Threading his hands in Zack's hair, he closed the distance between them and brought his lips down against Zack's, devouring his mate's mouth.

The needy little whimpers that escaped from Zack only served to enflame Simon's body. Reaching down he grabbed Zack's hips and pulled him forward so their hard cocks were mashed against each other as he continued to plunder Zack's mouth with his tongue.

Simon could feel Zack's hands pulling on his shirt until he was successful in getting the material released from his pants. The feel of his mate's soft hands against his hard abdomen caused his cock to jerk and leak out a small amount of pre-cum.

The sound of a throat clearing invaded the fog that had filled his brain at the slightest touch from his mate. Reluctantly pulling away from their kiss, Simon looked down at Zack and groaned. His lips were red and kiss swollen with a light sheen of spit coating them. He was panting heavily and his hair was a mess from where Simon had grabbed him. The throat clearing again made Simon turn his head.

Marcus stood not too far from them with a knowing look on his face. "As hot as that was, and it was hotter than hell," Marcus seemed to pause for a second, "get a room!" He then turned and continued on his way.

Simon groaned and rested his forehead against Zack's. "Sorry, babe, but I just couldn't hold off any longer."

"I understand, Simon. How about we take your smart brother's advice?"

"God, don't say that within hearing distance of Marcus. He'll get a big head."

Zack's small giggle was cut off when Simon leant down and kissed him again. "Come on, time to get you naked."

"I couldn't agree more."

Simon stepped back then practically dragged Zack through his bedroom door before closing it behind them. "Naked, now," was all Simon could seem to get himself to say. His brain was misfiring with his mate being this close to him and knowing what they were about to do.

Simon watched as Zack hurried to try and rid himself of his clothing. His mouth was watering as Zack's chest was bared, the small pink nipples hard and wanting. Zack's stomach was nice and flat, he wasn't muscular but Simon didn't care. He had always preferred smaller men to muscular ones. His eyes zeroed in when Zack slid down the zip on his pants, but didn't drop them

Simon trailed his gaze back up Zack's body and finally reached his eyes. "You know this won't work if only one of us is naked?" Zack stated, eyeing Simon's still fully clothed body. Simon laughed then started tugging at his own clothes. Unzipping his pants, he watched as Zack studied his body. He hoped his mate liked what he saw. He wasn't as muscled as either of his other brothers but he did work out and had a nice firm six pack he took pride in.

He let his pants drop and watched as realisation hit Zack; he had gone sans underwear. The needy little whimper that came from Zack caused his cock to bob. He loved the noises his mate made. Zack quickly dropped his own pants and pushed his underwear down. Kicking off his shoes and getting rid of his socks, Zack stood in front of Simon gloriously naked.

Simon's eyes roamed his mate's naked body before coming to a stop at his groin. The hard cock that stood out from Zack's body was probably a good six inches in length and nice and fat. His cock was surrounded by a thatch of neatly trimmed bright red curls. Simon couldn't wait to taste his mate, to feel that thick cock sliding in and out of his mouth.

Growling, Simon reached out and pulled Zack against his body. Simon couldn't have held back the moan that escaped his lips at the first touch of their naked bodies against each other if his life had depended on it. Threading his fingers though Zack's soft silky hair, he pulled his head back until it was tilted to just the right angle where Simon could take possession of those lips again.

Refusing to break the contact their lips had made, Simon slowly started to walk Zack backwards towards the bed. When Zack stopped, he gently pushed and Zack fell on his back onto the bed. Simon followed him down, continuing to rain kisses down on Zack's body as he went.

Working his way down Zack's neck towards his chest, Simon could hear the moans escaping from the redhead. Reaching a small pink nipple, Simon stuck his tongue out and flicked it across the hard nub before taking the small morsel into his mouth and sucking. Biting down gently on the hard nipple, Simon was amazed at Zack's reaction. The loud gasp followed by his back arching off the bed and Zack's hands threading through his hair, pulling his head down against his chest had Simon's cock leaking copious amounts of pre-cum.

Kissing his way across Zack's chest, Simon hungrily bit Zack's other nipple before soothing away the sting with his tongue. Zack writhed and moaned beneath him, thrusting his hips against Simon.

"Simon, please, feels so good." Zack's breathy moans only served to inflame Simon's lust further.

"Shhh babe, I know what you need. Scoot up the bed then lie back and relax." Simon knelt, allowing Zack to move from underneath him. Zack manoeuvred himself to the centre of the bed then settled back against the pillows. His hard cock jutting out proudly from his body, a tiny clear drop of fluid beaded on its head. Simon slowly crawled up his mate's body to continue his exploration, kissing his feet, calves, and thighs as he went.

When he finally reached the hard straining erection bobbing erratically with need, Simon didn't even pause to think; he simply opened his mouth and swallowed the cock to the root. Zack screamed beneath him, thrusting his hips, his cock going deeper down his throat.

Simon pulled back until just the head was held in his mouth. Using his tongue, he flicked it against the slit, tasting the pre-cum that had gathered. Simon groaned as the taste of his mate burst across his tastebuds, Zack was sweet yet spicy with just a hint of tang. Simon lowered his head again then started up a steady rhythm.

Making his way to the tip of Zack's cock, Simon once again dipped his tongue into the slit. The noises coming from Zack only served to add fuel to his fire. Licking down the vein that ran the length of his mate's cock, Simon made his way to the tight hairless balls. Taking them one at a time between his lips, Simon rolled the small orbs around inside his mouth before pulling back as far as he could before letting go.

Sucking two of his fingers into his mouth, Simon's gaze roamed up his mate's flushed body until their eyes met. Zack was still panting hard, his fists clenched in the sheets beneath him. His eyes were half lidded and his lips were still swollen from their earlier kisses. He looked absolutely fucking adorable.


* * * *


Zack's body was going to go up in flames, he just knew it would. Simon's hand sent tingles shooting through his body from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. As he looked down his body at the sight before him, Zack couldn't hold back the pleas as he watched his mate sucking on his fingers, getting them ready to enter his needy body. "Simon…," the name escaped him as more a whisper than anything else but his mate still heard him.

"Lift your legs, babe." Zack hurried to comply, lifting his legs and pulling them back to expose his tight entrance to the man he was quickly falling for. Zack's cock looked obscene between his legs, jutting forward, still wet with Simon's spit, the tip leaking constant pre-cum.

Zack moaned as Simon rubbed a finger around his hole, gently applying pressure before pushing its way inside. His head thrashing back and forth against the pillows beneath him, Zack wanted more. He concentrated on relaxing his body as he didn't want to hinder Simon in any way from getting to where they both wanted to end up.

Feeling the thick finger push all the way into his body before starting its retreat had all sorts of things falling from his lips. "More… Please Simon, I need more… need you… want your cock… hurry."

"Don't want to hurt you," Simon said as he pushed a second finger inside Zack. Zack moaned at the feeling and tried to thrust his hips back against the fingers. Simon thrust them fast and deep a couple of times before bending them and stroking the inside walls of his channel. Zack couldn't help but scream again when Simon's fingers grazed against his sweet spot.

Simon leant forward and swallowed his cock to the root again as he added a third finger to his lover's greedy hole. Zack's hips trust up of their own accord. "I'm ready… please, I don't want to come until you're inside me… I'm so close, Simon."

When Simon pulled back, Zack whimpered at the sudden feeling of being empty. Simon crawled up his body and laid claim to his lips in a kiss that sent his heart racing. They were forced to pull back due to lack of oxygen, and it was then Zack noticed Simon was holding a bottle of lube.

"You ready, babe?"

"Oh yeah, I want that gorgeous cock inside me now."

Simon chuckled as he flipped the lid and squirted a generous amount onto his cock. Zack watched in fascination as Simon gripped his shaft and slowly spread the viscous liquid. He was so fascinated at watching his mate's cock, he jumped in surprise when Simon squirted the cool liquid against his hole.

BOOK: Protective Mate
10.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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