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Lunch was once more a quiet affair. Alex came home to check on things and have a quick bite to eat before he had to go back to work. Simon didn't get an opportunity to talk with him about his suspicions regarding the Stewarts, he hoped it could wait until tonight when he finished work.

Once they put Hayley down for her afternoon nap, Simon walked into the living room where Rick and Jason were situated in front of the television watching the afternoon football game. "Hey guys." Simon said as he entered, pulling Zack along behind him.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing much, would you mind keeping an ear out for Hayley? She's just gone down for her nap and, hopefully, should be out for a couple of hours. I just wanted to take Zack for a run since he hasn't had a chance to let his wolf out in a long time."

Simon could feel the anticipation just about rolling off Zack as they waited for confirmation from his brothers.

"Yeah, no worries. Hayley's a little angel, so shouldn't be any trouble if she wakes. Just be careful since it's the middle of the day. We don't want anyone to see you." Rick replied.

"Thanks, little brother. Don't worry, we'll be careful." Zack was practically vibrating standing next to him.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Zack said excitedly from beside him. Simon could just imagine what Zack was feeling at the moment. His wolf had to be close to the surface, knowing it was going to get a chance to get out and run soon.

"We shouldn't be more than an hour, hour and a half." Simon said as he started to lead Zack from the room.

"Take your time and enjoy. Don't worry about anything here. Marcus and Brian are still here as well."

Simon led Zack into the garage and motioned Zack to get in his car. Once they were on the road to the pack land, Zack seemed to calm a little. Simon, remembering earlier this morning, kept a keen eye on his rear-view mirror to make sure no one followed them. Not seeing any sign of the Stewarts, or anyone else, Simon relaxed and enjoyed the drive with his mate.

Pulling up in the car park Simon parked the car and got out. He walked to the front and waited for Zack to join him.

"Usually we undress here. But as it's the middle of the day, how about we walk into the pack meeting area and we can shift there?" Simon asked. There weren't any other cars in the car park but you could never be too careful when it came to keeping their secret.

"Sounds good. Let's go." Zack said as he grabbed Simon's hand and started dragging him towards the bush. Simon laughed and pulled against Zack's hand. His enthusiasm was catching.

"It's this way, babe." Simon said, pointing in a completely different direction to the one Zack was leading him in.

"Well, lead the way then. We don't have all day." Zack laughed. Simon led the way through the bush and they were soon at the pack's meeting grounds. By the time Simon turned around to look at Zack, his mate was already out of his shirt and was working on his pants, having kicked off his shoes. Simon couldn't help but laugh.

"A little anxious, babe?"

"Yeah, a little. Sorry. But if I don't undress, I'm not going to have any clothes to wear home. I don't think I can hold him off much longer."

"It's okay. Go ahead and shift. I know how long it's been for you."

"Thanks." Zack didn't get a chance to say anything else as the change swept over him. Watching someone change always fascinated Simon. To see the fur erupting along his skin and the bones disjointing and reshaping, was mesmerising to watch. Simon knew exactly what Zack was feeling as he let his wolf have free reign over his body.

In less than a minute Zack, the man he was quickly falling in love with, was no longer standing in front of him. Instead he was left facing the most breathtakingly beautiful red wolf he had ever seen.

Zack's coat was a mixture of reds and oranges with flecks of brown running through it. The colours made it look like his coat was on fire and Simon had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. He couldn't think of any other word but 'stunning' to describe how his mate looked in his wolf form. Simon knew he was staring but he couldn't take his eyes off the beauty in front of him.

It wasn't until Zack walked up to him and nudged him that the spell was broken and Simon was able to gather his thoughts once again.
"You are the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen."
Simon conveyed with awe as he started to get undressed.

The wolf in front of him seemed to huff then leant forward to lick his hand before sitting back on its haunches and cocking his head to the side, waiting. Simon got the message and quickly divested himself of the rest of his clothes.

Once he was naked, Simon allowed the change to take over. His skin started to tingle, signifying the start of the change, fur sprouted all over his body and his bones popped and reshaped themselves. Within moments, he was on all fours and couldn't be happier. Walking up to his mate who was still sitting and watching him, Simon noticed he was larger than Zack in this form as well. He licked Zack's muzzle before dipping his head a little and gently biting his neck. Zack sat still the entire time Simon rubbed up against him, marking his mate with his scent.

Once Simon was happy he had marked his mate for all to smell, he stepped back. "
Come on, babe, let's run."
Zack didn't need any more encouragement than that and took off towards the bush, leaving Simon behind. Simon huffed and took off after his mate, the scent of the bush filling Simon's lungs as he ran. He never got sick of this area. There was always something new to see, from the Banksia flowers and wild orchards to the large eucalyptus trees. This bushland had been his home for his entire life and Simon couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

Nipping at Zack's heels, Simon got his attention before leading him through the bush to a small creek. They sat and lapped at the water like an animal dying of thirst before taking off once again. They playfully chased a couple of rabbits, not wanting to catch them as they had no reason to kill; they were not hungry and didn't need to eat.

When Simon decided they had been out long enough, he led Zack back to the clearing so they could change and go home. Simon stopped next to their clothes and once again allowed the change to flow through his body. Standing naked in the middle of the clearing and looking at his equally naked mate had Simon's cock rock hard in seconds.

Zack ran and jumped on him wrapping his arms and legs around Simon's body. Simon staggered under the additional weight but was able to keep his feet. "Oh, thank you, thank you, this place is wonderful," Zack said as he peppered Simon's face and neck with kisses.

"You're welcome, babe." Simon wrapped one hand around the nape of his mate's neck and pulled him down for a proper kiss. Taking control, he thrust his tongue into Zack's mouth and moaned as the unique flavour of his mate burst onto his tongue.

Simon could feel Zack's cock harden against his stomach and wanted nothing more than to take his mate here and now. However, he didn't want to hurt Zack and he hadn't thought to bring any lube. He wouldn't be making that mistake again. Pulling away from the questing, eager tongue of his mate, Simon smacked him on the ass, "Down, babe."

Zack's face fell as he lowered his legs from around Simon's body and stepped back. "You look cute when you pout," Simon whispered in Zack's ear before placing a quick kiss on his lips and turning away. Simon grabbed the clothes on the ground, but instead of handing them to Zack, he laid them out on the ground to form a crude blanket.

Turning back to Zack he held his hand out for his mate. The smile that split Zack's face when he realised what Simon was doing made his whole face light up. Zack placed his hand in Simon's and allowed Simon to manoeuvre him to where he wanted. Once Zack was splayed out on the clothes to Simon's satisfaction, he dropped to his knees between Zack's spread legs.

He ran his hand's lightly up and down Zack's trembling legs. Crawling over his mate, Simon was soon looking into the eyes of the man he would spend the rest of his life making happy. Zack's hands gently rubbed up and down his back and Simon felt his emotions just under the surface as if they were a living breathing thing and wanted to get out.

This beautiful man under him was all his. Everything Zack had been though just went to show how strong his mate was and made Simon love him even more. He would do anything to protect his mate and their daughter and make sure there was nothing but happiness in their lives from now on.

Simon lowered himself and gently kissed the one he loved. This kiss was gentle and sweet, a melding of lips and tongue. Simon hoped the kiss conveyed everything he was feeling, but just in case it didn't, he pulled away. Gazing once again into those beautiful hazel eyes, he wanted to let Zack know how he felt and prayed it wasn't too soon for his mate.

"I love you, Zack." Simon whispered. He watched as Zack's eyes widened a moment before a smile lit his features.

"I love you too, Simon." Simon was so happy he thought his heart would burst.

"Move in with me, please?" Simon figured he may as well go for broke, he wanted his mate and their little girl with him always and the thought of them living somewhere other than with him was painful.

The wary expression Zack now wore said he needed a little convincing and Simon was more than happy to do it. "Please, babe? I want you and Hayley with me always. We can re-do the spare room to make the place a more kid friendly one. We can even paint the room pink if you'd like. The guys love her already and it's calming to live with pack. Please just say you'll think about it at least?"

Zack nodded then kissed him again and all thoughts fled from Simon's head as his mate took possession of his mouth. Simon broke the kiss several minutes later and started to work his way down Zack's body. After having their hard cocks rubbing against each other while kissing, Simon was going out of his mind with want.

Kissing his way across Zack's flat stomach, Simon was finally where he wished to be. Flicking his tongue out, he lapped up the clear drop of pre-cum that had beaded on the head of Zack's cock. Once the flavour hit Simon, he wanted more and swallowed Zack down whole.

Zack screamed and thrust his hips, pushing his cock further down Simon's throat. Simon pressed his hips back to the ground to still his movements and continued a steady rhythm up and down Zack's prick.

"Simon, please. I want to taste you too." The breathless moan came from above him. Now that was an idea Simon could get on board with. Not wanting to let go of his prize, Simon swung his body around and manoeuvred his legs so they rested on either side of Zack's head.

The feeling of his cock being engulfed in wet heat caused him to moan around the length that was still in his mouth. This caused a reaction from Zack and Simon could soon feel the vibrations running the length of his cock as Zack moaned or groaned or cried out, he couldn't tell which. Moving one of his hands, Simon gently cupped Zack's balls and swirled them in his fingers. The other hand he brought to his mouth and sucked two fingers alongside the cock he was happily sucking on. Once his fingers were good and wet, he made his way to the hot clenching hole that was just waiting to be filled.

Pulling back on the cock in his mouth, Simon concentrated on sucking on the head and spearing his tongue in and out of the slit gathering all the pre-cum he could. Running his finger around Zack's hole several times, he waited until the muscles loosened then pressed forward. He was immediately sucked unto the tight velvety walls of his mate's ass. Spearing his finger in and out several times seemed to drive Zack wild. He bucked his hips several times before screaming.

The cock in his mouth pulsed, and burst after burst of his mate's cum filled his mouth. Groaning at the taste, Simon couldn't hold back any longer and thrust his hips towards Zack's mouth and let his own orgasm take over as he swallowed down his mate's thick, tangy release.

Once Zack had finished coming, Simon licked his cock clean determined to get every last drop of his mate's essence. Pulling away, he swung his leg over and collapsed on the ground next to his mate; they were both breathing heavily.

Their hands found each other and they lay there, in the middle of the pack clearing, sun shining down on their sated, naked bodies and held hands while they tried to recover from what had just happened.

"Okay, we'll move in with you on one condition." Zack said after several minutes of nothing but heavy breathing.

Simon's heart leapt for joy at his mate's words. He didn't care what the condition was, he would do anything to make Zack and Hayley happy. "Anything, babe."

Zack giggled. "I want a repeat of that."

"Now?" Simon wasn't sure if he was up to going again so soon, but he would give it a good try.

"I don't think I could, even if I wanted to." Zack giggle again. "No, I just mean I want several repeats of that at home."

"Your wish is my command. But at the moment, I think it's time we got dressed and headed home. Hayley should be up soon." Zack groaned but got to his feet. Once they were both dressed they made their way, hand in hand, back through the bush and to Simon's car.

Chapter 8


Pulling into the street, all of Zack's euphoric feelings from his run and the amazing sex he and Simon experienced fled. In front of the house there was a car parked that Zack didn't recognise. He had a bad feeling about this, though. As they got closer to the house, Zack's feelings were confirmed as he recognised the couple standing at the door, trying to push their way inside.

Simon growled in the seat next to him; Zack just wanted to get the car parked so he could go and make sure Hayley was safe. Not taking his eyes off the pair currently trying their best to get into the house, Zack jumped from the car when Simon pulled into the garage. Yanking the door open, Zack ran into the house. "Where is she?" he yelled.

Jason poked his head down the passageway. "Calm down, Zack. She's in the kitchen with me having some ice cream." Zack didn't stop on his way to get to Hayley. He had to make sure she was safe with his own eyes. Finding her at the table just as Jason had said, making a mess with ice cream, Zack finally took a breath and allowed his heart to slow down. Walking up to his daughter, he picked her up and crushed her to his chest.

BOOK: Protective Mate
4.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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