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“Don’t think the worst. She’ll be here. And at least the kids are asleep if things...progress.” His cock swelled against her.

“Mmm.” She rubbed against him with tempting slowness, already fantasizing about the things she wanted to do to Margot, Ethan, and both of them together.

Headlights scoured the wall of the bedroom and she gasped.

“She’s here!”

She shot out of Ethan’s arms and ran for the front door with him on her heels. He couldn’t pretend he didn’t want Margot as much as she did, but he controlled it better.

Whipping open the door, she faced her beautiful lover. Margot met her eyes with a grin, and Jane’s heart flipped with joy. Jane grasped her arm and yanked her into the house. And into her embrace.

Margot’s soft, womanly curves conformed perfectly to hers.

Breasts to breasts, hips cradling hips. For a moment, Jane fell still, overcome with emotion. Having Margot in her arms again gave her a feeling of utter peace.


Em Petrova

Margot lifted her hands and threaded her fingers through Jane’s hair. Her dark chocolate eyes loomed close. “You didn’t think I was coming, did you?”

Jane made a small noise of relief in her chest, but Ethan answered.

“No, she didn’t.” He wrapped both women in his arms and squeezed them tight. A collective sigh ran through them. The tension in Jane ebbed away slightly.

Margot rubbed her silky cheek against Jane’s, and then kissed her.

The first meeting of their mouths melted all worry from her body. As their lips glided over one another’s with growing abandon, Margot went boneless. Ethan supported her easily, lashing them both to his body as he watched them kiss.

Then Margot turned to Ethan and gave him the same attention.

A sliver of heat coursed through Jane. Watching her husband’s hard mouth commanding Margot’s was one of the hottest things she’d ever witnessed.

Jane smoothed Margot’s dark waves off her face. The light scent of Margot’s perfume released into the air. She leaned in to gather more of the sweet smell into her lungs, pressing little kisses over the crest of Margot’s cheek and down her jaw to her throat.

Margot issued a soft moan.

“Tell us you have time, Margot. Please.” Ethan’s gaze was hungry as he waited for her response.

She slipped a hand around each of their necks and drew their heads together. “I have an early shift tomorrow. I hadn’t planned to stay, just to talk. But now that I’m here, I don’t know if I can leave you.”With a low growl, Ethan lifted them both off their feet. “I’ll get the wine and we’ll talk first. But I can’t wait for long, ladies.” He released them and headed off for the kitchen. With a grin at Margot, Jane took her hand and led her to their bedroom. Once inside, it was impossible not to grab her and crush her mouth to Margot’s again.

Margot’s lips parted instantly. Their tongues met with fervent ardor. The slippery feel of her tongue sent bolts of heat through Jane’s body. She gently cupped Margot’s face and pinched her own eyes shut, enjoying her lover’s unique flavor. Margot possessed her femi-nine musk as always, but tonight there was a hint of mint, and something deeper that Jane couldn’t put her finger on. Something wilder.



Angling her head, Jane took what she wanted. She swept the moist cavern of Margot’s mouth as her fingers played over her hair to her shoulders and spread down her back.

Margot’s arms tightened around Jane’s waist. A thrill ran through her.Ethan’s voice sounded from the doorway. “Hey, I thought we were talking. You started without me.” With a shared giggle, they broke apart. He crossed to them and placed a wine glass in each of their hands. His scalding gaze fell upon Margot. “To new passions.” He clinked glasses with her and Jane, and then tipped the ruby contents into his mouth.

After everyone had a sip, he led them to the small seating group in the corner. They’d used the chairs here in several of their lovemaking sessions, and Jane couldn’t help but be reminded of this as they curled up together, she and Margot in one chair and Ethan in another.

“I have something to say to you two,” Margot said at once, setting aside her drink.

A worm of fear settled into Jane’s belly. She didn’t like the sound of that, even if Margot’s lovely face was without the creases of worry.

“You know I was with someone last night and tonight.” Ethan gave a nod, but Jane froze.

“He’s an amazing man. A veteran of the War in Iraq. He’s brilliant and funny, but he’s going through a rough patch since he came home.

He’s injured, you see.” She gave a small sigh, and the corners of her lips turned up so beautifully, Jane’s heart squeezed hard. “Most of the pain is trauma I think, although his leg took a bad hit. He has some ghost pain according to the doctors, and physical therapy will help.

But in the past two days, I’ve wondered if he doesn’t need something more.”

The tone of her voice brought Jane’s questions to the fore. “More as”

Margot’s dark gaze flashed, and she dropped it to her hands, which suddenly twisted in her lap. “I know it sounds sudden, but I really like him. I’m not gullible enough to fall for a man after two dates when I have a jaded heart and two girls to care for. But he’s the real deal. Strong, sexy, caring. He knows his mind and who he is. It’s not like dating at twenty—when you don’t know who you are and couldn’t read a man if you had to. We’re both old enough to know what we want out of life. And we’re the same kind of people.” 28

Em Petrova

This didn’t surprise Jane. She’d known it was only a matter of time before Margot was ready to step out into the world and find a new relationship to replace her dead-end marriage. She’d just thought she and Ethan would fill this void.

Jane cut straight to the chase. “He doesn’t know about us, does he?”Margot’s expression shivered. She looked up. “No, he doesn’t.

I’m not sure how to tell him.”

Ethan shifted. “But you are going to tell him, right?” She nodded. “I have to be honest. You’re both part of my life in a very big way. This is sort of what I wanted to discuss.” She stood and paced to the wall of windows, twitching aside a long drapery to gaze out at the night.

Jane’s heart threatened to crack at the implications of this. Would Margot let their relationship slip away in order to pursue her new guy friend?

Ethan suddenly wrapped his fingers around hers on the arm of the chair. His gaze was steady and revealed that they’d get through this together.

But she also saw that he was scared to death.

Margot didn’t know


how to face her lovers and tell them she wanted to dive into a relationship with Danny headfirst. Or tell them she wanted them to be part of it, if all parties were willing. They waited patiently for her to speak, but the words had died on her lips.

You must be crazy.
She thought this for the twelfth time in the hour since she’d left Danny with a kiss on his lips and a promise to call. At the moment he’d taken her into his arms and told her in a rough voice that he was falling for her, despite how new the relationship, she’d known she wanted to be with all three of them. She had no idea if Danny would be open to sharing her, and so early in the game, but she had to find out.

First she had to know what Jane and Ethan thought. It was one thing for Jane to share her with her husband. But to open their bedroom to another man? And for Ethan to accept this—not only watching Margot with another man, but perhaps his wife? She couldn’t deny that the thought of the two strong males touching one another made her wet.



She twisted from the window in time to see the worried look exchanged between Jane and Ethan. Her heart pattered with tenderness. “Oh, no. You’re thinking the worst, I know by your expressions.

Stop.” She went to them and sank to her knees between the two chairs.

She drew their hands into hers and united them on her chest over her heart.

“Margot, talk to us.” Ethan’s tone sent shivers of pleasure skitter-ing over her body.

Yes, what she wanted was right for her. She couldn’t give up these extraordinary people, but she wanted the deeper, one-on-one connection Danny could give her. She almost laughed aloud. She wanted two hunks of cake and a piece of pie too.

“I was wondering what you thought about...introducing another party to our play?” Once the words left her, she felt a huge weight lifted. If anyone would understand her needs, it was Jane. Margot met her stunned gaze now and saw the truth of her thought. Excitement glimmered in the depths of Jane’s eyes.

“I can’t believe you’ve brought this up right now, Margot.” Ethan’s strange tone made her study him.


Jane rubbed her fingers over the back of his hand. “There’s something Ethan and I just worked through too. He has an attraction to men sometimes. We’ve been talking about exploring this a little more.” Margot felt her jaw drop. She hadn’t expected to hear such a thing from them. To learn of this now—at the moment when Danny entered her life and her mind whirled with dreams of bringing them all together in one bed as mutual lovers—was overwhelming. Maybe her stars were lining up.

“I can’t believe it,” she whispered.

Ethan laughed. “Didn’t mean to shock you, sweetie pie. It’s something I’ve just admitted to Jane, and it didn’t take long for her to jump on the idea, as always.” His gaze raked his wife, and she blushed. “So what about this guy of yours? He’s open too?” She set her lips into a fine line. “I don’t know yet. It’s early, so we haven’t gotten past kissing. This is something that’s important to me.

I have to keep you guys in my life. If he wants me, he’ll understand, right?”

They nodded, and she plowed on. “What are you thinking, Ethan?

If Danny came to bed with us and touched Jane, would it bother you?” 30

Em Petrova

His eyes darkened as he stared at his wife. His jaw hardened, making his lips appear fuller and softer in comparison. Jane seemed to be waiting as breathlessly as Margot was, indicating they hadn’t gotten this far in their discussions.

“I’m not sure how I’d feel until the moment it happened, I guess.

I know that’s not fair, and maybe makes for a bad start, but I can’t be dishonest. I don’t know if I can allow another man to touch my wife.” Jane swallowed audibly, but she leaned in and softly kissed Ethan’s jaw at the juncture where a muscle fluttered.

With a swift movement, he captured both women and drew them onto his lap. Margot’s heart raced even as heat pooled in her sex. She’d spent two dates torn between wanting to jump the hard, muscular body of Danny, and longing to return to the Millers’ bed. If she was lucky, she’d have both worlds. But for now, she would take advan-tage of Jane’s soft caresses and the throbbing hardness in the front of Ethan’s jeans.

Jane thrust her tongue between Margot’s lips, sending pangs of desire through her. The knot of need tightened until it was almost painful. If she didn’t get Jane beneath her and Ethan inside her soon, she would combust.

As if sensing her need, Ethan slipped a hand down her thigh, between her legs. He felt his way beneath the hem of her dress to cup her moist heat through her panties.

“Let me see,” Jane whispered.

He tugged up her skirt to allow Jane to see him probing the seam of Margot’s pussy, pressing the cotton tight against the swell of her labia.A quiet moan left her as his fingers worked over the needy tissues.

He ran his thumb over the crease from top to bottom with exquisite slowness. Her pussy squeezed, releasing a flood of juices.

Margot grasped Jane’s nape and drew her to her mouth, taking control of her tongue. As Ethan probed the edges of her panties, Jane kissed her with a passion that set her ablaze. This was what she’d needed for weeks—this hot, emotion-filled lovemaking. She only hoped someday she could have it with Danny. And eventually with all three of them.

Ethan glided a rough finger under the cotton and across her soaking folds. She squirmed with a soft cry, which Jane swallowed. Pressure built in her lower belly as Jane closed her fingers over nipple. She pinched it slowly, just the way Margot loved. When Ethan pressed a 31


finger into the depths of her pussy, she lost control. A wild moan tore from her. She flicked her tongue frantically against Jane’s, fumbling with one hand at the front of Ethan’s pants, finding his swollen velvety steel, and slipping a hand between Jane’s pretty round thighs to massage her needy pussy.

The three of them writhed on the overstuffed chair. The scents of desire filled the air. Jane let her knees fall open to give Margot better access even as Ethan thrust his hips, placing his cock directly in Margot’s hand.

Tearing from the kiss, she looked into their haze-filled gazes.

Jane’s usually sleek dark hair was mussed deliciously, and Ethan’s fell in front of one blazing eye. Jane wore a pink tinge on her cheeks, throat, and the tops of her breasts, which drove Margot crazy with need.Ethan grasped her hip and tipped her onto her feet. Jane followed, and soon they were moving to the side of the big, plush king-size mattress where they’d spent hours pleasuring one another. Tonight would be no different, except Margot’s feelings rioted more strongly inside her. As Ethan stripped her slowly, holding her gaze as he did, she thought of Danny’s restrained kisses tonight. His arousal had been evident to her, but he’d withheld. She knew they needed time to get to know one another, and soon that hesitation would fall away.

Also, Ethan’s revelation that he was attracted to other men sent twinges of lust through her. She couldn’t wait to learn what had spurred him to reveal this. If she spent all night in their arms, though, she might not learn it. Tonight was for bodily fulfillment, not more talk.Margot gripped the hem of Jane’s knit top and pulled it over her head, letting her fingers graze Jane’s silken flesh as she did. The familiar ache for another woman grew in her pussy, centering in her clit where Jane pleasured her most. She nearly groaned at the thought of her lover going down between her legs and parting her slick folds with a soft tongue.

BOOK: Quatre
11.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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