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Em Petrova

Ethan tipped the golden nectar into the glasses, passing them around. Then with glowing eyes, he raised his drink to the others.

“To love and new experiences.” His gaze sought out Danny’s over Margot’s head.

She desperately wanted to turn in his arms and see his expression.

Jane’s glass clinked against Margot’s, drawing her attention. The touching of glasses circled the four of them. Danny leaned against the counter and drew her against him.

“We were surprised to get your phone call,” Jane said after taking a sip. She ran her tongue over her lower lip, gathering all the delicious flavors.

Images circulated through Margot’s mind, of dripping that sweet bubbly from Jane’s breasts to her pussy and lapping it up.

She shivered at the scrumptious thought. Danny’s probing hand caressed a path down her spine and around her hipbone. Her pussy pinched hard.

“It was time.” Danny’s rough tone infiltrated her senses, going south faster than the sip of alcohol she’d had. “I’ve kept Margot all to myself long enough.”

“You have,” Jane said with a purr. She curled an arm around Margot’s waist and rubbed against her.

Danny pressed from behind, grinding his cock against the seam of her ass even as Jane pressed soft kisses across Margot’s jaw to her mouth. She slipped her tongue between Margot’s lips too briefly before she kissed her throat.

Ethan circled the island to get nearer. As if he’d read Margot’s mind, he dribbled a bit of champagne into the well of Jane’s promi-nent collarbone, dipped his head, and began licking it away with careful slowness.

Jane moaned, her lips vibrating Margot’s throat, and raising thoughts of her mouth in other places. Her pussy was soaking, her panties drenched. Damn, if she didn’t get someone’s fingers or cock into her quickly, she was going to combust.

Danny bundled her long locks to the side, giving Jane better access to her neck. Ethan lifted his head, his gaze locked on Danny’s.

Again, Margot ached to see the scorching glances between the men, but Danny wasn’t allowing her to turn around. In fact, he was cupping her breast in one hand and using the other to draw her top down, baring her to Jane’s hot mouth.



Gasping, she watched her mound brought toward Jane’s lips.

Heat licked at her insides. This was lovemaking at its best—giving to one another. Danny manipulating her body to help Jane pleasure her was the most sensuous thing she’d ever encountered.

Ethan reached around his wife and with practiced ease, popped the buttons on Jane’s white cotton blouse. The fabric fell open to reveal a slit of golden skin. Before Margot could glide her hands inside the fabric, Ethan was doing it for her. He scooped Jane’s small but perky breasts into his hands and slowly rubbed them against Margot’s.

Danny shuddered. Ethan released a throaty growl. Jane’s head fell back with a shivery sigh. And Margot almost lost control.

Suddenly, hands were working over her from every angle. Jane’s perfect pinch on her nipples. Danny kneading her ass, and Ethan slipping his fingers between her legs. Damn, all she wanted was for them to spread her upon that big king-size bed and fuck her. She was dying to take her release in their arms. And when she was satiated, she’d give back to each and every one of them. By the time she was finished, she’d be aching again.

Her hips moved with a will of their own, pressing against Danny’s hands, rocking her slash into Ethan’s palm, and brushing against Jane’s toned hips.

Ethan flipped his hand and started to rub his wife’s cunt. She cried out at his touch.

“Bring her to the bedroom,” he instructed Danny, hauling Jane away from Margot and pulling her back down the hall.

For a moment, Margot watched them go, dizzied by the sight of Jane’s ass in her tight shorts and Ethan’s strong back. She wanted them both with a need that was off the charts.

Danny’s chest rumbled against her back. He spun her into his arms and stared into her eyes. “Love you, sweetheart. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“And you,” she said breathlessly. “You sure you want this?” His eyes darkened. “Fuck, I don’t think I could stop now. I’m hard as stone.”

She went on tiptoe to brush her lips across his. “Good. Because I want you. And Jane wants you. And Ethan.” His breath came faster. She was still stunned by his admission that he’d been lovers with an army buddy. Like Jane said, it was all so perfect. So easy. Like slipping into a warm bath.


Em Petrova

He yanked her off her feet and strode toward the bedroom with her, his limp only slight in comparison to when he’d come in to the ER

months ago. They followed the flicker of candles into the bedroom, only to see Jane on her back, with her legs over Ethan’s shoulders, and his face buried in her pussy.

“Goddamn, it’s like being in a live porno.” She grinned at him. “Except the sex is so much better with all these heart connections.” Without hesitation, she stripped out of her clothes, abandoning them on the floor. Then she turned to Danny.

He shook his head, his gaze darting between the couple on the bed and Margot. “I can’t get naked yet. I’ll blow if I do.” She slid her hands over his chest. “At least your shirt.” Deep down, she knew he was also a little uneasy about new people seeing his scarred thigh.

He allowed her to pull his shirt off. He kicked off his shoes too.

When Margot climbed onto the bed and stretched out beside Jane, she crooked a finger at him. He came to her instantly, hovering over her for a long, tongue-swirling kiss.

Jane was caressing her breasts, and then Danny’s callused fingers worked with hers, chasing them around each needy globe. Tearing from the kiss, he licked her nipples then Jane’s fingers. Margot leaned up to watch his tongue snake through each slender digit and back to her straining breasts.

Ethan’s excited gaze met Margot’s as his tongue worked over Jane’s wet folds. He pressed the flat of his tongue to her clit and held it. Jane issued a sharp cry. She started to twist, and Margot caught her in her arms.

She looked at Danny pointedly. He slipped off her. Margot flipped atop Jane and straddled her waist, bringing her wet pussy into contact with Jane’s taut stomach. Jane slid two fingers over her mound and strummed her clit.

Margot gasped at the sensations ripping through her.

“Come here, baby,” Jane rasped. “Sit on my face.”

“Oh, God.” Danny’s groan filled the room.

Margot felt Ethan separating his wife’s thighs farther, and she imagined him driving his tongue deep within her honey hole.

Holding Jane’s turbulent gaze, Margot shimmied up her body.

She dropped a kiss to Jane’s luscious mouth before dangling her slash over it. Danny climbed off the bed and situated himself close to them, his cock bulging against his zipper.



As Jane’s tongue met Margot’s slippery folds, Danny stroked the bulge in his jeans. Margot reached for him. Hooked a finger in his belt loop and yanked him close. Close enough to kiss.

Her mouth met his with insatiable lust. Naughty images flipped through her brain as Jane licked her pussy. Images of Danny and Jane intertwined. Of herself kneeling before Ethan and his long cock inches from her lips. Of big male bodies twisted in passion.

She fumbled with his button and zipper. Ignoring his protest, she reached into his briefs and removed his thick, velvety shaft. The weighty erection lay on her palm, the veins cutting paths around it to the purple head.

Using her stomach muscles to remain atop Jane’s face, she leaned forward until she could take his length into her mouth. She placed a plump kiss upon the head, flashing her gaze to his and noting the way his lips folded into a tight line. She wanted him to come in front of the others, and quick. The sooner he grew comfortable with letting go of his inhibitions, the sooner he’d express his wants.

Only coming in her mouth would do that for him.

And she needed to taste him. Needed all that musky cream on her tongue. She dipped her tongue into the depression and gathered a drop of precum.

A guttural groan burst from him. He clamped his hands around her face and drew her deeper. This was what she loved about sucking him off. He took complete control of her—manipulated her face as he drove his rod into her mouth.

She stroked his length with her tongue. Intense heat built in her core. Jane’s mouth worked her pussy perfectly. And Jane was starting to tremble beneath her, which told her she was on the verge of release.

The instant she came apart, Margot would follow.

Gripping Danny’s cock at the root, she curled her fingers lightly around his balls. They were clenched up tight. She ran a fingertip beneath them, toward his anus—to his “button.” A single flick of her finger in that spot could send him over the edge.

“Damn, baby, your mouth is so good. Watching her lick your pussy is...just...ahhhh.” He splintered. Cum shot into the back of her throat. She gulped, and her mouth filled again.

Her nipples bunched up tight. Her pussy clamped down. And she ruptured.

Jane came apart with a cry against her folds. Margot bucked against her mouth, loving the pressure exerted on her clit. Juices 56

Em Petrova

flooded Jane’s mouth. She ran her tongue down Margot’s inner labia to her soaking hole.

Danny pulled away with a grunt. Jane’s mouth slowed. And suddenly Ethan was standing beside Danny, with his hand wrapped around his own still-pulsating cock.

“My turn.” Ethan grabbed Danny and kissed him. Laid one on him that starved Margot for breath. She rolled off Jane, and gathered her lover up in her arms to see.

Perspiration clung to their bodies, melded them as one. She wrapped Jane in her embrace as together they watched Danny grasp Ethan’s face in one big palm and thrust his tongue between the other man’s hard lips.

“So beautiful. God, I can’t believe I’m finally seeing this,” Jane murmured, still trembling from her orgasm.

Ethan tugged on Danny’s shaft, drawing it through his palm as only a man could. Rough. Intense. Fucking hot.

“God, I don’t think I can come again, but I want to so badly.” Danny’s hips jerked. His cock hardened as if he’d never released. “Let me take you. Have you ever...?”

Ethan’s eyes were turbulent.

Margot spoke up. “Not yet. I want to see you fuck Jane first. Then me. And then you can have Ethan.”

All three of them stared at her with gaping jaws. She felt the blush climb her cheeks. No, she’d never really taken charge in the bedroom, but dammit, now was the time. These people were all here because of her, and she would see them make love the way she wanted.

Danny reached for Jane. She slipped into his arms as if she belonged there, her lithe body curled around his. He spread her thighs and speared her with one hard move.

Margot fell into Ethan’s arms. His arousal bobbed against her belly. He parted her slippery thighs and drove into her. Her pussy contracted, still hypersensitive from her release.

“Give me your mouth. Let me taste his cum.” Ethan’s growl lashed through her like whips. His lips descended, and he cut off her gasp.

She slipped her tongue over his, reveling in his musky taste. With a groan, he cupped her face and drank from her long and deep. The moist sound of Jane and Danny’s hungry kisses echoed throughout the room. The quiet slap of four naked bodies and the scents of lovemaking filled the air.



Ethan’s fingers dug into Margot’s hips. “Ride my pole, baby. Feel me stretching you, filling you. Fuck, you’re so wet and tight.” She increased her movements. His thick head nudged her womb, and new quivers overtook her. Her orgasm struck her out of nowhere.

A scream tore from her chest.

“That’s it, baby. Come on. Come on my cock. Give me all those juices. God, Dan, you can’t imagine how fucking good your woman feels.”

An answering grunt sounded. “Your wife’s about to splinter here.

She’s soaking my cock and juices are running down my balls.” Ethan moaned too. He lashed Margot to his body and continued to drive into her, not even slowing for her sensitive body. “Tell me how she feels.”

“She’s delicious,” Danny rasped. The moist meeting of mouths reverberated in Margot’s hearing as her love kissed Jane.

“His cock is so...fucking thick, Ethan. You want him to come in me?’“God, I want him to cream in your tight slit so I can go down on it and eat it all out.”

Margot’s muscles twitched at Ethan’s hot words. Wicked images were spiraling through her head at rapid speed. Quickly, she realized that with three people to pleasure her, she was going to come more tonight than ever before.

Ethan’s muscles rippled under her palms. She glided her hands over his warm flanks, and around to his ass. When she slipped a finger between his ass cheeks, he tensed. For a long, quaking moment, he stilled. His body bowed. Then with a grating groan, he came. Spurt after spurt bathed her walls.

Margot clung to him, kissing his neck, his jaw, his lips.

Hearing her husband’s release sent Jane over the edge once more.

“Fuck, she’s coming on me, man. Coming so hard. Her pussy is so tight.” Danny bit off each word through his clenched teeth.

Ethan drove into Margot harder, his release extended by Danny’s words and the eroticism of his wife fucking another man.

Margot looked across the bed and met Danny’s lust-darkened gaze. A smile of such joy split his face that her breath was stolen. Heat curled inside her anew. Heat that promised she’d never grow tired of her new man or the Millers.

Ethan nuzzled her throat, drawing her attention. “Beautiful, perfect woman,” he whispered hotly into her ear. “Love you.” 58

Em Petrova

She turned her mouth into his and delivered a seeking kiss. “I love you too, Ethan.”

When she looked up again, Danny wore a strange expression. He continued to stroke Jane’s breasts and backside, pumping into her oc-casionally. As if the men had coordinated it, they both pulled out at the same time.

BOOK: Quatre
10.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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