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She started to move. Gliding with smooth strokes, deep, feeling the place where it drove him wild. She assumed she’d located his sensitive prostate gland and concentrated on working it. She’d heard that men could have amazing orgasms if the gland was stimulated, and she wanted Ethan’s first anal experience to be mind-blowing.

He grunted with every thrust. She focused on his face, turned sharply in profile. His features were twisted in ecstasy. Taking this as a cue, she started to pound him harder and faster. Sinking into him again and again. His arm movement revealed that he fisted his cock in time to her thrusts. Damn, her sex dripped with juices. After this, she was going to sit on his face and dream of his and Margot’s tongues on her slippery folds.

With a guttural groan, he stiffened, then drove his ass against her wildly as he came. The belt tightened on her hips as his muscles clamped down on the toy, drawing it deep. He pumped his cock with one hand, and she heard the soft rain of droplets on the sheets of their bed.



She shifted and he cried out. “Oh, my God. Don’t move. Let me...” He gave a quiet, tremulous laugh. “Calm down.” A grin stretched across her face. She slid her palms over his spine and carved buttocks, thrilled with this new dimension between them.

Having control was very sexy. She loved it with Margot too. But it was time to be dominated. And ravaged.

When he gave the word, she pulled out in one slow, smooth stroke. He collapsed to the bed. She unbuckled the strap-on and laid it aside. Her pussy ached with fresh need. Where was Margot at this time of night? It was past midnight. Surely, she wasn’t still on her date. If she could get hold of her, maybe she could persuade the sexy divorcée to come over and spend the night with them after all.

With an abrupt movement, Ethan grabbed her and threw her into the rumpled sheets. Looming over her with a burning expression in his eyes, he kissed her. The swift, passionate touch drew shudders through her limbs, and into the heat of her sex. Her clit swelled, throbbing for release.

His hard body pressed her down into the mattress, his kisses rough and enflaming. Her mind spun as sensation assaulted her.

He kissed a path down her throat to the crests of her breasts, taking little, nipping bites from her flesh. Nudging her thighs apart with his knee, he settled his thigh against her soaking pussy. She rocked against him, and he ground back, scraping his muscle over her clit, drawing the hood back to reveal the straining core.

“Please, Ethan,” she gasped into his hair as he suckled her nipple.

His mouth closed over the tip, tongue working furiously over the straining nub. She rode his thigh, rubbing until she thought she’d die from the exquisite pressure building inside her. Juices slicked his leg.

She cupped her breasts together and guided him to the other needy pearl. When he drew it onto his tongue, she began to climb the steep slope of bliss.

Before she could wrap her mind around the torturous sweeps of his tongue, he left her, moving downward to the flat plane of her belly. He pinched her skin between his lips tenderly, following the line of her ribs down to her sides. She squirmed beneath his attentions, driving her pulsating clit against his leg again and again.

Hot need welled inside her, and her world narrowed as he slid down between her thighs. She opened her eyes and met his determined gaze. With extreme slowness, he dropped his mouth to her wet folds and licked.


Em Petrova

The flat of his tongue met her swollen flesh, spearing her like a strike of lightning. She flung her arms outward and twisted her fists in the sheets as he poked his tongue into her honey hole and gathered her juices.

Her thigh muscles quivered. He closed his hands over her knees and spread her wider, then buried his face in her pussy and lapped at her until she cried for release.

The intense scrape of his facial hair against her tender flesh drove her insane with lust. Images flashed behind her eyes. Margot’s femi-nine, pink tongue swirling over her breasts. Ethan poised at the quick of the buxom brunette, and watching her chocolate eyes as he drove deep inside her. Images of slipping two fingers into her husband’s ass.

Even the way his eyes had dilated with pleasure as he watched the dancer’s thick cock wave in front of his face.

She shattered. The lightning strike of his tongue spread energy through her limbs. Her muscles clamped down, shivered, coiled, rocketed higher, and for a stunning moment, shook with her orgasm.

She screamed with pleasure as the pulsations began to rack her.

She thumped a fist on the bed while threading the fingers of her other hand into Ethan’s silky hair. She forced his mouth against her body and begged him to eat her pussy. His tongue slowed, running from her nubbin to her wet hole, gathering the cream.

And she opened her eyes to find his scalding gaze on her. Her heart flipped with renewed love for this man—her husband, the father of her children, and her soul mate.

Tenderly, he cupped her ass and lifted her against him, taking slow licks like he would an ice-cream cone while holding her gaze.

She made soft noises of pleasure. Endorphins coursed through her brain and into her satiated limbs.

When he lifted his head, she collapsed, sinking into the plush mattress with absolute completion. He slid up her body, kissing her belly, breasts, throat, and finally her lips. The salty-sweet taste of her on his mouth brought Margot to mind once more.

Wrapping an arm around him, Jane pulled him against her and tucked her head under his chin. For long minutes they lay still. She listened to the quiet workings of their house—the electric whir of a fan, the tinkling of chimes outside their window on the veranda. She was grateful for a few stolen hours of passion with her husband, though she missed Margot with an ache that was almost pain.



“What do you suppose she’s doing?” Her whisper broke the silence.

He ran a hand down her side, causing a shiver. Gently, he pulled a blanket over their bare, entangled limbs. “I hope she’s enjoying herself, whatever it is.”

“Me too. But I’m worried that she’ll leave us, Ethan. I don’t know if I can bear that.”

He shook his head and his hair tickled her cheek. “I don’t think that will happen, love. But if it does, we’ll be okay. We have each other. And this.” He threaded their fingers and lifted her ring finger to his lips, kissing her diamond wedding band. “That’s something Margot doesn’t have, and we both know she craves it. If she can find happiness and the love connection like we have, I could accept her loss. I only care about her needs.”

“I agree,” Jane murmured, though she didn’t know if she believed her words. She wanted the best for Margot, but she’d never stop loving the beauty that’d first captured her heart in a dressing room at the gym after kickboxing class.

Tonight the world felt different to Jane. Frightening, and yet promising. She and Ethan had explored a new realm of sensuality, and she’d learned things about him she’d never dreamed possible.

Holding that thought deep in her heart, she tried to force out the ache she felt for Margot. But a little voice in the back of her head told her she wouldn’t be happy until they were all together, wrapped in one another’s arms.


Chapter Three

Margot sat at her kitchen table, a steaming mug of coffee on the distressed wooden top at her elbow, and her head in her hands.

She’d just bundled her twin girls into their grandmother’s car, off for a day at the zoo while she prepared for her day. Another eight-hour shift at the hospital, then dinner with Danny. The handsome vet hadn’t wasted any time asking her out again after their long, talkative date last night. And she was looking forward to it.

But she missed Jane and Ethan to the extreme. This morning, she’d awakened to two text messages from Jane asking her to call as soon as she got up. But it was 10:00 a.m., and she still hadn’t called.

You’re avoiding her.

Her heart rolled with uneasiness. She wasn’t exactly avoiding her.

She didn’t know how to explain her reason for canceling their plans for last night.

And how to explain the strange new feelings in her heart for Danny.



After work yesterday, she’d run home, grabbed a hasty shower, and threw on a light cotton sundress. Jane had helped her choose it during their last shopping trip together. She’d told Margot how much she loved the coral color against her bronzed skin, which was so different from Jane’s paler tone.

And then Jane had pressed her against the wall of the dressing room and kissed the hell out of her.

When Margot had approached the park bench last night, he’d looked up with a stunned expression. Quickly, he’d gained his feet, favoring his injured leg and bearing his weight on his other foot.

He’d captured her hands as a grin stretched across his face. His smile could have parted the clouds after a month of rain.

“I can’t believe you came.”

She’d given a small laugh and went on tiptoe to brush his cheek with her lips. An action that had startled him and set her blushing.

“Why wouldn’t I come?”

He’d shrugged, and keeping her hand in his, seated her beside him on the metal bench. The evening air had been balmy compared to the icy conditions of the hospital.

She and Danny had talked for a while about mundane things—

the weather, her work, his growing concern for his elderly father, who lived alone across town. When the park started to empty of people for the night, he’d asked her to dinner.

After a slow, lingering walk, they’d arrived at a small Italian restaurant. Here she’d allowed him to order for her, surprising him again. Suddenly, she’d realized how much he wanted someone to care for. Someone to depend upon him.

And she wanted that too.

Being self-sufficient wore on her at times. She loved her work and her girls, but sometimes she wanted to come home to find everything in order for the day, a hot bath run for her, the bills paid, dinner cooked, and the cat fed.

Hesitantly, and after some prompting, she’d begun to talk to Danny about her ex-husband and the tensions between them following their divorce. It was impossible not to mention Jane and Ethan, but how to tell him she shared their relationship? Their lives, their arms, their bed?

Most people wouldn’t understand a situation like theirs. Yet, if she wanted Danny in her life, she had to be honest with him.


Em Petrova

She ran her fingers through her hair, letting the thick mass fall over her shoulders. It was time to call Jane and come clean with her at least. After dinner with Danny tonight, she’d swing by the Millers’

home and talk to them more about the situation.

A dark heat slithered through her, reminding her of the pleasures she’d missed out on last night.

Maybe they’d be able to steal a few moments together.

She wrapped her fingers around the warm coffee mug and took a fortifying sip. First on the list—Jane.

Her number was on speed dial. Jane picked up on the first ring, and her voice sent a pang straight to Margot’s core. She truly loved this woman and couldn’t imagine not being with her. But how could she go forward with a relationship with Danny if she was sleeping with other people? Not only a woman, but her husband? Danny was a total alpha. She couldn’t picture him giving his blessing when she told him she wanted to fuck Ethan.

“Hey, sweetie. Missed you last night.” Margot swallowed hard at the longing that suddenly rose in her throat. “Me too. So much. I’m sorry I bailed on you.”

“Well, we wished things would have been different, but we understand. We made do.”

Margot could hear the smile in Jane’s voice and found her own spreading across her face.

“How was your date?”

Margot wound a lock of hair around her forefinger, staring at the golden rays of sunshine beckoning from beyond the kitchen window.

“It was good. He’s terrific, Jane.”

After a slight pause, she said, “Terrific as in you might see him again?”

“Yes. Tonight, actually. But I want to come to you tonight too.

Afterward. Is that okay?”

Jane released a long breath into the phone. Margot shivered at the sound. “Absolutely. We have some new revelations for you, baby. I can’t share over the phone, but it sure was exciting to us both.” A thread of worry tightened Margot’s belly. It was bad enough being separated from them for a day. Discovering that they shared a new secret made her heart ping.

But wasn’t she harboring a secret of her own? The secret that she’d decided she could easily fall for Danny? That she might be ready for that step, after so many months of being unattached?



“I’ll try to come around nine.”

“Sounds great, beautiful. Can’t wait to see you.” When they ended the phone call, Margot leaned heavily against the kitchen table. What the hell was she doing? The strange, mixed-up emotions coursed through her unchecked, but there was nothing she could do for the moment. Tonight she’d spend more time getting to know the man who needed a caring touch as much as she did. And tonight she’d go to her lovers—Jane and Ethan. Suddenly, she felt like she lived two separate lives.

As Jane paced to the


window for the third time in an hour, Ethan trapped her against the wall with his body. His strong, supportive arms encircled her waist.

“Everything is fine, sweetheart. She’s just running late. Isn’t that what she said on the phone?”

“Yes.” Jane stole another peek out at the dark street, hoping to see the glare of headlights. “She didn’t say much about her date, but I could hear excitement in her voice.” Which worried her more than anything. The burn of tears was in the back of Jane’s throat. She didn’t want to think about losing her lover to a new person—a man who might not understand the needs she and Margot shared.

BOOK: Quatre
7.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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