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Authors: Jean C. Joachim

Red Carpet Romance

BOOK: Red Carpet Romance
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Hollywood Hearts 2


Jean Joachim


Contemporary Romance


Secret Cravings Publishing


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Contemporary Romance


Red Carpet Romance

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February 2013


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Hollywood Hearts 2

Jean Joachim

Copyright © 2013


Chapter One


Raven-haired Susanna Barnes pushed
open the unlatched door.
Quinn Roberts,
stuck up, rich boy movie star. With a kid. Great.
“Hello?” She called out,
stepping just inside the doorway.

“In here…twenty-eight, twenty-nine,
thirty,” called a deep voice.

She moved toward the sound, stopping
a few feet from the entrance to the living room. When she glanced up, she saw
the almost-naked, suntanned body of a muscular man, hanging by his hands from a
metal pull-up bar stretched high across the entryway. Her gaze wandered over
the flexing, sweaty muscles of his shoulders then back and down to his hips.
Boxers…cute butt.
Farther down were
strong thighs tapering to Bermuda-shorts-perfect calves and bare feet.

When she cleared her throat, he
dropped off the exercise device and turned around.

“Do you always greet people in your
boxers, Mr. Roberts?” She cocked an eyebrow as her stare roved over his damp
chest covered with a smattering of brown curly hair, stopping at his waist.
Shoulders as wide as a basketball court.

He grabbed a black, terry towel from
a nearby chair and wrapped it around his middle. Color flooded his cheeks.

“Sorry about that. Is it ten
already?” He stuck out his hand to shake hers. “And it’s Quinn.”

His lopsided grin, dark turquoise
eyes, crinkling at the corners, and sexy brown hair falling over his forehead
caught her off guard. His presence filled more than the small hallway, it
filled the entire apartment.

“Susanna Barnes,” she said,
swallowing before taking his hand. Her face flamed under the heat of his stare
as it skimmed over her form, down to her toes and back to her eyes in a
fraction of a second.

“Be right back.” Gracefully, he ran
out of the room, returning not twenty seconds later while tying the sash of a
fluffy, navy blue terry robe. She noticed the color of the robe deepened the
color of his eyes.

“Junior’s in here,” he said,
motioning her to follow him through the living room. Susanna caught a glimpse
of the brown suede, sectional sofa hugging two walls, the carved square, oak
coffee table, and a couple of modern, white leather chairs.
Masculine, like him.
Down a hallway,
they came to a large guest room with a double bed, flanked by a portable crib
against one wall and a small desk against the other. The room was decorated in
turquoise and cream with oak furniture.

As they entered, a tiny head peeked
up over the bumper guard. A pair of big, brown eyes made contact with

“This is Junior. Junior, Ms.

“Susanna, please,” she said, turning
her attention to the baby. “He’s adorable.” She went to the crib and bent down
to pick him up. Quinn quickly nabbed a cloth diaper and laid it across her

“Seems he…uh…spits up sometimes.” He
colored slightly.

“Of course. How old is he?”

“Five months. Do you have much
experience? I know Dana at the agency checked you out and all, but…just

“I cared for my sister’s three kids
on and off for four years.”

“Ah. Good. So you know babies?”

“I love babies,” she smiled at
Junior, and he returned her grin. She held him up and rubbed her face in his
belly, making him squeal in delight. “What a cutie.”

“When can you start?” Quinn lounged
against the doorjamb.

“Thought I already had. Oh, wait.
Paperwork.” She reached into her back pocket and pulled out a wad of folded
paper. After handing it to him, she settled Junior onto her hip and picked up a
small, stuffed bear.

BOOK: Red Carpet Romance
6.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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