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Authors: Ruthie Robinson

Tags: #Fiction, #Romance, #African American

Reye's Gold (40 page)

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“Before you go any further, tell me what you think of
my solution.”

He reached behind his back to unlock her legs,
moving them further up to surround his waist. Then his
hands moved to cup her hips, lifting her as he pushed
into her body.

He paused until her slightly unfocused eyes opened
to his. “I think I like your idea, Ms. Jackson. I’m happy
wherever you are, and don’t you ever forget that,” he said,
his breath catching, as he pulled out of her only to slowly
push back in, hard, just like she liked it.

She moaned.

“Reye,” he said, sliding out and pushing back into her
again. Harder.

“Stephen,” she said pleadingly.

He stopped moving, waited until her eyes found his.
He said now, all seriousness, “I like your plan, had
already come to a similar conclusion myself, and talked
to my dad about it. We’ll make it work, I promise,” he
said, slowly pulling out of her body, but not completely
withdrawing, “Okay, babe, are we good now?” She
nodded while he pushed back in to her body.

“Yes . . . okay . . . stop talking . . . please,” she mur
mured, pulling his mouth down to hers.

Please what, Reye?” he whispered against her lips,
remembering when he’d first posed that question to her a
long time ago. He smiled against her mouth, content to
be here, wherever she was, forever.


Ruthie resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and
two teenage children. She holds a bachelor’s degree in
economics from Clark College and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Texas in Austin. She
worked for more than a decade in the banking industry
before turning her love for writing into a second career.

Ruthie enjoys being a mom, gardening, traveling, and
reading. Reye’s Gold is her debut novel.

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