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By Elodie Chase


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I’m not going to
lie. When I saw her serving drinks behind the bar, the first thing I could
think of was having her here. The place catered to the college, which meant it
had certainly seen its share of shadowy sexcapades and blowjobs under booths.
Sure, it wouldn’t be anything glamorous, but so what?

I didn’t really
care if I had to have it down and dirty. All that mattered to me was getting
into that hottie’s tight jeans, making her moan on my cock for a couple of
minutes before giving her what she wanted.

And after that,
I’d ditch her just like the rest.

That was the plan,
at least. God knows it had gone down like that countless times before with
dozens of other girls. Everybody on campus knew me as the badass you didn’t
want to cross, and that sort of image had a way of attracting the women.

Maybe not
of the women, sure, but enough of

I wondered if the
shy redhead I’d set my sights on was that sort of girl. I doubted it, but that
didn’t mean she and I weren’t going to happen.

After all, I’m
nothing if not charming.

Or so I’ve been
told by woman after woman as they left my bedroom and began their walk of shame
back to their dorms.

The bar in front
of her was crowded, and instead of elbowing the guys in my way aside like I
normally would, I took my time drinking in the redhead.

She was gorgeous,
though I got the feeling that she was one of those girls who either didn’t know
it or resented it, which was even worse.

If a girl knows
she’s hot, seducing her is as simple as feeding her ego and stroking her own
image of herself.
Baby, you’re so fine,
You make me want to throw you down right
Come back to my place and
I’ll give you what we both need

And it worked more
than it should. Sure, it didn’t hurt that most people knew who I was. The girls
all wanted to be able to tell their friends they’d fucked Dino Angelino, and
I’d spent the last couple of years making sure a lot of them had the privilege.

This redhead was
different than those other chicks. I could tell that already.

Red hair with wild
curls that I couldn’t wait to pull as I sunk my cock into her tight little box.
Tits a size or two larger than her frame demanded, though you won’t hear me
complaining. The t-shirts the bar made the waitresses and bartenders wear were
too tight, and I could clearly see
her nipples standing out in the spinning lights from the dance floor.

Christ. My cock
was hard just looking at her, and I was more than twenty feet away! How the
hell was I going to walk straight after this?

“Hot, huh?” the
guy next to me asked, giving me a gentle elbow to the ribs as he inclined his
chin at my prize.

“Yeah,” I said,
glancing at him. He was nothing more than a typical trust fund pretty boy.
These guys were a dime a dozen around here, but try telling that to him.

“She’s new,” he
told me. “Probably eager to please.”

I didn’t answer.
The last thing I wanted was to engage this asshole in conversation.

Not that he seemed
to care. “You can almost smell her little pussy from here, can’t you?” he
asked, grinning like an idiot.

I smiled at him
and leaned in, making it clear I had something to tell him.

He bowed his head,
getting closer so he could hear me over the pounding rhythm of the music.

“She’s mine,” I
said into his ear, grabbing his shoulder and squeezing hard enough that I could
feel his collarbone grind beneath my palm. His knees went to water, but I held
him up so he didn’t fall.

“Fuck, man…” he

I pointed at a
couple of his friends in one of the booths, no doubt waiting for him to bring
back their drinks. “Tell them that, you hear? This new girl belongs to me. If
any of your shitheads try anything with her, you’re going to have to answer to
me. You get it?”

“Yeah, man. Shit!”

I let him go,
watching him long enough to make sure he was happy to limp back to his buddies
and not do something stupid like take a swing at me. When he hurried off, I
went back to ignoring him.

Besides, a couple
of other people had taken notice and decided they had somewhere else to be
other than in my way, which was fine by me.

I stepped up to
the bar and put a hundred dollar bill down on the wood in front of me.

“Hey baby,” I said
when my little fox looked up at me. “How much do you cost?”



“Really?” I asked
him, wiping a sweaty curl of hair out of my face with the back of one hand.
“Are you for real with that crap?”

The guy shrugged.
“I’m just after a little bit of your time, that’s all.”

I rolled my eyes
at him. Guys like this were always hitting on me. Yeah, this one was handsome,
in a rough sort of way, but that didn’t matter one way or the other to me.

“Just tell me what
you want to drink,” I said, tapping the hundred dollar bill he’d put on the
bar. “I’ll get you your change and you can be on your way.”

He gave me a sly
little grin and held up two thick fingers.

His hands held my
attention for a split second. They were the hands of a fighter, complete with
scars both old and new, not to mention bruised knuckles. “Two beers,” he said.

I nodded and
grabbed a couple of tall glasses from the stack beside me before pouring the
beers and plunking them down in front of him. “Here you go.”

He picked one up
and gave me a wink. “That one’s for you, baby.”

I ignored that and
swapped the hundred dollar bill into the cash register for ninety bucks. “Beers
are five dollars each,” I told him, “so here’s your change.”

The DJ was on a
break, so at least the music had died down enough that I didn’t have to make
myself go hoarse by shouting over it.

He was staring at
my breasts hard enough to make me blush, which around here took some doing. I’d
heard every cheesy pickup line, been grabbed and pawed and fondled more times
than I cared to count. Seemed like every night I had to put up with some new
level of bullshit just to pour beers and keep my shitty job.

“I can’t drink
while I’m working,” I told him.

His face fell, and
for an instant I let myself think that maybe this one was different. Yeah, he’d
ogled my chest, but
guy in the
joint had done that. He seemed genuinely saddened that I couldn’t share a drink
with him.

“Can’t,” he said
at last, “or won’t?”

I shrugged. “I’m
not risking my job just to drink the beer I should be selling. Now do me a
favor and move along, huh?”

“People call me
Angel,” he said, as if I hadn’t even spoken.

Now it was my turn
to frown. Angel, huh? Was I really supposed to believe that?

“They do,” he
reassured me, which meant that he must have seen my disbelief written all over
my face.


“Hey,” he said to
the girl beside him. It didn’t take much to get her to pay attention. She’d
been standing there since this bruiser walked up and started hitting on me,
staring at him with stars in her eyes like she was witnessing the second

“Yeah?” the girl

“You know who I am?”

“Sure! You’re
Angel, right? I think you maybe banged my BFF a couple of months ago! She said
it was the best fuck of her life. Said she’d do anything to -”

He held up his
hand and shushed her, then looked from her to me, his eyebrow cocked. “See?
People know me.”

I rolled my eyes.
“I don’t know you, and I don’t care who you are who or who you’ve slept with.
Take your beer, take your change and go, okay?”

“Okay, okay,”
Angel said, holding his hands up in a ‘don’t shoot’ gesture as old as time
itself. “It’s a free country. Just trying to have a conversation with a pretty
girl. No harm in that, right?”

The girl next to
him reached out and put a hand on his big bicep. “Hey, if she ain’t interested,
I am. We can go back to your place and fool around as much as you want, if
you’re interested.”

Angel stared at me
for a long second. I felt that flush creep up my throat again, and when I
looked down at the cleavage the bar’s management insisted I put on display I
saw that I was brushing furiously.

Pissed off at myself
for letting myself react to this man, I turned away and fled, feeling like a
fool as I retreated into the backroom. There were dozens of customers waiting
for drinks, and here I was running away like a scared little girl.

Just like always.



And that was it. I
waited around for a while, grabbing both my beer and the one that she refused
to let me buy her and retreating to a table in the corner.

The music started
back up and I drank both glasses dry, pacing myself, going slow as I waited for
her to reappear from whatever back room she’d run off into.

An hour later and
still nothing. When one of the waitresses came to clear the table of the empty
glasses I’d lined up in my quest to see the redhead again, I figured it
wouldn’t hurt to ask.

“Hey honey,” I
said to the girl with the tray as she tried not to stare. “You know the redhead
that was behind the bar a while ago? Real wild hair and an attitude to match?”


“Sloane.” I
repeated it back at the waitress, liking the way the name felt in my mouth. It
was odd, sure, but in a good way. Exotic. Not something you got to say every
day, unless you were lucky enough to know her. “Yeah, that’s her,” I said. “Do
you know where she went? Is her shift over, or something?”

The girl rolled
her eyes at me and glanced at the crowded bar, then flicked her eyes to the
people jostling for space on the dance floor against the far wall. “You nuts?
When it’s packed like this, shifts don’t end. No, she
be here until closing. In fact, she
be behind the bar, pouring drinks as fast as she can so that
I don’t have to hear shit from angry customers all night, but she isn’t, is

I shook my head,
hoping for more information, but the waitress must have realized that she was
putting herself even further behind the eight ball by talking to me and so she
spun on her heel and hurried off into the crowd, headed back in the direction
of the bar to get rid of her load of empty glasses and deliver more booze to
whoever was next on her list.

“Sloane.” I
couldn’t help but feel a smile on my face as I said her name out loud again. I
wanted her
, bad enough to have
sent the half dozen or so willing women who’d approached me over the past hour
away with little more than a glance.

Any other night
I’d have been happy to take my pick from those that were around, but tonight
was different.

Tonight I’d met

It was getting
late. The bar would probably keep its doors open another hour or so, especially
with the sort of crowd gathered that they’d managed to pull in tonight. I was
supposed to be places tomorrow, though I couldn’t remember where right now.
Training? Maybe a fight? Shit, did I have a fight scheduled tomorrow?

I didn’t know. I
sat there for a second, trying hard to decide how drunk I was. It’s one of
those things, you know? You’re never really sure if you’re able to make it home
until you try, just like you’re never sure if you’re going to fall flat on your
face until you push your ass up out of the booth and head for the door.

Wherever I was
supposed to be tomorrow and whatever I had planned, I decided that sitting here
wasn’t going to bring Sloane out of hiding. Better to head out and try again
tomorrow or the day after.

Probably tomorrow
though. I didn’t think I could put her out of my head for forty eight hours.
That girl’s body ached for my touch, and my cock twitched in anticipation of
all the things I was going to talk her into letting me do to her.

I stood up and the
room spun. I took a careful step, knocking away some guys hands when I lurched
too close to his booth and he made a grab for me before he realized what the
hell he was doing, trying to touch me. “Get the fuck away,” I growled.

He mumbled some
sort of apology and I ignored him.

I’d had
more to drink than I’d thought. The
door seemed far away, but I made it, supporting myself on the backs of chairs
and the edges of tables when I felt most likely to go down for the count.

The bouncer gave
me a nod and stepped out of my way, and I headed down the street toward where
I’d parked the Jag, fishing for the keys and slurring one word over and over.

“Sloane. Sloane.

was when I had an idea.

A good one…

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