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“Me, too,” Blake winked as we boarded the plane. “Here’s to a quick three weeks. Then to the rest of our lives.”

“Agreed. And this will be for forever, Blake, I can just feel it,” I giggled, kissing his lips.

“I can feel it, too,” he muttered, cupping my face softly. Allie was already rolling her eyes at us, but at that point, I couldn’t find it in myself to care.

“I have a feeling this is going to be a long flight,” she sighed. “You better start getting focused, Violet.”

“I’ll make sure she does, Allie,” Blake interrupted before I could say anything. He had a point; in the madness of Paris Fashion Week, I knew he’d give me the calm I needed to retain my sanity.

I never knew love could have such an impact on my life in such a short amount of time, but in two weeks I had gained
. Was it fate at work? I liked to think it might have been. I couldn’t have asked for a better man to keep me grounded.

The two of us had connected both mentally and physically. I wasn’t sure how I knew that Blake would never let me down, I just did.

The supermodel and the mechanic—who would have ever thought a relationship like that would work? It did, though, and that was the important thing.

I had never been so thankful for a car breaking down before. Now I had my sexy mechanic with me, and I never had to let him go.

The fact that he would give up his life in Nebraska to be with me took my breath away, and I was true to my word.

I kept him forever and maybe even a little longer.



Coming Soon from B.L. Wilde:

The Seductors Series
Vol. I





it can get you anything.

I should know; it’s paid my way for the last five years, and I’m not talking about the average wage with the ordinary office job. That would never work for me.

I’m talking about the big bucks—the money that can buy you your dream car and that once-in-a-lifetime vacation you always wanted to take. For me, though, I could have those things every year.

I work for a secret organization called
The Seductors
that specializes in gaining certain objects or pieces of information for our clients. Of course, to seduce a target, you only need one thing:

My name is Jade. I’m a
and I can’t even explain to you how much I
my job.


Chapter One

“Jade, can you hear me?” I moved slightly, touching my hidden earpiece as I tried to drown out the noise of the room. “I can’t open the safe,” Zara stressed.

I turned my back to the crowd so no one would see me speak. “What do you mean? You doubled checked the code, right?” I hated new recruits. This job wasn’t something you could just start doing. It came from experience and using common sense. Zara still had a lot to learn.

“Yes. Oh, shit, Jade! Someone is coming!”

“Stay out of view. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” I turned again, making my way up the grand staircase.

“I’m sorry, Miss. That area is off limits to guests. The party is this way,” I heard one of security men call from behind me.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I acted flustered, turning around and dropping my purse. “I was looking for the restroom.” I made sure my left leg was visible through the slit in my red dress as he bent down to pick up my handbag. “I have a run in my stockings and I need to take them off.”

“Mmm, is that so?” he mused, still looking at my legs. “I can let you use the restrooms upstairs on one condition.” With a smirk on his face, he stood up and handed me my purse. “I’d have to escort you.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“It would be my pleasure,” he smoldered, showing me the way upstairs. “Are you here alone?”

“No, I’m here with a friend but I somehow managed to lose her.” I smiled shyly, following him as I tried to ignore Zara panicking in my earpiece.

“Jade, someone is right outside!” She needed to shut up before she was overheard and our mission was be blown.

“Are you and your friend members of the press?”

“No. Mr. Casey is an acquaintance of ours. ”

“Oh, I’ve heard he has
a lot
of those,” the guard chuckled, showing me the door to the restroom. “I’ll wait here to escort you back to the party.”  

This was Zara’s first mission; I was only here for backup in case she got into trouble. All new recruits had support on their first few missions. My first assignment had been a similar job to this. Stealing an object from a safe was probably the easiest task to have once you knew the location.

“Jade!” Zara hissed in my ear. “Where are you?”

“I’m in the restroom. Give me a second to stun the guard.” I opened the door, leaning seductively against the frame. “I was wondering if you’d give me a hand with my stockings,” I purred, watching the guy swallow hard as he eyed me from head to toe.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” he smoldered, pushing me inside. I had several amazing gadgets thanks to my line of work. A purse with a built in stun gun was one of many. I turned my purse to stun as he pinned me against the wall and began to kiss down my neck. “You are so sexy,” he groaned, moving his hands down my neck toward my breasts.

“And you’re an idiot,” I grinned before stunning him just below his ear. He fell to the ground like sack of potatoes and I had to laugh. Sometimes they made it too easy.

When I was sure the guard was out cold, I raced down the corridor. Zara and I would only have ten minutes at the most until he woke up.

“Zara, it’s clear,” I whispered, scanning the hallway.

“I’m sorry,” she whimpered, coming into sight. Her brown eyes looked defeated. “Maybe I’m not ready.”

“This is your first mission. I won’t let you fail, Zara. You can do this! Now, let’s get those photos and get the hell out of here!” I winked, grabbing her hand.  

Our client was being blackmailed with some racy pictures that had been taken a few years ago. We’d been assigned to get them—along with the negatives—back.

“My hands are shaking,” she muttered, running them through her dark brown hair.

“Just breathe. We’ll be out of here in a matter of minutes.”

“I never imagined it would be this intense. Training didn’t prepare me for this.”

“It comes with experience—trust me,” I whispered, making my way over to the safe. “Do you have the code memorized?”

“Yes. Two, four, six, nine, zero.” She frowned before adding, “Or was is zero, nine?”

“I’ll just use the decoder,” I sighed, rolling my eyes.
“We don’t have much time left. Watch the hallway while I do this.”  Within minutes, I had the photos and negatives in my hand.

“Jade, someone is coming!” Zara hissed, rushing over to me. “I think they’re on to us.”
Why did I accept this damn mission again? Molly had offered to do it, and now I wished I had let her.  

Zara was right, though; I could hear several bodies moving around just on the other side of the door. They must have found the guy in the restroom.

I looked out toward the balcony, knowing it was our only escape route now. I just hoped Zara wasn’t scared of heights.

“We’ll need to make a quick exit. How are your climbing skills?” I motioned toward the large window.

“I’ll race you,” Zara giggled, quickly grabbing a head start. Maybe she would fit into the Seductors, after all.


“How did it go with Zara?” Miss S.

Sonia to her close friends—asked when I returned to headquarters the next day.

“Really good. She’s fearless. She climbed down a building in four inch heels without even batting an eye,” I chuckled.

“She sounds like you when you first started,” Sonia snorted. “So you think she’s ready to go solo?”

“I’d have her do one more mission with a backup just to be safe. She froze a little at the beginning.”

“Okay, I’ll see who’s free. “

“I don’t mind watching her again.”

“You’ll be busy,” Sonia smirked.

“You didn’t summon me here just for feedback on Zara?” I’d been hoping Sonia had a new mission for me, and it looked like I was in luck. My latest solo mission was almost complete, and I liked to keep myself busy.

“I have a priority mission I want you to take, Jade. The rewards for this one are
,” she explained as she passed the paperwork over to me. “It’s going to take a few months of hard work to infiltrate the actual home of Mr. Kirkham. As you can see, he owns quite a few properties, but only one of the locations houses the main hard drive that our client needs. I’m sure you can use your talents as an advantage to find out which one, though.” I laughed, knowing exactly what Sonia meant. I was one of her top
, after all. In the last five years, I had made over fifty million dollars for the company. My looks helped…a lot. I was your typical perfect blonde with clear blue eyes and legs that went on forever. Men fell for my innocent act, but I was
angel in real life. It never took a target long to find that out, either. Especially if I chose to take them to bed to gain access to what I’d been assigned to steal. I didn’t always
to go the whole way, though—I was just

Sonia was the
top dog
at the Seductors, and she reported straight to the owner of the organization. I guess you could describe our headquarters in Florida a little like the playboy mansion, except we had guys here, too, and all of us were trained to defend ourselves if we needed to. Rule #6:
Seductors must make sure they are always able to protect themselves from any sudden danger. A monthly refresher is mandatory to renew certification.

I could only speculate that our founder must have once been a secret agent or in the FBI in the past, because the contacts this organization had could rival that of the Secret Service. I was still trying to work out if that person was a male or female, but either way, our founder was a genius.

As I sat in front of Sonia, I began to look closely over the paperwork. My new target was a Mr. Oliver Kirkham of Kirkham Industries. He wasn’t a bad looking guy according to the picture in his file: tall, dark and handsome—just the way I liked them. His income stats weren’t too bad, either. Half a billion dollars in net profits last year.
Damn, that was a lot of money.
He had no partner at the moment, although he had been linked to quite a few women over the last few years. Nothing appeared too serious, however, which was interesting.

It seemed I’d need to travel a bit to track this Mr. Kirkham down. London and New York seemed to be popular places for him.

“When do I leave?” I asked Sonia while I was still reading Mr. Kirkham’s file.

“He’s due in London next weekend to head up an industrial conference.”

sounds like fun,” I teased.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to liven up his visit, Jade,” Sonia winked. “Make sure you read that file carefully. We have a lot of money riding on this contract, so we can’t afford any mistakes.”

“Have I ever let you down?” I pointed out.

“Why do you think I’ve put
on this assignment? When do you think you’ll complete the job you’re on right now?”

“I’ll have the diamonds by tomorrow evening,” I smirked.

“That quickly?” Sonia looked impressed, but then I had only been on the job for two weeks.

“It’s an easy steal. I made first contact yesterday, and of course we hit it off. I’m meeting him at his house tomorrow,” I replied.

“You’re ruthless, Jade,” Sonia grinned before dismissing me.

As I continued to study my new file, it became clear that Mr. Kirkham was big in the weapons industry. Our client wanted the blueprints for a new machine—the S1030—that was being designed by his company. No wonder this was such a big payout for us.

I had no conscience when it came to stealing, nor did I know who wanted these blueprints. Clients had the choice of remaining anonymous to the chosen Seductor—as was the case with this job—but I never thought about the outcome anyway. This was business. It was all about the money, and this deal was worth five million dollars. It was the biggest mission I’d ever been assigned to, and I
succeed. There was no doubt in my mind.

It would be really nice to work on just one case for a few months without having to worry about other assignments; sometimes I felt like a prostitute when I was tasked with seducing more than one target at the same time. This
was becoming more pleasing to the eye each time I gazed at him.

Oh, this could even be fun!

“Hey, Sweet Pea. How did it go with Zara?” Molly beamed while I was lying on my bed. She was one of my roomies here at headquarters and a perfect petite brunette. Georgie—my other roommate—Molly and I were often referred to as the three musketeers because, when we weren’t on a mission, we were always together.

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