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Chapter 7


The Seduction




Smoothly, Nathan circles around the kitchen bench until he is close behind me.  I don’t turn to face him but I can feel the whisper of his breath on my neck.   

My heart is pounding.

I am breathless as he hovers so close to me.

“You are so beautiful,” he states, running his fingers down my side. 

He pulls my hair aside and softly kisses my neck, sending shivers dancing through me. 

I am frozen.

His large, strong hands come around the front of my body and begin to unbutton my shirt.  I can’t move.  I am too nervous. 

I let him unbutton my shirt completely and drift it off my shoulders.  His fingers run up and down the curves of my hips and back up until they reach my bra.  Before I realize, my bra drops to the floor, leaving my perky breasts exposed to a man I have only just met.

From over my shoulder, he kisses my neck and cups my breasts with his hands.

“You are so gorgeous,” he whispers gently in my ear.

As he presses into me, I can feel the bulge in his trousers. 

“I want to show you something,” he whispers into my ear.

“What is it?”

“I want to show you how bad I can be.”

The softness of his tone sends shivers through my body.

He pulls the hair back from my shoulder and kisses my neck gently, “And I’m going to be very bad.”

I want to melt.

Desire comes over me.

He continues to kiss my neck gently and then moves his lips to my shoulder, driving me crazy with his tenderness.

And wow, he smells so good.

His hands push down on my skirt, smoothly pushing it to the floor.  As he runs his hands over my behind, I realize that he has taken everything down and I am now completely naked.

His hands smooth over my naked perky butt, gently caressing the curves.

Oh yes…

I am so wet already.

I stand naked and exposed, waiting for him to take me.

He gently kisses my body and it sends me into overdrive.   

Please, take me.  Take me now.

His hands leave my body and I can hear the movement of his suit being taken off.  I don’t turn around but I listen to the sound of his belt coming off and his trousers falling to the floor.  I slightly look over my right shoulder to see his eyes focused on my perky bottom. 

He moans deeply as his hands return to my body, gripping the cheeks of my behind tightly.

“This..,” he states, “This is beautiful.  You are a work of art.”

Finally, I gain the courage to turn around. 

I see what I have viewed in the magazines many times before.

The most perfect, toned, and strong body I could ever want.

His chest is packed with muscle, and his stomach is flat and defined. 

His tender lips land on mine and we embrace in a passionate kiss filled with desire.  My hands dance all over his glorious body, and his hands do the same to mine. 

The more I kiss this man, the more I want to kiss him.  The more he kisses me, the more primal I become. 

Desire is filling the room.

I need him.

Our naked bodies embrace, and I am sent into a spin.  My mind is lost in this moment. 

Everything is bursting with desire.

I need this body.

I can’t contain it anymore.

Oh yes…

My hands find their way to his member, and I grab it with passion.  It is already large and powerful.

I throw my head back, rubbing his cock with my hand as he kisses my exposed skin.

Oh yes!

In a daze of desire, I drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth.

It is hard and strong.


So hard.

My mouth runs over his cock, up and down his long shaft.

“Yes!” he yells as he runs his fingers through my hair.

My left hand rubs his member with passion, while I run my tongue over the head of his hardness.  Yes… 

The more I rub, the louder he moans.  I take all of him in my mouth and he lets out a deep moan of desire.

“Yes!” he shouts.

With passion, he picks me up and carries my body to the nearby couch, gently resting me down.  He moves along my body and his head moves towards my wetness. 

Nathan’s tongue touches my wetness and I instantly let out a yelp of pleasure. 

He kisses my pussy and licks my clit with softness.

“Fuck!!!” my head throws back in uncontrollable pleasure.

He continues to play with my pussy.



I am so wet and I need his cock inside me. 

“Fuck me,” I demand, “I need you inside me.”

Nathan stands at the edge of the couch, and leads his hard member towards my pussy.

When he forces his hard cock deep in my pussy, he holds it there.


My mind is lost.

His eyes look down to mine and I connect with him.  His eyes are deep and the connection takes my breath away.

His hands smooth over my curves, and a smile gently comes across his face.  He is ready.  I am ready. 

He begins to thrust.


As he thrusts his hard cock into me, I have my breath taken away again.  Yes!  I grip tightly onto his strong arms, holding on as he pumps me.

He is amazing. 

He thrusts harder, pounding his member into me.

He rams me and I try to grip the edge of the couch.  His member is reaching me in places that send my mind to another world.  I feel like I need something to hold onto. 


Pressing my hands against his manly chest, it is everything I ever imagined.  It is so toned and hot.  So strong.

He rams me with intensity.


But then he stops.

He smiles at me and turns my body over.  I wait with my face down on the couch, my pussy exposed to his will.  I listen to Nathan walk to the kitchen and return.

I bend forward, exposing my wet pussy to his will.

But instead of entering me…


His belt comes down with force on my behind. 

In my moments of pleasure, this feels amazing.  Every piece of my body tingles with the sensation. 



His hardness touches my pussy, and he easily slides back in.  His strong hands grip the small of my back, pulling my bottom back onto his cock.  He gently rubs his hands over the area that he has spanked on my behind.

Oh yes, that feels amazing. 

His tender touch sends shivers through me.

He rams his cock back into my wetness and I start to come.  The feeling of heat flushes over every part of my body.  My wetness becomes more.




He slams his cock into me, driving me into the cushioned couch.  He increases his speed, slamming me from behind.

I am lost.

A moan escapes my lips, and Nathan pulls tightly at my hair.  The primal aggression is overflowing.  Yes! 

My head is flying. 


I am not sure how much more I can take.

Spank!  His belt comes down again.  His cock keeps punishing me.

“Yes!” I scream, “Nathan! Yes!”

Every piece of my body glows as he continues to punish me with his manhood.


It flushes over me, sending me to another place.  I have no control over my body. 

I have no control over this moment.

Nathan growls with aggression, dominating me with his voice and his power. 

His dominance sends me on another orgasm. 

I can’t contain it. 

It rushes over every part of my body. 

Fuck yes.

I am dizzy with orgasm.

Nathan withdraws his cock from my pussy, and lies back onto the couch.  Climbing on top of his great body, I am shaking from the orgasm I have just had.

When I am over him, I hold his hard cock in my left hand and place my pussy lips at the top of his member.  Holding still, I let my pussy juice flow over his strong piece. 

As I hesitate, he almost explodes.

He wants it.

I swallow his hard piece inside me in one go and it forces us to stop in lust.  When I begin to move my hips I feel him so deep inside me.  I feel every part of his perfectly shaped member inside my pussy.

I am so dripping wet and I am so full of lust.

Nathan’s hands run all over my feminine body, gently praising it with his touch.

I press my hands firmly into his chest, leaning forward, and run my pussy up and down on his member.  Oh, that feels so good. 

The quicker I move my hips, the better it feels.


I squeal again.

I can’t contain it.

I bounce quicker and watch Nathan’s head throw backwards.  He moans deeply and his hands grip at the couch.  But he can’t control himself.

He grips my body and throws me aside, forcing me over on the couch.  He pushes me into the doggy style position, facing away from him.

Gently, he comes up behind me, sliding back into my wetness. 

First, he moves with tenderness.  

Oh yes… 

He becomes quicker.

And harder.


He thrusts deep. 



He is so strong.  So deep.

His thrusting becomes harder.  Oh yes.

There is no doubt that he is in control.

He owns me with aggression and authority.  I love it.

My head throws back and I let the moan escape from my lips.  Oh…

His grip on me is far too strong, too tight, and he is much too powerful to resist. 

Nathan continues the strong thrusting, slamming himself into me with a consistent pattern.  It sends my mind to another place.

Oh yes… this is my moment.

It hits me. 

My eyes almost pop out of my head as the rush comes over my body. 

That’s the spot.


the spot.

His member pushes into the perfect spot in my pussy, touching where I have never been touched before. 

I have lost control.

I have never experienced anything like this. 

I belong to Nathan.

He controls every piece of my body.

A hot flush runs over every part of my skin and my head throws back in desire.  I have no control over the deep moans that escape my lips.  This is incredible.


Slam me, Nathan. 


Every inch of my skin glows with warmth and I scream with the passion that is charging out of me.

This is… wow. 


He owns my body and I have submitted to his power.

The authority of lust surges through his whole body.

My heart rate begins to increase and my body begins to burn.  Oh yes.  My uncontrollable moans grow louder.  Yes.

Pound me. 

Nathan moves behind me, sliding his hard cock into my wetness.  Oh, that feels good.




He slams his hardness, driving into me.  He increases his speed, slamming into me with all his power.

I never knew sex could be this miraculous…

I become lost in his rhythm.

His hands grip the flesh of my behind tightly, pulling at it as his hips force my body forward.  I try to push against the couch but Nathan is too strong. 

And then… wow… I thought it couldn’t get any better but wave after wave flushes over me, sending me further away from reality.

Nathan moans with deep passion, and he continues to punish me.

His dominance drives me to another orgasm. 

I can’t contain it. 


I am lost.


And I am not sure how much more I can take.

“Yes!” I scream, “Nathan! Yes!”


Orgasm crashes over me again.

All my muscles tense, and then relax. 

Nathan surges deep into me and I feel his come on my insides.

BOOK: Romance: The Billionaire's Desire
3.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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