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He fucks me hard again but I am so lost in the moment that I can’t comprehend what is happening.

My head is dizzy and my thoughts are lost.

It rushes over me again.

My entire body melts with passion.


The harder he slams my pussy, the deeper my moans become.


He rams himself into me one more time. 

Nathan comes deep within me and holds his cock there.


I fall to the rug as he lets go of my body and Nathan falls next to me.

The touch of his naked body against mine keeps my mind buzzing.






After dozing off to the sweet sounds of his panting chest, I wake to find Nathan already dressed and sitting at his desk in the library.

“What time is it?” I question, still waking up.

“Does it matter?” he asks.

I smile, “Unlike some, I still have to go to work everyday to earn enough money to survive.”

I find my clothes, which were thrown to the floor during the passionate embrace, and quickly get dressed.

Nathan stares at me while I dress.  It is clear he appreciates what he sees. 

“I would like to take you out to dinner tonight,” Nathan states as I finish dressing myself.

“No thanks,” I reply.


I nod to him, “Thank you for the offer but… no.”

“Why not?” he questions calmly.



I’m not ready to settle down with a man like Nathan.  My life is too frantic and too confused to date a man as perfect as him, but I am not going to tell him that.  Instead, I will leave the opportunity open for a future encounter.

I cheekily wink at Nathan, and walk to the door of his library.

Stopping at the door before I leave, I turn to face him, “I enjoyed today, Nathan.  And I enjoyed the last time too.” 

“So did I Sarah.  You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met,” he replies.

“I hope I see you again.”

“I’m sure our paths will cross another time…”





The End






Authors Note:


Thank you!


Thank you for reading ‘Romance: The Billionaire’s Desire’.  I hope you were entertained.

I value your input, your thoughts and your opinions.  If you loved this story, please leave a review and tell me!

This story was written because I love strong female lead characters.  Detective Sarah Morrison is what I aspire to be – strong, determined and sexy. 

I would love to write about Detective Sarah Morrison again in the future…

I hope you enjoyed reading this as I certainly enjoyed writing it!


Thank you!

Kelli Sloan







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BOOK: Romance: The Billionaire's Desire
2.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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