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Chapter 14


Saying Thank You




One week later







I am waiting in the library of Nathan’s mansion, studying the small Vin Gang paintings hanging on the wall.  I have never really understood art but I am impressed by the detail that has gone into the paintings. 

I suppose collecting art is a good hobby to have if you’ve got the money.

“Hello,” Nathan states in his seductive voice as he enters the library, “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“These paintings are worth a lot of money?” I question him, staring at one of the smallest pictures.

“Yes, they are.  They are wonderful paintings with a lot of history behind them.  I almost have the full collection of that Vin Gang set of paintings.”

“Expect for the one Mrs. Jackson owns?”

“That one and one other.”

“Where is the other painting?  Do you know who owns it?”

“A prince in Europe owns the other painting.  He also won’t sell it.”

“Hmmm… I would like more bang for my buck.  If I was to spend two million dollars on a painting, I would like something bigger, something more impressive.”

“It’s not the size that counts,” Nathan smiles.

“It certainly helps though,” I smile back.

“How are you?” he asks, as this is the first time we have talked since our incident with Robert. 

“I’m well.  My head was a little sore for a few days, but I’m well.”

“And your partner?”

“He’s ok.  He spent a three days in hospital and he’s got a few stiches in his head but he’ll be back at work within a couple more days.  How are you?”

“I’m fine.  Maybe my ego was a little bruised.”

“Robert was a psycho, there is no dishonor in being thrown aside by him.”

“Maybe,” Nathan sighs, “But what are you doing here?  Do I have to answer more questions about the robbery?”

“No more questions.  I just came past to say thank you.”

He laughs, “I should be thanking you.  You are the one that saved my life.”

“But if you didn’t appear out of the shadows, the situation could have been a lot worse,” I shrug my shoulders.

“At least Robert will go away for a while.”

“Robert did mention something interesting,” I pause.

“What was that?”

“He said that you asked him to steal the painting a year ago?”

Nathan looks away, “I told you Sarah, I am not a nice man.”

“Did you ask him to steal the painting?” I press for an answer.

“It’s best if we do not discuss that Sarah.  If you go down that line of questioning, there is likely to be a lot of information that you may find… unlawful.”

“How will you get the painting now?”

“I’ll continue to ask to buy it.  There is too much commotion around the painting to try and acquire it any other way.”

“Are any of these other paintings stolen?”

He looks around the room, studying each painting, “You’re a good girl, Sarah.  You’re a cop.  You shouldn’t ask questions where you don’t want to know the answer.”

I look deep into his eyes.

He is so seductive.

So sexy.

“Is there anything else I can help you with today, Sarah?”

“I only wanted say thank you,” I keep the conversation light.

Nathan nods and we stand in silence for a few moments.  He makes no further attempt at conversation.

“Ok,” I nod, “Thank you.”

I start to walk out of the room, leaving behind a sexy billionaire.

“Wait,” Nathan says, as I am about to exit out the door.


“I should be thanking you,” Nathan smiles.

Nathan walks towards me and my heart starts beating harder. 

My breathing quickens and my body temperature rises. 

“Thank you,” he whispers as he comes right up to me.

His large hands hold my face gently and he leans down to kiss me.


His kiss is tender and laced with desire.

He gently pulls away from the kiss, staring into my eyes.

“Now it is my turn to thank you,” I smile cheekily as I rest my hand on his groin.

He is clearly happy with that.

Nathan leans down and kisses my lips gently again.  As we kiss, the bulge in his trousers swells.


The lust in the room is overpowering.

Despite being lost in the passionate kiss, I notice his hands slowly creep down my body, until it stops on my bottom. 

His strong hands run over the flesh of my behind with a smooth and tender touch.  As I press into him, I can feel the bulge in his trousers against me.

The tender kisses send me into overdrive.  One of his hands reaches up and caresses the side of my face.


His sensual touch is astonishing. 

I am his. 

He owns me.

I am lost in his erotic touch, lost in the way he holds me. 

Quickly, the tenderness makes way for passion.

Our movements become driven by lust and Nathan begins to undress me, throwing my shirt off my shoulders.  His hands run over my exposed skin, adoring my curves.  I love the way his hands hold my body. 

Our embrace is full of sexual craving and we cannot control it.  Nathan continues to kiss me while he rips the shirt off his shoulders. 

Oh yes…

His body takes my breath away.  It is the most striking physique I have ever seen.

His ripping chest contrasts his flat and toned stomach.  Uncontrollably, my hands rub all over his muscles. 

Nathan leans my body backwards and I rest comfortably in his strong arms.  He kisses my exposed skin while unclipping my bra and dropping it to the floor.  My head is spinning as his kisses tenderly fondle my breasts. 


I have an irresistible need for his body and it is overwhelming my thoughts. 

I need it. 

I need Nathan.

I need all of him.

His kisses are full of desire and his hands explore every part of my perky body.  He holds my breasts in his large hands, massaging them in lust.

But our moment of lust in his library is stopped.

Nathan moves back from me, but his eyes don’t leave my body.

“You have too many clothes on,” he states.

I smile and run my hands down the top of my skirt, “Should I take this off?”

“Oh yes, you should.  You should take it all off.”

I wiggle my hips as I push my skirt, stockings and underwear to the floor.

I stand before the billionaire completely naked and exposed.

Nathan stares at my nakedness.

I love the way he adores my body.

I feel sexy.

I feel like a woman.

Nathan drops his trousers to the floor, exposing all of his manhood.


His toned naked body is marvelous.

He moves to the large armchair in the library and indicates for me to come on top of him.  I do as I’m told and as I climb over him, I grab his large, hard cock in my hand. Placing my pussy lips at the top of his member, I let my wetness run over the tip of his cock. 

This feels so right. 

As I hesitate, he almost explodes in anticipation.

Swallowing his hard piece inside me in one go, he groans with pleasure. 

“Sarah!  Fuck yes!”

He is deep inside me. 

I hold still for a moment and take it all in.

Placing my hands on his stunning body, I begin to move my hips.  I can feel every part of his perfectly shaped member inside my pussy.

Nathan moans with deep desire as I start to bounce on his member.

Moving my hips back and forth, his long member rubs my insides.  Yes…  That is the spot. 

I move my hips faster.

“Yes Sarah,” he grunts.

Nathan starts to move his hips up into me and I lean forward as he does.  His hard cock slams into my pussy.  Yes…

Not able to control himself, he picks me up and leans me over the armchair, guiding me into doggy style.  Quickly, his member drives into me, sliding deep into my wet pussy.

He suddenly rams me with intensity, ramming himself deep.  Aggressively, he pumps me with the force of desire.


Nathan grabs a fist full of my hair and pulls my head back.

With his other hand, he forces my behind into the right position.

“Harder!” I scream to him.

He slams into me, pulling my hair tight.



He slams.


He slams again and again.  I love it.


Gritting my teeth, I feel him pump me.  Yes!  I grip at the armchair as he thrusts himself into my wet pussy. 

My whole body starts to shake with orgasm and hotness engulfs me.  Oh, this is incredible…

My entire world is glowing.

The world around me is spinning.  I love it.


Fuck yes!

Then he slows, puffing loudly.  He gently runs his hands over my naked curves and then leads me across to the large, soft rug in the middle of the room.  His strong arms guide me to lie down on the rug, and I look up to his beautiful face. 

Again, he stares at me.  This time, he is not staring at the shape of my body but into my eyes. 

I am lost in his eyes. 

I am in a dream-like state as I stare into them.

His member touches my wet pussy again and I come back to reality. 

As he slides his hard cock into my wetness, I grip at his solid arms.

He drives his way in, entering deep inside me.

Oh yes.

I can feel his member deep and full, pulsating inside.  

I close my eyes as Nathan holds his member stationary inside me.  I sense every piece of him, touching me in places that I haven’t been touched before. 

Nathan slowly withdraws and smoothly enters me again. 


My hands run over his firm chest muscles, smoothing over the strength.  I am stunned by this chest – it is perfect in every way. 

Again he slowly withdraws and enters me.


He can be so aggressive and so tender.  This man is perfect…

As he lies over the top of me in the missionary position, I rub my hands over his body.  His body is rock hard but my hands smooth easily over his tanned skin. 

With tenderness, he slowly withdraws and enters me.


“Harder,” I whisper into his ear.

“Not yet,” he smiles.

With warmth, he gently moves in and out of me.

“Please,” I whisper again.

Again, he is slow with his hip movements.

“Harder,” I plead.

I need it.

I need it hard and fast.

He begins to move his body quicker.




Nathan slams me with aggression and passion.  I love it.  It feels incredible to be dominated by this powerful man.

His hard cock is touching so deep within my body.

The primal passion takes control of me.  I can’t control any part of my body.  I come again and my juice flows over Nathan.

And he keeps slamming me.

The louder I moan, the harder he slams.

I cannot control anything.

As he holds me tightly, I vocalize my orgasm loudly.

The deep moans of orgasm escapes my lips.


With passion, Nathan pumps into me.  My head throws back and I orgasm again.  The rush pours over me like a hot shower.

Every part of my body floats with the orgasm.


Nathan continues thrusting with strength, slamming himself into me with a consistent pattern.  My head is spinning.

Every piece of my skin burns with heat and my screams are full of the desire that is storming through me.


Nathan slows and I come back to reality.  I look up to him and see a smile stretched across his face. 

My chest is panting as he adores my body with his eyes. 

“You have such an wonderful body,” he whispers.

I can’t respond to him.  I am too high from the orgasm.

He runs his hand under my body and turns me over on the rug.  Resting on my hands and knees, I hold my wet pussy out for him.

Instead of sliding straight in, he moves his hands all over my back and down to my behind, where he grips my flesh tightly.  Slowly, he pushes his large member in.

BOOK: Romance: The Billionaire's Desire
2.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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