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Slowly, Tara nodded. As much as she wanted to say no, to scream it at the top of her lungs, she couldn’t. Kat needed it too badly. Kat needed to heal more than just her shoulder. She needed to heal some emotional wounds Tara hadn’t even realized her friend was carrying. She couldn’t hold her back from it. Besides, if anyone could track down the person sending the photos, Kat was it. The girl was tenacious, with no understanding of the concept of giving up.

“Thank you,” Tara whispered. “I’ll feel better, knowing you’re looking into it.” And she’d be worried as hell about Kat.

Kat bounced up, tugging Tara to her feet. “I’ll book a flight out tonight. I’ll leave you to deal with Charlie. Keep him distracted, please. I don’t want him interfering in this.”

“Distracted? You’re expecting miracles?”

“Please.” Kat shrugged off Tara’s questions. “Just shake your ass at him. Have sex. Trust me, one look from you and he’ll forget I exist.”

Tara thought of last night, the feel of Charlie’s hands on her, the heat of his kiss. “Nothing could make him forget you exist.”

“Maybe not,” Kat agreed as they walked up the stairs to Kat’s room. “But do your best. Keep him busy. In fact, it might be a good idea to keep one of them in your bed until we figure this out. For safety reasons.”

Tara laughed. “Safety reasons, my ass.”

“Whatever you need to hear to make it okay for you,” Kat said unrepentantly.

“I’m thinking about it.”

Kat turned to her, eyebrows almost disappearing into her hairline. “Seriously?”

Tara thought for a minute, remembering early this morning—the kisses, the touches, the promise of so much more. It had taken all of her willpower to push away. She’d been almost to the door when Dasan called her name. She’d turned just in time to watch Charlie head toward her with a stack of movies in his hands.

“Isn’t this what you came here for?” The question was laced with lust and challenge. All she had to do was shake her head and reach for him. Then they’d all finish what had been started in that chair. But she nodded instead and reached for the movies before fleeing. She’d wondered all night what would have happened if she’d stayed.

She’d finally fallen asleep after the third movie with Kat and dreamed of Charlie, Dasan, and Sam. It had been vivid, carnal. She’d been so hot and wet when she woke up, even the detachable showerhead hadn’t given her relief.

She took a deep breath and nodded. “Seriously. I think… No, I know I want to experience it, them, at least once in my life.”

Kat laughed. “I can’t believe it! I’m so excited for you. First, River. Now you.”

“Whoa, don’t get carried away,” Tara interjected. “It’s not the same. River’s in a long-term relationship, or at least, that’s her plan. I’m just opening myself up to experiencing something new.”

“Semantics,” Kat said dismissively. “Who knows? Maybe I’ll be next. Three smoking hot guys all for me. At my beck and call. Obedient to my every order. I like the sound of that.”

Tara laughed. If there was anything Kat didn’t need, it was an obedient man. She needed one to keep her on her toes, to keep her engaged and coming back for more. Tara wished that for her, times three.

“Book your flight,” Tara ordered. “I’ll get your bag packed. You’ll just make a mess of it anyways.”

Kat nodded and reached for the phone. “We’ll have this figured out in a few days. You’ll see. Everything will be fine.”

“I want you to call me as soon as you land. I mean it, Kat. No distractions. I want you to promise to call me every day. Call and keep me posted.”

“I will.”

“Don’t just say it, mean it.”

“I do! I will!” Kat vowed. “And you let me know if you get any more pictures. Forward them to my phone.”

Tara nodded. “I will.” She looked away, busying herself with packing for Kat. Who knew what rest and relaxation could mean? It looked as if she’d be thoroughly engaged for the next little while. Maybe longer? No, she couldn’t let her thoughts circle in that direction. If she decided to indulge in a little fling with Charlie, Sam, and Dasan. Well, that’s what it would be. A fling. Nothing more.

“Give me a ride to the airport?” Kat asked.

“Absolutely. When’s your flight?”

“I should have just enough time to get there.”

“Kat! You’re not even going to let your brother know?”

“Hell, no.” Kat shook her head. “I’m leaving that to you.”

“I thought we were friends.”

“We are, which is why I trust you to take care of it.”

“I swear, Kat.”

“It should be a piece of cake for you. If he starts yelling, just take your shirt off.”

“You want me to do a strip tease for him?”

“Hell, yeah. By the time you all come up for air, I’ll be long gone. No time for him to tell me I need to stay here until my arm is healed. Besides, my arm

“Let’s get going then. I’ll need to stop on the way back and get some really cute panty sets.”

“Now you’re talking!” Kat enthused. “Go with green. It’s always looked amazing on you.”

“Why, Kat, I never knew you noticed.”

Kat laughed. “Whatever. Let’s hit the road before they head in.”

“Grab the keys to one of the trucks for me,” Tara said. “I’ll grab my purse and meet you out there.” She grabbed Kat’s suitcase and headed to the door.

Her mind was filled with so many things. River. Kat. Would any of them ever be the same post Raymond Marino? Somehow, she doubted it. Charlie, Dasan, and Sam. Could she really have sex with all three of them? The desire was there, but was she willing to act on it?

And what was the agenda behind the pictures being sent to her? Was it just head games? Or with the last picture was it becoming a more blatant threat? Did someone want her dead?

Depending on what Kat found out, it might be time to call the police. It’s what she would tell anyone else to do. But actually doing it? That would be like admitting she was incapable of taking care of herself. She couldn’t do it. It was one of many things she had in common with her best friends. None of them seemed to know how or when to ask for help.

She heard the truck horn beep and shook off her thoughts. It was time to get Kat on a plane. She’d figure out everything else later.

The horn beeped again. Kat never had been very patient.

Tara hit the stairs at a jog. One way or another, everything would change when she walked back in the front door later. Alone.

Chapter Three



Charlie paced the floor. His eyes flicked over to the Grandfather clock. Where were they? Neither had really left the house since they’d arrived. Kat was probably just going stir crazy and had convinced Tara into a night out. But, neither of them was answering her phone.

“I’m sure they’re fine,” Dasan said for the hundredth time. But Charlie could tell his best friend was just as worried. Dasan might appear at ease, but Charlie had known him too long. It would be more accurate to see Dasan as a coiled snake, preparing to strike when and if needed.

“Truck pulling in,” Sam said as he entered the den. “Looks like Kat and Tara are back.”

“Guess we’ll find out why neither of them could find the time to answer the damn phone.”

“You worry too much, Charlie,” Dasan said, making Charlie snort.

The door opened and shut, and they all stared at the doorway.

“Charlie? Dasan? Sam?” Tara’s voice filled the corridor and echoed around them.

Charlie felt it wrap around the base of his dick like a fist. He wanted to feel her there, any part of her.

“In here,” Sam called.

She filled the doorway, and Charlie swore the light moved to caress her like a lover’s hands, emphasizing all that was perfection about her. Her shoulder length auburn hair was gorgeous. He wanted to run his fingers through it, wanted to feel it against his skin. Her eyes were such a vivid, dark green. They made him think of grass in the summer, of the leaves on the trees. And her skin still held the sun’s glow, though it had gone to rest hours ago. She was a beauty, and he’d wanted her since the first time he met her.

“What?” She glanced down at her body, her hands running along the curves and touching what he craved. “Have I spilled something on me?”

He’d like to spill something on her, in her.

“You look gorgeous as ever,” Sam answered. Charlie was grateful. She muddled his mind, left him feeling like a hormonal teenaged Lothario.

“Where have you been?” Her startled eyes flew to him, and he realized his voice had been gruffer than he intended.

She smiled. “I went shopping.” She held up a few bags he hadn’t even noticed before and jiggled them. One bright pink bag caught his eye and had his dick twitching for release.

“Where’s Kat?”

Tara glanced down then away, setting alarm bells ringing in Charlie’s head.

“She had some stuff to take care of.”

“Where did she go?” Dasan asked, coming to his feet.

Tara looked uneasy as if she were having some internal debate the rest weren’t included in. Then, finally, with a deep sigh, she stood tall, straightening her shoulders as if preparing to do battle.

“I left her at the airport. Her shoulder is doing much better. She wanted to head back, close shop. Clean things up a bit.”

She wasn’t telling him everything. He could tell she was holding something back.

“And you decided to stay?” Dasan’s voice was filled with more than the question. It reflected the hunger they all felt for Tara.

“I…” He watched Tara swallow. She looked shy, a bit unsure. “I wasn’t ready to leave just yet.” He watched her gaze flit between them. Was she admitting what he hoped? Was she just as hungry for their touch as they were for hers?

“Any particular reason?” Charlie found his tongue to inquire.

Her eyes met his and held. He barely contained a groan as he watched her tongue flick out to wet her bottom lip.


Dasan moved closer to her, circling behind her.

“You what?” he whispered for them all.

“Did we fill your dreams last night?” Sam moved to stand by her side. “Did you dream of the things we could make you feel?”

Charlie watched her inhale, saw the catch in her breath. His eyes were drawn to her breasts, the way they moved beneath the dress she wore. Her hand fell to her stomach. He could see she was nervous. Even better, he could see her interest, her hunger.

“Tara?” Her name was a question on his lips, a need to hear an invitation. It was no secret they all wanted her. Perhaps last night had awakened a similar hunger in her.

“All of you?” The question left her lips with an exhale of air and lingered around them.

“I thought that was understood,” Sam answered, and Charlie assumed he was referring to last night.

“I…I just wanted to be sure. And to…” She stopped.

“To ask why?” Leave it to Dasan to voice the question for her.

She nodded her head.

Charlie shrugged. “It’s hard to explain with words.”

“It’s something you need to experience,” Sam whispered.

Tara shivered. “I mean for you. I know the pleasure I get will be threefold. But how is it pleasing for you? I get the three of you. You only get one of me.”

Charlie watched Dasan run his fingers over her shoulder.

“One of you is all we need,” Dasan told her.

“Watching your face, feeling the shivers of pleasure coursing through you as we bring you to orgasm again and again,” Charlie told her as he moved closer. “It’s the ultimate in pleasure. Hearing you moan, seeing the blush of passion on your skin. Those are the things that fire a man’s blood.”

“Your pleasure is ours,” Dasan continued for Charlie.

She nodded her head. “I understand the…desire to experience it. But why continue? Why make it more than a one-time thing?”

“Why don’t you ask us that after you’ve had your first taste?” Charlie invited. He stood in front of her. He lifted his hand and brushed his fingers through her hair. Soft, so soft. She turned her face toward his touch, cuddling into his palm.

“Touch me,” she moaned, stepping into him. “Show me.”

It was all the invitation he needed. He used his palm to tip her face up for his kiss. Lips meshed, teeth bumping before their mouths parted and tongues met. It was a foray, an exploration. He planned to discover then conquer every inch. Last night had been nothing compared to what he wanted.

He pulled free and moved back, letting Dasan pull her to him. He watched, his lust growing as he viewed his closest friends touching her, tasting her as he had. She moved from Dasan to Sam.

Why did he do it? What made them continue? It was hard to explain, even to himself. But having participated in a ménage once, it was hard to go back to the vanilla aspect of sex. They all had, but they all came back to this.

He couldn’t speak for Dasan or Sam and wouldn’t try. But for him… Well, sharing a woman with his best friends was the ultimate experience. They knew each other as if they were brothers. Likes, dislikes. They’d discussed conquests in their youth, love as they grew older and wiser. Then a dare had them sharing more than any of them had ever desired. A woman.

She’d instructed them every step of the way, and they’d discovered things they never imagined. Why do it? Why not? Once the forbidden was tasted, it was hard to go back to anything less. If Tara was willing to accept this part of them, would she be open to more? Would she allow him to tie her to the bed, to blindfold her as they took turns pleasuring her? Would she allow them to claim her ass, to pump their seed into her tight rear entrance? Would she allow the blush from his hand to cover her ass as he spanked her? Where would her boundaries lay? And would she allow the men to push her past them?

Her moan brought him back to the present. She was trapped between Dasan and Sam. Her dress had been lifted, revealing a tiny swatch of black that clung to her hips and ass. Dasan was rubbing against her cunt while Sam pressed to her back. Sam’s hands were around her, cupping her breasts while Dasan kissed her.

Charlie reached for his shirt, untucking it and making quick work of the buttons. He shed it at his feet and reached for his belt. His cock was rock hard, an ache of need behind his zipper. He rubbed his hand over the tightness of his zipper, then flicked the top button free. She glanced his way as he lowered the zip, spreading the material to allow room for his swollen cock.

BOOK: Roped for Pleasure
9.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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