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She pulled from Dasan and Sam, moved to him. Her fingers were soft as she cupped his dick, squeezed it softly. Then she slipped those digits under the band of his boxer briefs, and he finally felt her touch where he longed to. His cock flexed and jumped as she slid along his shaft. He filled her hand, and it made him a little smug when she couldn’t wrap around his girth. He’d fill her channel and make her scream with pleasure.

She surprised him when she dropped to her knees. She jerked his clothes down, and his cock popped free, bobbing in the air. He groaned as her thumb rubbed a drop of pre-cum over the head. She held his gaze as she leaned forward and brushed her lips over his dick. One hand came out to cup her head, urging her gently closer to where they both wanted her.

Her tongue flicked out and over him, painting the swollen head with saliva. She moaned against him and slid closer, nuzzling her face against his shaft and rubbing. Those soft fingers found his taut sac and played with it.

“Tara,” he groaned her name, in reverence and desperation. “Suck me.” He was begging and didn’t care.

He saw Dasan and Sam out of the corner of his eye. They were stripping. Soon, she’d have more cock to handle, more cock eager to feel the softness of her lips. She parted those lips, ran her tongue over him, then sucked him inside. It was heaven. Not as tight as her pussy or ass would be, but wet, warm. Her tongue tapped at the notch under his cockhead, making a shiver course down his spine.

His hips jerked forward, and his cock filled her mouth, going deeper and gagging her. The feel of her throat tightening was incredible, but he forced himself to pull back. He didn’t want to hurt her. “Sorry,” he mumbled.

She let him slip free, then bathed him with her tongue. He groaned, his fingers wanting to clench in her hair, to force her to take him again, to ride her mouth as he wanted to fuck her cunt. But she was in control, not him. Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more, she opened wide and sucked him deep again. She took him to the back of her throat, swallowing around him. She controlled her gag reflex and had him panting.

“Tara,” he moaned her name. He had wanted to take her on a bed. He wanted her comfortable, with pillows around them. But he doubted they’d make it out of this room.

Dasan came to stand beside him, and Charlie watched her hand wrap around his friend and jack up and down. He knew what Dasan was feeling and understood the groan of pleasure.

“Give me some of that,” Dasan begged, and with a wicked grin, Tara popped off Charlie’s cock and turned to suckle Dasan.

Charlie stepped back, allowing Sam to take his place. He needed to strip from his clothes. Then they needed to strip hers. He licked his lips as he removed his boots and socks, thinking about the fullness of her breasts. He wanted to taste her nipples, to lick over the curve of her belly and dip into the heart of her heat, to feast on her pussy.

Groans and moans were filling the room as she moved between Dasan and Sam, taking turns sucking their cocks as she had his. Sam had her hair lifted atop her head, the auburn strands spilling between his fingers. The line of her neck was revealed, a golden column he couldn’t resist.

He moved behind her, planting kisses along the top of her spine as she continued to pleasure his friends. He found the zipper of her dress and slowly eased it down. The material drooped open, allowing him to spread his hands open on her skin. He would never get enough of her softness. He pushed the material wide, easing it down her shoulders, forcing her to free her hands as he slipped it off.

It pooled around her knees, leaving her in nothing, but black lace and heels. He nipped her shoulder with his teeth and slid his hands around to cup and mold her breasts. Her nipples were hard points against his palms. He rubbed over them, then moved so he could pluck them between his fingers, tugging and pulling on them.

“I want to fuck you just like this,” he whispered in her ear before taking the lobe between his teeth and nipping it. He pinched her nipples, making her cry out. He could tell by the way she moved against him, by the way her hands cupped his to hold him there, that she liked it, reveled in it. He rubbed his cock along the seam of her ass while he played with her nipples.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me. I need it.”

“Where?” Charlie asked. “Where do you want me to fuck you?”

“I don’t care,” she swore. “Anywhere. Just thrust your cock deep and make me come.”

He ground against her ass again. “Even back here.”

She surprised him by turning her head and nipping his jaw. “I like anal sex, Charlie. If you want to fuck my ass,” she shrugged her shoulders and used her tongue to soothe over the spot she’d just nipped, “fuck it.”

Charlie grinned. Tonight, he’d finally get Tara exactly as he wanted. Naked, wet, and begging to be fucked. He planned to oblige her every request. Starting now.

Chapter Four



Tara felt the loss of Charlie as soon as he moved. Dasan held a hand down to her, and she took it, easing to her feet. She felt their carnal gazes like heated touches to her skin. They were all naked and magnificent in it.

Dasan stood before her, tall and proud. He was the shortest of the three of them, just under six feet. His hair was caught in a band at the base of his neck and left to fall down his back. His eyes were chocolate pools, inviting her to taste the pleasure he could give. She moved into him, loving the way her tanned skin was lighter than his natural shade. People spent a fortune to achieve the shade of brown birth had given him.

She kissed him softly on the lips then turned to Sam. He appeared out of his element, unless you saw him on a horse. He looked as if he should be on a surfboard on the west coast with his blond waves and golden tan. He was a few inches taller than Dasan; she’d guess around six foot one. He had obviously sunbathed nude a few times, but there was still a noticeable difference in skin tone around his hips and cock. She reached out and brushed a finger over his shaft before turning once more to Charlie.

Charlie, the one she’d known the longest and she thought had known the best. But he’d held things back from her, things she was only beginning to see. His black hair was shaggy to his shoulders. She loved the thick texture of it, the contrast of it with his light blue eyes. He was finally naked, as well, and she ate him up with her eyes. How had she ever kept her hands off him? He was so big, easily six foot four, judging against her five foot nine frame.

She’d watched and observed them since she’d arrived, getting to know them. Charlie was big, but a teddy bear. He had a need to comfort and protect. Sam was a sunny side of life guy. He seemed to find the good in everything easily, even when others around him couldn’t. Dasan was quiet, always watching, observing. They were so different and yet, not. Maybe it was just that knowing what she knew now, it was hard to think of them not together.

She stepped back so her gaze could take in the three of them. Any one of them would make a girl wet with need. All of them? It was more than any woman could hope for. And here she was, about to embark on something she had a feeling would change her life.

She reached behind her and found the clasp for her bra, then released it. She let the straps fall down her arms to hook at her elbows. Slowly, holding the men enthralled, she freed first one arm then the other, using her hands to cup and hide her breasts even as her bra hit the floor. She squeezed herself, plumping and enticing before sliding her hands underneath to cup and lift.

“Christ, you’re beautiful,” Sam groaned.

They made no move toward her. Just stood watching, enjoying the show as she stripped for them.

She glided one hand down over her stomach to trace the edge of her panties. She hooked her fingers in the sides and tugged them down over her hips, bending her upper body forward as she moved them down her thighs. The material fell to her ankles, and she stepped out of them, kicking them aside as she stood wearing only her heels. She went to slip them off when Dasan stopped her.

“Leave them on,” he commanded.

“Turn around,” Charlie ordered.

She did a slow turn, shaking her ass at them. Strip tease was over. She wanted the pleasure part now.

“Come here.” Sam crooked his finger at her.

She walked over to him, stopping just inches from his chest. His cock brushed against her lower belly. She wanted to feel him inside. She reached down and gripped him, brushing her thumb over the head.

“I want to ride you,” she whispered. “I want to bury your cock in my pussy over and over again until we both come.”

“Fuck,” he moaned, jerking from her grasp. “Condoms.” He turned toward the doorway until she stopped him.

“I’m clean and on the pill,” she stated, taking a deep breath. She’d never had sex without a condom before, hadn’t wanted to. Funny how all her rules seemed to be breaking with them.

“Do you know what you’re offering?” Dasan asked.

She nodded her head. She trusted them with her in a way she’d never trusted another man. A strange gift when she kept telling herself this was just a fling. But it felt right. It was what she wanted, and she wasn’t going to deny herself.

She walked over to Charlie and used his cock to lead him over to the ottoman in front of the couch. He turned with her then sat on its edge when she gently pushed at his shoulders. Leaning close, she kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and rubbing against his. He gripped her waist and pulled her to straddle his lap. His cock brushed against her pussy lips, teasing them both.

“Lay back, Charlie,” she implored as she eased from the kiss. “Let me ride you.”

He reclined back, tugging her with him, so she stayed over his lap and cock. The ottoman was wide enough to allow her to snug her knees against the outside of his hips. She ground her pussy along his shaft, rubbing up and down. His hands came up to cup her breasts and play with her nipples.

“I want all of you at once,” she stated. She didn’t want to take things slow, to ease into it. She wanted the full-on ménage experience right now. She glanced back toward Dasan and Sam. Charlie tugged her forward, so she spilled over his chest and claimed her mouth again, robbing her of thought and air.

She felt hands on her hips, smoothing over her skin, then jolted at the sting of a slap on her ass. Charlie moaned beneath her, and Dasan’s groan sounded behind her.

“Such a beautiful blush,” he told her, running his hand over the spot he’d just spanked.

“Such a beautiful ass,” Sam agreed. She glanced back just in time to see Sam pass a tube to Dasan. Lubricant. Dasan was planning to take her ass. Her pussy was even wetter at the thought. They were going to give her what she wanted. Could she handle it?

Charlie lifted her a bit, so her breasts dangled above his mouth. He caught one nipple and sucked greedily. Dasan pushed a lubed finger into her anus. It was happening. No time for second-guessing. Not that she planned on it. She closed her eyes, just letting herself enjoy every moment of what they were doing. Hands touching, mouths caressing, fingers penetrating. She wanted more. She wanted it all.

They didn’t disappoint. Charlie slid his hands down to hold her hips while Dasan’s fingers retreated to spread her cheeks wide. His cock rubbed up and down the crease a few times before lodging against her anus. Two sets of hands held her steady as he pushed against her seeking entrance.

It had been a while, but though her body gave a token fight, his cock surged past the tight muscles at her entrance and pushed deep, filling her ass. She moaned with pleasure, shifting as she adjusted to the feel of him, the pressure of his cock in her ass.

“Feels so good,” she moaned.

“Mmmmmm,” he agreed with a groan.

Charlie shifted under her, and his cock found her pussy.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Yes,” she breathed out. She was more than ready.

He pressed inside her. It was a tight fit with Dasan buried in her ass. She had a moment of doubt that he’d be able to. But after a few seconds of allowing her to adjust to the new sensation, he thrust deep. She caught her breath. Never had she felt so stretched, so full. She couldn’t move without being aware of where they were inside her.

“Okay?” Charlie asked.

She nodded, unable to speak as sensations overflowed. There was only one person missing. She used her arms to push from Charlie’s chest and braced them beside his shoulders to keep her upper body poised above him. Her head lifted and met Sam. He stood to the side of the ottoman, watching. One hand pumped up and down his shaft. She could see the hunger in his eyes. She licked her lips and rubbed them together.

He needed no further invitation. He stepped to her and guided his cock toward her mouth. And this was it, what she’d wanted from the moment the word ménage was introduced with thoughts of the three of them. This was what she’d fantasized about, only better. So much better.

They moved in her, around her. Charlie under her. Dasan behind her. Sam in front of her. It was intense, beautiful, carnal. It was so much more than words could convey. They had been right when they told her it was hard to explain, right that it was something best experienced. Her body felt alive in ways it never had before. Her pussy throbbed around Charlie’s shaft, clinging to him as he fucked her mercilessly. Dasan pumped in and out of her ass, countering Charlie, while Sam fed her his thick stalk, fucking her mouth slowly.

This was what River had. For the first time, Tara wanted to believe it would last for her friend and admitted, if only to herself, she wanted it to last for herself, as well. And wasn’t that a hell of a mess. She pushed those thoughts aside and just let herself feel the moment.

The pleasure was quick and intense. Her first orgasm hit, rolling through her with the intensity of a raging storm. She pulsed, every inch of her awake and alive. She fucked, sucked and pumped her ass back into every thrust.

“So good,” Charlie moaned. “God, Tara. You’re so fucking incredible.”

“Oh, yeah,” Dasan agreed. “Ass looks so good with my dick buried deep. Feels like it was made for fucking.”

BOOK: Roped for Pleasure
11.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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