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“Meaning, there might be a time when we’re not all together?” Her heart gave a little stumble at that thought.

“Meaning, if one of us can corner you in a room and talk you out of your clothes, we will,” Sam said with a shrug.

“It’s okay to be with one of us or two of us at a time,” Dasan said.

“It’s not cheating as long as there’s no one outside of the four of us,” Charlie said.

“Good to know.” It meant they wouldn’t be bringing another woman around.

“Only you,” Dasan assured her. “You’re the only woman we want. Period.”

She smiled and reached for the hem of her shirt. “Show me,” she taunted them.

Clothes were shed in a slow leisurely fashion. She was the first one naked and lay back on the bed to watch her men undress. She let her gaze bounce from one of them to the next, her pussy growing wetter as each new muscle was uncovered. They were all such beautiful examples of masculine perfection, at least in her eyes.

Sam was the first one to join her on the bed. He slid up beside her and rose on one elbow to peer down at her. “You are so beautiful,” he said, running his fingertips down from her shoulder to her hip and back up again. “I’d keep you naked if I had a choice.”

She moaned as he found her nipple with his fingers. He bent to kiss her, swallowing the sounds of her pleasure and claiming her full attention. She lifted her hands to cup his head, holding it close to her. His cock was rock hard against her thigh, and she struggled to shift over toward him, eager to feel him inside.

Hands stopped her as someone slid onto the bed at her other side. Sam broke the kiss and shifted just enough for her to see Dasan. Charlie was just joining them. He maneuvered between her legs, pressing her thighs wide.

“I’m going to feast on your pussy,” he vowed as he lowered his head and nuzzled her curls.

Dasan turned her into his kiss, and Sam lowered his head to pop a nipple into his mouth. They were easy and gentle, taking their time tasting and exploring her. This was no heated rush, but a thorough owning of her—body, heart, and soul. She was theirs in every sense of the word.

Charlie’s tongue stroked over her clitoris with long, slow licks that had her squirming. Two fingers teased her pussy with gentle penetration. She wanted more, needed more. Sam lapped at her nipple while rubbing his thumb in circles over the other one. Dasan left her lips and spread a soft rain of kisses over her face and shoulder.

“I won’t break,” Tara promised. “Take me. Claim me. Show me what it means to be yours.”

She lifted her pussy into Charlie’s touch, silently begging him for more. He didn’t disappoint, and as his tempo increased, so did Dasan’s and Sam’s. They were still in no hurry, but their touch was firmer, and she knew they were no longer holding back from her.

She moaned and panted, twisted and undulated, riding the wave of sensations they sent through her body. “Yes,” she moaned again and again.

They had her on fire, primed and ready for the first thrust inside her. Charlie was using his mouth and fingers to drive her wild, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm.

“Come for us,” Dasan ordered.

Sam nipped her nipple and pinched the other one. Charlie worked his fingers faster in out and out of her pussy and flicked his tongue rapidly at her clit. It was more than enough to have her doing as Dasan commanded. She came with a wailing cry as her body tingled from head to toe. Waves of pleasure washed through her, starting in her womb and working outward.

They moved while she was still basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. Sam grasped her hips and rolled them, so she was on top of him. His cock nudged her opening, and with one thrust, he was buried balls deep. Slick fingers probed her ass, lubing and preparing her while Dasan moved closer, his cock bobbing just above her head.

She used her arms to push herself up a bit, keeping her hips joined to Sam’s, but lifting her upper body for better access to Dasan’s cock.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned as she sucked him in.

Sam used her new position to slip his hands up to play with her breasts and nipples again.

Charlie pulled his fingers free, and she felt the press of his well-oiled cock at her anus. One hard thrust and he was past the muscle and forging deep until she was stuffed with his cock.

It was good, so good. Three hard cocks inside her, moving, thrusting, fucking. Mouth. Pussy. Ass. She was thoroughly filled and more than ready. They found a rhythm, working together as a team to bring her higher and higher without allowing her over the edge. Again and again they pressed her higher, only to ease back at the last. She could tell it was driving them as insane as it was her.

She wanted to beg, to plead, but was too greedy to give up Dasan’s cock long enough to allow for it. So she used her body to show them. She clenched her pussy and ass on the cocks pumping into her and was rewarded with harsh groans.

“Fuck,” Charlie cried as he picked up his pace.

Sam followed suit, slamming her head first into another orgasm, more intense than the last.

She tightened her lips around Dasan. Tapped, flicked and licked with her tongue. Nipped with her teeth and sucked hard. The first spurt of cum hit her tongue followed closely by a second. Third. She sucked, swallowed, and rubbed him with her tongue.

Sam cried out her name, and Charlie groaned as they all joined her. Dasan slowly unclenched his hands from her hair. Charlie still had a death grip on her hips, and Sam’s hands were wrapped around her waist, his thumbs making small circles on her skin.

They all panted for air. She knew she’d made the right choice. She remembered wishing for the ordinary, the mundane not so long ago. But now? She was ready for the extraordinary, the exotic.

When she dreamed that night, the only ropes binding her were the ones Charlie, Sam, and Dasan used. They had roped her for pleasure, a pleasure she could only pray would last a lifetime.


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Lacey Thorn spends her days in small town Indiana the proud mother of three. When she is not busy with one of them, she can be found typing away on her computer keyboard or burying her nose in a good book. Like every woman, she knows just how chaotic life can be and how appealing that great escape can look.

So, toss aside the stress and tension of the never-ending to-do list. For now sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with Lacey. It’s your world…unlaced.

Lacey loves to talk to her readers and can be found at
Join Lacey on Facebook at:!/authorlaceythorn
Or on Twitter at @laceythorn1
And feel free to email the author at [email protected]

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BOOK: Roped for Pleasure
12.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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