Sally’s Return: 2nd Book in this Romance Short Story Series

BOOK: Sally’s Return: 2nd Book in this Romance Short Story Series
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Sally’s Return

Book in this Romance Short Story Series


A. J. Temple

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Books Included In This Series:

Book 1.
Sally’s Destiny:

Book 2.
Sally’s Return:

Book 3.
Sally’s Wedding:

Book 4.
Sally’s Honeymoon


Book 4a.
Sally’s Life – The Story So Far
: 4 Book Bundle


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Copyright Notice:

Copyright 2012,  A J Temple

All rights reserved. Copyright protected. Duplicating, reprinting or distributing this material in any way and for any purpose, without the express written consent of the author is prohibited.

All characters, events and places are fictional, and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1

It was 7.30 am as Sally made her way through the hectic press office to get behind her desk, and file her report to her impatient boss. She was totally fed up with this assignment, which was a dead-end story going to nowheresville. The sad truth was that no-one really cared about some homeless man getting beat-up! People had just stepped over him in the street, rushing about their own business, far too busy to play the good Samaritan. The interesting part came however when it was pointed out that this was no ordinary bum, but the son of a local politician.

It had seemed quite promising at first, with the tantalising smell of scandal written all over it. News from the top however, was that it was to be shelved;
“A friend of the editor in chief no doubt.”
  Thought Sally.

Never mind, she could not really care at this particular moment in time; she was desperately wanting to end with this agreement and get back to her fiancé in Scotland.

“Morning Sally.” The voice of her colleague Brandon, awoke her from her reverie. “How are you this morning? You do look a little flustered, if you don’t mind me saying!”

“No Brandon, you’re quite right. I’m sure a good strong coffee would sort me out just fine though?” She looked at him with raised eyebrows.

He took the hint and headed off with a “Your wish is my command!” spoken over his shoulder.

Sally stared at his back as he headed off on his errand. He was a handsome young
man, almost 6 foot tall and with a strong athletic build; and nearly ten years her junior. He had been with just about every single female in the office – and there were many; and now he had been forced onto Sally to train up for her position.

“Train him up for a couple of Months Sally, that’s all I ask of you – then you can get over to your new squeeze in Scotland!” Her editor had said. That was four months ago, and she was just about at the end of her patience.

Sure, Brandon was a keen understudy; the problem was that he was intent on getting her under him!
“Not going to happen bub!”
She said unconvincingly to herself, as he approached with the coffee.

“Here you are Sally, is there anything else I can do for you – maybe a shoulder massage?” He looked at her with innocent eyes.

“Keep dreaming Brandon – you know it’s never going to happen!”

“Ah well, a man must have his dreams Sally – what else is there to live for?”

“For a kick-off, you can live for getting all that stuff filed I gave you over a week ago – then maybe you can get yourself a decent girl and settle down!”

ha, settle down! No that’s not a dream it’s a nightmare!” He said laughing out loud, and causing nearby girls to turn with a knowing look at Sally – who pretended not to notice.

“Right Brandon, while I’m busy finishing this report – and since your obviously not keen on filing
-  perhaps you could go and get a statement from this Mrs Johnson regarding her burglary?”

Hmm, well I suppose it’s the lesser of the two evils. I’ll get right on
it, maybe see you about lunch time?” He looked expectantly in her direction, obviously hinting for a lunch date.

“Ok Brandon, we’ll see! For now I have got far too much to do, to be thinking about lunch already!”

He raised his eyebrows in hopeful expectation, and headed off for his assignment. Sally meanwhile wondered to herself, with a slight unease, why she gave him any encouragement at all.

“Get a grip on
yourself Sally”
she almost said aloud, as she tried to concentrate on the workload in front of her.

Things had been getting on top of her lately, and she was determined to put her foot down and finally set off for Scotland before the month was out, in just 3 weeks’ time. The editor hadn’t been pleased at her insistence; pointing out that they were short staffed as it was. However he had agreed that for a ‘free-lance’ operative she had given more than she really needed to with regard to loyalty to the company.

“Sally I really appreciate you standing in like this, you know I do. Brandon is fitting in just fine – thanks to your training. I just hope he has got what it takes when the pressure is really on!”
He had said with concern creasing his brows.

She was missing Robert terribly, and just couldn’t wait to get back to Aviemore. It would be spring-time in Scotland
just now, and the snow would be melting back to make way for the spring bluebells.

Thanks to
modern technology, they were able to keep in touch constantly, however nothing can substitute a warm embrace, or the tender touch of lovers hands before a crackling log fire.

Hey hey, guess who’s daydreaming about her handsome Scottish hero!” Her friend Kiera broke into her thoughts with the force of a sledgehammer against a glass wall.

Kiera, I almost jumped out of my skin!”
“That’s because you were thinking unwholesome thoughts I would imagine!”

Sally flushed bright red, which only confirmed
what her friend had just said. Kiera laughed out loud.

“I knew it, oh how I envy you Sally! When do you hope to see him again?”

“I have a flight booked for the end of this month, and the Apocalypse itself would not keep me from boarding it!” sally replied with conviction.

“Well, that might be a bit extreme – but I get the idea!”

They shared a laugh together.

“However my dear friend, what is all this I hear about you flirting with the office gigolo?”

“WHAT, I’m not flirting with anyone!”

“Hmm, say’s you! But the girls are taking bets as to whether Brandon will have you bedded before you get on that plane!”

“That’s outrageous! Brandon is ten years my junior
; he’s a work-colleague and nothing more!”

“Well Sally, if that truly is the case; I would try and make it plain to him as he obviously thinks he is in with a chance – if you get my meaning!” She finished this with eyebrows raised theatrically, at a flustered Sally.

BOOK: Sally’s Return: 2nd Book in this Romance Short Story Series
6.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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