Sally’s Return: 2nd Book in this Romance Short Story Series (4 page)

BOOK: Sally’s Return: 2nd Book in this Romance Short Story Series
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Sally was horrified at the situation, and openly cried in front of her editor and
friend John.

“Oh John, what on earth have I gotten myself into? That dirty sod would have had me raped if you hadn’t appeared on the scene!”

“Well thankfully for us all, I did. We’re lucky the stupid sod left the door ajar, in his haste to get you in here!”

Sally shuddered at the thought.

“Now, you have to decide if you want to get the police involved or not?”

“Well the fact is that I probably should, but since nothing happened – thanks to you – it will just look like I had too much to drink, a good lawyer would make me look like a drunken, wanton fool! No I think I will just try and put it behind me and get on with my life.”

“Well if it’s any consolation, I can guarantee that he will not get a job within a hundred miles of here – I think you, and a lot of other innocent girls, have seen the last of him around these parts.”

“I certainly hope so John
, and thanks again – you have been a real gentleman; I’m owe you big time!”

“Well now that I have just fired your replacement – it looks like I will have to call in that favour sooner than you think!”

“Oh..I hadn’t thought of that!” Said Sally as her hopes of an early return looked increasingly unlikely.


Chapter 5

After the shocking escapade with Brandon, Sally was more determined than ever to get over to her fiancé in Scotland.
With her Boss John’s contacts in the police, he had let them know unofficially what had gone on, and Brandon was now a marked man. The police had also promised to keep an eye on the flat, should he have ideas of revenge, though the general thought was that he would be keeping a low profile.

At the office meanwhile, Brandon’s absence was noticed, and it did not take long for the gossip machine to get to work. Sally decided the best policy was to let her friend Kiera know what had happened, so that it would serve as a warning to the other girls – always to keep watch on their drinks when they were out. It was only thanks to good fortune and an alert waiter that Sally had not become the latest statistic in the ‘date rape drug’ figures.

However, she had decided not to tell Robert for now what had gone on, as she was fairly convinced that he would have been on the first flight over – to commit bloody vengeance! The time would come, but it would not be for some time.

Meanwhile life fell into the same old routine surprisingly quickly, though she was wary about going back to her apartment for the first few days.
News from Scotland was still; pretty depressing inasmuch as Agnes had not recovered from her coma, and the doctors were becoming increasingly worried as time went on. It was obvious to all that the longer this went on, then the less chance of a full recovery when and if she did awaken.

It was now only two weeks before her return to Robert. In a stroke of good fortune, John had managed to get a good replacement for Brandon out of the blue, from contacts out of town. She was called Samantha, and was ages with Sally. They both hit it off immediately, and as Samantha already knew most of the job due to her prior experience; it was a joy for Sally to train her up for her replacement – which would now no longer be delayed.

The ringing from her cell-phone awakened her from her revere, and she fumbled with her purse catch to answer before it rung off. The screen told her it was Robert on the other side.

“Hi sweetheart!
How are you, Any news on Agnes today?”

She blurted out the two questions as one.

“Hi Honey..Well I’m just fine and I have some good news for a change – Agnes has regained consciousness!”

“WOO HOO! That’s fantastic news - Tell me more!”

“Well, first off all, we are all cautiously optimistic; but at the same time there is a long recovery ahead according to the doctors. The main thing is that they do not think there is any major long-term damage, that will not sort itself out in time.”

“That’s great news Robert. Have you spoken to her at all?”

“Well yes, but although she seems to acknowledge me ok; she is having some difficulty forming the words at the moment – she is still very sick.”

“Oh…I understand. So she is not just going to get up and walk out of the hospital any time soon – is that what
you’re saying?”

“Exactly, though the great news is that she will indeed walk out of the hospital in time! It seems that the doctors think she is definitely over the worst, and the latest results show remarkable recovery regarding the physical injury.”

“That’s fantastic news Robert – her church group will be delighted I’m sure; I remember you saying they were holding all-night prayer vigils for her.”

“That’s right, it’s a great relief for everybody – I’ll certainly sleep a lot better tonight than I have for some time!”

They chatted on with a new lightness in the mood, and Sally felt a burden lifting from her. For the first time realising just what a strain it had been, worrying for poor Agnes. Now at least she was on the mend, no matter how slowly, and the future suddenly looked much brighter. Not for the first time now, she considered their wedding plans to get married  August 7
of that year. A lot would depend now on Agnes’s recover for neither Robert or herself would consider the wedding going ahead until Agnes could attend it in good health.

She decided not to explore the issue further until she was over in Scotland, and able to see Agnes – her future mother-in-law for herself.

“So are you all set to come over on the 29
still?” Robert asked.

“Yes, I can’t wait.
Samantha is a marvel, and is picking up the job easily.” She said, with obvious excitement in her voice.

“Well I can hardly wait – just 13
sleeps by my reckoning!”

ha, you really are a big kid at heart aren’t you!” She teased him laughingly; though she herself used the ‘kiddies calendar’ to count down the days before something exciting was about to happen.

“Well yes, I suppose I am a little! I think though I am definitely feeling a lot more optimistic about the future, since the news this morning. I’m prepared to believe now that everything will be fine, and we can go ahead with our wedding plans – don’t you?”

Sally suppressed a sniff, as emotion got the better off her.

“Oh Robert, it’s great to hear you talking like that; I’ve been so worried about you – I fear though that this next ’13 sleeps’ are going to drag by!”

“Yes I know what you’re saying! However I’m hoping that Agnes will have made good improvement in that time, and who knows – we might all be sharing wee single malt by our own log fire by the time you get over here!”

“That would be fantastic – I look forward to it more than you can know!”

They said their farewells, promising all the usual things that lovers promise, when their hearts are separated by distance and circumstance; imaginations taking over where physical action is denied.

“So, I take it that was lover-boy on the phone!” Her good friend and confidant Kiera, stood hand on hip with a grin breaking her plump cheeks.

“As a matter of fact – yes it was..Eavesdropper!” Sally retorted good-naturedly.

“Well I’m just so happy for you Sally; seriously. He sounds like a fantastic guy – I can’t wait to meet him at the wedding!”

“Ha ha..I haven’t sent out the invites yet – I can only have a few of my VERY best friends…”

“Ha! Don’t you even dream of not inviting me over, or I’ll smack you down right here and now!” They both laughed out loud as Sally jumped up to give her friend a big hug.

“Kiera, rest assured you are the first on the wedding list – I only hope that it is still going as planned. A lot will depend on Agnes’s recovery.”

“Of course.
How is she doing?”

“Well that’s the good news – she has regained consciousness!”

Sally went on to recount all the news to her friend, at the same time, mentally counting down the days to the flight over to her lovers embrace.



Chapter 6

Robert was driving up from Aviemore to visit his mum in Inverness hospital. For the first week of her hospital incarceration, he had simply stayed at a local bed and breakfast; however now that she was on the mend – albeit slowly – he took the decision to drive up and down every second day. This allowed him to put in some time at work, and not use up all his holiday allowance; which he would need for the wedding and honeymoon to come.

Sally would be arriving in just 7 days’ time, and he wanted to be sure that everything was ready for her – including the spare room.

Strangely to him, she had insisted that they would stay celibate until the wedding, and she would sleep in the spare room until then. Despite his protestations to the contrary, she would not be shifted.

“But Sally; the weddings 3 months away!”
He had howled trying his best to dissuade her – and finally persuaded her not to make any definite decisions, until they were re-united.

He chuckled to himself at the memory of that conversation. Truth was that he found the whole idea rather quaint, though he could of course never admit it
“There’s more to a relationship than just sex, no matter how hot and steamy it is!”
He thought to himself, thinking of their love-making in the stable – and several other places around the estate. There was a new chapter beginning in both their lives, and Robert could not help the smile creasing his face as he envisioned the new life that lay ahead.

Agnes was sitting up in bed, looking alert and pleased to see him, as he walked into the private room at the front of the ward.

He quickly walked over to the bed and planted a quick peck on her cheek.

“Hi mum, how are you feeling today then?”

Agnes struggled to find the words.

ff..fine son. I’ll soon bbb be mmmaking your dinner at home!” She finally blurted out, pleased that she had gotten that far.

“That’s fantastic mum. You’re really coming along in leaps and bounds! Sally was asking for you – she is really looking forward to seeing you at last.”

“Neeed to gggett out of hhhear first though RRobert!”

“Don’t you fret now mum. The doc says that you are making great improvement and if things continue as they are, you could be out in a few days! Then you will have to do some practical
physio and stuff – but it’s all looking good.”

Robert rattled on about his work, and Sally and everything else he could think off; just to keep Agnes’s mind of things – and because she was hungry for any news.

The wedding was of course on her mind, and they spent ages talking about all the possibilities for the venue and the guests; but of course without Sally, nothing could be definitely planned anyway – but it was good to go over the options..

Agnes waved her arm feebly. “So have
yyou fixed the bbblesssed stepp Robert?”

Robert looked a little sheepishly at his mum, for the fact was that she had been complaining for some time, that the wooden steps up to the chalet had grown a little slippy when wet. It was always on his to-do list; the one that never got done.

“Rest assured mum that was the first thing I done when I got back home – just to hide the incriminating evidence you understand!” He said cheekily.

Agnes managed a wry smile; she could not be angry with the son she absolutely adored, and the fact was that he was obviously devastated by the whole incident.

“That’s jjjust…. as well, otherwwise I might have to inform.. Sally when she gets home about your tttotal lack of care for your elderly… mmmother!”

“Easy! She would kill me if she found out! I’ll make it up to you I promise. Anyway I’ve cleaned off the moss and fixed some non-slip material on the treads, so that even doddery old women won’t slip on them now!”

“You cheeky bbegger!” She laughed at him. “I’m still yyyoung… enough to give you a ccclip… around the earhole – just bring it down hhhere where I can reach it!”

They both laughed at the joke.
Laughter being better than a whole mountain of tablets, when it comes to healing body and soul.

Robert looked on proudly at his mum. Her recovery had been quite remarkable, since she regained consciousness; a testament he was sure to the dedication of her church
group, and her own strength of will to ‘fight the good fight’.

It was at times like this that he was glad they both had a faith to hold on to, and a God to turn to in their darkest hour.

“The light only gets brighter as the darkness closes in.”
The young pastor at their local church had said, as way of encouragement when things did indeed look grim.

The consultant arrived, carrying a folder under his arm. He nodded a greeting to Robert,
then turned to his mother.

“Mrs Lindsey, how are you today then. Is it ok to talk with Robert here?”

“Yes, that’s ffine…jjusst don’t say anything inc… incriminating…!” She smiled up at him.

BOOK: Sally’s Return: 2nd Book in this Romance Short Story Series
5.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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