Sally’s Return: 2nd Book in this Romance Short Story Series (3 page)

BOOK: Sally’s Return: 2nd Book in this Romance Short Story Series
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“Thanks, but I think that maybe It will take my mind of things if I bury myself in some hideous paperwork – Lord knows that if I go home I will be driven crazy with worry!”

“Well. Maybe you’re right; but please give me a call if you need a shoulder to cry on will you?”

Sally said that of course she would, and headed to her desk.

As predicted she buried herself in the admi
n work until coffee break at 10am; announced by Brandon approaching the desk with a steaming mug in his hand.

“Hi Sally, I’ve brought you a hot coffee. Heard you’ve had some bad news; is there anything I can do to help at all?”

Sally looked up at his concerned face, and was strangely touched by the distress she saw reflected back at her.

“Thanks Brandon, yes I had some bad news about
Roberts mother; the poor soul is in hospital after banging her head. I’m just dreading the next phone call; yet I cannot wait to hear what’s happening!”
“That sounds terrible Sally.. Listen, if you want to cancel our lunch date, don’t worry about it; I quite understand you may not be up to it right now?”

Sally thought to herself, as she had completely forgotten she had promised Brandon a lunch, after postponing it yesterday due to work business. She looked up at Brandon - noticing him shifting his gaze from her breasts as she did so - as he waited expectantly for an answer. Brushing off a flicker of disquiet, she made her decision.

Don’t worry about it Brandon, maybe it will be a good thing to get my mind off things for a while.”

His face lit up.

“That’s great Sally..but only if you’re sure?”

“Yes, now get lost, before I change my mind!” She responded good-naturedly to a delighted Brandon.

He walked back to his desk with a lightness in his step.

“Ha, this is going to be easy!”
He thought to himself, all the while his mind resting on the swell of Sally’s breasts against the flimsy blouse. He went through the morning routine distracted by wild imaginings of himself with Sally, and how much he would enjoy telling his workmates all the sordid details of his latest conquest.

It was just before 12 that Sally got a call from Robert, and the news was bad. Agnes had slipped into a deep coma and was showing minimal response to stimuli. The Surgeon had
confirmed a minor fracture to the skull, and they had managed to reduce the swelling on the brain slightly, but could say no more until they had more time; or until she regained consciousness.

“Oh Robert, this is terrible.” She immediately regretted being so weak at a time when she had to be strong for his sake. She bucked up a little. “But let’s think positive Robert – at least the swellings gone down! I’m sure they are doing everything possible at the hospital, and your mum’s a real fighter; right now I know that she will be battling for her life with all that she has!”

“Thanks sally, your right of course.” He said. “At least they have allowed me in to see her now; though she looks a pitiful state to be sure. They have told me to keep talking to her even though there is no response, in the hope that it will bring her round somehow.”

“Yes of course you must! Oh how I wish I was there with you; I feel so helpless here in this stupid j
“Sally, please don’t concern yourself overly much, the fact is that there is nothing anyone can do at the moment that is not already being done – She’ll pull through; I know she will!”

“That’s the spirit
honey, just you keep me up-to-date with developments will you? It’s murder, wondering what’s going on, and your imagination running wild as mine does anyway!”

y finished the call by distracting each other with more mundane news about life, and gossip that they were not in the least interested in, but which served to get their minds away from the possibility of what-might-be.

As she put away the cell phone, she noticed Brandon headed in her direction carrying their jackets.

“Oh well, better to get this over with I suppose.” She sighed in a small voice.



Chapter 4

The first surprise begun when Brandon leaned over the security desk and handed her a motorcycle helmet, as they made their way to the front door.

“What?” She said stunned into disbelief.

“Go on Sally, it’s a surprise – you’ll love it I promise!”

“You have to be kidding me! I’m not exactly clothed for a ride on a motorcycle am I?”

“No worries!” he said as he handed over a leather jacket triumphantly.

“Surely you’ve been on a motorcycle before?”

“Of course I have, but that was back in college days - It’s been years since I sat on one of these things!”

“That settles it then! Come and check it out – it’s a Harley Davidson CVO Softail
Convertible; it’s made for comfort I promise!”

Before she could put up any more argument he was out the door, leaving her trailing behind somewhat bemused by it all.

Once outside Brandon led her around to the car park, and showed off his Harley.

“Well I must admit
, it’s a beautiful bike Brandon – though I just hope this place is not too far is it?”

“No no, it just a few minutes away with this baby!”
he slapped the tank affectionately as he pushed the starter. With a deep rumbling roar that seemed to shake up the whole neighbourhood the Harley burst into life, causing a ripple of apprehension and excitement to flutter in Sally’s stomach.

He jumped on and indicated Sally to settle in be
hind him.

“Are you ready?”

“As much as I’ll ever be I suppose!” Said Sally, gripping tightly to Brandon’s waist – much to his enjoyment.

The grumbling machine roared out of the car park, and within just five minutes was pulling in to the
parking area of the Iron Horse Hotel, a place she recognised as it was the only boutique hotel she knew that catered for Motorcycle enthusiasts; being located as it was just a short distance from the Harley Davidson Museum.

It was in what used to be the old ware-house area, but which was now filling up with chic boutique hotels and eating places of the more exclusive type.

“This guy is really going to town big time here.”
She thought to herself, just a little disturbed at what he would expect in return.

Brandon turned off the big machine and turned to face her, grinning widely.

“Well, what do you think Sally – will this do!”

“I think it will do nicely thank you sir – though I was just expecting a pizza and a beer down the local express!” She could not help smiling at his boyish delight in surprising her.

“ha ha, well who knows – I might never get the chance again, so I thought I would go to town! Seriously though; I know the owner so he will give a good deal I’m sure!”

“It had better be, as the lunch is on me

Nonsense, don’t mention it – it’s my treat for the day to cheer you up a bit maybe.”

They headed into the hotel, where Brandon took Sally’s helmet and put it in the storage place set aside for them – he himself rode bare-headed as was the custom of most riders.

They stood in line, and within minutes the waiter called them over to their table, which Brandon had booked ahead of time.

“Hmm, I see you have been busy Brandon.” She said as they settled down in a comfortable, very private booth.

“Not at all, I just called and asked them for a table for two – It’s just my good fortune that I have you all to myself in this instance!” He said, with mock innocence. He helped her off with her jacket – catching a nice glimpse of cleavage in the process – and hung it on the nearby rail.

The waiter promptly arrived and both ordered a simple lunch of chicken soup followed by a
spicy beef casserole.

“How about wine Sally? I would think a nice bottle of merlot would be ok with the casserole – do you think so?”

“Well I shouldn’t be drinking at all, since we have to go back to work after this! However a glass of the house red won’t do any harm.”

Brandon ordered a large glass for
Sally, and a glass of mineral water for himself.

“I’d better not since I’m driving!” He spoke out when Sally arched her eyebrows at him.

The meal went by quite pleasantly, and Sally had to admit to herself that Brandon was quite good company. She told him all about Roberts mother and the terrible accident, getting quite emotional at the same time. Brandon insisted that she have another glass of wine to calm herself down.
“Maybe I have misjudged the poor guy.”
She thought to herself.
“He has after all been the perfect host, not at all what I was expecting.”

Brandon on the other hand was expecting a quite different outcome
from that of his innocent lunch partner, and found himself getting aroused over his plans for the afternoon. He fumbled in his pocket for the little pink tablet, that he bought especially for opportunities like this, and soon found what he was looking for.

His opportunity came when Sally excused herself to go to the ladies room. Waiting till she was out of sight, he quickly dropped the tablet into her half full wine glass, and gave it a little stir just to make sure.

After another 30 minutes had passed, and Sally had been persuaded to have another glass of wine; it was obvious to anyone observing that she was the ‘worse for wear’. The table waiter in particular seemed to be giving them both some attention. Brandon decided to act.

“Sally, are you feeling ok? Maybe we’d better get you home for a lie down eh – what do you think?”

“Oh Brandon, I think you may be right. I’ve only had a couple of glasses and I feel like I have had a full night on the batter!”

be told I’m half wrecked!”
She vaguely thought to herself.

“Don’t worry about it Sally, all the stress your under – it has that effect sometimes. Let’s get back to the bike and I’ll get you home
in a couple of minutes.”

Quietly, he was hoping that she could at least hold on for the few blocks to her rented apartment.

Thankfully she did manage to hold on, and he half carried her up the first flight of steps to the apartment. By now she was so far gone, that he had to take her keys from her hand and open the door himself. He helped her over to the settee and settled her down.

“Now the fun begins!” He whispered
to himself as Sally settled into the soft fabric.

“How are you now
Sally, should I maybe make you a hot drink or something?” thanks you Brandon, you have been very kind. That was a wonderful lunch, and I’m shorry for making a complete fool of mysheelf!” She said slurring her words slightly.

that’s quite ok Sally.” He said, sitting himself down close beside her. He casually wrapped his arm over her shoulder, as he leaned close to kiss her on the mouth, slipping his wet tongue deep inside. Sally by this time was too far under the influence of the drug, to understand just what was going on.

With trembling fingers,
he unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her full breasts under a flimsy lace brassiere. Gently lifting the bra, he cupped one of them in his sweating hand, relishing the full softness, and letting his mind wander to the possibilities on offer – she was his for the taking; and he was going to enjoy every moment of it!

BANG! A sudden wallop on the side of his head sent Brandon reeling off the settee.

“You dirty Bastard! I might have guessed you’d be up to no good.”

The newspaper editor
quickly strode around to where Brandon lay cowering on the floor holding his hand to his ear.

“I ought to ring your bloody neck, you piece of shite!”

“I was doing nothing honest, I was just bringing Sally back from the hotel – she has had a bit too much to drink!”

“Don’t give me that nonsense, you filthy swine! You’re not the only one with contacts in that place. The waiter called me, as he thought you were up to something – that wine is only 8% proof, so there was no way she was as drunk with the wine. You’ve slipped her a micky haven’t you?”

Brandon could not meet his boss’s bulging eyes; for despite his bravado in front of the women, he was a complete coward when faced by an angry man, and so lay whimpering on the floor like a whipped cur.

His boss
stepped around the settee, and lifted up the taller lad by the collar as if he were a small boy.

“Let me tell you now son, I’ve suspected this for some time; I hear the office stories! Now get your sorry ass back to work right now and pick up your gear – your FIRED!”

“But that not..”

He pushed the miserable Brandon through the door, and slammed it shut.

back over to Sally, he buttoned up her blouse and went to make a pot of strong coffee. After liberal doses of caffeine, and just as he was deciding on whether to call a doctor or not; she finally started to make sense and come out of the stupor she had been in.

BOOK: Sally’s Return: 2nd Book in this Romance Short Story Series
12.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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