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Save Me

Rock Romance #4

Written By A.L. Wood


To you, the ones who tried to break me. The despair that I felt at your hands, the heartache, the disappointment, the never-ending cascade of ruined hopes and dreams. For you. For if it weren’t for everything you had ever done, this would not be. Those lessons you taught me by the mistakes that you made are invaluable, because of all of those things I now know what not to do. I’ve learned how to lower my expectations, how to reach high for my dreams all by myself, how to guard my heart and how much self-love means for the soul.

To you, the one who has been there, by my side since we were
children. Who has always had my best interest at heart in only unselfish terms. Who has held my hand throughout everything life has thrown at me. The one who taught me how to fight the sadness by laughing, the one who showed me what life could be.

To you, the one who completes me. Saved me. Gave me the greatest gift in my life. The one who supports me no matter what I do. The one who never questions my actions or judges,
and always remains the steel pillar of support that I have grown the need to clutch every so often. My one steady rock throughout the terrifying currents in the ocean.

To you, my pride, my joy, my heart. There was a period in my life that I believed you would never come
; you would never exist. Nevertheless, you surprised me. You were not in my life that long before the current of life attempted to drown me; you ended up being the hand that pulled me out of the water. My first breath of air, and now my sole nourishment for survival. You complete me, and I thank the stars for your being every day. You’re the perfect blend of the best of two.

To you, the one who insists every time I’m finished writing a book that you belong on the cover. The one who wants to see his name on the dedication page. To you I say
Carl eventually, someday.

To you, a warrior of strength. I may be older, quite possibly wiser and more experienced.
However, you, you’ve been places and seen things that I would only run away from. You’ve stood up to sorrow; you’ve stood up to pain and although that has forever changed who you are on the inside you’ve only come out stronger in the end. I know down under the skin is a scar as massive as the Atlantic Ocean, yet you keep on keeping on. A warrior.

To you, I fucking miss you. The hole in my heart you left will never heal, and that’s okay. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish you were here, I love you.

To you, the ones who are constantly supporting my writing. Who are always sharing my work with fellow readers, who read my stories until they’re finished even when they’re going on twenty-four hours of no sleep. The ones you leave me heartfelt messages on my wall or in my inbox. The ones who are always there when I chatter away about everything. To you, my groupies, Steele’s Groupies.

Chapter 1

Tonight is my first night off a tour bus in well over six months, besides the one night I did have off due to an emergency and let’s just say that didn’t end so well for me, I ended up flying back to the city my band was performing in the same night. I’ve been a tour manager on the road with a new and upcoming band
Fighting Death
. I flew into Boston to spend some time with my friends and family before I started looking for my next job.
Fighting Death
is going back into the studio to make a new album and the record company that they are signed to isn't so well known at the moment, so another tour isn't in sight for another year. Unfortunately, not having a job won’t pay my bills.

“Abby are you done in there yet?” Selena asks while banging on the bathroom door.

“I’m almost finished, hold your ass babe.” I yell back.

Selena demanded that I
wore an outfit of her choosing from her closet. Since my wardrobe consists of almost nothing but business suits and heels. Not that it’s my choice of clothing all the time but when your job is a tour manager you have to look professional at all times. I come into contact with the manager of every single venue, every hotel, sponsors and I can’t go around wearing my choice of jeans and tee-shirt when representing a recording studio and record label.

Needless to say that what I am wearing is entirely unlike my usual wear. Selena opted for a silky pink blouse that has a deep plunging neckline and a black skirt that stops right above my knees and hugs every single curve that I own. The heels are mine though and comfortable enough to dance all night in. I run my fingers through my hair separating strands to give it that not so perfect look. I apply a light coat of mascara and a dab of lip gloss before opening the door to let Selena in.

“You look hot. You're so going to get a man tonight.”

“I thought we were going out to dance, not man hunting. If I knew that was your plan I would have said no, I do not need a man.” I reply seriously.

“Relax. I’m not planning on setting you up with anyone, I was just saying- you know you could use getting laid. Six months on a bus with men and not one time did you get laid? Your river has to have run dry by now.”

“Sex isn't a need Selena, I’m good trust me.”

“Who are you and what have you done with my Abagail? The road obviously is not agreeing with you.” She says laughing.

“Let’s move past getting me laid, who is meeting us out

is already there waiting on us, Sage is on her way and I think that’s it. So let’s get going.”

The cab pulls up outside of a bar that looks that it needs some major upgrades.

“This is where we are ‘partying’?” I ask Selena, doubt lacing my words.

“Wait till we get inside then you can shove that question.” She says laughing while pulling me out of the cab behind her.

She tosses money to the driver and leads me to the entrance, skipping the long line that’s wrapped around the building.

“Hello Terrance, my girl is back home, please don't make us wait outside.” She says while leaning into him, flirting.

“Fine, but don't cause any trouble.” He agrees while letting us slide by him.

Selena leads me to the bar where Raven and
Sage are already downing shots.

They both finish their drinks and ambush me with hugs.

“Long time no see, sister.” Sage says.

At the same time Raven interjects, “I thought you were selling out on us. Getting all successful and running away.”

Her ambiguity toward my job snaps me back to reality. Reality of the last time we spoke, how abandoned me leaving made her feel. The guilt slowly seeps back into my skin, flowing in my veins.


I get the bartenders attention and order three shots of
Southern Comfort
and lime. He returns quite fast, I down them one after another and lay the money on the counter.

“Anyone up for dancing?” I ask. Not wanting to continue the conversation with Raven discussing my choice of job.

Selena and Sage jump up at my question, while Raven stays sitting at the bar nursing her drink. I take the lead on the dance floor while
Ushers’ Love In The Club
starts playing.

I throw my hands in my hair and star swiveling my hips, Selena,
Sage and I are dancing together in a circle when one of my hands are yanked backwards. My back slams into someone’s chest, “Hey babe, you want to dance?” I hear a breathy rasp whisper in my ear.

“Seems like you don't care for my answer to begin with.” I reply without looking back.

“Oh, don't be like that. Of course, I care.”

I peel my body off of him and go back to dancing with Selena and
Sage. Song after song plays and we remain dancing in a circle, my buzz slowly hits its high and I start sweating. I tell the girls that I’m going to grab another drink and take a break. As soon as I approach the bar a bartender is all ready to take my order. I ask for a screwdriver. Raven walks over to stand next to me, “I see that you really did sell out on us huh?”

“What is that supposed to mean? How did I sell out exactly?” I ask harshly. I’m so done with this topic, it’s tried and tested. I am beyond exhausted with arguing with her over this. Ever si
nce I got a job with
Fighting Death
, well before leaving on a tour Raven’s entire attitude has changed. It’s like I no longer know who she is. She’s not the same person and there has been nothing that I could do to change her outlook on it. She and I have been friends for years, since high school. I was always the band groupie. My walls were layered with posters of the bands I admired. My dream was to be a musician, producer, really anything that involved music. Tour manager ended up being one of my last hopes, and I achieved that goal. I had four months to plan a six-month tour that had at least thirty stops and three- two-week breaks in-between.

It was a test that I had to pass, and if I did
it, I would become a Full-Time permanent employee of
Hard Wired Studios.
Was it a top scale well-known company? No. But it was a foot in the door of the career I wanted- so I took it. Raven has been pissed since and can’t help but to open her mouth about it and whenever I question her about her attitude toward my job she deflects.

Until now.

“Like I didn't see you on the dance floor all over him. I bet he’s just another person holding out a door for you in the
.” Raven says, disgust lacing each word.

“Who in the hell are you talking about?” I ask.

“Please stop feigning surprise. You were practically dry humping him, although I shouldn't be shocked- you’ve been obsessed with him since we were teens.” Raven says, looking at me like I’m a stranger.

“And who would ‘
’ be exactly?” I ask while sipping on my drink. I know she’s talking about the guy who pulled me into him on the dance floor, he’s the only one she could be talking about.

“Gage Rykers.”

The drink I was attempting to swallow came spewing out of my mouth and all over the bar, I grab a napkin and wipe my face before asking her if she is crazy.

“What? Are you fucking high? Raven I know you smoke the green but damn, you couldn't leave it alone for one night?” I ask her looking into her eyes, searching for the bloodshot glossiness I’ve come to expect.

“I haven't smoked. But if you don't believe me maybe you should look to your left.”

I slowly tilt my head to the left meeting his gaze.
He’s walking over to me.


“There you are, you ran away from me. If you wanted a drink all you had to do was say so. No need to be so rude.” He says laughing.

Rykers?” I ask doubtfully.

“Here I
was thinking the beanie would disguise me and no one would find me out. What are you drinking? Want another one?”

I stand frozen in place, my mouth agape.

Gage, from
Steele’s Army
, a group that I have been following for years. A band whose songs got me through high school and all of the bullshit with my parents. Songs that helped me make it through life sanely, every single day. The first band I ever saw in concert, the same concert where I experienced my first kiss. The band that made me fall hard and head over heels in love with music. Gage, the man who made me fall in love with tattoos, and bass. The man who inspired me to run and grab my dreams. The one who made me want to become a figure in the music industry.

Gage Rykers offers me a drink, even with Ravens scowl glaring at me I can’t deny him.

with pineapple juice.”

He leans over the bar indicating he wants a drink, the bartender acts quickly and approaches him. He orders my drink and his, a shot of vodka. In no
time, the drinks are slid in front of us. I slowly sip on mine while Gage downs his and slams the glass on the counter.

“Dance with me.”

Number one rule at a bar; never leave your drink alone. Raven has since walked off somewhere, probably taking her anger out on an innocent bystander. Or trying to get laid herself, which I am all for. She could use some loosening up. I go from slowly sipping to downing my drink in seconds.

“Okay.” I say meekly, trying not to be

Gage pulls me onto the dance floor and instantly starts swirling my body around his. I start laughing, as he’s doing some ridiculous
two-step dance. He spins my body into his, our noses meet, I stop laughing. My breath is sucked from my lungs, he’s absolutely gorgeous. Soft brown eyes meet mine, the attraction is sizzling between us. Alas, he’s but a stranger; whether or not I’ve adored him from afar for years. I don't know him, and I’m far from ready to settle down with just anyone. The person who tempts me to do just that would have a lot of convincing to do.
Who am I kidding?
This attraction could be a simple desperation for human affection caused by alcohol.

I’m tempted to walk away, from Gage, from this odd attraction. He’s a rock star for crying out loud, I doubt he would be interested in a
long term relationship let alone a no strings attached non-relationship. I travel for a living, as does he so obviously know that a long term would be trying, something I would attempt for the right person but if he’s been doing this business for as long as he has and hasn’t found the one yet, I doubt he has any plans on finding the one.

As I pull away to
go find the girls, he stops me. “It’s just dancing.”

Something that would normally be so
pure and innocent isn't any longer for me, he can pretend that it's still simple if he wants to, but I won’t. I can feel it, the attraction, and the sexual tension, all of it.

“It’s not just dancing and you know it.” I say then continue with leaving the dance floor. I don't have to turn around to know that he’s following behind me. A quick glance around the bar determines my destination, Lily and Raven are on the dance floor; both with men. I go back to the bar to grab another drink.

Gage seats himself beside me.

“Okay, so maybe it isn't just dancing. You’re not the first person I’ve been attracted to and I’m
confident you won’t be the last. Not trying to sound harsh or anything but it is what it is, I don't believe in leading anyone on. Propositioning women isn't something I do every day, usually women come to me so bear with me if it’s not pretty. You and I; one night of fun, no expectations, no idle promises with a friendly goodbye in the morning. What do you say?”

Fucking hell.
I stumble a bit in my six-inch heels, taken aback by his brevity to ask so crassly. I call out to the bartender for another shot of
Southern Comfort,
on second thought I yell out that he should make three more. I throw the cash down on the bar to pay for the shots and then toss them back one by one. I know that I’m about to say yes. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, to have sex with someone I’ve idolized for the better part of my teenage and adult life. A chance I never thought I would get. What’s the worst that could happen by saying yes?

BOOK: Save Me (Rock Romance #4)
5.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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