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India looked at her, smiled and said, “Okay let’s go over and have some fun…I’ll deal with Travis later.”
“That’s it girl…let’s make this paper okay?”
She nodded her head in the affirmative as they began to walk over toward Tomas and Jacques.
As they made their way over to them, Travis now watching them as he thought, “I’m gonna get her for not remembering me…I love her and she gonna treat me like I was some trick?” “Let her get this for me, then after…I’m gonna make sure she pays for hurting me!”




he evening was getting late, but that did not seem to matter to India and Danika as they made their way toward Tomas and Jacques’ room. As they got into the room, they did not waste any time at taking off their clothes. With his concentration centered on Tomas ramming his dick into Danika’s hungry pussy, Jacques did not notice the figure moving up behind him.
“Looks like their having a good time,” her soft voice whispered.
Shocked at first, Jacques turned around and saw India standing there with a smile on her face.
“Wow…you scared me!” he said. “I saw you coming in the room, but didn’t know where you went…so I just sat here watching them.”
He was inebriated, but she was determined to get what she wanted, which was his big fat dick!
“Tomas pretended we needed ice so I volunteered to run down the hall to get some.” “I figured that would offer those two sometime alone together,” India replied.
“They sure aren't wasting any of it,” Jacques pointed out. “They were on each other before you left the room.”
Aware that Jacques was half-naked, wearing just a thong, India reached into his thong and closed her fist around his semi-hard shaft and began pumping it with her fist.
“Looks like you could use some attention, too,” she said as her hand continued to stroke his stiff length of a throbbing dick. He quickly removed his thong as she moaned, slightly.
Jacques groaned softly, trying not to make any noise but there was no holding back. He began thrusting his hips forward as his cum began to rise from his balls. India sensing his imminent orgasm dropped to her knees and inhaled his dick. Her breath was hot against his crotch and Jacques’ dick throbbed as she tongued its wide head. She knew there was no stopping now and relief forthcoming. She was going for the cum. India sucked his full length into her mouth and her tongue swirled around his rigid shaft as her hot saliva added to its heat. Then she grabbed his balls and squeezed them feeling the heavy load that was awaiting her. The tickling sensation in Jacques’ nuts built rapidly as India’s lips slipped up and down the hot shaft. Jacques’ balls clutched, trying to contain the energy that was building, his cum was rapidly reaching a boiling point. Then suddenly, without warning, India changed her mind, jumped up, looked into Jacques’ eyes, and said, “Fuck me!”
Together they fell to the floor with India parting her legs so Jacques could slide his dick into her wet pussy. She bit down on the side of his neck as he slid his dick all the way in her tight brown hole until she felt him hit bottom. Then locking her arms tightly around him, he started a deep, penetrating rhythm. India’s ass rocked up and down getting the full effect of his dick in her hot cunt. It was not long before India’s cry, “I’m cumming…I’m cumming!” that Jacques managed to reach one of her tits and suck her nipple into his mouth as he strained against her. India's pussy then went into over drive when he took hold of her nipple as they bucked against each other, she crying out as they both erupted. Jacques felt every molecule of his semen as it passed through him, flooding her deepest recesses.
After their climax, Jacques collapsed on top of her with his dick still spurting what remained of his hot, pearly white jizm into her dark, sopping wet, spasming pussy. India and Jacques were both savoring the intense aftermath of their mutual orgasm when suddenly they heard Danika's scream. Jumping up they both peeked into the living room to see what was taking place. There they saw Danika now lying on the couch, her knees flexed and her legs spread completely apart with Tomas’ face buried deep in her cum filled pussy. His tongue was slithering in and out of her pussy lapping up their combined love juices as she reached another intense orgasm, one after another.


“This looks like a good time to join them,” India said. “I'll sneak over and they won't even know I'm there until it's too late.”
India left Jacques and carefully stepped into the living room but before she went into the room, she removed her dress and tossed it across a chair. Naked now, she entered the living room, made her way over to the couch, and carefully knelt down next to Tomas. She lightly tapped him on the shoulder gesturing for him to move so she could take his place. Danika’s eyes closed tight as she was lost in a sea of exotic pleasure from the cunt licking that she was receiving from Tomas and not aware of the switch. Her body was moving back and forth loving the stimulation that was carrying her on to yet another climax.
Tomas had now moved up and was standing next to Danika’s face holding his throbbing hard dick in one hand and pressing the swollen head against her lips. Danika opened her eyes and became conscious of him standing next to her pressing his dick against her lips and smiling at her. Suddenly, her body froze but she continued to experience the attack made on her pussy. Then pushing Tomas away she raised her head and recognized India’s brown hair with her face pressed against her pussy, working her head in a circle and sucking on her clit.
Speaking in a sensuous tone, Danika said, “Oh No…I can’t believe this is happening…this can’t be happening, you told me you were strictly dickly!” “You, lying, bitch…Ooohhhh that feels so fuckin’ good!”
Holding her legs firmly so she could not escape, India placed her tongue right near Danika’s hot wet hole and ran it right up the backside of her clit. India paused a moment then circled her clit with her thumb, massaging top to bottom causing her clit to get extremely solid. Shivers were coursing madly now through Danika’s whole body. India then released Danika’s legs, took her middle finger, and slid it deep into her pussy. She was finger fucking her, plunging two fingers in and out while she sucked on Danika’s clit. Danika’s pussy began its orgasmic contractions as she kicked her feet high up in the air as her cunt throbbed madly around the probing intruders. India slipped her other hand under Danika's bootylicious ass and one of her fingers found, and penetrated her tight anal hole. When she did this, she heard Danika scream that it was too much and that she was cumming, India increased her attack on Danika's clit as her orgasm continued bucking her bare, beautiful ass up and down.
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH,……gawd,” she moaned, as she was cumming.
This was the first time India had ever pleasured another woman and she loved it. She had watched stuff like this on the videos but never thought she would enjoy it as much as she did and she also knew that it would not be the last time. She wanted more! Jacques watched as India shuddered and climaxed violently from her first lesbian affair. Her tits danced around her chest, and her breath was coming in deep gasps as she climaxed repeatedly. He could not believe that a woman could cum from eating another woman’s pussy and it turned him on as he stood there stroking his hard shaft.
When Danika finally relaxed and opened her eyes, Tomas was still standing next to her offering her his hard, throbbing dick. She grasped his shaft in her palm and yanking the swelling member up and down a few times, causing several drops of pre-cum to appear. With her fingers, caressing the underside of his dick her tongue snaked out tasting the salty lubricant. Then her lips parted and she sucked the head deep into her mouth, taking care not to scrap it with her teeth, down into her throat with her nose buried in his hairy crotch. She sucked Tomas’ cum filled dick with enthusiasm. At the same time, Jacques saw her hand reach down and squeeze his heavy bag, which was resting next to her chin, as her throat muscles milked his dick.
Motionless, Jacques watched Tomas thrusting his huge dick between Danika's willing and hungry lips. Only half of his giant prick filled her mouth now as she bobbed up and down on it. Suddenly, Tomas’ body turned wild as he was about to shoot his cum into her mouth.
“Suck it, baby,” he cried out.
“Aggghh, take it all!” Tomas grunted, as his dick spurted out his hot prize into her mouth.
Just as India was about to come herself from watching the two she plunged her tongue back into Danika's heated pussy and groaned with excitement as the first wave of orgasm over took her. With her lips locked on Danika's clit, her own body stiffened and a loud sigh escaped her lips, as she then fell back limp and quivering. Tomas’ dick slipped from Danika's mouth and crossed her flushed cheek, leaving a gooey trail of sticky sperm. Tomas looked down at the two beautiful females before him. Danika laid on the couch her eyes closed and her huge breast rising and falling with each breath. Her legs were still open wide and he could see the matted hair surrounding her wet dark pussy. Then he looked over at India, who was sitting back on her buttocks smiling; her fingers still lodged inside her own very wet pussy.
“Doesn't she look beautiful laying there?” India asked, still fingering her own hot hole, slowly.
“She sure does,” Tomas replied, his eyes staring down on Danika's nude form, causing his dick to stir again.
Now India, noticing that some hardness remained in Tomas' dick she reached over and began stroking his manhood. While leaning over, she licked his shaft from the tip, down to his hairy balls. Then taking each orb into her mouth, she sucked it gently at the same time her fist increased the tautness on his dick. A driblet of pre-cum oozed from the tip as she released his ball from her mouth and licked the droplet away before opening her cherry colored lips wide then sucking his dick inside. Then running her tongue up the sensitive vein on the underside, she circled his crown with her smooth tongue, sucking the bounteous slit.
“Ooooooh, baby, you suck dick so damn good,” Tomas, said, throwing back his head, eyes closed and moaned loudly as India continued to inhale his dick.
India did not bother to answer him. She continued to suck his swollen member, hoping to get him prepared for what was to come next. When she knew she had his dick at the point of no return, she let it slip from her mouth, pulled him down next to her and guided him between Danika's creamy bronze thighs. India began to massage his black knob against Danika's pubes. India made sure Danika's pussy is lubricated, and then she inserted his pulsating member into her gushing cunt. Tomas began pumping right away with Danika just from instinct began fucking him right back. She was grinding her moist crotch up against him and forcing his big dick deeper inside her love tunnel with each new stroke. With her breasts heaving up and down, with each attack, she spread her legs wider, allowing him to enter her deeper. Tomas was teasing the depths of her cunt as he moved in and out, driving her wild. You could hear their bellies slapping together throughout the room as they rocked the couch back and forth, as he hurled his boner into Danika's twat. New warmth came over Danika's pretty face, and her eyelids fluttered open.
“Oh, fuck me!” she cried bucking her hips up at her intruder. “It feels so good. I love your big, thick dick, fuck me!”
It was all Tomas could do to remain on top of her as she bucked and kicked as the passion waves surged through her body. Then it was Tomas’ turn. He fucked Danika as fast as he could with deep short jabs, until finally, the knot in his dick loosened and his jizm spurted into her pussy. As his hot load splashed against her womb, her hips shot up to meet the burning fluid as it coated her depths. The trio rested now as Jacques watched them sitting naked together on the couch talking. Tomas was between India and Danika as they were all laughing about something but he could not hear what they were saying. He walked up and sat down in the chair next to the couch as he heard Tomas speaking, “I hope you ladies, have had enough for one night,” Tomas said. “I don't think my dick could take anymore.” Both girls laughed as they gazed down at the flaccid member lying across Tomas’ thigh.
Then India reached over, caressed the soft member with her hand, and said. “I think we need to let him rest for tonight?” “What do you think Danika?"
Looking at India's hand patting the soft member, she agreed. "I think your right," she replied. “Maybe a good night’s rest would do him some good?”
Danika looked over at Jacques as she said, “So…you ready?”
Both India and Danika strolled over to Jacques as he stood there smiling. They embraced for a few moments, their arms around each other, a three-tongued mutual kiss meeting in the middle. When their embrace broke, they all looked at each other for a moment then Danika suggested that they all head to the shower. The shower was about six feet square and had two showerheads – one on either side. As they walked into the bathroom, Danika stepped in first with Jacques following and India stepping in last, both of her hands cupping the cheeks of his ass. Danika assumed the duties of getting the water on and the temperature adjusted. As they were all standing in the middle of the shower when she first turned it on, everybody got the cold water that first rushed out. Jacques jumped as his dick shrank... the girls both jumped but their already erect nipples tightened further. As the water warmed up quickly and the steam began to rise, his dick began to relax. Not sure what to do first, Jacques just stood there and enjoyed being between these two sexually African-American women. India grabbed the soap and started to soap Jacques up from behind. Before any soap got to his front though, Danika dropped to her knees in front of him and took his soft dick into her mouth. This must of felt great to him because he began to moan slightly. As Danika sucked on his tool in the effort to bring it to life, Jacques wondered what she thought of the taste of India's pussy juices on his shaft. As wet as India had been and as much as she had gushed when she came, he knew that his entire groin – and probably the tops of his thighs – smelled like her sex. Danika did not seem to mind... because she loved to eat pussy and India’s punany was just want she wanted.
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