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Jacques thought, “Maybe she could just suck her pussy directly instead of getting her juices off my dick…well…I like that she’s sucking my dick to get it instead.”
When India declared that she was finished soaping up his back, Danika stood up and together they turned Jacques around. India began to soap his front while Danika's hands rubbed and caressed every part of his back, from thighs to neck. As the lather began to build on his front, Danika stepped in close to rub her chest and belly against his back and butt while her hands reached around and began to caress through the slickness building on the front of his body. As Danika's hands caressed his chest and tickled his stomach, India's hands were soaping and caressing his balls and shaft.
India would not stop soaping his body until it was completely covered. She then put the soap back in the tray and her hands joined Danika's in the caressing, rubbing, gentle squeezing and stroking of his wonderful shape. This went on for a few moments as he tried his best to return the favor to both of them, one hand in front of him, one hand behind him, both trying to caress some part of their body. India's mouth sought his and a tongue-filled kiss ensured of both of him or her seeking some type of dominance with no winner. Both of their aggressiveness was met and it made him believe that a long pleasurable section was about to go down.
When their kisses finally broke, India said, “Danika, come here, girl,”
Jacques traded places with Danika. With Danika between them and facing India, they began soaping her body. They gave a lot of attention is given to Danika’s full chest. Her nipples were thoroughly caressed, pinched, pulled, twisted and milked. India caressed and rubbed her sexy ass as she lathers soap all of her body. The slickness between her well-shaped cheeks was caressed and rubbed, especially across her tight puckered backdoor. He could not figure out her movements as his fingers caressed over her snatch. She was pushing back trying to get some penetration as she wiggled to get his fingers to go in. As Jacques continued to lather and rub Danika’s back and then front as he rubbed his not-quite-as-limp dick between her ass cheeks, India once again sought a kiss. Jacques had never seen two women kiss like that except, in a porno movie. He was excited to see that equal level of aggressiveness repeated.. Danika smiled at India, as Jacques realized that their lips and tongues were moving together as much as their breasts and erect nipples. Both women had handfuls of the others' ass and both were working their hips as if they were trying to fuck each other. Seeing this just made Jacques’ dick grow as he began to stroke it.
Finally, it was India's turn in the middle. She was facing Jacques as Danika soaped her back and he took care of her front. Before he got any soap on her belly or lower, he ran a finger back in between her swollen pussy lips and found out that she was still freely flowing copious amounts of her slick sex juice. Having been careful to rinse the soap off his hand before he put his fingers there, he slid his finger back and forth on India's clit, fully rubbing his finger down across her hot opening before stroking back up over her buzzing nub. Danika’s hands were busy working India’s chest – playfully teasing her nipples in every way possible. As India’s hips began to pump, and her thighs bowed open to gain more pleasure for her cunt, Jacques stroked down and slid two fingers into her. Danika kept up her assault on India's chest as his fingers slid in and out of her punany. Soon he had to kneel down to get a better angle and then started pumping his fingers in and out of her as fast as he could move his arm. The knuckles of his hand were hitting India’s pelvis with every inward thrust and her moans made it clear just how much she was enjoying herself. Her deeply intense orgasm followed and it was strong enough that she could not keep herself on her feet. Danika and Jacques did their best to support her as she collapsed, but neither of them sacrificed what they were doing. He kept finger fucking and Danika kept up her work on India's tits and nipples. This made them end up in a tangle of arms and legs on the shower floor, laughing after India’s orgasm subsided.
They lay on the floor like that for a few minutes, trading kisses and caresses as Jacques realized that his dick was semi-erect. He thought, “My dick is about ready…maybe it’s time to rinse thoroughly, dry each other off and head to the bed.”
As he was about to make that suggestion, India and Danika started focusing their passions on each other. He stopped and became excited as he watched them move their bodies together – even on the hard tiled floor of the shower – their arms intertwined, their legs moving in such a way that they were humping their pussies on each other’s thigh, and their tongues continually swirling together in passionate kisses. They moved together this way almost as if they planned to rinse off this way, because that is exactly what happened. As they writhed together beneath the hot spray, they gradually rinsed their bodies, their hands rubbing up and down and around to make sure all the soap slickness disappeared. India took the lead first and soon Danika was on her back enjoying a variety of pleasurable sensations. India's lips, teeth and tongue teasing a nipple; the hot water still spraying across them both; India's hand and fingers exploring Danika’s wet pussy. He stood there as his dick jumped and watched India slide two fingers into Danika’s pussy and ground them in, using her palm to put pressure on Danika’s clit as the finger-fucking session commenced. India’s mouth worked back and forth to make sure both of Danika’s nipples were pleased while her hand never stopped working in Danika’s cunt. Soon Jacques could see his pleasure delivered, as Danika’s hips began to rotate and pump. Then, Danika grabbed India’s hand to press it even harder into her snatch as she began to erupt. It was a long intense orgasm and he saw that India was gently biting Danika’s nipples as the orgasm coursed through her. When Danika came down, a gentle shifting began and minutes later that the roles had reversed. Danika gave India the exact same treatment that she had just received and it was still a delight for Jacques to watch. India's chest was not near as large as Danika's but her nipples appeared to be even more sensitive. It did not take India long to cum and when she did, he was thinking that perhaps it was getting close to time to dry off and go play. Jacques was now getting frustrated as he hoped that the women would get out the shower and involve him again, but Danika had other plans.
As India came down off her orgasm, Danika released her lip-lock on India's nipple and began to kiss her way down her body. She gradually lets her mouth get closer and closer to the juncture of India's thighs. As she did so, she never stopped moving her fingers in India's pussy, but instead kept up a slow pump and rotates motion that seemed to keep India pleased. All Jacques could do was to watch as India realized was what going on and put both hands on Danika’s head, pushing gently, trying to get Danika to speed up. Danika took her time, because she had always dreamed of getting India in such a matter. She was not trying to rush through it as she moved on her hands and knees. Her delicious ass and inviting looking pussy was pointing at Jacques.
His dick was coming alive, watching her ass in the air as he thought, “I might be able to take advantage of this positioning, but not yet…”
His eyes focused by the reality of India spreading her thighs even farther to allow Danika's tongue better access. .
Danika’s first tentative licks were across India’s obviously swollen and sensitive clit. India’s whole body jumped at Danika's first contact, the pressure of her mouth soon calmed it when she pressed her face down against India's pussy. As she carefully sucked her clit hard, her fingers caressed her deep inside. Jacques had enough watching as he got up on his knees behind Danika. When he took his now throbbing hard dick in hand and began to rub it up and down the length of Danika’s slit, she responded by pushing her hips back, trying to get his length into her. The floor was a bit uncomfortable on his knees but he did not care, sliding his swollen dickhead into her pussy, which was even hotter than the steaming water still spraying down onto them. He took her hips in hand and began a nice steady stroking motion, pulling his length out until he just barely still maintained any penetration. He then slid his full length back in until I felt his balls hitting her bootylicious ass. At first, he made his strokes gently to allow her to keep eating India’s pussy, but it started to get good to him as he began to push his dick into her with more force. Here was India, on her back, her own hands pinching, twisting and tweaking her nipples as Danika was between her spread thighs finger fucking and eating her. Jacques was behind Danika with his hands on her hips, pounding his swollen shaft in and out of her slick coochie as moans and groans mingled with the splashing sounds of the water.
When India came again, it was hard against Danika’s face and with every thrust of his length forward into Danika’s quivering pussy, her face bumped into India’s pussy...well, more like RAMMED into India's pussy. Jacques was not fucking gently anymore but neither of them seemed to be complaining. When India’s orgasm passed, Danika pulled her face and fingers away. India did not move, as Danika stabilized herself on her hands and knees to enjoy the pounding she was getting. Jacques was now fucking her harder, moving as fast as he could without risking slipping and falling over on the slick tiles. In another minute or so Danika began to moan an incoherent string of words that let him know she was going to cum again. He pounded her harder as he was trying to receive the reward with that pleasurable feeling of her pussy tightening up and spasming around his dick. He kept thrusting until her climax took control of her, making her thighs quiver and shake uncontrollably. Jacques fell away from her as she had pulled away from India.


Trying to catch their breath, they mutually agreed that it was time to dry off and head to the bed. His dick was still hard as India and Danika were both capable of many more orgasms before the night was over, but decided to call it a night. They all got in the bed with Tomas as Danika and Jacques were fast asleep. India closed her eyes as she thought, “I never thought I do the woman on woman thing, but it’s not so bad…I guess I’m not as strictly dickly as I thought…huh?












ravis stared out the window, trying to decide what would be best for him to do. He was not about to let India treat him like a dog as he thought heavily on seeking revenge. He loved her in his own demented way and he was determined to get his way. “Bruce,” he thought. “Perhaps Bruce Michaels could give me the whole account about Ms. India Wynn’s little secret.” Impulsively, he reached for the telephone and dialed Bruce’s private number. As he waited for him to answer he thought, “I’ll just blackmail her for a while until she falls in love with me, then I will have her where I want her.”
“Hey Bruce…it’s me Travis…what’s up with you my brother?”
“Well…well…well, if ain’t Travis St. Croix …what the fuck do you want man?”
“Oh…did I catch you at a bad time?”
“Naw man’s just fuckin’ three o’clock in the fuckin’ morning…where you at man?”
“I’m in the Bahamas…sorry about that.” “Look man I need you to do me a favor…I need to know a little more about that female you told me about that works at my company.” “You know…the one you said was trickin’ on the side.”
He sighed and then he answered, “You called me to talk about a bitch…yo man her name is Pleasure or something like that.” “I’m not sure if that’s the one I’m talkin’ bout is the same girl man!” “Why you want to know…you trying to get some of that?”
Travis smiled as he replied, “Yeah…you told me she was a freaky bitch so I figure since you said that, she comes highly recommended…I just wanted to see if I could get her to come down her for a party!”
“Man…the Bahamas ain’t got any nookie on that island?” “Besides…I heard she don’t come cheap…she don’t do nothing for less than a grand!” “Getting her to do something down there would probably cost about five grand plus travel!”
Travis laughed as he replied, “Man…that ain’t shit…I’ll pay that!” “How do I get in touch with her?”
“I can call and see if she’s available…nobody’s supposed to know about this man…I hope you ain’t trying to do something crazy Travis!” “She don’t need anybody trying to fuck her game up… you heard me?”
“I hear you man…look I’m a holla at you later alright…Thanks B.”
“Don’t mention it…next time call me on Central Standard Time man!”
Travis laughed as he answered, “Okay!”
He quickly hung up the phone as he began to pace the floor, trying to figure out a way to get India catch up. After about five, his room phone rings and he immediately strolls over to answer it.
“Hey Travis…this is India…aren’t we supposed to be having breakfast to discuss our strategy?”
“Yeah…what time is it?”
“You said you wanted to meet at 8:00 AM…its 8:35 AM!”
He looked at his watch and sighed as he answered, “Damn…I’m on my way down!”
He quickly hung up and ran into the bathroom to freshen up. About ten minutes later, he came strolling into the hotel restaurant where India and Danika were waiting with the server.
“Ladies…sorry I’m late!” “Have you ordered already?”
Danika gazed at him as she replied, “Naw…we were just waiting on your tired ass to meet us here, hoping we wouldn’t starve to damn death!”
He looked at her with an irritated expression as she just rolled her eyes at him. It was obvious that Danika could not stand the ground he walked on, especially since he had an interest in her prize.
India smiled as she interrupted, “Now let’s just have a nice pleasant breakfast and talk business shall we…Danika whatcha having?”
“I think I will have the scrambled eggs with turkey sausage…you India?”
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