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You hold the key to your sexuality, open the box and live!





















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Dreams are something that you should believe in because they do come true! Without your dreams you will never live your life to the fullest and you will always wonder what if I did this or that! Never allow anything or anybody deprive you from living your dream. If you do, you will be the one that suffers from not achieving it.
First, I must give thanks to my Savior, thank you for being my salvation and my rock, especially when no one else understood the vision.
To my friend, Sexy India, who inspired and helped to develop this novel series. You are a great friend and I will always be grateful for your support and making this series come to life. I also thank you for listening to me as I ranted about this vision and this wonderful undertaking and for having faith in me.
As you know, I love writing, whether it is writing a paranormal or a thrilling fast-paced mystery, I will always love this art. It is my hope that we continue to venture on many other projects in the near future. Keep up your good works as well and never give up on your dreams and goals. God has plans for you and I hope you will allow him to fulfill them through you!
To Jeff Primos my marketing guru and business partner, you are one of the greatest inspirations for me because your belief in my vision and your willingness to work with me from the beginning has helped to inspire my motivation. Not only are you truly a friend and Frat are a great business partner.
Very special thanks goes out to Authors April Blanding (Vogue), Tamika Newhouse, K.D. Harris, Felisha Bradshaw, Earl Sewell, Anna Black, J.M. Benjamin, LeBlanc, Essence BlaQue and so many more of you that I didn’t mention. All of you have touched me in so many ways that you did not even know that you did. Your contribution of immeasurable wisdom on the do’s and don’ts of the literary game have been profoundly instilled in my heart and I truly thank you all for coming on my radio show to express your invaluable knowledge.
To my family and friends, thank you all for your continuous support and for having faith in me. Thank you for giving me great ideas and for your continued confidence in my efforts. You all have been an inspiration and you are the many reasons I continue to strive for excellence.
To all of my fans: Without you, there can be no Redsnapper! I truly enjoy giving you what you crave for and I try to give you nothing but the best. Thank you for your support and comments. Please continue to write reviews and giving your suggestions and ideas on what you would like to see from me. After all, I write this for you as well as for myself, but I care deeply about you! Please keep in touch and stay tuned for upcoming projects in the coming year.












wanted him. She knew it as she placed his sex in the warm recesses of her mouth. She knew she could convince him to do almost anything she wanted, because of his helplessness against her powers of persuasion. She preferred catching him unaware, at his most vulnerable state, when he was sleeping, perhaps. His dick was soft and a perfect size for sucking as his skin was supple and molded so easily to every crevice inside her mouth. As he awakens from his slumber, his dick has already betrayed him by hardening as she continued to stoke it to its full length.

Oh, how I want to taste you... every single inch of you...

she thought as her mouth moved over his throbbing hard erection.
She looked up at him with a sensuous stare as her tongue snaked out to touch the tip of his tool with glistening wetness. Wet with her saliva and his pre-cum, his shaft was musky and arousing as the scent of both of them is now mixed. She tasted, alternating between sucking and lightly using her teeth over the petal-softness of the head. He wanted her to suck his entire throbbing hard shaft deep inside her mouth, but she did not. Instead, her lips trailed a path of fiery hot kisses down the entire length of it. Her head, now tilted sideways as her kisses were like suction he had never experienced. Her mouth covered his flesh all the way to the base, and when he moaned, she took it out asking him to tell her what he wanted.
“Just tell me, baby, tell me how horny I make you.” “Tell me how I can please you,” she whispered.
His skin was firm and tight now, as she draws his balls into her mouth. He is huge and she can suck only one at a time as she slides a finger inside her pussy, gathering her wetness. Her fingers played with him, enjoying the electricity of his reaction, as the sensitivity of his skin there is new to him. The scents of their arousal permeated the air, and making her weak with need and unspoken desires. His dick seems ready to explode, at any moment, but now was too soon as she removed her lips and let the fullness of her, breasts tightly squeezed his sex.

My nipples are so hard for you, tight and hard and on fire...,”
she thought as she began to relish the power she has over him.
His rod slid and thrusted, easily, lubricated by pre-cum between her large chocolate breasts. At each upward stroke, she pulled his head into her mouth, sucking deeply, milking him dry. He grunted her approval as his guttural moans mingle with the high-pitched whimpers that she realized were coming from her. His pre-cum was leaking constantly now as she slipped her hands between their bodies and smeared the stickiness of it over her hard nipples. She gazed at him with a crazy with lust expression, as she thought about how she could fulfill this need. The need she has is to taste his cum.

I want your hot pulsating cum to spray my mouth and lips, hitting me again and again...,”
she thought as her mouth consumed all of him, desperately.
Suddenly a shift of power took place as she said, “I’ll do anything to taste your cum.”
She found herself caught up. As if as she could not think beyond the head of his dick and what it holds for her. She barely noticed the juices running down her chin, as everything was messy and drenched. A slurping noise - half-wet, half suction - infiltrates the room. Her hands cup his balls and pull at them, begging them to release their creamy prize as a puddle of juices had formed at the juncture between his thighs, and she used it to stroke him where her mouth could not reach. Her finger slid further down to that forbidden place that he would never let anyone touch. She cannot resist as she uses the wetness to massage him there at his ass. He does not seem to notice or care as his thrusting was too hard and too fast as he gagged her but refuse to stop. His hands were pulling at her hair, as he spoke in a voice she did not recognize, “Suck it, trick…you know you want this dick, don't you?”

Oh man, I've never been so turned on in my life by his disrespectful dialogue...,”
she thought as she hungrily sucked his shaft.
Her fingertip enters his forbidden portal, as she suddenly felt a clenching. The sensation reminds her of how her pussy contractions, as she is so turned on by the betrayal of his body. Her mouth sucked forcibly, as her finger slides further into his asshole. She began stroking him harder and he did not make her stop because he liked it as much as she did. Suddenly he began to cum, but as his cum filled her mouth, she quickly backed away, so she could feel the hotness of his jizm on her lips and face. His body convulsed unlike anything she had ever seen as his ass clenched around her finger, almost painfully. She moved back to his dick to suck it once more, taking in every single drop. Then, she licked him clean as she savored the taste of what she earned. All he could do now was relax, as he was unable to move or think.
Suddenly, she got up and immediately strolled toward the bathroom, but as she was about to go into the bath, she noticed her reflection in the long narrow mirror just to the right of her. She glanced briefly at her gorgeous physique as she thought,
“If the people on my staff knew what I was doing… they’d be totally shocked.”
She continued to stroll into the bathroom and sat on the toilet as she thought, “I just can’t help myself…I love to do this but…!”
Suddenly before she could finish her thought, the voice of her lover came through the closed door.
“I really enjoyed this…it was truly wonderful…aww honey…what did you say your name was again?”
It’s funny because when he said that, the average woman would have been pissed at him, but not this woman…naw it was just a reminder of who she really was…to her this just reminded her...that she was a closet freak!








t was a hectic day at the office for India Wynn as she walked over toward the water cooler. She looked extremely nervous as she took out some Prozac antidepressant pills from her purse. Hands shaking, she grabbed the paper cup from the dispenser and drew some water from the cooler. She glanced around the area; making sure no one was watching her as she quickly devoured the pills, swallowing vigorously, allowing the pills to sink down her throat. After standing there by the water cooler for about five minutes, the medication quickly began to take effect, calming her anxiety so she could continue to work on her portion of the project. She was about to finish an extremely crucial endeavor that would profit the corporation an estimated $250 million dollars if this plan was adopted. She and her team worked night and day for three months trying to get this project ready for the project management board meeting schedule for 10:00 AM the next morning, which meant working extremely late that evening. After she noticed the clock and saw that the team had been there until around midnight, she decided to release everyone.
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