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Serve His Needs - Destination

BOOK: Serve His Needs - Destination
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A private jet and a private car with a driver lead Amanda Mitchell back into the fantasy world of sexy billionaire, Alexander Porter.  In his private cabin, high up in the snowy Colorado mountains, Amanda can once again explore her deepest desires, but only if Alexander commands her to...


When she arrives to an empty cabin, Amanda quickly discovers that Alexander has other arrangements for her pleasure.  Amanda must obey all his commands if she wants Alexander to satisfy her undying desire for his touch.  But how will she feel about him watching her at all times?  Can she handle the pressure?  Will the wait be worth it?


Dear sweet Mandy –


Business calls, as it always does.  Your skin and desire linger on me, even after a shower.  I can taste your lips when I taste mine.  You’re forever burned into my memory.

But I’m not done.

You’re mine, Mandy, and you know it.

I’ve cracked your shell, forced you to expose yourself.  And you’re not done yet.  You can feel it, and I can sense it.

There’s only one thing for us to do, Mandy.  We need to find how far we can go.  How far can your needs take you, Mandy?  This is something we both don’t know… but something we are both going to find out.

I hope you enjoy snow, Mandy, because in thirty minutes, Jeffrey will drive you to the airport.  A small jet will be waiting and will take you to Colorado.  I have a small place nestled in the mountains for us to enjoy. 

You will trust me and you will be there.

And Mandy… no matter what you think, I am
watching you…


His hands were everywhere, all at once.  He moved so fast, it felt like he had ten hands.  No, twenty.  Whatever the count was, every tender spot on Amanda Mitchell’s sweet body was taken care of.  His touching was perfect.

“Alexander,” she whispered.  “Oh, Alexander…”

No reply came, not that Amanda expected one.  She blinked but saw nothing.  The blanketed darkness around her should have made her nervous –
why couldn’t she see?
– but she knew it was best to give herself to Alexander completely.

Any way he wanted her.

Any time he wanted her.

Her hands spread across the bed, the silk sheets rubbing between her fingers.  She curled her fingers, adding a touch of violence as she moved her body up towards Alexander.  She hoped to catch him off guard, but she had no luck.

, she thought,
why can’t I see?

She couldn’t remember Alexander turning out the lights.

She couldn’t remember Alexander putting a blindfold on her. 

She couldn’t remember…

“Ms. Mitchell?”

Ms. Mitchell?  Wait, that’s me…

“Yes,” Amanda whispered, feeling a sultry growl in her throat. 

When Alexander Porter told her he was going to crack her shell, she wasn’t sure what to believe.  In her eyes, she had been given the chance of a lifetime – a chance to skip out on work and go home with billionaire Alexander Porter.  They started in the limo and finished in his bed.  Amanda’s sexual fire had been ignited and doused with gasoline in a way she never felt before. 

“I’m sorry… Ms. Mitchell?”

Sorry?  Why are you sorry?  Just please keep touching me…

“I’m here,” Amanda said.  “I feel you.”

The soft touching became softer and finally, non existent. 

Where are you?

Another touch came, but it wasn’t Alexander’s. 

Amanda knew that the second she felt boney fingers on her shoulder.

“Ms. Mitchell, I apologize…”

Amanda opened her eyes and snapped into reality.  For a few seconds, she had no idea where she was, what was happening, or who she was for that matter.  Everything felt like a blur until Amanda looked to her left and saw a tall woman standing next to her.

“I’m so sorry to wake you,” the woman said.  “But we’re going to begin our descent.”

“Descent,” Amanda whispered. 

She licked her dry lips and turned her head to the right.  She saw a circular window followed by clouds.  Lots of clouds.


Descent.  Clouds.

Amanda looked down and realized what the lady wanted.

“I need you to buckle your seatbelt, please,” she said.

“Of course,” Amanda said grabbing the buckle and connecting the two pieces.

“Mr. Porter would hate for anything to happen to you,” the woman added with a curious smile. 

Amanda saw the woman’s eyes and how they twinkled.  They told Amanda she knew exactly what Alexander Porter had planned for Amanda in his private cabin in the snowy mountains of Colorado.  There was also a hint of jealousy as though the woman wished she were twenty years younger, in Amanda’s position.

Amanda couldn’t blame the woman. 

It was less than twenty four hours ago that Amanda watched Alexander Porter staring at her from the corner of the restaurant. 

The woman nodded at Amanda and then turned.

“Um, excuse me?” Amanda asked.

The woman stopped.  She glanced over her shoulder. 

“Is he waiting for me?”

Amanda leaned over her seat and checked the private jet.

It was empty of passengers besides Amanda. 

“Mr. Porter has a car waiting for you,” the woman said.  “No worries, you won’t be driving.”

“Driving?” Amanda asked.  “I thought… well, I guess if I had a cabin too, it wouldn’t be at the airport.”

“Far from it,” the woman said.  “It’s about an hour drive.  Straight up the mountains.  Beautiful scenery too.  You’ll land and there won’t be any snow.  But when you get to the cabin, it’s like its own little world…”

The woman trailed off and her eyes twinkled again.

Amanda suddenly felt angry and jealous. 

How did the woman know so much about Alexander’s cabin?

Had she been a visitor at some point?

Had she had the sexual privilege of sharing Alexander’s bed and then being flown off to a cabin in the mountains?

Alexander Porter unleashed another side of Amanda.  She reached for the woman and grabbed her wrist.  For a second, Amanda shocked herself with such a move.

“How do you know about the cabin?” she asked the woman.

“Pictures,” the woman said.  “He showed us pictures when he had it built.  I can’t imagine how beautiful it actually is to be in there.  You’re a very lucky woman.”

Amanda let the woman’s wrist go and sat back in her seat.  She turned her head and watched the ground becoming more visible as the plane lowered itself.  Mountains and houses and communities, everything looked like it had been predesigned from this angle, high in the sky.

The plane touched down twenty minutes later and when it came to a complete stop, Amanda’s body started to race again.  She felt like she had been outside the restaurant before, waiting for Alexander’s limo to show and take her away.  Part of her couldn’t believe anything that had happened, yet other parts of her were warm and moist, wishing for more of what had happened.

Amanda stood up from her seat and smiled.

She took a deep breath and swallowed, moistening her dry mouth.

Now all that separated her and Alexander Porter was a short, one hour drive to his private cabin the mountains. 

When the driver opened the car door for Amanda, she wished Alexander would be sitting there, waiting for her.  She wanted to enjoy his company in a vehicle again.

The backseat was empty.

Amanda climbed in and the driver shut the door.

The ride was smooth and quiet, so Amanda was alone with her thoughts.  She couldn’t stop thinking about Alexander and what he had planned.  He had business to tend to, but what did that mean?  How far away was he right now?  Could he be in the air, somewhere close?  Or could he be in the cabin, waiting for Amanda?

Somewhere between her thoughts, Amanda discovered two things. 

First, she was really turned on.  Not that her urges and passion for Alexander Porter had subsided that much, but she felt her body acting as though he were seated just inches from her.  The images her mind played again and again – all of Alexander’s perfect body, top to bottom and the best part between his legs.  The way her body worked with itself, from her full breasts down to her slit.  It seemed the harder her heart began to pound, more heat rushed from her chest down to her sweetest spot.  She shifted in the seat, leaning more towards the window, but that only made things worse.  The way her panties pulled at her was enough to make Amanda moan.  She was alone and didn’t care, she could make all the noise she wanted.

She gripped the handle of the door as she panted, watching her breath fog up small, uneven circles on the window. 

She wanted Alexander there so badly and she could feel that want becoming a need.

As she leaned towards the window, she discovered the second thing.  The woman on the airplane was right.  When the car left, it was crisp and cool outside, but no snow.  The air had a little crisp to it like it had the potential at a moments notice to turn very cold.  Now, there were soft blankets of snow on the trees and on the ground.  And the longer the ride lasted, the more snow Amanda could see.

It was like entering another world.

For Amanda, it was entering another world.  The world of a billionaire.  Wild sex in a limo.  Hot sex in a condo.  A private flight almost all the way across the country.  And now a private drive to a private cabin in the woods.  All complete with fresh snow to set the tone.

Although Amanda sat comfortable, her body shivered staring at the snow.  She tried to imagine the change in climate and surrounding, and not just from the airport either.  Trying to think of the restaurant, her job, her life, it all seemed fuzzy.  It felt like she had been away from there for years.  Forgetting all that mundane stuff, the moments that were said to be reality but really weren’t, were easy to shed.  She had better things to think about… betting things to fantasize about.  She also had better things to prepare for.

Alexander Porter would have her in the mountains, high above the world, secluded.  No condo.  No foreplay with people around.

It would be them. 

Nothing else.

Nobody else.

The snow continued to grow in piles the more the vehicle climbed the mountain.  Amanda had a few uneasy moments as her eyes played tricks on her, trying to convince her that with snow came bad roads and accidents.  Crashing wasn’t as scary as not getting to Alexander.  However, she trusted that he would pay for the best possible way for her to get to him.

And he did.

At what felt like the top of the world, where the earth met the sky, the vehicle turned right.  The back tires slipped for a quick second but regained traction and continued.  From the left of the vehicle, Amanda saw the cabin take shape.  Her reaction, as with any reaction regarding billionaire Alexander Porter, was the same – her mouth fell open and she lost her breath.

The vehicle came to a stop as Amanda clutched at her chest, reminding herself to breath.  She inhaled and exhaled a few times, deep, and then let out a girlish giggle.  The cabin had a rustic woodsy look to it, but she knew it would be anything but that.  Large windows grazed the front of cabin.  Pillars of thick wood became part of a large porch.  The driver opened the door and ushered Amanda out.

“Orders are to enter the cabin,” the man said with a quick nod.  “I’ll wait until you shut the door.  Then I leave.”

“Are you okay driving back down?” Amanda asked.

The man looked a little uneasy.  “I have my orders.”  He tipped his hat and stepped aside.

A path had been shoveled and the driver had lined the vehicle up perfect with the path. 

Amanda walked it to the porch and stopped for a second to smile.  Funny how life worked sometimes.  She could be getting to work right now, waiting tables.  Instead she took the steps to Alexander Porter’s cabin and walked to the front door.  Everything about the wood shined like the place had just been built.  Even the smell… it had a forestry smell to it, like fresh cut wood.  The snow added a chilly sting in the air, making Amanda shiver, only adding to her need to be inside the place.

BOOK: Serve His Needs - Destination
11.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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