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The next kiss was even better, with the tender feel of Alexander’s tongue as he ran it left to right on Amanda’s lips.  It was as though they had never kissed before. 

Amanda opened her mouth just a little to let out a breath and a much needed moan.  Her eyes wanted to close and she wanted to fall into Alexander.  She wanted him to spin her around, open the towel, and have her body.  Now and forever. 

But that wasn’t how Alexander Porter worked.

“Tell me,” Alexander whispered, “were you worried I wouldn’t show?”

Amanda blinked furiously, wanting to lie but she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face.  Alexander had broken her down in ways she never thought possible.

She was his.

She would never lie.

“I started to worry,” she whispered.

Alexander released his grip on Amanda’s hand and put it to her soft hair. 

“Never,” he said.  “Never worry.  Just listen, and enjoy.”

His fingers were deep in Amanda’s hair, the tips of his fingers almost rubbing at her scalp.  He then curled his fingers with Amanda’s hair wrapped around them and forced her head back. 

When her mouth fell open, Alexander put his lips to hers again and slid his tongue into her mouth.

Amanda returned the kiss with her own tongue, using it as her only real way of being aggressive with Alexander.  Other than this he would be in control.  They continued to kiss as his fingers moved down to the top of the towel.  It hardly seemed fair that she stood in just a damp towel while Alexander wore a full suit, tie and all.  For Amanda though the only fairness she needed she had.  Alexander was here, and he was touching her.

With one quick pull, Alexander loosened the towel from Amanda’s body.  It opened and fell around her, leaving her nude body exposed to him.  He pulled back from their kiss and looked down to admire Amanda’s slender perfect body.  He touched her breasts, cupping them, his thumbs flicking her nipples.  He repeated the same moves that he had requested Amanda to do.

“That’s better, right?” Alexander asked.

“Of course,” Amanda said, adding a moan.  “Of course.”

His left hand moved from Amanda’s breast down her stomach, his right hand still cupping one of her breasts.  When the tips of his fingers touched the wet tender skin between Amanda’s legs, Amanda moved her feet open more, offering herself to Alexander.  He slid between her labia and beyond, flirting dangerously with parts untouched.  Amanda moved herself at Alexander and he quickly brought his fingers back to her slit, rubbing before finally inserting one of his fingers into her.  As he did, he squeezed his hold on her breast, making sure she remained standing. 

“It’s okay,” Alexander said as another finger penetrated Amanda.

Two fingers were inside of her, just as she had experienced in the shower only this time it was the right kind of touch.  The touch from a billionaire.

Alexander moved gently, more enjoying himself than satisfying Amanda.  Of course his touch pleased Amanda, it just wasn’t an orgasm kind of touch.  He slipped his fingers from Amanda’s wetness and moved along her labia to her sensitive clitoris.  His fingers came together and squeezed Amanda’s clit, making her cry out and jump.

Then came the sudden move Amanda had been waiting for from the second she walked into the cabin.  Alexander spun her around and his hands were somehow on her hips, lifting her and literally tossing her to the bed.  Amanda crashed to the silky sheets and put her palms down, gripping the sheets.  Her legs opened wide and she felt her breasts jumping and her hair a mess all around her. 

“Oh Mandy,” Alexander said, “if you taste as great as you feel… I’m in for a treat myself…”

“Taste?” Amanda asked.

Alexander stepped to the bed and put his hands on Amanda’s legs.  He pushed on her legs, spreading her wide and holding her legs open wide. 

Then Amanda watched as the billionaire moved to his knees and pulled her to him.  With the first flick of his tongue to her wet skin, Amanda cried his name and felt the first pulse of orgasmic pleasure.  She lifted herself, staring down at Alexander.  To her shock his eyes were looking back at her.  He kept his mouth far enough away from Amanda’s sweet spot so she could see him working at her.  She could see his tongue running up and down, moving her skin, pleasing her with an intensity that matched nothing she could do to herself. 

Alexander started to move faster, the tip of his tongue took quick concentration to Amanda’s clit.  He worked her with perfection, his movements constantly changing but always full of pleasure.  No matter what Amanda did – attempted or not – she couldn’t relax for a split second because Alexander’s tongue was everywhere on her clit and then suddenly, everywhere on her pussy.  His licks became deeper and longer and when Amanda’s climax started to crest, her fingers curled on the silky bed sheets and her head fell back as she let out an orgasmic cry of relief.

Doing so gave Alexander all the answer he needed as he licked up her one last time and then stayed on her clit, his tongue moving on her, easing her through her entire climax, controlling Amanda’s body with just his tongue on one spot.

Amanda had never experienced anything like it before, and when Alexander started to kiss up her body, she reached for him with one hand, grabbing at his suit. 

Alexander popped back from the bed and stood up.  He stared down at Amanda with his eyes, the eyes that couldn’t be read.

Was he happy?

Was he mad?

Was he satisfied?

Was he annoyed?

He took his suit jacket off and held it out for a second before dropping it to the floor. 

Amanda’s body throbbed with intense pleasure.  With her second orgasm of the evening gone, she wanted more.  It seemed the more she had the more she wanted, as long as it revolved around Alexander Porter.  She had touched herself because of Alexander’s commands… and now she had felt the pleasure filled touch of his tongue…

“I’m glad you’re here sweet Mandy,” Alexander said.  “It’s good to see you like this.”

He smiled and nodded down at her.

Amanda looked down, realizing just how she looked in that moment.  Her hands still gripping the sheets on the bed.  Some of her hair hanging off the back of her head, some of it sticking to her shoulder, even some flowed down to her chest.  Her breasts freely there for Alexander’s enjoyment, her nipples erect with a subtle ache for attention.  Her stomach fluttering on the inside and rising and falling on the outside as she still tried to calm herself from the orgasm.  And finally, of course, the hottest spot of it all, between her legs.  Her skin glistened and as she breathed, she felt the pulse of her body keeping her wet.  Keeping her ready.

It was a good thing too because as Amanda took the time to appreciate her own body she didn’t see that Alexander had loosened his tie and slid it over his head.  Nor did she see that he had unbuttoned all of his shirt, leaving his muscular body somewhat exposed. 

She did, however, catch sight as Alexander put his hands to his pants, working his belt off and opening his pants.


When Alexander was completely naked, he didn’t stand for a second.  He rushed the bed again and fell upon Amanda’s body, his weight and muscle pushing against her soft skin.  Amanda let cried out, waiting to feel his tongue on her neck or her chest.

Alexander had other plans.

One of his hands touched the back of Amanda’s neck and he forced her to stare at him.  He moved in for a kiss, a deep kiss, a kiss that transferred Amanda’s own sweet taste from Alexander’s mouth into her own. 

Her body rocked and pressed at Alexander as she moaned, kissing him back, wanting to taste all she could of him, and herself.  Her breasts pressed to his chest and as she lifted her lower half, she felt the subtle touch of his erection as it grazed against her vagina, the top of his shaft almost resting against her.  He offered a hard thrust, making sure his presence was well known. 

Amanda broke the kiss and looked down at Alexander, following the lines of his body straight down to his penis.  He looked down too, letting out a groan.  He moved away from between her legs, giving Amanda full view of his long and thick shaft.  Since she had already experienced all he had to offer, just seeing it made her mind conjure up images and old pleasures of what was to come. 

“Mandy,” Alexander whispered. 

His right hand moved from the back of her head to her shoulder and then down her body, his fingertips actually tickling her the entire way down her body.  Her skin shivered as her insides burned, leaving her with a desperate battle that she couldn’t win. 

When Alexander made it to her slit, he didn’t touch her.  He left Amanda thrusting up at him.  Instead, Alexander gripped himself with his hand at the base of his erection.  He positioned himself at her hole.  As he came forward, he placed the tip to her warmth and made circles, teasing her aching body and letting her wetness flood him.

Amanda hurried with one hand and placed it on Alexander’s lower back, offering a short squeeze, letting her nails dig into his skin, telling him she wanted him. 

Of course, Alexander already knew this and he was in control.

It didn’t matter what Amanda wanted, it only mattered what he wanted, from her.

Alexander inched his way into Amanda, feeling the tightness of her body and the way she lifted herself again and again, wanting him deeper.  When he let go of himself, he put his hand to one of Amanda’s breasts, cupping her again.  He looked into her eyes, leaving Amanda with an endless feeling that rolled through her body. 

“Sweet Mandy,” he whispered.

With that, Alexander offered a hard thrust, fully entering Amanda. 

The sudden deep penetration left Amanda gasping for air and whimpering with pleasure.  He held himself deep in her and then began to kiss Amanda’s chest.  He stayed above her breasts, torturing Amanda yet again.  When he finally kissed his way down to her breasts, his tongue rolled along her nipple and he began to fuck Amanda. 

His pace started out slow, pulling almost all the way out of Amanda, forcing Amanda to lift her body to keep him from falling out of her.  He then slid back into her, slowly, letting all the definition of his shaft touch her throbbing walls.  His tongue moved faster on her nipples than his erection did inside of her.  It was a collision of indulgence within Amanda’s tender body.  She started to move her chest at Alexander as much as she offered herself to his thick shaft. 

Slowly, she lowered her back to the bed and once she was out of Alexander’s reach, he stopped kissing her breasts.  When she looked down she could see the glimmer of his saliva on her chest. 

“Oh,” she whispered, “yes…”

Alexander moved back enough on the bed so that his feet could be flat on the floor.  His hands moved to Amanda’s legs, right behind her knees.  He pulled her towards him, forcing her to slide on his erection.  As Amanda started to cry out, Alexander picked up his speed.  In a matter of seconds, he was sliding in and out of Amanda with enough speed that she couldn’t find her breath and she couldn’t find the ability to make any sounds.  She arched her back and struggled to keep her eyes open.  She could see the window above the bed and at that exact moment, the moon had positioned itself in the perfect spot, letting a little light flood through the window.  It gave Amanda the erotic illusion that they were going to be seen, or that they were outside.

The harder Alexander offered himself, the more Amanda tried to thrust at him and with him, wanting to keep pace but more so, she wanted to feel Alexander finish.  She wanted that amazing release inside her body, holding him there, letting him have her completely. 

Amanda lowered her back to the bed and lifted herself again, looking down, wanting to watch Alexander have her. 

His hands were on the move now, moving around her legs to her thighs, sliding straight up.  At her inner thighs, near her slit, his thumbs pressed hard and massaged for a second, just making their presence known.  He was on the move again a second later, his left hand gripping at her hip while his right hand moved along the smooth shaved skin of her body and finally resting on her flat stomach.

His eyes wide, he started to move faster, and inhaled all of the erotic scene happening.  Each time he grunted Amanda could feel her body moving closer to yet another orgasm.  Then Alexander pulled out a new move as he put his other hand to her hip.  With a hard push, Alexander slid Amanda back on his bed.  His erection fell from her tender hole, leaving Amanda gasping for air again, wanting him right back inside of her.  He climbed on the bed and moved back between Amanda’s legs, regaining full control again.  A second later, he slid back into her, picking up his pace again. 

Amanda reached back and put her hands to the wall, rocking her body as hard as she could at him.  She wanted him to come.  She wanted him right now. 

Alexander came down on Amanda’s body, letting his body rest against hers.  They were tight together, heat pouring from one another.  He hovered over her face, staring at her, while his body fucked her.  Amanda could feel his hard lower stomach – those sexy abs – curling and flexing as he moved at her again and again.

When he kissed her, Amanda felt the final wave of pleasure hit her body and she started to climax again.  Her heels planted hard into the bed, finding enough traction to pump herself as fast she could.  The intense warmth and wetness poured from her body, fighting with Alexander’s insistent thrusting. 

She felt herself throbbing on Alexander and knew he couldn’t last much longer.  No matter how rich he was and no matter how powerful he was, he was still a man. 

His kiss started to grow as wild as his sex did.  He kissed her mouth deeply, curling his tongue in Amanda’s mouth, wanting her tongue to fight back.  His breath grew intense, the air coming from his nose flooding her face.  Between her legs, the sex built to a level that had another orgasm cresting.  One after another, multiple orgasms hitting at one time.  It let her cry out in pleasure, into Alexander’s mouth. 

With his body tight against hers and his shaft thick and deep inside of her, there wasn’t a spot on Amanda’s body that didn’t feel the pleasure. 

BOOK: Serve His Needs - Destination
7.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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