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When nobody answered, she knocked again.

She looked over her shoulder at the driver, who stood with his hands in front of him.  He nodded at Amanda and then with one hand, he motioned for her to open the door.  Amanda reached for the doorknob and when she turned it, she found the cabin unlocked.  It didn’t really surprise her even though she told herself that if she owned a place like this she’d keep it well secured.  As she thought that –
well secured
– something inside herself reminded her that she was dealing with Alexander Porter and that meant anything could be possible.

Stepping into the cabin, a warm welcoming smell hit Amanda.  The place was cozy and comfortable but not too much.  She walked with shaky steps, waiting to see him again.  She closed the door without looking behind her and she stopped.  It took all of a few seconds before she heard the sound of the door slamming outside followed by the crunching of snow under tires.  When the sound faded to silence she officially was alone, in the cabin, with Alexander Porter.

“Hello?” she called out.

Her voice bounced around the high walls of the foyer.  She looked up to a gleaming crystal chandelier, connected to a cathedral ceiling.  The lights shined through the front section of the windows to the cabin, the ones that led down to the front door.  Behind and around the large chandelier was a railing that connected to the steps leading from the first floor to the second floor.  Everything about the cabin was large, elegant, a perfect testament to Alexander. 

Nobody replied to Amanda’s call so she walked again.

After a few steps she turned to her right and found the doorway to a large living room.  Leather furniture delicately placed throughout, positioned in front of a massive stone fireplace.  Off of the side was a fully stocked liquor bar, something that Amanda smiled at when she saw.

She could picture herself sitting on that bar, wearing nothing but panties, sipping a glass of wine, feeling Alexander’s smooth and eager tongue rolling down her body. 

She smiled at the change of temperature in her body thinking about him and then moved to her left through the living room.  Another open door frame took her to the kitchen.  Stainless steel appliances glared back at Amanda along with customized counters and a small backdrop of wood and tile that created an illusion of a home style kitchen with the touch of a billionaire.

“Alexander?” she asked, pausing, hoping to hear something from him.

Nothing, again.

She moved through the kitchen, the tips of her fingers out, touching anything she could.  Her eyes were intent forward, moving to the doorway, back through the living room again.  Her awe of the place remained intact, her neck straining to look around the cabin.  When she saw the steps, she smiled.  Her mind played wild images, including her small hands gripping silk sheets with Alexander’s hands gripping her waist, pulling her down to him as he entered and exited her. 

That’s where he is…

It made sense.

The most sensible place for Alexander to be.

The bedroom.

The master bedroom.

Amanda took the steps as quickly as she could and at the top she had to wait for a moment to stand at the railing to enjoy the view down to the first floor and out to the crystal chandelier and the windows.  Her hands gripped the railing and she felt her body gush with too many emotions to count.  She let go of the railing and set her sights on the hallway and the four doors she counted. 

Trying to think like Alexander, Amanda decided to choose the room all the way down the end of the hall.  It only made sense to put the master bedroom there, right?  She passed the other doors and at the chosen door she knocked.

“Hello?” she called again.

It didn’t surprise her when no response came this time.  It was obvious Alexander Porter had a little game planned out for Amanda, much like their limo ride.  They had pulled up to his condo well before they had sex in the limo meaning Amanda and Alexander enjoyed each other’s private company while sitting outside his condo.

She turned the knob and opened the door.

The first thing her eyes saw was the massive bed.  The bedposts were similar to the bed at the condo – the bedposts she vividly remembered from holding onto while Alexander ran himself along her body – and the blood red silk sheets screamed his name.

“This is it,” she whispered.

She stepped into the bedroom and looked around, again making a mental note that the size of the bedroom was bigger than her entire apartment.  There were pieces of furniture placed throughout the room, all made of the same looking wood, a wood that actually matched the exterior of the cabin.  Over the top of the bed was a long window, stretching the width of the bed.  She hurried to bed, climbing up on it.  She let her legs slide along the silky sheets, making a little bit of mess, wishing Alexander would just appear so they could both make a real mess.  At the window she gazed upon a scene so beautiful it took her breath away. 

The window faced a cascade of mountains and trees, all covered with snow.  It almost blended into a single mass of white but there were just enough of the trees not covered that she could pick out each one.  The tops of the mountains ran into patches of clear blue sky, places were it wasn’t snowing this high above sea level.



Exactly what to be expected from Alexander Porter.

A sudden vibration sound made Amanda gasp for air.  Her heart jumped into her throat for a second as she looked to her left.  There on the dresser lay a black cell phone, its screen lit up with a text message.

A text message from Alexander Porter.


Just seeing his name spelled out on a cell phone screen made Amanda’s body react.  Her grip on the headboard became ten times tighter, her breaths quicker, deeper, not to mention the erotic reaction in her panties.  By this point she had assumed she and Alexander would be together, in whatever way he wanted.  He figured by now she would have at least tasted his lips again, if not other parts. 

Instead, she felt her legs spreading on the otherwise empty bed in the master bedroom of the cabin.  She looked out the window again at the majestic scene of snow and then set her sights on the cell phone when it sounded again.

The phone vibrated, lit up, and then a soft bell rang.

It was the same message, just another reminder.

That’s when Amanda made the connection that she should read the message.

Why not?

Nobody was looking.

She moved to the edge of the bed and sat down, sinking into the mattress that made her feel like she sat upon a cloud.  She felt like she could lay back and sleep… thankfully the heated need deep inside herself kept her from doing just that.

She took the phone, pressed the envelope icon on the screen, and read the message.

I’m here, even when I’m not.

Amanda read it a few times, unsure of what to do next.

Another message came.

Respond.  Now.

With her thumbs shaking, Amanda hovered over the touch screen keys, wondering what to respond with.  What should she say to the sexy billionaire?

I’m here.  This place is beautiful.

Maybe not enough to win a romantic award, or even turn Alexander Porter on, but at least she replied.

Alexander worked fast, replying with a few quick messages.

You’re beautiful, Mandy.  You are.

I hope you’re settled.  Get to know the place, you’ll need to.

Won’t be there for a little while.

“Won’t be here?” Amanda questioned.  Her heart felt a tiny bit crushed.  She still hoped Alexander would appear from nowhere, tall and magnificent… and hard.  He’d be ready to take her, have her, and bring the fantasy back to life.

Amanda typed back…

When will you be here?  I’m lonely.

Amanda wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to type, sounding too girly, too desperate.  As she waited, it seemed to take Alexander longer to reply.  She almost expected there to be a knock on the front door, the driver coming to take her to the airport to fly home, back to her normal life.

A message finally came, relieving Amanda’s worry.

Sorry. Working right now.  I’m still there, Mandy.  And you’re still under my control.  You will do what I say, when I say.  Do you understand?

She could picture the words coming from Alexander’s mouth and it made her shiver.  Her thumbs moved faster than ever, replying with…

Of course.  How can you be here?  I want you to touch me.

The next message from Alexander came fast.

You have ten seconds to sit back on the bed, against the headboard.  Sit seated with your knees bent and legs slightly open.  Ten… nine…

Amanda looked around the room, confused.  Would he really know if she did anything?  Her mind began to count in seconds…

eight… seven…

Maybe this would be the part when Alexander came to her.  He liked games like this, didn’t he?

six… five… four…

Amanda pushed back on the bed, sliding herself completely on it.  She read the text message again and smiled.  She decided to wait.

three… two…

If she waited and didn’t listen, maybe Alexander Porter would punish her.  It felt kinky thinking that, but being this high up in the mountains with the cabin and the snow, she would have no choice but to be anything he wanted her to be.


“One,” Amanda whispered.

Her head snapped to the doorway of the bedroom, expecting to see him, to see the billionaire, Alexander Porter.

She didn’t see Alexander though, and in fact, she didn’t see a thing. 

With the countdown completed and Amanda not complying with Alexander’s text message, the power to the entire cabin went out.


At first, Amanda let out a helpless cry.  The shock of losing the power came at the same time as the realization that somehow, someway Alexander Porter did it. 

The darkness of the room and beyond left Amanda with the sensation that she had her eyes shut.  She turned, putting her arms out to be careful and caught the gentle but dark gleam of light through the window above the bed.  The view did nothing to help the situation as the piling snow only reminded her that it was cold outside and going without power meant going without heat.


She tried to locate the cell phone but had no luck.

“Please,” she said.  “I’m sorry for not listening.  Where are you?”

A crippling silence came through the room, the only mere sound Amanda was her own breathing.  What once was heavy breathing due to her sexual desire for Alexander was now mixed with a terrible sense of fear.

Did Alexander do this?

The screen on the cell phone lit up giving only enough light that Amanda made out the basic outline of the bed.  She hurried before the screen went off and picked up the phone.

I told you, I’m always with you, Mandy.

She read the message out loud and then another came through.

Now, do you understand me?

Amanda scrambled to write back

A second later, the power came back on throughout the entire cabin.  The notion of light, power, and heat made her feel comfortable, but she couldn’t help herself as she looked around the room.

Do as I said.  Get on the bed.  Bring your feet up and spread your legs.

This time Amanda listened.  She got herself comfortable on the bed, stripping off her shoes before bringing her feet to the bed.  She opened her legs and waited for another message.

Perfect.  You look amazing like that.  On my bed.

Amanda gasped when she read the text.  He was watching her.  But how?

She typed back –
I don’t understand…

It took a few minutes for the next message to come through, but it explained all she needed to know.

I have cameras in the cabin, everywhere.  I may not be there physically right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.  You’re under my control, Mandy, and if you don’t listen, you know what will happen.  When I text you, comply.

“Cameras,” Amanda whispered. 

Her first reaction should have been anger.  She should have felt violated, cheated, even used.  But none of that came to her, not even in the closest sense of it all.  She read the text message two more times and found herself starting to smile.  Alexander Porter was watching her right now and he would command her even with him not there.

The first thing that popped into Amanda’s mind was
how far will this go?

She didn’t need to wait long to receive another command.

You look stuffy in all those clothes.  Pick something and take it off.

Feeling frisky, Amanda decided to play a little hard ball with Alexander.  After all, he did say pick something and take it off. 

Amanda lifted her foot up and reached down, sliding her fingers into her sock.  She pushed and let it fall to the bed.  She then crossed her arms and smiled.

And waited.

I see, I should have been more specific, Mandy.  Take off your other sock and your pants.  Then sit just as you are now, knees bents, legs spread.

Amanda nodded and placed the phone on the bed.  She  removed her other sock and then stood up to take her jeans off.  Her eyes couldn’t stop searching the room, desperate to find the camera.  If she found it, she wouldn’t have done anything to it but it would be nice to know how Alexander was staring at her.

Stepping out of her jeans, Amanda returned to her original position.  Her knees were bent and she spread her legs. 

She looked down at her smooth skin and the small piece of cloth that covered her warmest and wettest spot.  She could feel the tingling sensation of the cooler air in the room touching between her legs, not standing a chance against the wild heat coming from her.

The phone rang with a message.

BOOK: Serve His Needs - Destination
11.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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