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was ready! Kevin had spent twenty years of his life on this project and it had ruined
his marriage. Sara marched out of the family home six weeks ago, claiming that
as they never saw each other she might as well live elsewhere. Kevin was pretty
sure she had a lover but didn’t have the time to even consider it. Their grown
up daughter treated the place like a hotel when she was home from uni and the
dog had gone feral. None of that mattered though. The sex machine was ready. It
just needed testing.

Kevin had first had the idea for this invention nearly twenty years ago after a
jokey remark from Sara that vibrators didn’t really know how to satisfy a
woman. He saw the business potential in a more responsive sex toy straight away
and that was when he started locking himself away in his garage. Over the
years, the idea developed from a souped up dildo to something that was much,
much more. The finished machine was in the cellar. In fact it pretty much was
the cellar and had cost more to construct than the house was worth. All he
needed now was a test subject. It was originally supposed to be Sara; he had after
all put it all together with her in mind. Now she was gone, he was going to
have to be a bit more creative.

didn’t have to wait long for a solution to present itself. Louise was his
daughter’s best friend and had been hanging round the house for so long she was
virtually one of the family. The nineteen year old undergraduate was about five
foot four, blonde, slim and very pretty. She may have considered Kevin to be
something of a father figure but that idea wasn’t reciprocated in that way at
all. In fact, Kevin would have to confess that she regularly featured in his
masturbation sessions; especially now his wife was gone.

trotted through the Brown’s back door the way she had for the last ten years.
She was full of herself at the moment. She’d met a new boy and couldn’t wait to
tell her best mate all about him. What she didn’t know was that Sophie was
actually still away. Although term had finished for her as well, she also had a
new boy and so was in no hurry to leave Edinburgh! Louise looked all around the
downstairs of the house and called upstairs. She was just about to leave when
she saw the cellar door was ajar which piqued the interest of the
over-inquisitive girl. For well over a decade, since she started regularly
visiting her neighbour’s house, that door had been securely locked and she had
been warned to keep away. She knew Kevin was building something down there but
she had no idea what and she was desperate to know.

had locked himself upstairs in the spare room which doubled as an office. Over
the past few weeks he had been kitting it out with a control console for his
pride and joy. A big computer sat on the floor and a row of monitors showed him
the outputs for the machine; currently in standby, as well as images from the
hidden cameras he had seeded all over the house but especially in the cellar.
Watching little blonde Louise in her fluffy pink jumper and sprayed on leggings
made his cock twitch as he thought about the possibilities her visit
introduced. He had always tucked away the idea of trying to use her as a guinea
pig but couldn’t see how to practically make that work. After all, she was
normally only in the house with Sophie and he didn’t want to risk his daughter
getting involved in his project in any way. But here she was, effectively
trespassing and if she should happen to disturb the machine …

temptation was too much for her. Louise peeked around the door and saw nothing
but stone steps leading down into the gloom of the cellar. Pulling the door
behind her, she crept down the stairs. There was another door at the bottom of
the steps, a metal shutter and it was open. Louise could see some blinking
lights at the far end of the room but there was apparently no one there.
Wandering further inside, she tried to figure out what was in there. All she
could see was a lot of lights and dials.

metal shutter door dropped shut behind her and with a whir and a few clunks;
the machinery seemed to spring to life. A flashing red light that seemed to
come from all directions blinded her for a moment and then it stopped and the
sound dropped to a low hum.

checked the read out. The machine had just precisely measured the girl’s
dimensions and location and was ready to go on his command. With a last look at
Louise’s pretty face on the screen, he hit the enter key.

squinted through the gloom as her eyes began to adjust. She had just decided to
go over for a closer look when the red strobe came on again and something
happened. She caught a sudden movement in the corners of her eyes and almost
simultaneously something wrapped itself around her thighs and upper arms.
Louise began to panic. “Oh God, no! Help,” she called out in distress. Another
tentacle detached itself from the wall, moved slowly around into front of her
face, as though trying to gauge where to aim for and then, with the speed of a
striking snake, zipped forward to fill her mouth and effectively gag her.

carefully checked the machine readings. Although the machine was on automatic,
with Louise’s airway potentially blocked it was imperative the sympathetic
response worked properly or the girl was at risk of being suffocated. The
material in the ‘tentacles’ was state of the art. It was neither a solid nor a
liquid and altered its density as required. It was also full of sensors which
measured the subject’s heart rate, skin temperature and secretions, allowing
the super-powerful computer to gauge her condition and alter its responses
accordingly, both to keep her safe and to maximise her arousal.

was petrified. The rubbery bonds held her securely and she could barely move.
The thing in her mouth had grown to completely fill the void and was seemingly
exploring her throat with a thin tentacle. She had no idea what was happening
to her. Was this some sort of creature? The light seemed to be brighter now, or
her eyes had fully adapted to the gloom. Either way she could see clearly about
her now. Her eyes caught movement above her and she followed another appendage
as it detached itself from the ceiling and dropped towards her. To her horror,
she saw a shiny, spinning disc just in front of her face and realised it was
some sort of cutting device. Louise took a deep breath and started to scream,
only to have the sound stopped at its source by the gelatinous mass in her

checked the readings again. Louise’s heart rate was over 150 beats per minute,
her pupils were dilated and she was sweating like a mare on heat. Interestingly
he noted that her pussy was also secreting juices. He had read that there was a
fine line between fear and arousal and that theory appeared to be bearing
fruit. He was almost scaring the teen into an orgasm.

two little metal arms were now waving around in front of Louise. These had vicious
looking claws at the end. Slowly and surely they moved towards her and then gripped
her cashmere sweater, pulling the material to either side to hold it taut. The
spinning wheel came forward to slice the material neatly right down the middle
to reveal her white bra. Louise was completely helpless to do nothing but watch
with wide eyes as the claws pulled her wrecked jumper down her arms and in a
matter of a couple of seconds had also sliced through her bra straps. The claws
removed those threads of material too and all of a sudden she was topless, her
perky little breasts on display in her neighbour’s cellar.

Kevin saw Louise’s tits, his boner actually began to hurt he was so turned on.
Unzipping with his left hand, he pulled his cock out and began to idly rub it
as he watched his machine make equally short work of the young woman’s

Louise now wore was her little white panties. The cutter disappeared below her
eye line and she realised she was about to lose that last bastion of dignity.
She could see nothing but felt the material fall away and the cool cellar air
caress her moist pussy lips. She knew was as naked as the day she was born.
Another pair of the tentacle-like restraints whipped out and grabbed her behind
the knees, pulled sharply and suddenly she was off her feet. She was suspended
in mid-air; facing the ceiling with her legs spread obscenely wide.

had a camera focused right on the girl’s open pussy and her pink, moist flesh
filled his screen. Her tidy little bush sat above a clearly excited little
opening which was actually pulsing with anticipation. Well, it wouldn’t have to
wait for long. Her breasts were now covered with suction caps that were
massaging her tits as though she were being suckled and yet another accessory
grew up between her legs and attached itself to her little pink clitty, buzzing
and sucking. As he watched with delight, Kevin’s spare hand was now pumping
hard up and down his thick shaft.

was now wriggling in mid-air. Her fear had turned suddenly to shear, unbridled
passion. The stimulation in her tits and clitty was somehow just right and she
was just so hot she thought she would burst. All of a sudden she realised she
desperately needed cock. The thing in her mouth had changed shape and was now
behaving like a selfish man, thrusting into her throat and retracting barely
enough for her to grab a breath. And then she felt it; crawling between her
labia, a fat, cock-like object.

was no virgin but she could count on both hands the number of blow jobs she had
given her boyfriend and on one hand, the number of times he had got inside her
panties. The thing that was now threatening to penetrate her felt a hell of a
lot bigger than Edward’s adequate cock. As it slowly screwed itself into her,
the thing in her throat retracted and she was able to take some deep breaths.
Craning her neck upwards allowed her to just see a thick, snake-like thing,
worming its way inside her. Her clitoris was still buzzing, as were her nipples
as the giant dildo slowly pressed into her and Louise felt her little pussy
opening like a flower. It hurt a little but by God if felt good. She heard a
low, animalistic sound and realised it was her. As her vulva was being
stretched, she was moaning like a woman possessed. “Oooooh!”

machine picked up the pace and started to hump the teenager so much harder than
she was used to. Still suspended by her arms and legs, the bonds gave Louise
enough freedom to wriggle and that’s exactly what she was doing. The thick
tentacle fucked into her cunt so hard it rocked her backwards and she writhed
in ecstasy. The feelings were so intense; Louise thought she was going to lose
her mind. Throwing her head back she screamed as a powerful orgasm rushed
through her body. “Arrrrrgh!”

sight and sound of the innocent teenager completely lost in her own desire was
too much for him and Kevin shot his load across the carpet, narrowly missing
his expensive equipment. Quickly composing himself, he checked the dials. On a
scale of hundred, the machine registered that orgasm of Louise’s at near enough
ninety seven. How many teenagers experienced that?
For that matter
Kevin mused,
how many grown women experienced orgasms as good as that?
Louise was never going to be the same again. He peered at the screen as the
machine turned his guinea pig over so she was facing the floor and then filled
her mouth once again.

concentrated hard on breathing as the unknown entity entered her mouth again
and began to purposely fuck her throat. The strange tentacle-like object seemed
to be expelling a bitter-tasting fluid to lubricate its passage and despite the
fact that it now completely filled her airway, it slipped in and out without
any difficulty. The stimulation of her clitty and breasts had stepped up a gear
and the young woman was finding this deep throat blow job to be incredibly
erotic. The restraints were moving again and Louise found herself being tipped
so her head pointed towards the floor, her knees drawn up towards her chest and
her arse pointing towards the ceiling.

had been particularly looking forward to this programme subroutine. He had no
wish to hurt the delicate little girl in his cellar. He had supreme confidence
in the ability of his invention to monitor the subject’s vitals and administer
just the right degree of pain to ensure her pleasure receptors kicked in each
time and overpowered the pain. That was the theory anyway. Now he would see
whether it worked. That was after why he had a test subject.

Louise’s arse lit up and the sensations nearly blew her mind.
Through the haze of overwhelming sensations she realised she was being spanked.
Craning her neck around, she could just make out a long leather strap hanging
above her on a metal arm and realised it was that which had hit her. The
massaging of her clitoris and tits stepped up a gear and the phallus thrust
into her throat as though it were a whore’s cunt. Her backside glowed but it

BOOK: Sex Machine (Taken By The Machine Book 1)
5.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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