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BOOK: Sex Machine (Taken By The Machine Book 1)
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My wife of twelve years, Suzi had always
been close to the boil sexually and a reluctant submissive.  Her recent
weight loss of nigh on four stone had, however, not just transformed her
physically from attractive and comely to drop dead gorgeous but also turned the
heat up both on her sexuality and submissive nature.  There was no longer
any question of her refusing me anything!  If her mind tried to assert
itself, her pussy just took over.  Her innocent face always giving her a
youthful look, Suzi now appeared at least ten years younger than her thirty six
and even found herself being asked to prove her age in pubs and clubs.

I finished my Champagne and Suzi took that as the signal I
intended it to be to knock back her own drink, walk across the room and stand
passively by my side, shedding her robe on the way.   Drinking in her
beauty, I ran a hand down the curve of her ample breast, along the tight leather
corset I had cinched her into earlier and followed the flair of her hip. 
Standing abruptly, I pulled her slender arms behind her back and taking a long
leather sheath, began to lace it up the length of her arms.  With a last
tug, I fastened the restraint off with a bow and admired the way in which it
made her 38DD breasts lift and project even further.  For a few seconds, I
couldn’t resist taking her nipples into my mouth one at a time, elucidating a
low moan from my horny woman.

Getting back to work, I fitted her
ankles with a spreader bar and then lodged a four inch penis gag firmly into
her throat.  Suzi made a token attempt at struggling as this was inserted
– she really didn’t like it much but once it was fully in and fastened, she
relaxed again.  We both learned a long time ago that the one faculty Suzi
had to give up for total submission was her voice.  The final touch was a
leather blindfold and a small butt plug, pushed firmly in place just as the
doorbell rang.  With a last rub of her sopping wet pussy, I left my
beautiful wife standing vulnerable and available in the middle of the bedroom
as I went to let our guests in.

 Mike and Katherine were good
friends of mine, Mike being a golfing partner of several years standing. I had
already had the pleasure of his lovely wife several times; more latterly as he
watched. Suzi had met them a few times in passing but didn’t really know
them.  She had, however made enough of an impact on both of them for Mike
and Katherine to jump at the opportunity to play with her when I suggested it
last week (while pounding Katie’s tight little bottom for the first time).

 I took Katie’s coat and drank in
her youthful beauty, barely concealed in a lacy little teddy and high heels. At
twenty four and five foot two, she was a knockout by anyone’s standards. 
Her long silky blonde hair framed a heart-shaped face with big blue eyes and
blowjob lips. Her body was small and tight in every way but one – a magnificent
pair of tits almost as large as my wife’s but firmer and somewhat perkier than
my milf’s funbags. Although over ten years younger than my wife, she managed to
pull off a worldly, woman of the world look that Suzi never could. She had a
decidedly naughtier look at all times.

“You look like a ripe fruit, ready to be
plucked,” I joked as I bent to kiss her soft and downy cheek.

“I hope you’re not just going to kiss
her cheek,” remarked Mike.

“There’s not much of her I’m not going
to miss,” I joked.  Mike chuckled as I parted her lips with my tongue,
gentling caressing down her body before reaching down to stroke her moist
little pussy.


Extract from Paying the

“I’m Lisa and I live here,” snapped the
girl. “Who the fuck are you?”

“I’m the landlord and I don’t have you
on the tenancy agreement,” answered Steve nonchalantly, “so it’s probably best
if you lose the attitude! Now, what do you do for a living?”

Lisa got the message and her tone became
a lot more respectful. “I’m a student,” she answered.

“Okay, so you’re living on a student
loan, I’m guessing,” said Steve. “The reason I’m here is because your boyfriend
here hasn’t paid any rent for the last six weeks. I want to help you out as
much as possible but I’m a businessman. I can’t just let you freeload. Can you
make a contribution?”

The two youngsters started to speak at
once, making hollow promises and excuses until Steve stopped them dead. “Right,
the two of you need to think about things and have a talk amongst yourselves.
This is what we’ll do. Tomorrow night, you can come to dinner with my wife and
I and we’ll come up with a way forward that suits us all and stops you getting
thrown out on to the street. How does that sound?”

Lisa and Eric both nodded

“Good,” continued Steve, passing Lisa a
card. “This is our address. Eight o’clock and don’t be late.” He stood up and
made for the door. “Oh and dress appropriately,” he added, looking Lisa up and
down. “That means a dress, Lisa.”

As the door closed behind their
landlord, Lisa and Eric looked at each other. “What do you think?” asked Lisa.

“I think he wants to get your knickers
off,” snarled the hairy young man.

“No doubt about that,” said Lisa.
“There’s no harm in letting the dirty old perv think he’s in with a chance if
it gives us some slack on the rent though. You watch me flirt with him tomorrow
and wind his old woman up.”

The following evening, the young couple
were ringing the bell of their landlord’s huge house at exactly eight o’clock.
Lisa was dressed to kill in her little black dress and Eric had made an effort
with a proper shirt and trousers. The big door was opened by a gorgeous older
woman with a welcoming smile. “You must be Lisa and Eric. Welcome to our humble
home. I’m Helen.”

There was nothing humble about this
home, Lisa thought as she handed over her jacket to the older woman.

Helen looked Lisa up and down. “Wow,”
she said. “I can see exactly what Steve meant. You are stunning.” She grabbed
the young woman by the shoulders and kissed her on the cheek. Lisa’s head was
spinning. What exactly had Steve said to his wife about her?

The two couples made small talk over
dinner. Helen and Steve were delightful hosts and they knew how to set people
at their ease. Beneath the chat though, they were following a carefully
choreographed strategy with only one objective: Lisa. Whereas Eric was being
loaded with as much alcohol as possible, both in his glass and his food, Helen
was carefully monitoring the amount that Lisa drank. She wanted her compliant;
not comatose.

As they moved on to a brandy-soaked
dessert, Helen skilfully manoeuvred the conversation around to sex to discover
that Eric was Lisa’s first proper boyfriend after leaving her single-sex
school. The girl was clearly very inexperienced and began to blush as she
talked about their relationship. Seeing her embarrassment, Helen started to
talk about their swinging lifestyle and watched the girl’s eyes widen as she
recounted some of their adventures. “Life doesn’t really end at forty, you
know,” she laughed. “Or even thirty!”

Looking over at Eric, Helen saw he had
fallen asleep in his food. “Do you want to take Eric into the lounge, honey,
while I talk business with Lisa,” she asked her husband. As Steve dragged the
drunken youth through and out of earshot, Helen topped up Lisa’s wine glass.
“What you really want to know is how we can help each other, isn’t it?” Lisa
nodded. “Well,” Helen continued, “every now and then we host swingers parties
and we look for gorgeous young girls like you to serve drinks and encourage the
old gits to get hard ons to please the wives. You’re just perfect for that.
What do you think?”

“Just serving drinks?” asked Lisa.

“Just serving drinks,” repeated Helen.

“Oh,” said Lisa and thought about it for
a couple of minutes. “What are you paying?”

“Once we get into the swing of things,
it will definitely meet your rent and probably a bit more,” said Helen with a
warm smile on her face.

“Okay then,” said Lisa. “I don’t mind
being ogled by dirty old men if it pays the rent.”

“Good,” beamed Helen. “Let’s have a look
at you then.”


BOOK: Sex Machine (Taken By The Machine Book 1)
3.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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