Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part Two

BOOK: Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part Two
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Part Two





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Deep night. Tiny lights, both above
and below. Her arms and legs wrapped around the back of her magnificent flying
beast, for the second time. Stacey Caversham’s destination was the city
mainland, and Firebound Island far behind them. She recalled the past afternoon
whereby she had come to the island by helicopter, and even with all those
chains and straps, she still hadn’t felt completely safe. One wrong turn, one
false move, and gravity would yank Stacey back to the ground. If she fell off
Zane’s body now, she would just be a dark blip in the space above the ocean for
a matter of seconds. The waves would splash briefly, and then it would be as
though she had never existed. She supposed that she should be even more afraid of
falling now – especially since it was on her mind – but in spite of that, she
actually did feel safe. Inside something else was making her giddy – both in
response to seeing The Dragon King beheaded, and her developing love for Zane.
It disturbed her that the two contrasting events had become so intertwined. She
also felt that she was a bit silly, allowing herself to be carried away (both
figuratively and literally) by Zane just because he had come to her defense.
And that he was a super hot dragon.

 As they
neared the city, Zane swooped higher into the clouds, perhaps to reduce the
chance of being seen. Stacey’s cheek gently rested on the base of his scaly
neck, looking down below them with one eye closed. Even at this hour, she could
just make out the constant stream of cars that moved along the roads. The
sparkling streetlights and the dazzle of night clubs, fast food restaurants,
and hotels. So many people down there, people just like her, and they were
oblivious to them in the sky. Although The Dragons were no secret to the
public, Stacey still felt privileged for experience among them on the island.
Perhaps on one hand she had been cursed by her wrongful conviction, but that
curse had led to her blessing of Zane’s pure love. If only she could convince
herself, that it was truly real…

From what
could have lasted an eternity for Stacey, their final destination was drawing
near. Zane had gradually descended once they’d passed over the city, and now
they were crossing through fields and fields of nothingness, until the outline
of an old barn could be seen. Zane swooped down and set them in front of it;
Stacey quickly climbing off his back and hitting the grass with both feet.
Through the dark of the night, Zane was just a man again, and the two of them
were together. Alone.

“I suppose
you enjoyed that,” Zane said casually. “Or has the thrill begun to wear itself

“Oh no,”
Stacey gushed. “It was really exhilarating.”

“Well. Just
one of my many perks.”

returned his smile, but there was no real joy between them. The nervousness had
begun to set in.

“Just so
we’re on the same page,” he continued, “we’re both in a lot of trouble here. If
the authorities find out about you, they’ll no doubt either re-imprison you, or
– they might even send you back to the island. Which would be far worse.”

He put his
hand through his hair and walked a couple of paces away from the barn. He stared
out at the endless darkness in front of them.

“If the
dragons find me, they’ll take my head, as I have taken our King’s. Everything
has changed now. For both of us.”

Stacey went
to his side. “But we’ll be okay, right? You know what to do, don’t you?”

Zane looked
down at her. “I’m still figuring that out. I don’t have many friends here.”

“But isn’t
there some way, you can make it right with the clan?”

“Maybe,” Zane
said. “That’s one thing to look into. But we have to be very careful, whatever
we do. We can’t afford to risk much because all we have is each other.”

Stacey bit
her lip. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

protecting me from the King.”

Zane blinked.

“And for
taking me with you.”

“Not a lot
has changed between us,” Zane said slowly. “I am still your Master. And you are
my Blossom. Whether this thing of ours will last, I don’t know. But you have to
be one hundred percent committed to serving me. I will not tolerate any
independence from you.”

mouth dropped. She was almost too afraid to say the words. “I won’t be your

Zane grabbed
her chin and squeezed it. “You will be the ground underneath my doormat should
I require it of you.”

Stacey didn’t

He let go.

“I thought
you weren’t going to be mean to me,” Stacey mumbled.

“I’m not
being mean. If you deserve to be my queen, then I shall see to it you are
treated as one. But whatever I say is what goes. There will be no
disagreements. No protesting, nagging, complaining. Any form of you going
against me is completely inexcusable. The reason for this is, I am incapable of
loving someone, who doesn’t love me a thousand times more. Understand?”


“I am your
Master. But you are always free. Leave now, if you wish. I shan’t try to stop
you, and I shan’t be hurt. Show your true self to me now.”

“My true

“If you stay
with me, then you belong to me.”

Zane turned
his back to her and marched in the direction of the barn. Stacey looked out to
the darkness again, reflecting on everything that had gone on before. She could
try to make it on her own. She still had friends out there – friends who
believed in her innocence. Her story with the dragon could end here, and it
would not be a tragic thing for her. If that was what she wanted…

And Stacey realized
she was afraid – not just of one, but both choices. Because picking one path
meant giving up another. It was true that Zane had said she was still free if
she chose to be with him, and she could just stop being with him if it got too
much for her. But she didn’t know how much she trusted that. Sure, he might let
her go now, but what about if she leads it on further. What if he really,
deeply loved her. Would he give her up so easily if she decided that it wasn’t
working for her?

Stacey put
her hands to her mouth and breathed inside them.

There really
was no choice, she knew.

There would
be no other man she would ever meet, that could live up to Zane. It wasn’t just
his mystical origins – his voice, his touch, his eyes commanded her in a way
she had never been commanded before.

She wanted to
please him. She wanted him to please her.

So Stacey
took one last look at all the other possibilities for her eternal future now.
Then she bowed her head and turned back to join Zane inside the barn.





As far as Stacey could tell, she and
Zane were the only animals present inside the barn. Zane had climbed up to the
second level and was undressing with the light of the moon pouring out to his
muscular back. Stacey had climbed up a moment ago and was watching him from the
shadows, sensations lighting fires inside her all over. Once was completely
naked, he lay down in the hay, stretched out and relaxed. Stacey continued to
watch him while he seemed unaware of her presence.

Time moved
slowly. Stacey held it. Nourished it. Kissed it. These  moments abound, each
more beautiful than the last, as the wondrous imagery developed in her mind
spike what she saw in front of her. Stacey let the free flowing dress fall from
her body before she approached Zane, with deeper intentions than just cuddling
up to him and going to sleep.

He remained
silent as she approached, even with her body completely visible in the
moonlight in front of him.

“What shall I
do?” Stacey whispered to him, teasing.

Her eyes
moved across his smooth, refined skin, taking all of him in.

He was also
watching her.

“What shall I
do,” Stacey repeated, “Master?”

“Come to me,”
Zane purred.

allowed her knees to gradually bend as she moved to the ground next to him.
Zane made no further move to guide her, just breathing heavily, that special
air that was between them. By herself, she touched his cheek with one hand, and
lowered herself further so they might kiss. With the other hand, just before
their lips had met, she took hold of his cock, and squeezed its girth back and
forth. She felt the pleasure shoot through him, all the way up to his lips, and
then their lips together, at first soft and delicate – she pressed on further
to caress his tongue in her mouth. Even before she had properly climbed on top
of him, did she feel safe. Warm and complete. The sex that would soon follow
was beautiful to her, in that she felt pure with Zane, and deeply connected.
But the sex in itself was rather just something in the background to the
euphoria that had begun bouncing around Stacey’s head at some point. That one
of a kind euphoria, so rare and fleeting, that just having it would make you
remember that day. It was enough for Stacey to forget all the troubles that had
come before…

But they
didn’t need to be in love. Not right now. With the coolness of the air between
them, and the sound of crickets hovering a million miles away, her body merged
with his as she proceeded to ride her dragon again – that is the naked kind of

The thought
made Stacey giggle.

“What?” Zane
asked, sounding amused. He spread his palms out to cup both her breasts in

she muttered. “Just … riding my dragon.”

Zane laughed.

He then
flipped her on her side and her body went into the floorboards. He took of her
upper body as their pelvises interlocked and moved together in sync. Stacey let
her eyes fall to a close.

There were no
thoughts inside her mind. No sounds. No images.

All she could
do was feel her man pressed against her, fucking her, owning her, conquering
everything around her…

But then his
hands were becoming warmer. His breathing seared the hairs on her neck, and
down there, inside of her, a flame was reaching upward.

Stacey choked
a scream.

She heard a
muffled roar from her lover, and then suddenly he was not inside, not touching
her, just moving away as far as he could.

She looked
down between her legs, feeling the hot liquid moving across her skin. She
thought it was his semen as it had been last time, but she was wrong.

It was blood.





Thankfully the amount of blood was
very small, and it didn’t appear to be an open wound. She wasn’t even
absolutely sure it was her own blood, but then it made less sense that it would
be Zane’s. Stacey spotted a workbench against the wall which had a box of dusty
tissues on it. She cleaned herself up and then retrieved her dress as well as
Zane’s clothes. He was standing in the moonlight waiting for her, outside.

happened there?” Stacey asked, handing him the clothes.

He took them
but made no move to dress himself. “Sometimes, when a dragon is particularly
aroused doing sex…”

“He starts to
shift?” Stacey finished for him.

“It’s not
just that.” Zane lowered his head.

“What is it?”

“If I was to
… keep going … then I’m afraid you might not have lived through the

“Oh my God.
So that was my blood?”

Zane looked
uneasy. “This doesn’t always happen. Some humans are compatible with dragons.
Some are not.”

“Are you
saying this is my fault?”

“It’s not a
matter of blame. It’s to do with physiology. When I’m with you … I can’t
control myself.”

“Does that
happen often?”

“Well,” Zane
said, “it’s one reason why the women don’t always last in the island. It’s a
rare dragon indeed that would stop during sex on this account.”

Stacey took a
step closer to Zane. Their eyes met.

“I meant,”
she said, “do you shift when you fuck other girls?”

He seemed
almost embarrassed to admit it. “No.”

“Is it
because you like me more?”

“I don’t
know.” He looked back to the barn. “We should go back. Get some rest in before

nodded. “Okay.”

They started
to walk in the barn’s direction.

“And what
happens tomorrow?” Stacey asked. “Are you still figuring that out?”

“There is one
person I can think of who might be of help to us,” Zane said.

“Who is it?”

“I’d rather
not say. It is best we just take what’s left of the night to sleep. And …
things will be alright when we wake up.”

“Will you
hold me, Master?” Stacey asked. “Will you hold me tonight?”

Zane stopped
in front of her. He seemed to be in a state of conflict.

“It’s okay,”
Stacey said, touching his face. “I’m not afraid of you.”

Zane gave a
small smile. “You should be.”

BOOK: Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part Two
3.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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