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Sharing the Shower
Anya Merchant

Copyright © 2015 by Anya Merchant

All rights reserved

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This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental.
This work is intended for adults only. It contains substantial sexually explicit language and scenes that may be considered offensive by some readers. None of the characters engaging in sexual conduct in this work of fiction are under the age of 18, legally unable to give consent, or related by blood.




Tim was not the biggest fan of the sun. It hung in the summer sky, which was, of course, free of cloud cover, shining its scorching rays down on him mercilessly. He tried to focus on the grass as he pushed the old, rusty, lawnmower forward.
It’s the summer of my senior year, why can’t I be at the beach?

“I signed on to help you with your chores, not to get heat stroke.” Brett, Tim’s best friend since grade school, was manning the hedge clippers, making a somewhat futile attempt at trimming the weeds in the spots the mower couldn’t reach.

“We’ll finish soon enough,” said Tim. “Hopefully…” He took a hand off the mower and wiped sweat from his brow.

“Man, of all the things I could have spent today doing, I get tricked into working for free…” Brett closed and opened the clippers to make a couple of quick cuts, accentuating his words as he spoke.

“Hey, you offered,” said Tim. “Besides, you won’t have anyone to hang out with for the weekend without me. My stepmom made it clear that the lawn has to be done before I can go anywhere.”

“I’m surprised you guys even still have one, given how bad the drought has been.”

Tim shrugged.
I’m a little surprised, myself…

“Good work, boys!” Vanessa, Tim’s stepmom, stepped out into the yard through the front door. For a moment, the work was forgotten as both of them turned to look at her.

Vanessa had married Tim’s father almost 17 years ago, shortly before his second birthday. She’d been the only mother that he’d ever known, his biological mother having passed away shortly after his birth. Vanessa was everything Tim could ask for in a mom, and much, much more.

“Mrs. Fields…” Brett stared at Vanessa slack jawed as she slowly made her way across the lawn. She was wearing a white summer dress that was low cut in the front and high on her thighs at the bottom. Her big boobs threatened to pop right out of it, and her butt was only barely contained, swaying from side to side in seductive glory with every step.

“I thought you and your friend could use some encouragement.” Vanessa crossed her arms and smiled at Tim. “I can whip you up some lemonade if you’d like.”

There was something about his mom’s voice that made the hairs on the back of Tim’s neck tingle with excitement. She was the goddess of the neighborhood, and it was impossible for him to ignore how his friends and even some of the married men on the block looked at her.

“Uh, sure mom,” said Tim. “We’re just finishing up.”

“You look amazing, Mrs. Fields!” Brett’s eyes were focused on Tim’s mom’s body with an intensity that was almost a little rude. “That dress… I mean, wow! You should wear it more often!”

“Aww, you’re so sweet, Brett.” Vanessa walked over and set a hand on his shoulder. Tim felt his cheeks flush with red hot embarrassment.
Why does she insist on being so friendly, all the time?

“It’s true, Mrs. Fields!” Brett smiled at her and Tim felt his stomach knot up. “You could be a model or something, you’re way hotter than most of the girls in the magazines.”

Vanessa laughed and squeezed Brett’s shoulder.

“Unfortunately, he has to head home soon. Isn’t that right, Brett?” Tim spoke through clenched teeth, trying to keep his voice level.
My friends all hit on her as though I’m not even here, as though she’s not even my mom…

Brett looked a little deflated, but he scratched his head and set the hedge clippers down.

“Uh, yeah, I guess I do,” he said. “Sorry, Tim, I forgot about my, uh, appointment.”

“Oh, that’s too bad.” Vanessa took a step back and smoothed out her skirt. “I guess you’ll have to drink all the lemonade I made, sweetie.”

“Yeah mom, I guess so.” Tim smiled and breathed a sigh of strangely awkward relief.
It’s not my job to protect mom from horny teenagers. Why do I even care so much?

“Give me a call later today, Tim. Preferably after it cools down, and we can be outside without worrying about frying in the sun.” Brett waved goodbye to the two of them as he walked off down the street. Tim waited until his friend was out of earshot before turning to his mother and vocalizing his concerns.

“Mom, is that really the kind of dress you want to be wearing on a day like today?” asked Tim. “I mean, it’s just plain white, and the fabric is as thin as a sheet. If you started sweating, it would be almost…”

He trailed off as he pictured what it would look like in his head, the sight of his mom with the skirt sticking tight to her body sending shameful excitement rushing to his lower half.
She’s my mother, for god sakes!

“Honey, it’s too hot out today for me to dress normally,” said Vanessa. “But it’s fine if I’m just hanging around the house, isn’t it?”

She bent over to pick up the clippers that Brett had set down, and Tim felt his eyes being drawn to her butt as the dress slid up along her legs. He did a double take as the bottom edge of her buttocks came into view. and realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath.

“Anyway, come on inside,” said his mom. “I need to talk to you about something. It’s related to the heat, but…”

“But what?” Tim waited for her to walk over to him, feeling his cock stiffen as he saw the dress begin to cling to her breasts. Vanessa shook her head and walked over to the door.

“You should have a seat at the table,” she said. “Let’s talk about it over some lemonade.”

It had just been Vanessa and Tim around the house for the past week. Tim’s dad was a high powered business executive, and for as long as Tim could remember, he’d always spent at least as much time traveling as he did at home. It had never felt lonely with just him and Vanessa around the house, but there was always a strange tension whenever they were alone together, as though there was something electric in the air.

Vanessa began pouring lemonade from a pitcher on the counter. She dropped some ice into the glass from the freezer and then handed it to Tim.

“It’s freshly squeezed,” said Vanessa. “I didn’t add much sugar, but it should still be pretty sweet.”

Tim took a sip of it.
Wow, this is exactly what I needed.

“So what was it that you wanted to talk about?” he asked. Vanessa sighed and pushed a couple of strands of hair out of her face.

“The drought is in full effect.” Her voice was quiet and strangely reserved. “I know you’ve probably heard about the new water restrictions on the news.”

Tim nodded.

“Yeah, I was thinking about that today,” he said. “We spend so much water on the lawn, we should probably think about-“

“That’s not an option, sweetie.” Vanessa reached her arm across the table and squeezed Tim’s shoulder reassuringly. It sent a wave of excitement through him, instantly.
She’s just touching my shoulder. I need to relax.

“Okay, well…” Tim tried to think but found it impossible to focus on anything other than his mom’s luscious, shamefully attractive body. “What else can we do to cut back?”

“We need to start looking into our water use in the bathroom,” said Vanessa. “Specifically… our showers.”

“Mom, it’s not like we can just go without bathing for the sake of the lawn! I break out in a sweat just walking through the sun to get the mail.”

“That’s not what I was suggesting.” Vanessa cleared her throat and then bit her lower lip. “Sweetie… I’m your mother, and you’re my son. Instead of each of us taking one shower per day, I think we should both… well, I think we should.”

Vanessa paused and tapped her fingers on the counter anxiously for a moment.

“I think we should take one shower per day, total.” She reached her hand over and set it on top of Tim’s, as though putting it there for emotional support.

Wait… what?

“So, like, we alternate days or something?” Tim was bewildered.
She can’t mean what I think she means, can she?

Instead of explaining any further, Vanessa stood up from her chair and took Tim’s hand in hers. Wordlessly, she began walking forward, leading him into the hallway and towards the bathroom.



“It’s no big deal, sweetie.” Vanessa stood in front of the shower in the bathroom. She was smiling softly at Tim.

“What are you saying, mom?” Tim couldn’t stop shaking his head. The tiny bathroom felt even tinier than usual, and his mom seemed to radiate off heat like a furnace.
She’s not serious, is she? I must be confused about what she means.

Vanessa reached out her hands and took one of Tim’s in between them. She slowly licked her lips and raised one eyebrow.

“It’s no big deal,” she said. “Your father and I have already started sharing our showers together. It saves so much water, enough for us to not have to worry about the lawn.”

“Mom, this is insane!” Tim stepped forward reflexively, closing the distance between the two of them and almost putting himself into direct contact with her. “Dad is your husband. You, you’re…”

“I’m your mother.” Vanessa cupped one of his cheeks in her hand and then kissed him softly on the other, her breath tickling his neck with humid heat. “And you’re my son. I’ve seen you naked before.”

It’s not you seeing me naked that worries me. This would mean that I’d get to see you naked, too.

“Sure, it’s a little weird,” she whispered. “But desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Tim realized with a bit of his start that his cock was rock hard in between his legs. He struggled to meet his mom’s eye contact, the air in the room around him feeling as though it was pulsing with strange erotic tension.
I’m not seriously going to agree to this, am I?

“…Okay,” he said after a moment. “I guess… we can give it a try.”

Rather than cutting through the silence and sexual awkwardness, his words only made it worse. Tim’s cock was aching in his pants, and worry began to flood through his mind.
Oh god, she’s going to see my hard on! This is so fucking weird…

“The only way this is going to work is if we’re open with each other about our feelings.” Vanessa smiled at Tim and ran one of her hands through his hair. “Just tell me what’s on your mind, sweetie. Is it because you have trouble seeing me as both your mother and a woman?”


Tim took a second to formulate how to put his thoughts a bit more tactfully.

“I don’t know…” He swallowed hard and scratched his head. “I guess I’m just a little worried… well, about how my body might respond.”

Vanessa looked almost flattered by his comment.

“Are you saying that you’re worried that you might find me attractive?” She laughed and shook her head. “Honey, I’m your mother! That’s not going to happen, and even if it did, I would fully understand.”

Before Tim could object any further, his mom stepped over to the shower and begun fiddling with the temperature knobs. He watched her feeling the water as it came down and getting it just right. Without warning, she took a step back and then slowly began pulling her summer dress up and over her head.

Oh my god… Why can’t I look away?

It was like watching a strip show, or a porn video, except up close and in person. Time felt like it was moving at a fractured pace, with each second representing a new still frame of forbidden hotness. Slowly Vanessa turned around, holding one of her arms across her large breasts and stuffing one hand down against her crotch.

“Let’s get started, sweetie,” she said. “Once we’re in your shower you’ll be able to relax.”

I can’t believe this is happening…

It took Tim a minute to realize that his mother was waiting for him to join her in a state of undress. He coughed nervously and pulled his t-shirt up and over his head. His cock throbbed against the fabric of his jeans and he felt his cheeks heat up as he slowly reached down to unzip them.

“Mom…” His voice was no more than a nervous, boyish whisper. “Can uh, can you look away?”

“Don’t be bashful, hon.” His mom’s amused smile was the same one he’d seen on her face many times before. It always came out in response to Tim’s nervousness, be it on the first day of grade school, or before a big baseball game. Somehow, it felt totally appropriate in the strange, new context that the two of them were now exploring.

She’s going to see it! Maybe if I turn around like she did and hunch over…

“Okay.” Tim stepped away from her and towards the door and began stripping off his jeans and boxers. He could feel his mom’s gaze on his back, hot and confident. Somehow, through the utmost force of will and presence of mind, he managed to calm his lower half. By the time he was naked from the waist down, his cock was hanging mostly limp, relaxed enough to no longer be quite as conspicuous of a marker of his arousal.

“Great,” said his mom. “I know this is tough for you, but let’s hurry and get in. We’re wasting water.”

Vanessa dropped her hands from her nude body as she stepped beyond the shower curtain. Steam billowed out, hiding her figure as the hot water began to rain down on her. Tim took a deep breath and followed after, pausing for a second before stepping totally in.

If I just focus on getting clean and then get out, this should be fine. It’s no big deal, right?

“Come on Tim,” said his mom. “I’m not going to bite.”

He lifted his back foot up and eased his way past the shower curtain. Instantly, Tim felt as though he had entered a new reality, one with confusing, erotic truths that he’d worked so hard to ignore in his everyday life.

His mom was facing away from him, and her long hair was wet and slicked back behind her. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. Tim was desperately trying to keep a safe distance away, but the shower was tiny, and space was a limited commodity.

“Just start washing up,” said Vanessa. “It’s really no big deal, sweetie. Just shower like you normally would, as if I wasn’t even here.”

He watched as his mom bent down to pick up a bottle of shampoo from one of the lower shower ledges. Her butt was on full display, and he caught a quick glimpse of one of her perfect pink nipples as her breasts briefly bounced into view.

“Okay, mom,” he managed. Tim realized that his cock was getting hard again and turned away from her as he grabbed a bar of soap from the other side of the shower.

“Here, you’ll have to step closer in if you want to be under the stream.” Vanessa wrapped her arms around her son from behind and pulled him under the hot water. Tim could feel her boobs pressing into his back and her hot breath along with the hot water.

“O-okay.” He slowly turned back around to face his mom and felt his fully formed erection graze against her thigh. All Tim could do was watch with horror as she glanced down at it and then smiled at him tenderly.

“It’s okay, honey,” she said. “That’s a natural reaction. You’re a growing boy, and I’m a woman. You don’t have to be confused or ashamed about it.”

Mortified would more accurately describe it.

Tim and his mom were both standing underneath the shower head, only inches away from each other. He couldn’t take his eyes off her gorgeous naked body. He drank in the sight of her perfectly formed breasts and the tiny strip of pubic hair above her neat pink folds. Somehow, his mom ignored his perverted gaze, even as Tim began to wash his body, and one of his hands began to do a very thorough job of cleaning his rock hard cock.

What the fuck am I doing? I’m stroking my cock in the shower… in front of my mother?

“Honey, would you mind washing my back?” His mom smiled at him as she handed over a bottle of body wash and then turned and set both her hands on the wall of the shower, pushing her butt out towards Tim ever so slightly. He let go of his cock and squeezed some of the soap out on his hand before slowly bringing it into contact with his mom’s shoulders.

“Ooh,” said Vanessa. “That feels good.”

Without actively realizing or having a complete understanding of what he was doing, Tim stepped in closer to his mom. His cock poked against her buttocks like a groundhog trying to find its way into a hole. Vanessa arched her back and leaned her head against her son’s chest.

“I’ll do you next,” whispered his mom. One of her hands slipped behind her and came to a rest on Tim’s stomach, right above his cock. It was too much for him to handle. His dick began to explode, blasting string after string of hot, sticky cum onto his mom’s butt. The soap was already dripping down her lower back, and she didn’t seem to notice what had happened.

“Oh man…” whispered Tim. His mom glanced back at him with an expectant look on her face.

“Keep washing my back, Tim,” she said. “We can’t waste the water.”

Tim nodded and felt his arms began to work mechanically as he slowly began to calm down.

What the fuck did I just do?

BOOK: Sharing the Shower (Taboo Erotica)
3.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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