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“Mom, we don’t really have a choice.” John looked at her with the pleading eyes of a son begging his mother for a favor. “We need to at least hear him out.”

“John, he’s going to try to take us back to the island!” His mom sounded worried, more worried than John had ever heard her before. “There’s always another layer when it comes to my father! You don’t understand just how complicated all of this is… John, he was a man of means.”

John glanced over at the man in the suit, who smiled at him and nodded his head.

“We should probably speak about the finances of the former count in a more appropriate setting, but suffice to say, he left you enough money to ensure that you and anyone you care about will never have to work again.”

John wrinkled his forehead, and offered his mom one last, apologetic look.

“Let’s just make the trip out to the estate and figure out what to do with it,” he said. “That doesn’t mean we’re giving up our old lives, or that anything has to change, mom.”

John wasn’t sure if the words were true or not even as he spoke them, and from the look on his mother’s face, it was clear that the feeling was mutual.



They left within minutes of coming to a decision. The man, whose name John learned was Mr. Miles, led him and his mom out into a long black limousine shortly after. Natalie only reluctantly followed her son, clearly torn between her own wishes and a deep motherly instinct.

John didn’t even have a chance to change out of his gym clothes. Mr. Miles assured him that they would have everything that he needed at the estate, and his mom insisted that it didn’t matter because they wouldn’t be staying for more than one day. John nodded, unsure of which one of them he was agreeing with.

The two of them climbed into the back of the extravagant limousine, and felt it hum to life as Mr. Miles started it up. The passenger area was spacious, with a flat screen TV, a mini fridge, and dark black tinted windows.

“Can’t you just try to enjoy this, mom?” asked John. He slid over to where she was sitting and let his body move in close to hers. She looked serious, and John wanted to change that. The night had taken such a fantastical turn that he wanted her to be the fun loving mother that he had known in the past, rather than the serious, authoritative, worrying one.

“I’m just worried about you, honey!” Natalie brought her hand down on John’s thigh, her fingers rubbing dangerously close to sensitive territory. He swallowed hard and looked towards the black tinted front divider, wondering if there was any way that Mr. Miles might see them and get the wrong idea.

“Here, let’s see what’s in the fridge,” said John. He opened the tiny box up, and found that it was packed to the brim with liquor and bottles of champagne.

“Absolutely not!” Natalie crossed her arms and gave him a disapproving look as he pulled out one of the bottles and looked at her imploringly.

“Come on mom!” John pleaded. “It’s just champagne, there’s barely any alcohol in it. I know you’re not happy with all of this, but for me it’s kind of fun. I feel like celebrating, and I want you to celebrate with me.”

Natalie scowled and rolled her eyes, but didn’t object any further as John took two glasses out of a compartment near the fridge, and then popped the cork off the bottle. He poured a glass for each of them, and then handed one to his mom. She had an icy attractiveness to her as she took it, like a woman at an opulent social event that is sick of being hit on by all of the men.

“Cheers!” John dinged his glass against his mom’s and then took a sip. The flavor was a mixture of sweet, bitter, and bubbles, and he couldn’t help but laugh as he watched his mom’s facial expression.

“Quiet! I don’t drink very often, young man!” Natalie couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across her face as she let out a cute little cough. A bit of the champagne spilled down onto her blouse, and John’s eyes were immediately drawn to the wet spot, along with her big, gorgeous breasts around it.

John took a deep swig of champagne, and leaned back on the soft leather seat. His mom leaned against him and set one of her hands back down on his thigh, and suddenly, the whole situation began to feel very weird to him. His lower half was painfully aware of her touch, and he could feel his cock slowly hardening in his shorts. Several minutes went by silently, with Natalie not saying anything, and John feeling a strange intensity building on the air.

“Mom, are you okay?” John whispered the question, and ran one of his hands through his mom’s hair. “I know you said that you didn’t want to go to the estate, but it’s your dad who died, isn’t it? My grandfather?”

Natalie didn’t say anything. John listened carefully to her breathing and realized that she’d fallen asleep, empty champagne glass in hand, with the other draped over his thigh in a motherly, protective way. He smiled, and shifted her body into a more comfortable position, trying his best not to look too closely at her breasts or enjoy the soft feeling of his hands on her skin too much.

The limousine ride went on for several more hours. John drifted off to sleep shortly after his mom did. He dreamed of taking the bus to school, and accidently forgetting his clothes. He was sitting in a seat with his attractive female English teacher, and she was sitting so close to him. The bus ride went on for so long, and slowly she began to touch him, and then took it even further…

There was a loud noise from the front of the limousine, and John woke up. He had fallen to the side on the seat in his sleep, his head coming to a rest on top of his mother’s soft bosom, and his crotch pushed against the side of one of her soft, perfect thighs. His cock was rock hard, and he felt incredibly ashamed of himself and pulled away from her quickly.

One of the passenger side doors opened, and Mr. Miles stood on the other side of it, smiling. John shook his mother awake and moved to put the bottle of champagne away, but their chauffeur shook his head and gestured that he’d take care of it.

“This is as far as I go,” he said. “The helicopter pilot will take you the last stretch out to the island.”

“That’s it?” asked John.

“Yes, sir,” said Mr. Miles. “I’m at your service the next time you are in need of a driver on the mainland.”

He helped Natalie out of the car, and then John, clapping him on the back and shaking his hand as he led the two of them over to the helicopter, its blades already whirling.

“The former Count would be proud of you, I think,” said Mr. Miles. “You’re handling this transition remarkably well. He made a good choice, deeming you as his successor.”

“Thank you, Mr. Miles,” said John. He looked over at his mom, and saw her glaring at the man and moving into a position between him and John.

“My son still hasn’t made up his mind about what he’s going to do yet,” she said. “Don’t assume anything about what he intends, or what he’s going to be.”

“Of course. My apologies, madam.” Mr. Miles nodded cordially, and then pulled open the helicopter door. John could barely hear anything over the whir of the blades, and waited for his mom to climb in before following after her.

The pilot in front looked back after a minute without saying anything. He waited until both of them had on their seatbelts, and then yelled something that John couldn’t make out over the noise. The helicopter blades accelerated, and the machine slowly lifted into the air.

John suddenly felt a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t afraid of heights, as far as he knew, but the sensation of lifting straight up off the ground made his heart race, and his palms feel sweaty. He wondered if it was from the helicopter, or from what the voyage represented in his mind.

“Hey, it’s okay sweetie,” whispered his mom. She rubbed his knee and leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek. Her blouse billowed open slightly, and John smiled and fought the urge to glance down at her cleavage.

They headed across the small stretch of ocean that separated Blackthorn Isle from the eastern coast of Canada. The actual flight was not as long as John expected, only taking about a half hour. He was surprisingly well rested after sleeping in the limo, and as the island came into view on the horizon, so did the morning sun, lighting up the small land oasis in brilliant color.

“That’s it,” said Natalie. “God, I thought I’d never have to come back here.”

John had to lean in close to hear her. He stared at his mom’s face, trying to read her expression and failing.

“Why do you hate the place so much?” he asked her. “Was my grandfather a cruel man?”

Natalie shook her head, and then rubbed his knee again.

“He owned more than half of the entire island,” she said. “Almost five thousand people live on it, and they all treated me like I was royalty. It’s not what I wanted for my life, and it’s not what I want for you, either.”

John stared at the window, admiring the landscape of Blackthorn Isle and wondering just where the helicopter was going to land. There were a couple of large estates that he could see near the coast, but there was also a decently sized, rustic looking village in the center.

The island was a mix of hills and fields. About a third of it was urban area, leaving acres of open plains, forests, and farm land scattered about. There was a dock in the village, and a couple of roads running through the rows of buildings, circling around the circumference of the island.

The helicopter drew closer, and the pilot began to navigate towards one particularly large looking building that was just on the edge of the village, right next to a large, overhanging cliff that sloped down into a coastal beach. As they slowly began to drop down from the sky, John could see that the building was a mansion, complete with a helipad on the roof, a perfectly landscaped lawn, a gigantic garage, and a couple of luxury cars scattered about the enormous parking area.

“This is it?” asked John. His mom nodded her head solemnly to him, and he stared down more closely at the Ludling Estate.

There was a small stairway entrance to the side of the roof, and standing in front of it was a short young woman dressed in the easily identifiable black and white outfit of a French maid. The dress that she had on was low cut in the bust, and high hanging on her thighs, showing off the woman’s nice breasts and curvy hips magnificently.

Natalie noticed her son staring at the woman and let out a disapproving cough. John looked at his mom and felt his cheeks heat up a little.

“My father usually only had one or two maids on staff in the mansion, at least back when I lived there,” she said. “I don’t think we’ll have much need for them in our stay, so try not to pay them too much mind.”

John nodded, but knew that it would be impossible. He could see the woman clearly now as the helicopter settled down on the pad, and next to his mom, she was one of the most beautiful women he’d ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. She looked to be a little older than him, maybe in her mid-twenties, and had a welcoming smile on her face.

“Well, here you go,” said the pilot. “I live in the town, but Olivia has my number on file, for when the two of you decide that you’re ready to return to the mainland.”

“Thank you,” said John. He reached to unbuckle his seat belt, and found that his mom was already reaching over to do it for him. It almost felt as though her reaction to the whole situation was to just treat him like he was a child again.

The pilot climbed out of the helicopter and quickly headed over and down the stairs. The maid waiting for them slowly made her way over, arms folded across her lap, and stood to greet them on the helipad.

“Hello!” Her voice was clear and musical, like a bell. “My name is Olivia, sir. I’m here to help you in any way that I can.”

The girl had a youthful face with strikingly attractive features. John found himself thinking that her looks were wasted on the job of a maid, when they could easily buy her a comfortable life as a supermodel or actress.

“That won’t be necessary,” said Natalie, stepping in front of her son as though to shield him from the maid. “As soon as the affairs of Ludling Estate are put into order, we will be leaving, and most likely the property will be sold. You might want to consider looking for alternative employment, young lady.”

“Mom!” John gave her an exasperated look, and then turned to Olivia. “I’m sorry, she has… bad memories of this place. We haven’t decided what we’re going to do with the estate yet.”

Olivia bowed slightly and smiled.

“Of course, sir,” she said. “You are Marcus van Ludling’s named heir, and that makes you the current Count Ludling. The decision is entirely in your hands.”

Natalie looked as though she wanted to chew Olivia out, but John smiled at both of them, and began walking toward the stairs before the tension could mount.

“Please, allow me to give you a tour, Count Ludling,” said Olivia.

“That… sounds weird.” John scratched his head and turned abruptly as he was walking through the entrance of the stairs. Olivia had been following close and quickly behind him, and she didn’t stop in time. She let out a little squeal as she tripped forward, falling right into John’s arms.

“Just call me John.” He held her for a second and stared at her pretty face, feeling her big boobs pushing against his chest. Natalie stomped over and cleared her throat, her arms crossed and a very disapproving look in her eyes.

“Can we get on with this?” she asked. “I would like my son to see this place for what it is.”

“Yes, of course, my lady,” said Olivia. She turned back to John and flashed him a smile that was secretive and suggestive in a way that only a flirty woman in her prime could effectively pull off.  “John, let me show you your new estate.”

“Lead the way,” he replied.

Olivia walked with cute, concise steps, her butt wiggling from side to side in the maid outfit with every movement. She led John down a flight of stairs, which spilled out into an open third floor balcony area.

The carpets were a shade of opulent maroon, and all of the surfaces were polished wood, with gold trim. There was a chandelier hanging from the roof, and down below John could see the second floor balcony, with the entrance hall on the first floor being at the very bottom. Two huge wooden doors were at the front of the house, which he presumed would lead to the front yard.

“The third floor is the primary residential area,” said Olivia. “Both the Lord’s and Lady’s rooms are on this floor, along with two guest bedrooms, each with a bathroom of their own.”

BOOK: Sharing the Shower (Taboo Erotica)
13.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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