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Sin No More

BOOK: Sin No More
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Sin No More

7 Mortal Sins, Volume 2

Stefan Lear

Published by Stefan Lear,



This is a work of fiction. Similarities
to real people, places, or events are entirely




First edition. January 2016.

Copyright © 2016 Stefan



Written by Stefan Lear.


All rights reserved. This book or parts
thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in any retrieval
system, or transmitted in any form by any means—electronic,
mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise—without prior
written permission of the publisher, except as provided by United
States of America copyright law.

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Dedicated to:


The Westboro Baptist Church



(Because we all know you’re not like
those whores)



We met at a rally. Some of the other girls from church and me
picketed outside of a clinic. It was a clinic where women went when
they found out that they were pregnant.

He was there the second time that me
and the other girls showed up. I was sure that his religious
convictions were strong. He was on the side of the picket lines
that righteousness chose, after all. He was on the same side of the
picket lines as I was.

One time one of those sluts had cursed
and spit at him on her way into the slaughterhouse. It had taken
him by surprise, and he had flinched. His smile never wavered while
he confronted the woman about the choice she had made.

Anybody willing to stand up to those
god-awful harlots must be a man of the Lord. At least, I thought
so. The thought of those sluts choosing a life of debauchery and
sin over an innocent baby's life is enough to make me want to lose
my lunch.

I can’t stand the sense of entitlement
some of the women who come in and out of that clinic have. They
think they can just sleep with whoever they want without
consequences. It’s not your body; it's God’s. He’s just lending it
to you after all.

Sorry, I
digress. We were talking about him, weren’t we?


You should have seen him. He was
handsome. He had curly blond hair that waved at the sky when the
wind blew. It was like his hair was shaking at heaven. He had the
eyes of an angel. They sparkled with laughter. Even when we were
protesting outside the clinic, the sparkle never

You could hear the passion in his voice
every time one of those little whores walked by on their way into
that slaughterhouse. He wasn’t afraid to speak up about his
convictions. The way that he talked about life was

I was far too bashful to approach to
him directly. I don’t think that would have been very ladylike of
me. I didn’t want to seem too forward. I didn’t want him to think
about me as bold and brazen. Not like those whores that went to the
clinic. My stomach flipped over when our eyes met.

He smiled at me. Then he told me his
name, and I replied in kind. I knew he could tell how smitten I
was. It felt that way to me, at least. Thinking about that moment
still gives me chills of delight even to this day.

We began to court shortly after. He was
forever the perfect gentleman. He wasn’t like the other men that my
friends at church had dated. So many men act like they care about
you, but really they’re only interested in getting into your pants.
They were only interested in one thing. That’s what my friends told

It felt different with him, though.
There was no heavy making out, and he never pressured me to kiss
him. Mostly our dates consisted of sitting under our favorite
Willow tree at the park while we discussed the book of the

He was so knowledgeable. I wanted to
hear all of his thoughts and ideas when he talked about scripture.
One time I even told him he should write a book about the Bible. He
just laughed my suggestion off. He said that people who buy
religious fluff literature were rarely as open-minded as me. I
blushed when he said that.

He was what I imagined every woman
wanted in a man. I often wondered what kind of church he attended.
I bet it was big and fancy, and full of believers of the words of
the Lord.

Mamma always said that church was the best place to meet a
man. Mamma’s daddy had been a minister. He had given a sermon every
Wednesday and Sunday. He was strict and led his flock with an
unwavering faith. Mamma had grown up in this wave of believers. As
a child, she had helped clean the church, especially before
services. Cleanliness was next to Godliness her Daddy had always
told her.

When she became a teen, she helped in
the daycare center. She helped entertain the young children while
their parents attended church. Later, Mamma sang in the choir. She
sang like an angel proclaiming joy while in the presence of the

That’s where she met my Daddy. They
sang together in the choir. Momma said he was the most handsome man
she had ever laid eyes on. She said Daddy was kind and had eyes
that always seemed to laugh. She said it were as if he had a
constant litany of jokes running in his head, and that only he
could hear the punchline.

They had dated for over a year before
Daddy proposed to Momma. Momma once told me that the whole time
they had dated that she dreamed of having their child. She said
that she often daydreamed of holding the child in church while her
Daddy delivered the sermon on Sunday. She knew that the child would
be a gift from God.

Then she had gotten pregnant, and I was
born. Momma told me that I had been a perfect child. Always smiling
and happy, and that I had a curiosity about everything.

think I had fallen for him before the summer was over. It felt like
I was head over heels. Your heart makes you do funny things when
you’re in love. I thought about him all the time. Each time I saw
him, it became harder to control my urges. I wanted to hold him. I
wanted to kiss him all over his body. I wanted to feel his hands
caressing my breasts.

We weren’t married, though. I was sure
Jesus wouldn't be happy with me if I acted on my desires. Maybe He
would understand, though. I was no sinner, after all: not like
those sluts at the clinic.

I remember the last time I ever saw
him. I can remember it as clear today as if it were yesterday. He
had walked me home from the park after one of our dates. We were
discussing the book of Job. I wasn’t paying too much attention I’m
embarrassed to say. The demon Lust had clouded my mind, making it
almost impossible for me to focus on Job and his trials.

I asked him to come inside for a minute
after we arrived at my front door. I knew that the church had bingo
that night. That meant Mama wouldn’t be home until later in the
evening. Although he politely obliged, he seemed surprised by my

I’m not sure what my intentions were.
Innocent or not, once I had him all to myself, I knew I couldn’t
control my desires for him anymore.

I kissed him.

At first, he was frozen. I can only
assume he was in shock at my forwardness (plunging your tongue into
a young man’s mouth isn't the kind of behavior you would expect
from a proper lady like myself). He slowly warmed to my advances
despite his stunned reaction. I wanted him. I wanted him, and he
told me he wanted me too. I confirmed his desire for me when my
hand brushed the front of his pants.

I held his hand and guided him to my
bedroom. My heart was pounding. I’m sure he could hear it if he
listened carefully enough. We undressed together until our figures
were just as bare and exposed as Adam and Eve’s. I kissed him
again, and he held me in his arms.

I knew that what we were doing was a
sin. We weren’t married, after all. At that point, I didn’t care
anymore. I loved him, and I knew in the deepest recesses of my
heart that we would be together forever.

His touch was the most incredible
sensation I have ever felt in my entire life. I lost myself in his
embrace, my body sinking like an anchor into the deepest, darkest
depths of his passion.

He took my virginity that night. My
entire being filled with pleasure. The sensation built inside of me
and became more intense. I felt as though I was going to burst. And
burst I did. Our love erupted that night with a hedonistic
explosion of gratification.

It was my first experience in the
circus of sex, and it would be my last.


When we had finished, he stood up from the bed. He shot a
handsome smile at me. I asked him if he wanted to stay in bed with
me a little while longer. We still had time before Mama returned
home. He declined my offer to cuddle, however.

It was then that he told me that what
he came for I had already provided. His answer left me upset and
confused. I asked him to tell me what he meant. I asked him to tell
me that he wanted to be with me, but hearing my pleas only caused
him to throw back his head and laugh.

His voice had transformed into mocking
chortles. The sounds gushing from his mouth were the howls of a
dozen dogs all crying out together as they died. His voice wasn’t
the only thing about him that changed before my eyes.

I could feel my heart rise in my throat
as I watched his beautiful blonde hair fall from his head, replaced
by a pair of twisted goat-like horns. His nose extended forward
like a boar’s. He smiled at me, wearing a serpent's grin. A row of
pointed teeth glistened in the twilight that had trickled into my
room. The sickening sound of bones cracking and flesh tearing
filled the room as his body continued to contort itself into a
horrible, disfigured form.

By the time the noises had faded his
spine was bent and misshapen, and his body had almost doubled in
size. He looked down at me. His skin was dark, almost a chestnut
brown. There was a faint glow that emanated from his skin as if
lava were boiling just below the surface. In stark contrast to his
skin, intense shadowy eyes punctuated his face. They were two dark
pieces of coal buried deep in the sunken eye sockets. His hands and
feet were near twice the size of an average man's. I realized that
the Morning Star had deceived me.

The beast spoke to me. He told me that
what he wanted was a child. The son of the devil could only be born
out of sin – a sin I was tricked into committing. He had taken
great pleasure in persuading me to veer from a righteous

Realizing what had happened, I begged
him to get rid of it. He just laughed with that vicious hellhound
sound. In the blink of an eye, he vanished from my bedroom. What
was left behind was the lingering smell of sulfur in the air to
remind me of his presence, and of the deception that had led to my


That was three months ago. Momma and Daddy have moved me into
my own apartment. Momma comes to visit me every day except Sunday.
I think she doesn’t come to visit on that day because her and Daddy
are at church praying for my soul. I’ve been worried about the
church members, and how I’m going to hide my belly from them once I
start to show.

I'll admit at times that I’ve been
tempted to head down to the clinic and get the demon’s seed
removed. However, I made a promise to God that I would never sin
again. I still believe that his grace will get me through

I’m not one of those whores. I won't
take the easy way out. I refuse. This is God's test for me, and I
won’t take the bait. I know that I’m part of God’s plan. I’m just
not sure what my part is. As long as there is a child inside of me,
it’s safe. Even if I’m harboring a child of the devil.


BOOK: Sin No More
11.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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