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BOOK: Smoke. Fire. Cowboy (Cowboys of Nirvana Book 3)
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“This isn’t over. Come to my cabin. I’ll be there soon.” He kissed her on the tip of her nose just as he released his grip.

She backed up until her feet touched the towel she’d discarded in a moment of passion. Picking it up, she held it tight against her body that still whirled. Jared was already slipping into his jeans, but his eyes remained on her in a promise that made it difficult to think, let alone move toward her exit. The front door clicked and she turned, hurrying toward the door, clumsily wrapping the towel around her nudity. She slipped into the dark night just as she heard loud voices coming from inside the kitchen. She moved to the corner of the building, lurking in the shadows as she pressed her weakened body against the cold brick building. Once she was finally able to move without the threat of falling on her face, she took off in a jog toward the narrow lane. It wasn’t until she was out of sight of the staff quarters that she realized she’d left something very incriminating back on the kitchen floor. Her bra.


Jared watched as Sofie disappeared through the back door, still struggling to cover herself with the towel. He smiled just as he heard heavy boot steps. He swiveled and spotted a wisp of lavender lace hidden underneath the chair. Oh shit! Sofie’s bra. He hurried and grabbed the bra and pushed it into his front pocket just as Maverick rounded the corner. The cowboy stopped dead in his tracks. He pushed back his hat on his forehead and narrowed his eyes.

“What the fuck is that look about?” Jared tensed, casting a quick glance over his shoulder to see if Sofie did indeed make it out on time.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” Maverick scanned the room, eyeing the table where Sofie’s half-eaten sandwich was scattered across the table. She’d picked at it enough to make a mess.

“What are you? My dad?” Jared groaned.

“I thought I heard someone slip out the back door.”

Jared laughed and shrugged. “You’re drunk.”

Dodge stumbled in behind Maverick. Jared was grateful for the intrusion. Maverick was one smart fellow and if he’d asked any questions, Jared might just fumble and say the wrong thing. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t lie, but the fact was, he’d never had to lie before. He was open about his actions, but what he’d just shared—or almost shared—with Sofie had to remain hidden.

“Damn! I’m hungry.” Dodge opened the refrigerator, staring at the contents. “You ate the chicken.” He sent Jared a scowl over the door.

“I was hungry.” Jared grabbed his shirt from the back of the chair and pulled it on, then tightened the towel.

“And so am I. Shit! I was looking forward to the leftovers all evening. I knew I should have eaten before I left.” He slammed the fridge door.

“Sorry about your luck.” Jared pounded Dodge on the back who only snarled.

Jared grabbed his boots and slipped into them.

“Where are you headed off to so fast?” Maverick asked.

“The last thing I need or want at this hour is to be here surrounded by two pathetic drunken fools crying over leftover chicken.”

“I don’t care about chicken and I sure as hell ain’t drunk. I had to watch lover boy’s ass here to keep him out of trouble.” Maverick pointed his thumb at Dodge who was downing a bottle of water. “I don’t know what was up with him, but he received a call that put him in a pissy mood all evening. He almost got his ass whipped twice tonight.”

“I could have taken those bastards with one hand.” Dodge slammed his empty bottle into a flattened plastic pancake.

“I’m not talking about those fellows, buddy. I was referring to me kicking your ass.” Maverick scrubbed his beard.

“I’d love to stay and chat, but I’m tired.” Jared was already moving toward the hall, glad that his cock had went flaccid upon the sound of his buddies’ voices.

“You should have gone with us, man. The chicks were out tonight,” Dodge muttered.

“I bet they were,” Jared grabbed his hat from the hook on the wall and took one-step closer to his exit. He turned his back and kept on walking, even after they mentioned something about the pretty lip tint on his neck. Stepping into the cooler air, the rain was now a drizzle and it felt nice against his face. Maybe it’d awaken his missing logic. He rubbed his jaw, getting a whiff of Sofie’s scent. Like an expensive wine. One that he couldn’t afford.

Fuck! Maverick and Dodge couldn’t have had worse timing. Hell, maybe they had perfect timing. A minute later and his pals would have walked in on something that couldn’t have been explained—it wouldn’t have needed explanation. They would have kicked his ass. The men were protective over Sofie. Hell, nobody was more protective over her than Jared, although he doubted the hands would see it that way, especially Dade who worshiped the ground she walked on.

This was different though. She wasn’t just some lady Jared came across at the bar. He liked her. A lot. Had for some time. 

It didn’t matter. Getting struck by lightning was more likely to happen than Sofie showing up at his cabin to continue what they’d started. They’d had a weak moment where lust had taken over. Plain and simple.

He marched his way to the Gator and sped away from the staff quarters, following the narrow lane up to staff row. Parking in front of his cabin, he saw that the light was on, but that didn’t mean anything. He always left to do his chores before daybreak so the light was on most days. He hurried across the broken sidewalk as the sky opened up again and rain poured down. The door was unlocked—just like the light, he never bothered. He stepped through and stomped the wetness from his boots.

He scanned the small space of his cluttered cabin. Disappointment made his chest tighten. What had he expected?

Like a moping boy, he tore off his hat, shook off the water and threw it onto the unmade bed, then kicked off his boots and tossed them into the corner. He moved toward the bed as lightning lit the sky and the shadows of the room. He saw a silhouette—Sofie. She stepped toward the him, but didn’t come too close.

“I wasn’t sure you would come back soon.” Her soft voice made the hairs on his arms stand.

He shook his head, relief spiraling through him. “I wasn’t sure I’d have company waiting.”

She took another short step, stopping at his nightstand and she scanned the contents. “Stephen King?”

“Does it surprise you that I can actually read?” He lifted a brow.

“Not at all. I just figured I’d find porn magazines here too, but I guess you keep the stash in the bathroom.” She smiled.

“Found those, huh?”

“Sorta hard not to.”

He shrugged. “In my defense, I don’t bring women here.”

She looked at him through the veil of her lashes. “Never?”

“Never,” he admitted.

“I sure hope you found something on the floor of the kitchen that belonged to me.” She looked good enough to eat. The towel was exchanged for her dress and her nipples were hard under the thin top. Both straps had fallen down her arms. He lowered his gaze to her curling toes. Was she nervous?

“I did.” He made his way across the floor. He pulled the bra from his pocket and dangled it from his finger. “Change your mind about us?”

“About a hundred times.”

He liked her honesty. “What’s the verdict?”

She covered the short distance between them in two steps, stood on tiptoe and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her eyes were deep pools of mischief. “I’m here, aren’t I?”

“That you are.”

“We won’t be needing this any time soon.” She took the bra from him and gave it a toss.

He dragged her against him, pulling her off her feet as he held her close, burying his lips against hers. He pushed his tongue between her lips and tasted her. Sweet as cotton candy. He lifted his chin, only slightly. “Welcome to my abode, sweetheart.”





Sofie’s throat tightened and her chest did a dance. Many questions and emotions dragged through her, but the need buried within her was too strong to ignore. Once he drew her into his arms, she relinquished herself to the adrenaline pumping in her veins. He held her several inches off the floor and she surrendered completely—into him, for him. This was the best feeling. Heaven. She could hear his heart beating loud and fast, entwining with the sounds of her own thumping heartbeat rattling her ribs. Her nipples hardened, welcoming his touch again, remembering how he covered the peaks with his warm mouth, molded the mounds with his large, rough hands.

He smelled so good. Like rain and leather. His fingers pressed into her back, massaging the quivering muscles. He then allowed her to slide down his body, slow and deliberate, until her feet were back on the ground but her head was in the clouds.

The swelling behind his zipper pressed into her belly, right where a ball of heat grew. His breath was hot on her neck while his chest rose and fell rapidly. Reluctantly, she pushed back from him, only slightly, just enough to look up into his beautiful, masculine features. “Jared, what we share tonight, we can’t let anyone know.”

His eyes raked over her body as if memorizing every soft curve. He pulled her back into his arms and covered her mouth. His lips were comforting, demanding, and desperate for more. He trembled under her touch and yet remained in command. He nibbled her lips, suckled, alternating between the two, expertly weaving tremors through her body. She’d never been kissed so passionately before.  It was as if he kissed her soul.

Sanity meandered on a precipice and she needed to hold onto reality, at least marginally. She wanted this—and she’d get this—but she must keep in mind that this was sex only. This wasn’t Luther who’d taken her virginity and branded her his after one night. This was Jared Zane, a cowboy known for his meandering ways. That was fine. In fact, nothing could be grander. She wouldn’t have to worry about feelings getting involved. He wasn’t the type to fall in love. Nor was he the type to allow things to get out of control when the morning light shed truth on them both.

Jared, the untamed cowboy who took many women to bed and left broken hearts like a trail of bread crumbs. Or maybe that’s what she told herself to make their lovemaking seem inconsequential. Maybe she would convince herself that every man was a womanizer if it meant keeping her heart safe. One thing she needed to remember, everything—every action, every move—had consequences.

But tonight, there was only Jared.

She moved her hands up his thick arms to his sleeves. He was nothing but solid, firm muscle. His kiss deepened, he ground his mouth against hers, searching—the calm before the storm. Did he have doubts, too? His fingers threaded into her hair, tugging, erupting tingles in the roots. She whimpered, opening her mouth wider, meeting his tongue for a dueling dance. He rewarded her with slow, sweeps of his tongue. The kiss was a whirlwind that left her breathless, wanting more. Awakened by his touch, she leaned closer to him, clinging to his hard body, incapable of standing on her own two feet.

He lifted his mouth and brought his hands to the hem of her skirt, dragging the barrier from her body. It fell to her feet in a wispy puddle. He swept his heated gaze over her partially naked body and she shivered mindlessly under his scorching gaze. She couldn’t get her lungs to work as he stared at her, leisurely taking in every inch of her like a starving man. She felt beautiful under his attention and the sensation of being wanted made her body respond tenfold.

“These must go.” He tucked his finger in her thin panties and pulled until they lay on the floor. “You’re a beautiful woman, Sofie. Beautiful breasts. Beautiful stomach. Lovely thighs. And this…” He barely brushed the tips of his fingers along the seam between her legs. She moaned and arched her back as his mouth covered one sensitive breast.

“Yes! Yes,” she whimpered.

He blew on her nipples and they beaded, welcoming his devotion. Then came his mouth again, a jagged current exploded through her, washing away any remaining question. Her body was so profoundly aware of every sensation on her flesh, inside of her core. He rolled his thumbs over the perky buds as if he were polishing diamonds. Tingles surfaced on every nerve ending, shattered and spread through her veins like tiny shards of glass. She let out a raw cry that told a short story of her longing. He continued to pluck and play with her nipples until they were puffy and nothing but pillows of sensation. He swirled his tongue around the soft flesh, dipping between her breasts, leaving a moist trail from each nipple. He continued to suckle the creamy mounds, moaning deep in his chest. Lights flashed in front of her eyes and her knees wobbled. He held her steady with capable, strong hands.

She heard his zipper being lowered and he shifted, pushing the worn denim low on his hips, continuing to make love to her breasts with his mouth. He took a step back and they were both naked, standing in front of each other, each admiring the other’s beauty.

She roved her gaze over him, learning every lean dip, masculine bend and hard shape of his sexy body. His erection stood long and thick, the large purplish tip glistened with a drop of cum. He touched his fingers to where her thighs met, gliding the heel of his hand along the bare treasure and fingering the slick lips. She dug her nails into his shoulders, moved her hips as he dipped his thumb past her barrier and entered her.

Sofie bent her head back as spasm after spasm rocked her weakened body. She closed her eyes as he spread her legs ever slightly, seeking more, probing her labia. He circled his knuckle around her clit while still penetrating her with his callused thumb, teasing the flesh until she was wet and dripping, drawing blood under her nails. A delicious tremor raced through her, over her, and she held onto him tighter.

“Yes, baby. Sweet juices.” His voice swirled in her foggy brain.

He removed his hand.

She flicked her eyes open. What? Where did his hand go?

His fingers were near his mouth, slick with her moisture. “I know what the princess looks like, now what does she taste like?” He rolled his tongue over his wet finger, lapping up her juices as if he licked an ice cream cone. It was the sexiest thing she ever saw. “You like that don’t you? Love seeing your power over me.”

“Yes.” The word fell like honey from her quivering lips.

“What do you want, baby? Tell me what makes you feel good. Your wish is my command.” His husky voice made her heart skip.

“I want you. I want all of you!” she urged without a drop of humiliation.

“Soon, sweetheart. Very soon you’ll have me buried deep inside of that sweet pussy, but for now I need to learn your body, memorize the soft curves and silken folds.” He swept her off her feet and carried her to the bed, laying her down in the middle of the messy sheet. He joined her, cradled her, held her close. His hand drifted to her stomach and lower between her thighs. She opened for him, like a starving flower for water. He buried his finger inside of her, the heel of his hand rubbing her swollen clit. Blood engorged her pussy, making the heated throbbing almost unbearable. He kissed her forehead, her temple, her eyelids, and then her lips. He continued down her throat to the dip, where her pulse beat rapidly.

He explored her damp core, stroking and teasing the slick folds. He rolled his thumb over her secret part and she ached from the onset of desire. She jutted her hips upward, meeting his hand, in silent need for him to continue his exploration, yet she wanted more and more.

“Open your legs wider, sweetheart. Open for me. Give me everything,” he whispered.

When she did as he requested, he thrust two fingers deep inside of her. Cries of hunger came from her and she didn’t care that she let down the wall protecting her.

He moved his fingers in and out of her hot sex, easy glides of pleasure, taking on a fast speed then slowing to a gut wrenching pace that would have had her begging if her lips weren’t clamped shut. He built her up, to let her down, like a yo-yo. He took her to the cliff, so close that she stared down from high in the clouds, waiting to fall into a mindless rapture of release.

But he wasn’t letting her go that easy.

He shifted, situating himself between her thighs. “Sofie? Look at me,” he demanded.

She looked at him, his expression ripped through her. His eyes were pools of sweet poison, drawing her in. “I want to taste all of you. I want you to tremble against my lips as I take you to paradise.”

All she could do was stare dumbly as he lowered his head and licked her seam. In that moment, she forgot Luther and his betrayal. Chase and his rejection. Just like that. She was filled with unbridled passion, consumed by a need so wild and hot that she could stay here, in this moment with Jared, and never miss anything.

He moved his tongue along her damp folds, licking, teasing the trembling flesh. She bucked her hips and spread her knees wider, consumed by the scorching heat spiraling through her in an unyielding wave. She entwined her fingers through his hair as he dipped the tip of his tongue into her body, sliding deeper. His groan vibrated her most sensitive part, all the way into her throbbing womb. His fingers dug into the flesh of her thighs as he thrust his tongue in and out of her, mimicking what she wanted with his shaft.

His tongue danced over her, taking her, branding her. Her breaths became loud in her ears and her heartbeat bounced against her ribs. Her eyes blurred as every nerve ending, every cell, jolted alive.

“Yes, baby. I want to make you feel. I want to take you where you’ve never been before,” he groaned the words.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried out.

“Just me and you.”

She thrashed on the blanket, tossing back and forth, arching her back as more cries came from deep within her. She rocked against his mouth and came off the bed as a feeling unlike any other splashed over her. She felt the release clear to her bones, felt the wetness pour from the apex of her thighs.

“You’re all mine, Sofie. Only mine. Tell me you want to be mine.”

“Yes!” she whimpered, reeling from the seas and spasms pounding mercilessly through her.

“Tell me!” he demanded.

“I’m yours. All yours.”

“Pleasure dripping over my lips. Never tasted anything so sweet,” he muttered.

Another rapid fire of sensations lapped over her as another orgasm took root. Fireworks went off in her head and core. She lifted her knees to her chest as she rode the feelings. Tremors continued, on and on, consuming her. She thought she’d never come back to earth.

She barely registered his shifting as he climbed atop her, situating his large body between her legs, pressing the tip of his slick erection against her tingling, damp folds. “I need to be inside of you. Need to feel your pussy wrapped around me,” he whispered next to her ear. “I want to bury myself so deep you’ll only know my name.”

“Yes! Now!”

He reached over to the nightstand, and she watched as he ripped open the foil packet with his teeth. He slid the condom in place, preparing himself. “Take me in your hand and guide me, Sofie.”

She eagerly took his shaft into her hand, rubbing the tip along her center, using her juices to help him glide easier as tremors still swayed through her. He slowly moved his hips, sliding inside, sweet and slow, steady and poignant. Still high from her orgasm, she clung to the tops of the mountains, wanting him, needing him to take her even farther than she’d been before. She wanted him to fill her with his erection, stretch her, brand her deep.  Waiting to feel his cock against her slick walls, riding her hips, was torture. How could she have even thought she could deny her body pleasure with this man? She felt like she was home and it was a feeling that bombarded her every brain cell.

Wrapping her legs around him, pulling him, lifting her hips to take all of him, he groaned. He understood her silent wish and drove his body deep. “Oh shit! You’re so fucking tight. So tight, baby.” He grabbed her legs and mounted her high as his tip reached her womb, deeper than Luther had been before. Beads of sweat popped out on his forehead and she realized it was taking all he had not to come soon. She rocked back and forth, urging him to find release, loving the power she had over him.

“I’m not in any shape to hold back, sweetheart,” he said in a raspy tone.

“Then let it go,” she urged.

“That’s it!” He drove his hips against her, his body tightened, his breathing shallow. He then moved again, faster and faster, growing tighter and tighter. His hot shaft filled every inch, stretching her tight muscles as he plunged deeper, then deeper yet. He jerked and grunted, arching his back as he found release. Seeing his eyes closed and an expression of complete ardent passion sent her over the edge again. A convulsion struck her, sending flashes of sweet electrical jolts through her bloodstream causing her to thrash wildly against him. Slick, sweaty bodies alongside each other, the musky scent of sex filling her nostrils as they collapsed together on the bed.


Jared laid there for the longest time until he heard Sofie’s even breathing. Had she fallen asleep? He shifted gently, looking down. Her eyes were closed and she looked so damn peaceful. He couldn’t disturb her and ask her to leave. Hell, truth was, he didn’t want her to go. A post-sexual cocoon remained over them, and he couldn’t remember ever feeling so satisfied.

BOOK: Smoke. Fire. Cowboy (Cowboys of Nirvana Book 3)
4.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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