Stepbrother Forbidden (Stepbrother, Where Art Thou? Book 2)

BOOK: Stepbrother Forbidden (Stepbrother, Where Art Thou? Book 2)


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Sophia had never imagined for a moment it would feel like this. Not in all the years she'd been dreaming of it... dreaming of that first time a man would look at her with burning, hungry, eager eyes, like her body was his drug, and he'd sell his car just for one hit. She'd had it wrong all this time. She'd only understood sex as
, like it was a set of IKEA assembly instructions.
Insert rod A into slot B
. She would have laughed at her naivete, but she was too busy panting.


She'd never imagined she'd feel so... so
, yet outside her own body at the same time. It was as if she was two people. The first was pressed against the mattress under Ryan's weight, her curled toes digging into the sheets, her palms flat against the wall behind her, biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming his name. The other hovered above the bed, looking down at the glorious sight of Ryan's tight, toned ass moving back and forth as he pushed himself inside her, watching a bead of sweat run down the length of his body, finding its way between his writhing, shifting muscles, moving like a bead of mercury until it reached the small of his back.


Sophia had also never imagined the... the other stuff. In all her life it had never once occurred to her that sex had a
, or a
; that the warm air in the room would fill with the thick, rich aroma of her sweat mingling with Ryan's; that his panting breath, still sharp with last night's alcohol, would condense on her skin as he dipped his head to kiss her chest, hot and wet; that the taste of his lips would linger on hers.


She closed her eyes tight, biting her bottom lip until it hurt, desperate to stay silent. That was another thing she hadn't expected: the need to yell out, to scream Ryan's name and use words she'd only ever expect to see in the script of a bad porn movie. The urge to moan and wail was something she never felt when she slipped her own wet, glistening fingers inside herself, but now it was all she could think about. She could make herself come with little more than a whimper, but now Ryan filled her up, pushing her closer to orgasm with each thrust, she wanted her voice to echo from the walls and shake the glass from the window frames.


” Ryan's slow, deep thrust forced the sound from between her lips, and she pressed them together even tighter. Nobody could hear this. Nobody could know. She focused all her concentration on keeping silent and still, praying that the bed springs wouldn't squeak.


She didn't hear the first knock at the door. She could barely hear anything but Ryan's breath panting in time with her own, warm and moist on her smooth olive skin.


The knock came again, louder this time, and Ryan froze on top of her. His eyes grew wide and his head swung to the door. As he moved inside her Sophia felt her body quiver with pleasure, and she had to bunch her fists to keep from making a sound.


“Honey, are you awake? I'm making pancakes if you're hungry.” Her mother's voice came in sharp and clear through the door, and Sophia was certain the sounds of their panting had been just as clear to her.


“No!” she blurted out, too loud and too forcefully. “I mean, no thanks, mom. I'm just … umm, I'm just doing my workout right now.” She squeezed her eyes closed and winced. She'd never done so much as a sit up in her life.


“Oka-ay,” her mom replied. “Come on down if you change your mind.”


Sophia could barely speak. “OK, mom. Thanks anyway.” Her whole body was trembling, and she struggled to take a breath without it catching in her throat.


Ryan's arms shook as he held his body still above her. He bit his lower lip, and his eyes were half closed in a squint as if he was in pain. Sophia opened her mouth to speak, and Ryan shook his head. “Shhhh,” he mouthed, soundlessly, and nodded in the direction of his room.


“Ryan, honey, are you up?” Isabel's voice was a little quieter now, muffled through the walls. “Ryan?”


Sophia heard footsteps moving into Ryan's room. He must have left the door open as he chased her over here. Through the wall they both heard Isabel talking quietly to herself in a confused, questioning tone. It took a moment before Ryan realized what was going on, and he leaned his head down, slowly and carefully, as if worried that a single false move might make an alarm sound, and whispered in Sophia's ear.


“She must have found my clothes from last night,” he hissed. “They're still on the floor.”


It was then that, on the floor beside the bed, a loud, repeating tone began to chirp. Sophia almost jumped out of her skin as she heard it, and twisted her head towards the sound. Next to the bed, half hidden in a fold in the duvet Ryan had wrapped himself in, his phone vibrated merrily as the tone increased in volume. the display read
Sophia's Mom
. Through the wall came Isabel's surprised voice. “What on earth?”


Ryan's eyes said it all. They widened with panic, and as Isabel's footsteps padded out of the room and back towards Sophia's door Ryan fell to the side, slipping out of Sophia with a pop that almost made her gasp, and rolled off the edge of the bed. Moments later her bra and panties landed beside her as Ryan tossed them from the floor, and the duvet beside the bed vanished beneath it as he tugged it out of view.


Her mom didn't knock this time. She pushed open the door just as Sophia rolled off the bed, clasping the bra – thankfully at the front – half a second before Isabel came into view.


“Honey,” she asked, her face a mask of confusion, “do you know where Ryan is?” She looked to the floor beside Sophia and saw the phone, still ringing.


“Umm, yeah, he got up early and went to his friend's place. Josh, I think he's called.”


“OK...” she replied, still frowning with confusion. “But why do you have his phone?”


Sophia had never thought on her feet so quickly in her life. Sitting on the floor in bra and panties, dripping with sweat and her face glowing red, she picked up the phone, swiped to reject the call and shook the phone in the air. “He's got a cool workout app on here, and he's letting me try it out before I buy it. He said he's gonna help me get in shape.”


Her mom smiled warmly. “Oh, that's nice of him, isn't it?” She leaned against the door frame. “You know, I think the two of you will get along just fine, once you've gotten used to the idea of being brother and sister. He really is a lovely boy.”


Sophia smiled, but feared it came across more like a grimace. “Yeah, I'm sure he is.” She didn't dare look behind her, terrified that Ryan might be visible under the bed if her mom thought to look. “OK, mom, I gotta get back to the workout. I'll come down for breakfast soon.”
Get out, get out, get out, get out


“OK sweetie. Hey, don't try to do too much too soon. You have to start slow when you exercise. You're looking a little flushed.”


“Yeah, mom,” she agreed, I'll just do a few more minutes.”


Isabel smiled sweetly and pulled the door closed, and just in time. Sophia couldn't have kept up the act for even a second longer. She felt too weak even to hold onto Ryan's phone. Her hands trembled, and her breath came in quick, shaking shudders. She felt like she was having a heart attack.


Ryan began to climb out from under the bed. His face was red, but instead of the horrified look of terror worn by Sophia he was actually grinning a little. “That was some quick thinking,” he whispered, moving beside. “Your mom didn't suspect a thing.”


Sophia could hardly get a word out. “I can't believe we almost got caught,” she muttered, still in shock, her voice a little slurred. “She could have just walked in on us having sex.” Sophia could picture it down to the smallest detail. Her mom pushing open the door to find her daughter flat on her back, sweaty and panting, her face flushed with ecstasy as she writhed beneath Ryan's muscular body. She could hear the horrified cry of her mother, raising her hand to her mouth with shock and disgust as Ryan scrambled to roll off Sophia's body and cover up his erection, glistening from Sophia's juices.


She could imagine the tears and recriminations; the long, painful conversation between her mother and Jack; the numb, excruciating silence as she waited for judgment like a condemned prisoner being led to the gallows. She imagined mom packing up their things and dragging her back to the little apartment in Queens, too humiliated by Sophia's behavior to stay. In the blink of an eye she imagined it all, ruining the first good thing that had happened to her mom in years, and it left her frozen... disgusted with herself.


Ryan clearly hadn't been affected by it as much as she had, if he'd had any reaction at all other than a momentary panic. He leaned in and kissed her shoulder while sliding a hand to the small of her back, slipping his fingers beneath the elastic of her panties. Sophia edged away. “Stop it, Ryan.”


Ryan pulled away, but he still wore that smile; a smile that just a few minutes ago would have burned a hole in Sophia's panties, but now just seemed inappropriate. “What's the matter?” he asked, confused.


“What's the matter?” she repeated. “What do you think's the matter? My mom almost caught us having sex!”


Ryan leaned his head back towards her and kissed her neck, mumbling between soft, moist nibbles. “Yeah, but she didn't.” He took her hand in his and pulled it gently between his legs, pressing her palm against the hot, swollen shaft of his cock. “We just have to remember to lock the door in future. We'll just be more careful.”


Sophia pulled her hand away, pushed Ryan's head from her neck and pulled herself to her feet. “Next time? There won't be a next time! Don't you understand? We can't do this!”


Ryan's face fell, but he didn't give up. He stood, towering above her by a head, and took her by the waist. He pulled her close and she could feel the heat of his manhood radiating against her stomach. “Shhhh,” he whispered, trying to soothe her. “I know you're afraid, but that's no reason to ruin this.” He pulled her closer, tighter against his body. “We both want this, Sophia. You
you want this.”


The long, thick bulk of his cock pressing against her belly was almost unbearable. There was nothing she wanted more than to slip her panties down to the floor, step up on her tip toes and take him inside her again. Nothing she wanted more than to feel his panting breath on her skin, and to run her hands over the firm, flexing muscles of his back as he fucked her.


She could feel his desperation; the urgency of his body, and his temptation to just take her right there. She felt herself guided back to the bed, and she knew that if they lay down once more there'd be no stopping it. She knew she couldn't resist him unless she stopped it right this moment.


“No!” she cried, too loud. Her eyes darted to the door, as if expecting her mother to burst through at any moment. “No!” she whispered harshly. “We can't!” She pulled herself away from Ryan's body, struggling to tear herself away from him, as if their bodies were magnetized He tried to resist, tried to take her wrist and hold her close, but she pulled away.


“But...” Ryan looked as if she'd slapped him in the face. “Sophia, I need you.”


She shook her head, sharply aware that tears had begun to prick at the corners of her eyes, and nodded towards the door. She stood stock still, waiting for Ryan to leave, but he wasn't so easily dissuaded. He reached out once more, wrapping both hands around her back and pulling her in close, then closed his lips over hers and slipped his tongue into her mouth.


Sophia pressed her lips closed, trying to force him out, but as she struggled she felt her feet leave the ground. Ryan had lifted her. He swung her body around like it was weightless, lowered her softly back to the bed and climbed on top, holding her arms – gently, but with a firm grip – by her sides.


“I need you,” he whispered in her ear, his breath hot, rapid and urgent as his hands slipped down to her waist. Sophia felt his thumbs slip under the elastic of her panties and roll them over her ass, and before she could resist she felt Ryan's rock solid, searing hot erection pressed against her inner thigh, hunting for her pussy.


“Get off me,” she cried, trying to squirm left and right to keep him away. “I said
” she yelled as she twisted her body to bring her knee in a tight, quick arc directly into his groin.


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