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“Give it some thought while I dress. I don’t mind sharing my bed with you tonight. We can both behave. We are adults.”

Jens watched the door to the bathroom close, hiding Elliot from his view. He was fucked six ways to Sunday, or actually he wasn’t, but wanted to be. Elliot’s offer was too good to pass up, and no matter how much he knew it was a mistake, he couldn’t make himself walk out the door. He glanced out the window, finding snow coating every surface. Going back out in that mess was the last thing in the world he wanted to do. It was wrong for so many reasons to stay there. Elliot hadn’t really propositioned him, but the offer was implied. He wanted to stay, even if it meant he’d regret it in the morning. But first, he had to place a call. God, he hadn’t wanted to do this over the phone, but their relationship was over. This would just make it official. He and Bruce hadn’t seen each other in two months. They’d talked about getting together when Bruce was in town, but Bruce always had an excuse like a last minute meeting or he was busy. Maybe a fling was what he needed. He’d fuck this guy as his rebound man, and then he could get back out there and find what he wanted.


Elliot shut the door to the bathroom and opened his mouth in a silent scream. Frustration and lust twisted through him. Why had he said the guy could stay? That wasn’t his way. He didn’t drop his trousers for random fucks, and all that shit about them both being adults, hell, he wanted to show that guy just how adult he was.

Now he sounded like his older brother, the skank. The fucker was a terrible role model for how to live, getting girl after girl pregnant then running off. Growing up, Elliot swore he’d never treat a girl that way. At the time he didn’t really know that he was gay, but even at his most indiscreet, he’d never been into screwing a guy just because he was there. That’s what his hand was for, and if Jens’ hadn’t been in the other room, he’d be putting his hand to use at this exact moment. The thin walls and doors would mean the guy out there would hear exactly what he was doing, and that would be even more embarrassing than walking out there totally naked.

He glanced down to his prick, rolling his eyes. God, he hated his traitorous body at times. When he’d stepped out of the bathroom, he’d been soft and small, but now it was fully extended, using all of that tissue that shrunk to near raisin small when he wasn’t hard. He wasn’t really raisin small when he was soft, but he sure wasn’t anything to write home about. In high school, he’d caught hell in the locker room for his size. Then one night when he was over at a friend’s house, and they were all bored, a circle jerk came about. He’d never forget the look on the guy’s face that had given him the most grief about his dick size. In all of its glory, he wasn’t one bit tiny, but Jens didn’t know that. Maybe that was why Elliot was afraid to get involved. Hell, relationships were confusing. He was probably making too much of this situation. Hell, he didn’t know since he didn’t go out and party in the scene, but Jens couldn’t be impressed with his dick. Jens would expect him to behave, and he sure as hell wouldn’t make an even bigger fool of himself than he already had.

Elliot pushed away any thoughts of sex and pulled on his clean underwear that he’d brought in earlier. Jens had looked amazing in his yellow boxer briefs. Maybe he’d buy a pair, but it wasn’t like any guy would ever see him in them, since he really didn’t go out much, and his pick up skills were almost non-existent. Plus, his tiny, soft dick wouldn’t fill out that pouch. Jens was the first guy this year to see him naked. It was pathetic, and he doubted that any other guy would even want to see him naked, though Jens had seemed appreciative, or at least shocked.

He tugged on his shirt and sweats, settling on the fact that though the hottest guy he’d seen in ages was out in the den, practically naked, he wasn’t going to be having sex any time soon. He half expected the man to flee while he was taking so long in the bathroom, but he was pleased to find Jens in the kitchen area, chopping vegetables for what looked to be a salad.

“Hey, I bought some food. Would you like some?”

“I have an idea. I picked up some Chinese takeout on the way. It’s in the oven and just needs to be reheated. Would you care to split it?”

Jens shook his head. “I can’t take your dinner.”

“Please, I mean it. It will make up for you having to see me naked.”

Jens shot him a look, his face going red, but he didn’t say anything. Elliot might as well resign himself to never being appealing to anyone.

“I’ll cut up some more vegetables. I hope you don’t have any allergies or anything like that.”

“Nope, eating Chinese food kind of makes it hard to have allergies. I travel for business a lot, so I guess I’m lucky. I couldn’t imagine having to restrict my food based on something that could kill me.”

“Yeah, I’m not really allergic to much, just strawberries.”

“I’ll remember that.”

Jens set the knife down and turned, leaning against the counter. He placed his hands beside his hips on the counter and crossed one leg over the other. The man looked so freaking sexy. Elliot thought he’d lose it.

“So why are you in Boston this weekend?” Jens asked.

“I’ve been traveling up the coast, doing appointments, and I realized the storm was going to sack me. I only have one more set of appointments, and they’re far enough north that there is no way I could make it. It’s already been snowing up there for half a day. Anyway, I canceled it, not wanting to risk getting stuck. When I realized I was going to be stuck here, I tried to get a flight out, but the flights were full. I called Adam, and he told me about this place. I guess I could have stayed in a hotel, but the ones closest to the airport were full, and ones in downtown were priced too high for my company. What Adam didn’t tell me was that someone else would be here.”

“I guess Adam and Ryland need to talk more.”

“Yeah, I think so. Why are you in town?”

“I was at a conference for a couple of days. I usually like to get the flavor of a town when I visit, and staying out here would be perfect for that. What I didn’t know was that the weather would suck so bad, forcing people inside. I like seeing how people act in their normal environment. You can tell a lot about a place when you stay in the neighborhoods with them.”

“Oh, I usually stay at hotels. I’m glad I had public transportation out to here.”

“Yeah, thank God for that. Otherwise I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to get here tonight.”

Elliot stepped closer to Jens to grab the food from the oven. He noticed the way the guy stilled before moving over.
Yeah, he’s so not attracted to me.
Elliot pulled the food from the oven and split the noodle dish into two bowls before grabbing a plate for the two eggrolls he’d picked up. Usually, he only ate one, but he’d picked up an extra, thinking he’d save it for lunch. The snow was falling much faster, and he didn’t know if they’d make it out again this weekend. He hoped Jens had bought more than salad fixings for tomorrow.

“Okay, so the salad is ready.” Jens turned just after Elliot had placed the noodles in the microwave to heat them up. He’d taken a step back, and Jens must have moved over. Their arms tangled together, and he had to reach out to steady Jens and keep him from falling.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you.”

“It’s okay.” Jens placed his hand on Elliot’s waist and squeezed.

Elliot didn’t move away like he knew he should. Jens had made it abundantly clear he didn’t want to hookup, but Elliot couldn’t move. He was planted in place, his body responding to Jens.

The microwave beeped, and Jens jumped back, turning away quickly.
. He’d been so close to leaning in and kissing the man, but the fucking microwave had chosen that moment to interrupt his life. If only he could catch a break.

Elliot switched the plates, heating the eggrolls for fifteen seconds. He moved the food to the table and was careful not to bump into Jens again. Sleeping in the bed would be interesting. It was fairly large, so he doubted that they’d bump into each other. He’d just make sure to stay on his side of the bed, trying not to move over and get in Jens way.

“The food is done,” Elliot said as he pulled the plate out of the microwave and took the eggrolls to the table only a few steps away. He sat, ready to dig in and focus on something other than the totally hot guy he’d have to share a bed with. Jens smiled and placed a salad in front of him. The air felt stilted, and he wished he could run out of the room and hide. In a couple of days, this weekend would be ancient history, and he could spend hours laughing at himself for being such a fool.

Jens stepped behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. He glanced up, swallowing hard as he stared, taking in Jens’ trim torso and beautiful blue eyes. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

“Would you like some tea? I bought some teabags and can heat some water.”

No, I want to freaking kiss you.
Elliot smiled and nodded, “Sure, tea would be nice. Thank you.”

The smile Jens gave him melted his insides, leaving him feeling deeply insecure. This was why he sucked at picking up guys. He never let go and just allowed the situation to flow. He had to be in control, and if he wasn’t, he had no clue what to do.

Jens filled a teakettle and set it on the stove before taking a seat and picking up his fork. “It will only take a bit of time. Thanks for sharing your food. I do have some stuff for breakfast, but no coffee, sorry. I thought I’d just go out to get some, but now the weather looks really bad. I have some other food too, so we shouldn’t starve.”

“That’s okay about the coffee. Tea will be fine, and we can make do with what we have. Honestly, I didn’t really think this through. I have some cookies, a bit of alcohol, and some breakfast bars.”

“At least you have some alcohol. We both might need it.”

Their gazes connected, and his heart skipped a beat. The teakettle whistled, saving him from further embarrassment.


Jens wondered how the hell he was going to make it through the night. He wanted to talk to Bruce, but when he’d hidden in the bathroom to call, no one had answered. It was just like Bruce to ignore him. Jens suspected that Bruce was fucking other guys. He just hadn’t caught him. Of course, they have to see each other for him to catch Bruce in a lie or even in a half-truth. He shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to kiss Elliot, but he did.

Somehow they’d made it through dinner without it being too awkward. Now they were getting ready for bed. Jens took a shower, washing carefully between his butt cheeks. He rolled his eyes, feeling ridiculous for prepping for sex, since he knew nothing would happen. They were strangers and had nothing between them. The weather, and their friends’ mistake had thrown them together. They were adults and could make the most out of the situation without having sex because he was horny.

He had on clean underwear and his sweats but no T-shirt. He guessed he should pull one on, but he never slept with clothes on, so he was making a concession with the sweats and underwear. If he got too hot, he’d quietly slip out of the sweats in the middle of the night with no one the wiser. Jens put his shampoo and shower stuff in his suitcase, not wanting to take up too much space in the bathroom. He grabbed his iPad, hoping he could get some reading done.

Elliot was already in bed, the covers pulled up to his chest. Jens stumbled a bit when he realized the man had a T-shirt on. Maybe he should pull on a shirt, but he’d be so uncomfortable. Elliot didn’t even look up as Jens slid between the sheets. Again, the air thickened with an awkward feeling that made his breath short and his head spin. He should have left when he figured out another man was already in residence. Hell, he should have just stayed in a hotel even if it would have been boring as shit. Sterile hotel environments always depressed him.

Jens shifted and turned slightly to his right, getting a glimpse of Elliot’s gaze darting away from him. So the man had been looking at him. He smiled and reached for his iPad he’d placed on the side table and pulled up his reading app, opening to the book he’d been fighting to get through for the last two weeks. It was a how-to book, describing the best way to write a screenplay, but he wasn’t able to get into it.

The bed shifted. Jens glanced over, finding that Elliot had rolled to his side and was now facing him. Their gazes met, sending heat through Jens. They needed the tension to ease, or he’d combust in the bed just from being so close. Elliot flashed him a quick smile that went all the way to his dick. He bit his lip and sank down on the pillows, trying like hell to concentrate on the screenwriting book.

Elliot stood and stretched, Jens watching him out of the corner of his eyes. Thirty minutes had passed with him basically reading the same line over and over again. His dick was hard but held in place by his underwear. He glanced down, making sure the covers were pulled high enough to hide his erection.

“I’m exhausted. Are you okay going to sleep?” Elliot asked.

“Sure, I just need to brush my teeth again.” On the off chance Elliot wanted to kiss him, he needed his breath to be fresh. Thoughts of kissing Elliot caused his dick to twitch. Hell, he needed to calm down.

“Sounds good. Let me use the bathroom then it’s all yours.”

“Okay.” Jens stood up and adjusted his cock while Elliot was facing the other way. He went to his suitcase and pulled out his toiletries bag, adjusting his cock again because it was really uncomfortable. “You can turn off the light when you come out. I’ll be quiet when I head to bed.”


Elliot disappeared behind the bathroom door. Jens closed his eyes and cringed, wishing everything were different. Why couldn’t Bruce be here? Actually, he didn’t want Bruce here, but why didn’t he return his calls. He’d left a message last night, and he hadn’t heard anything, not even a text. Jens grabbed his phone and quickly typed in a note, hating himself for doing it this way, but Bruce wouldn’t talk to him. Six days had passed since the last time they communicated at all. Bruce’s last text was four days ago, and then he only sent some quick reply, nothing personal at all. He read the message again before hitting send. Breaking up over text sucked, but Bruce wouldn’t return his calls.

BOOK: StormingLove Blizzard JensElliot
12.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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