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Sunshine and Shadows

BOOK: Sunshine and Shadows
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Sunshine and Shadows

The Keeping Secrets Series

Book Three


Pamela Browning

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"Pamela Browning.... creates multifaceted characters and fascinating plots with unexpected twists."

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Dear Reader,

Everyone's life features some of the good, some of the bad.

Sunshine. And shadows.

Sometimes it takes love to make us understand that we're not in the shadows anymore. It helps when we find that one special person who makes everything all right.

That's what happens to Lisa and Jay. Finding each other is a miracle, and love is a gift. I enjoyed writing their story, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

Please look for the other three books in the Keeping Secrets Series:
Through Eyes Of Love, Ever Since Eve
, and
Touch The Stars
. In each book, the characters have a secret to keep, and to reveal it would mean that they could lose the most important person in the world. The choices they make will change their lives forever.

With love and best wishes,

Pamela Browning

This book is for Cameron and Caroline, who bring sunshine into my life.


June, 1990

The shadowy refuge of the banyan tree in the park across the street from their neighboring houses was an oasis in the simmering heat of a South Florida summer; Megan O'Rourke and Lisa Sherrill, both age nine, found a grassy niche among the cool curving roots where they could sort through the basket of flowers they'd picked in Megan's backyard.

"One for you, one for me," chanted Megan as she doled out the pink-and-white phlox and the larger cerise hibiscus blossoms.

"There's one hibiscus left," Megan announced. She thrust it toward Lisa. "Here, Lisa, you can have it."

Lisa added it to the heap in her lap. Then, tongue held firmly between her teeth, she strung the phlox on long weedy stems that they had picked for the purpose. Three stems twisted together made a crown, and four made a necklace. Megan's crown swooped rakishly over one eye, and her hair sprang up through the center in a fluffy red pouf.

"I love pink and white," Megan confided, her earnest face dappled with sunbeams streaming through the leaves overhead.

"Me, too," Lisa said dreamily. "When I get married, I'm going to have a big wedding. My bridesmaids will all wear pink dresses and pink hats and pink shoes." A born daydreamer, she could see every detail of her wedding in her mind's eye, and it was beautiful.

"Oh, I want a big wedding, too," Megan said. "Say, I have an idea—let's have a wedding today. We can make bride and bridesmaid dolls, and the hibiscus flowers can be their skirts."

Lisa pushed baby-fine strands of blond hair out of her eyes and painstakingly dug a dozen wood Popsicle sticks out of the pocket of her shorts. "I've been saving these all summer," she explained to Megan. "They can be dolls' bodies."

"And we'll draw faces," Megan said in delight. She held up a stubby, tooth-marked pencil.

Lisa, who at nine was possessed of a baby face that was still endearingly round, was twisting a piece of thread around the waist of her second bridesmaid doll, when her lower lip began to quiver.

"I just thought of something, Megan," she whispered. "We won't get to come to each other's weddings."

"Oh," said Megan, her face falling. "I almost forgot you're moving to Stuart."

"Maybe it's not too far," Lisa said, mostly to console Megan. "It's only fifty miles. Anyway, Daddy said we might move back someday." This was another dream, a more serious one.

"Fifty miles isn't next door, and someday may be never," was Megan's mournful reply.

"Well, no matter how far away I live, you'll always be my very best friend. I promise," Lisa replied with an air of forced cheerfulness.

Megan brightened. "I promise, too. In fact, let's swear that we'll be in each other's weddings. I want you to be my number-one bridesmaid."

"Maid of honor, you mean. And I would never have anyone but
maid of honor, Megan. I will never ever have a best friend as good as you as long as I live."

BOOK: Sunshine and Shadows
7.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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