Surrender to Fate (Fate's Path Part One: A New Adult Romance Series) (29 page)

BOOK: Surrender to Fate (Fate's Path Part One: A New Adult Romance Series)
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Fate’s Path Continues…

Shattered by Fate (Part Two)

**Releasing October 2013**

One heart cannot remember. Another heart cannot forget. Both hearts reach toward something to grasp. For Sarah, it is her past. For Will, it is to bring that past back. The only thing standing squarely in their way — is their future. Each has promised their heart and life to another. But where happiness should be, instead are the dark billowing clouds of a storm of reckoning. The thunder of regret splits a horizon now raining down upon them in shards of shattered promises and unreachable memories.

Chosen by Fate (Part Three)

**Releasing December 2013**

oth Will and Sarah are still connected to each other by an indescribable draw seemingly groping out from the deepest reaches of fate. A fate that deliberately leaves the door of temptation cracked open, giving Will a yearning peek at the naked truth of Sarah, who reaches out with the same tortured passions. But Will is trapped by guilt and obligation, and Sarah must choose between her memories of a happy past, or a future spent in renewed hope. Fate will leave both to fight the battle as secrets are revealed that will forever alter all of their lives, and for someone, take the very breath of life from them. Their paths have been chosen, but will fate see to it that their paths are brought together as one?

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About the Author

I like to think of myself as many things. I can be as alluring as the love that flows from my pen: pure, honest, simple. But then, like a storm that suddenly appears over the mountain, I can also have you running for shelter where there's no place to hide. Like life, itself, I try to deliver the hard with the soft, the pain with the joy, the instant with the forever. All of it, for a reason. And it's there that one can best enter my life.
Growing up in the blue sky country of Colorado doesn't leave an impression, it becomes a lifeblood. For me, the clarity of that truth flows through my stories, my characters and my inherent spirituality that somehow knows faith, in the end, triumphs over despair.
And then, there's serendipity. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I try to listen to the signs that present themselves to me. I accepted one such sign when I moved from my beloved Colorado to an unknown life awaiting me in Southern California, where I happily live today.
In the quiet mornings, you'll find me savoring my coffee, outside. To me, it's all about listening, breathing in, appreciating being here for another day. And of course, there's time spent in the mountains, fishing, and wading in creeks with the people I love. Curiously, the girl who comes from the mile-high mountains, still fears the miles-deep ocean I frequently visit, but only to sink my toes in the hot sand and watch, in awe and respect, the thundering surf.
On any given day, be it in the mountains, at the beach, or on my terrace, I am dreaming and writing, my way of sharing something meaningful with those who come to know me through my stories.

BOOK: Surrender to Fate (Fate's Path Part One: A New Adult Romance Series)
5.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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