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Chapter Two


He left her in the living room. Upstairs he tossed some
clothes lying around his bedroom into the hamper, smoothed the bed that didn’t
need fixing and turned on the bedside lamp.

He was about to have sex with a complete stranger.

Something so totally out of character for him it made him
nervous. He might be apprehensive but he sure wasn’t dead and he wasn’t about
to let this opportunity pass by. His heart started to race and his cock
hardened. Sex. Tonight he was going to bang a woman ten years his junior. What
did that make him?

A lucky fucking dog, that’s what. He smiled at his wit.

Once he was satisfied with the room Steve went back

He totally expected her to be sitting on the couch waiting
for him with her drink in hand. He half hoped she’d be naked or something.
Instead she sat in the shadows out of the glow of the fire. She had changed
clothes. Steve adjusted his balls and stiffening dick in his jeans.

What the fuck did she have on?

She stood and stepped into the light cast by the fire and
lamp in the far corner. He nearly swallowed his tongue. Now he knew one thing
she had in the suitcase.

“Do you like?” Clare smoothed her palms over her breasts,
along her sides and ended her caress by placing her hands on her hips, tipping
her shoulder forward with her hip cocked. Her voice, low and sultry, wrapped
around him like hot honey.

Steve nodded.

“Speak, tell me you like it.”

His eyebrows shot up and Clare reached out a hand sheathed
in elbow-length leather opera gloves and touched his shoulder.

“I like it,” he replied quickly.

Clare’s husky laugh didn’t seem to fit her tiny form. She
circled and paused behind him, running her finger across his back from shoulder
to shoulder before settling both palms on his hips. He craned his head to look
at her and was distracted when her black, stocking-clad leg hooked around his
knee. Steve’s hand dropped to her thigh and held her leg in place.

“I’m glad you like it,” she whispered in his ear.

He kept his gaze glued on her leg, rubbing his palm up her
thigh to the scarlet top on the stockings and back down to her knee. It was a
spectacular sight. He groaned when she thrust her hips against his ass and tightened
her grip.

“Are you hard for me?”

Is she fucking kidding?
“Why don’t you check for

“Oh what a delicious invitation.”

Her gloved hands snaked over his hips and lower. He reached
behind and managed to grasp her ass, not wanting to let her go. She teased him
by trailing her fingertips along his flanks, circling his aching cock. God, how
he wanted her to touch him.

Then abruptly she pulled away, leaving him to recover with a
slight stagger. Steve spun around and watched her walk to the foot of the
couch. No matter which angle he viewed her from she was one hot bitch.

Gone were her black pants from earlier, replaced with the
scarlet-topped stockings and a pair of leather hot pants. He barely noticed she
still had on the same top, he was so taken by her ass and legs.

Clare turned, tipped her head sideways and winked at him. She
crooked her finger in a “come here” motion and Steve didn’t keep her waiting.
She gracefully lowered herself to the couch and lounged back with one leg bent
at the knee and the other hanging over the side. God help him but he couldn’t
resist looking at her leather-shrouded pussy.

“What’s got your fancy, big boy?”

Steve dragged his gaze from the tempting juncture of her
thighs up her torso and over her tits to focus on her face. He noticed every
minute detail about her. The way her tongue peeked out and touched her lower
lip and how her dark hair fanned on the pillow. She walked her fingers down to
the cushion beside her and patted it, shifting to make room for him. He swallowed
and sat between her stocking-clad thighs. Heaven.

“I like your house.”

He blinked and looked at her. She liked his house? That was
the last thing he expected her to say. He’d been plotting how to get her in bed
while enjoying the view of her tempting body. He wanted to get all caveman,
throw her over his shoulders and haul ass up to the bed. Steve nearly jumped
out of his skin when her hand dropped on his thigh and massaged him.

She was touching him again.

“Thanks for asking me to stay.”

He didn’t think he had, really, she’d assumed, he didn’t
deny…ah shit, who was he kidding? Of course he’d asked her to stay, hoping
they’d end up in bed together.

“No problem.”

Her hand crept higher. And his dick got harder.


“I want to fuck you.”

Steve worked hard to keep it cool at that little bit of
news. Looked as if he was going to get some tonight. Yet, how could this
twenty-something-year-old woman make him feel like a virgin teenager? He had to
get it together and quick. Looking at her reclined on the couch dressed in her
sexy getup was a date-night highlight. So far.

“We might be able to do something about that.”

He smiled and watched her eyes darken. Her lips curved into
a sultry grin and he let the feelings flow. The age-old instinct to mate clawed
at him and he wouldn’t be able to remain controlled all that much longer. It
had been way too long since he’d sunk himself into a warm and willing pussy.

Her hand inched higher and he let her explore. He was ripe.
She had her free hand behind her head and massaged his upper thigh with her
other. Her tits rose and fell with each breath she took. Steve was mesmerized
and didn’t care in the least if she caught him gaping at her. He liked looking
and it turned him on more. She squirmed and rubbed against his hip. Steve
sucked in a quick breath.

Clare chuckled and her fingertips lightly brushed his cock
through the material. Her feather touch seemed anything but, and scalded him
through the fabric of his pants. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She licked
her lips and they shined invitingly in the flicker of the firelight. Just as he
leaned in for a kiss, she moved the hand from behind her head to cup her
breast, holding herself and rubbing her thumb across the tip. He watched the
hardened nipple push against the silkiness of her top.

She moaned and so did he, right along with her. Clare
plucked her nipple through the light fabric. He wanted to brush her hand away
and do it for her, but hesitated, waiting to see what would come next. She was
unpredictable and he liked the surprises that came at him. Steve was captivated
watching her play with her tit and his arousal fired up with every moan and
breathy sigh she made. He forgot her other hand was so close to his cock and
when she cupped him he jumped like a cat but didn’t look away from the show she
put on for him. Her hand inched to the neckline of her top and pulled it down
until the edge of her bra showed, and then she curled her fingers and pulled
the cup aside to expose the dusky peak of her nipple.

“Suck me. I’m aching for you to suck my tit.”

Holy fuck.

She reached for him. Steve didn’t need to be told twice and
leaned down. He pulled her nipple between his lips and suckled her. Grabbing
her waist, he held her steady. Her nipple grew and elongated in his mouth and
he flicked his tongue on the pebbled tip.

“Harder. Suck me harder!” She arched off the couch and
pushed her hands into his hair, pulling roughly.

Steve ran his hands up her sides to push her breasts
together and did as she asked. She yanked the other side down and he had two
gloriously naked boobs before him, large, firm and begging for his attention.
He was a tit man and in his glory.

She moaned and squirmed beneath him. Her hand snaked down.
He thought she was going for his dick and shifted so she had better access. She
wasn’t. Clare buried her hand between her thighs and rubbed herself through her
clothing. The back of her hand knocked against his cock and powerful sensations
rocked him. Steve leaned back to look at her. She was a hot little piece, her
arms pushing her tits together as both hands worked furiously between her
thighs. Her eyes were closed and she moaned through parted lips. It was one of
the sexiest things he’d ever laid eyes on. He wanted to get in on the action
and latched on to her nipple again.

“Suck me. I’m going to come.”

He buried his face in her cleavage and ravished her tits
while her hands worked furiously between her thighs, still bumping against his
erection and escalating his arousal to sheer torture. He was hornier than hell.

In the next second she bucked and froze under him. Clare
cried out and her body shuddered as she came. Slowly she sagged onto the
pillows of the couch and closed her eyes, a content, satisfied grin curving her
lips. He sat back and gazed at her. She definitely knew how to take care of
business and he was dying to know what would come next. His dick wasn’t about
to be ignored and painfully reminded him attention was long overdue.

Steve suffered in silence for a few minutes and when a log
fell in the grate he shifted. The fire needed another piece of wood or it was
time to take it upstairs. He didn’t have a preference at this point. He just
wanted to get laid.

“Get up.” She was firm and gave him a shove off the couch,
purposely letting her fingers brush over his crotch.

He stood and held out his hand to her. She took it and let
him pull her up.

“Would you be an angel and get me a glass of water?”

“Now? We still have drinks.”

Clare pressed a kiss to his lips and murmured against them,
“I know, but I’d really love a glass of water right now.”

In the kitchen he let his disappointment out and banged the
glass on the counter. He was frustrated. Steve grabbed the bottle of sparkling
mineral water and twisted off the top. The glass wouldn’t fill fast enough for
him and it splashed over the rim. Without putting the lid back on he scooped
the glass and hurried back to the other room. Would she be naked this time?
Each time he left the room it seemed she had another surprise for him.

She was back on the couch and he handed her the glass. She
ignored it and reached for the fly on his pants. Quickly she unzipped him and,
before he knew it, she had his cock in her hands.
Holy shit.

“Now it’s this big boy’s turn.”

He placed her drink on the table and looked down at her. She
smiled at him and bumped his cock head against her lips. Clare held him with
both hands and twisted them opposite to each other, as if she were wringing out
a rag, but shit it was sensational. He watched her tongue slip out between her
lips and press to the head of his dick. She laughed when he shivered and his
cock jumped. She seemed to take delight in him and he loved it. Her enthusiasm
revved him up. Clare switched from the twist and stroked him with one hand,
from tip to base, up and down with firm fingers. His balls tightened when her
other hand cupped them and she pushed her thumb between his nuts, pressing
gently at the root of his dick. Good god she had all the right moves.

“I love how you hang so thick and heavy. I could gobble you
all up.”

Her words were like a siren’s song and he was captivated.
Pressure built in him, sliding through his body to settle in his hips and
belly. If she kept this up he’d come like a virgin without ever feeling the
slippery heat of her mouth. He thrust his hips forward, hoping she’d get the
hint. He wanted her to suck him.

“Patience, cowboy. I want to see how hard and big I can get

Steve gritted his teeth and watched her tongue swirl around
the head of his cock. His muscles flexed involuntarily and she stroked up and
down with both hands now. He tightened his thigh muscles in order to stay on
his feet. Getting a hand job while trying to stand and watch it play out before
him with this incredibly sexy chick was asking a lot. She slicked the head of
him with her tongue and then he disappeared into the sweet heat of her mouth.
She took him all the way in, sucking hard. He stumbled before locking his leg
muscles and gripped her head to help steady him. She sucked and slid her mouth
from tip to base, her teeth grazing him briefly, and he nearly came right then
and there. Pressure built and he was drawn into a pinpoint of sensation, only a
matter of seconds before he’d come. Steve let his control go and waited for the

She must have sensed it and let him pop out of her mouth. Immediately
she squeezed the head of his dick with her hand, staying the orgasm with
painful intensity before letting him go. She whipped off her top in a flash.
Her breasts spilled out of her bra and bounced in front of his cock.

“You’re going to come on my tits when I say so.”

Her hand, cool and soft on his dick, stroked quickly. She
pressed her lips tight and forced him between them. Steve swept her hair aside
so he could watch her and held on. His legs trembled as she worked him. She
behaved as if she were a starved, wild thing, her hands and mouth driving him
closer to the edge with every swipe of her tongue and squeeze of her fingers.

“I have a little present for you” She looked up at him with
his cock resting against her lips.

He heard a buzzing and then she did something he’d never
experienced before, sending a shock wave through his body. She’d put a vibrator
under his balls.

“Jesus Christ,” Steve blurted as her little present shot him
to the moon. Vibrations fanned out from his balls to the tips of his fingers
and toes in a body rush. The pressure reached its peak and he thrust into her
mouth. He was blown away by the combination of her slick tongue, the vibrations
and her hand. Steve sucked in a breath and tensed, his muscles came apart with
his orgasm. She popped him out of her mouth and held him over her tits. He
looked down and watched. But he wasn’t quiet and couldn’t have been if he
tried. His growl filled the room as his cum shot out, coating her. She held him
tight and brushed his cock back and forth, bumping over her nipples and
spreading his cum around. She pushed the vibrator deeper under his balls,
drawing out his orgasm. Quickly, she pressed her boobs around his shaft and he
slid between them. It was sweet ecstasy. With his cock supersensitive now, he
didn’t think it possible to come again, but when he shivered into another much
milder tremor he couldn’t have been more surprised.

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