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Thirty minutes later, I finally see the house. It has taken me longer to walk home since every five to ten minutes I have to stop and let this excruciating pain pass. I think about calling my doctor, but I decide against it. I tell myself it’s just because I’m worried and stressing out about Malcolm. My baby girl is kicking me like crazy, as if she knows something isn’t right. But as I get closer to Malcolm’s parents’ house, I have to stop again when the pain hits. It takes my breath away, and I realize maybe I should call mom to make sure this is normal. I slowly rise up, but when I go to make the call, my battery on my cell is dead. Fucking perfect.

I shake my head, putting my dead phone in my purse as I pass by Malcolm’s parent’s house and make my way towards the back of the house where the guest house is. As I get closer, I see a bunch of boxes sitting outside of the house. Malcolm must have ordered a heap of deliveries because I know I haven’t. I walk closer and I see my name is written all over them. This just confuses me even more. I open one box to see what’s inside. When I see it’s my things inside it, I open another and another.

These are all my things.

I go to the door and try my key, but it doesn’t work. It won’t unlock the door. I bang loudly on it, to see if anyone is home. But after ten minutes of silence, I start to panic. I walk back towards the main house, and ring the doorbell. I do this three times before the maid comes and answers the door.

“Hi Ava, can I help you?”

“Yes, Lisa, I’m sorry to bother you, but can you tell me why my key doesn’t work to the guest house? And why my things are outside boxed up?”

The maid looks just as confused as I am. She clearly has no idea what I’m talking about. “Lisa, do you know where Malcolm is?”

“He left early this morning with Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.”

“What do you mean they left?” I’m starting to panic more and more by the second.

“They left for Italy. They didn’t tell me when they would be back.”

Malcolm left me?

Is this some sort of joke? Because this isn’t funny. I back away from Lisa and the house. I walk back to the guest house and then that’s when it hits me. Malcolm left me. He left me all alone, stranded, and I’m due next month to have a baby. I have nowhere to go. I don’t have enough money to take care of a baby. What am I going to do?

I start to walk back to the main road with no destination in mind. I don’t stop the tears from falling, and I clutch my hand to my chest when I start to feel pains. I’m shocked and utterly confused. Why would Malcolm leave me like this? I gasp for air, and I know I have to calm down before I pass out or get sick. I don’t understand any of this. I thought he wanted to be with me and help me take care of our baby.


My baby girl is kicking harder and harder and feeling her makes me start to cry even more. I double over when the pain comes back. I almost fall to the ground because it hits me with so much force it takes my breath away. I finally give up and just sit down. I feel like my chest is going to explode. My heart is breaking and I have never felt so stupid before. So alone. How could I let this happen? I should’ve seen how it was going to end up this way. How he was pulling away from me and shutting me out. The all-nighters, and the excuses. I should’ve known. I cry out again as the pain hits. I hold my swollen belly with both hands and I know I need to get to the hospital.

“Miss? Are you alright?”

I look up when I hear a man with a thick Russian accent. All his features blur, except his eyes. His eyes are the deepest green I have ever seen in my entire life. For some reason, this makes me cry more and more. I’m sobbing like a child in the middle of the sidewalk in front of a complete stranger.

“Here, let me help you up.” He grabs my hands and I can’t help but notice the heat coming off of him.

“Th … thank you.” I stammer out and jerk my hands away from his.

“Can I call someone for you?”

“No … No it’s alright. I’m …” Before I can say the word okay, I feel a gush of water between my legs. I look down in confusion, and I see water everywhere. I can feel the warmness on my legs and it dawns on me after a second, my water just broke. But that can’t be right. I have one more month to go.

“Miss, I think I need to take you to the hospital.”

“I’m fine. One more month. Not time,” I grit out through the pain, but I know I’m not making any sense.

“Miss, please. Let me take you to the hospital. My car is right around the corner.”

When the pain hits me again, I almost fall over from it. I can’t hold back the scream I let out either. The stranger grabs me, picks me up, and carries me to his car. At this point I can’t even think if he’s some sort of weirdo who likes to take young pregnant women and kill them or not. The pain is too much. I can’t think about anything but the pain.

“You’re going to be fine. I have you.” I hear him say. I can only hope he’s right. Something about his voice eases the pain just a bit. The way his strong arms wrap around me make me feel safe and light as a feather. I grab a hold of his neck tightly and lean into him, seeking his comfort. I know this is insane, and probably another stupid mistake I can add to my shit list, but something about this man comforts me. I don’t know if it’s the way he picked me up and carried me like he knows me, like he wants to actually take care of me, or the fact that he smells so good. Maybe it’s because I’m in so much pain the rational part of my brain has shut off. Whatever it is, I really could care less. I don’t want to feel this pain any longer and if this stranger says he’ll help, then fuck it.

He walks quickly to his car and gently puts me inside. He even leans over to make sure my seat belt is buckled. I grab a hold of the door handle and try to breathe through another round of this excruciating pain. I feel like I’m being ripped in half and I’m starting to feel a lot of pressure, in my vagina. Holy fuck is this normal?

“How you doing over there?” the stranger asks.

I look over at him as I say, “How the hell do you think I am? There’s an eight pound baby inside me, wanting to come out!” He says nothing, but the grin on his face says it all. I cannot believe he thinks this is amusing! How about he try and push out a fucking eight pound baby and then let’s see who’s laughing!

He pulls away from the curb and I’m pushed back into my seat by how fast he’s driving. If I wasn’t so worried about having this baby right in the floor board, I would tell him to slow down. But I honestly just want a hospital. With drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. Cars honk and pull out of his way as he races to get me to the hospital. The trip would normally take thirty minutes, but the way he’s driving, we make it in fifteen.

He jumps out of the car and opens my door. Another round of pain hits me, but this time, it’s in my back. It makes me arch and I grab a hold of his shirt. His nice white button down shirt. I think I might have ripped it, but I really don’t care.

“Eto budet v poryadke moy dragotsennyy,”
he says to me as he moves in close to reach over my belly and unbuckles me.

I don’t have time to even think of what he says. He grabs me again and carefully lifts me out of the car. I lock my arms around him again and I try to relax while I have a pain free moment. I whimper against his neck and he pulls me even closer to him. Again, I wonder why this man is being so nice and caring to me. Do normal people even do this?

I know when we get inside the hospital. I can hear the nurses and other employees running around and making lots of noise. Strong arms pull me close as I hear someone paging a doctor on the inter-com. I hear the phones ringing. The sounds of machines going off in different patients rooms. The strong aroma of bleach and urine makes my nose burn. I hate coming here. The sounds and smells make me feel queasy and for a moment I think I might vomit on my savoir. I pull myself closer to him and I can feel his hot breath on my skin. He smells like peppermint and some sort of woodsy smell. I close my eyes and take in his voice when I hear him telling a nurse what’s going on. I want to ask him to keep talking to me. There’s something about his voice … I don’t know what or why his voice is so calming. Or so soothing and makes me feel this way. I close my eyes, but not in pain this time. No, it’s his voice making me feel calm and I can’t help but wonder why?

We’re rushed into a room and the nurses has to tell the stranger to put me down three times before he does. He looks at me and I nod. I tell him it’s alright and the nurses know what they’re doing. I’m quickly made to change into the ugliest gown, and they place straps around my huge belly. I look around for the man that saved me, and I see him standing off in the corner, staring right at me. I thought for a second he left me. I don’t know why my stomach dropped at the thought of him leaving.

He walks over to me and stands closer to my head, while the nurses do their job. Thankfully, one gives me a shot of pain medicine and starts asking me tons of questions. He takes my hand and I finally get a chance to actually look at him. This man that I don’t know. Who probably not only saved my life, but my baby girls as well. And fuck, he’s gorgeous. His eyes are the first thing I take in. They’re deep green. So deep and beautiful. They almost look like emeralds. Like they could be used as a new color for diamonds. Despite the pain and the chaos going around me, a strange feeling comes over me when I look into his eyes, something that I’ve never felt before and I don’t want to even think about. He’s very intense and he almost makes me feel like I should be afraid of him. He isn’t smiling at me, but maybe it’s his eyes that make feel this way about him. I blink a few times, trying to clear my thoughts. He watches me as I continue to check him out. His hair is jet black. It shines even in this shitty lighting in my room. It looks so silky and smooth and I have to hold on to his hand tighter so I don’t do something stupid like run my fingers through it. He has a straight nose and a hard jawline that makes him seem hard around the edges. Like he has been through a rough life and has had to fight to survive something. He has very broad shoulders and by the way his shirt hugs him in all the right places, I know he’s muscular. I bet he works out all the time. I have to take my eyes off him, off that gorgeous face that’s doing strange things to me. I take in a deep breath and make myself look away. I feel his hand squeeze mind, and I shake my head when I hear him snickering at me. He knew I was checking him out, and damn, I kind of like he knows.

What am I doing? I’m about to give birth
but checking out the attractive stranger is providing a great distraction. This is not the time or place to be thinking these things. I clench my jaw and grab onto his hand tightly when the pain comes again. I can’t help but to lean back against the bed and shut my eyes, willing this to be over already. When it finally dissipates, my eyes go to his hand that’s holding mine. His strong hands are even attractive. Who would’ve thought a man’s hands could be sexy.

Did I just say sexy?

Must be the pain mixed with hormones. Or the pain medicine is having a weird effect on me. I shake my head again to make these thoughts of him go away. I can think about him later.

“Miss Walker?”

I turn to the nurse. “Yes?”

“I think we have everything covered for now. I’m going to let the doctor know you’re here. I need to check you to see how far along you’re dilated. I need you to just lay back and relax for me okay?”

For a second I panic. “Wait!”

“What’s the matter?” The nurse says with a worried look on her face. My face feels really hot and I know I’m blushing. I crook my finger at her, wanting her to come closer. I really don’t want to say this out loud. I mean, it’s embarrassing enough having someone fixing to stick their fingers in my vagina. And I really don’t want
knowing what I’m about to say.

“What is it, Miss Walker?”

She leans down and I whisper in her ear, “I … I didn’t shave. You know … down there? I can’t see down there anymore, and I really don’t know if I’m comfortable with you seeing me with a hairy vagina.”

She leans back and smiles at me. I can tell she’s trying not to laugh, but I’m dead serious. “Miss Walker, trust me when I say, that’s the least of my worries. Just lay back and relax for me alright?”

I nod and I let out a loud sigh. This is the part I hate the most. I grab onto my savior’s hand and try to prepare myself for the uncomfortable feeling I know is coming. The nurse is actually very quick at her exam. I silently thank her for not fully uncovering me as well. As she gently pushes her fingers inside of me I wince and turn my head towards him. I close my eyes and finally relax when he says something to me in Russian. I don’t worry about anything else as he continues to talk to me. I know this must be awkward for him. It’s strange, embarrassing, and uncomfortable for me too. I guess I can tell him to leave, but I really don’t want to. The nurse finishes, takes off her gloves, and smiles at me.

“You’re moving along nicely. You’re about six and a half centimeters dilated. Shouldn’t be too much longer now. Did you sign the form for your epidural?”

“Yes, I did, at my last appointment. When can I get that? I’m dying over here.”

“I’ll let the anesthesiologist know and he’ll be in here shortly. If you need anything just hit the call button, okay?”

She leaves the room and I’m left alone with the stranger. I’m just thankful the nurse was kind enough to give me some sort of pain medicine. It has really helped with the indescribable pain. I finally let go of his hand and I close my eyes trying not to think of what’s going to happen soon. I know I’ve had months to prepare for this baby, but when it’s happening, I feel like it wouldn’t matter how prepared I am, I’d still feel this way. I don’t even let myself think of Malcolm leaving me all alone and having nowhere to go. Or have no way to take care of my baby.

“Feeling better now?”

I open my eyes and I see those dark intense green eyes looking back at me. For some reason I feel as though he’s worried about me. Which is ridiculous. He doesn’t know me. Why would a stranger be worried about me? I don’t want to feel my heart start to race when I think about him still being here, or how being so close is making me want him to never leave. What is it about him that’s making me feel this way?

BOOK: Temptation
13.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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