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I nodded and he grabbed my hand without
warning. He was gentle yet insistent as we wove our way through the
crowd. A few whispers followed us, but I couldn't hear what they
said. We didn't see Ash, didn't speak to anyone. Once outside, a
chauffeur driven limo stopped alongside us. I was dimly aware of a
bulb flashing off to my right as I climbed in, but I didn't

I was drunk on the champagne and Reece. Being
the focus of his intense desire filled my head, leaving no room for
anything else.

The car sped away and we settled back into
the leather seats. A champagne bottle cooled in a bucket of ice and
Reece reached for it.

"No," I said, laying my hand over his. "I
want to be fully aware for this."

It was as if my words acted as a trigger. He
flipped his hand over and caught mine in his roughened one. I
wondered if surfing had given him the calluses. Then I forgot about
his hands and thought only of our touching thighs, his broad
shoulder rubbing against mine. His eyes turned smoky in the poorly
lit cabin of the limo. His lips parted. He hesitated and it felt
like the longest moment of my life.

Kiss me already!

To my relief, he did. It started out gentle,
teasing, as if he were tasting me and enjoying the sensations
swamping him. At least, that's what I was doing. My body hummed to
life like an electric wire. I shifted closer so that I was almost
in his lap, and deepened the kiss.

It was like I'd given him a signal. He let go
of my hand and circled one arm around my waist, trapping me against
him. His other hand dug into my hair and held my head so that I
couldn't draw away. I didn't want to. The kiss was fierce and raw.
It shattered me into a thousand pieces and pulled me together
again. It sent my heart soaring until I thought it would burst
right out of my chest.

But it wasn't enough. I wanted him inside me.
I wanted to feel all of him, touch all of him, and have those lips

He pulled away and I moaned.

"We're here," he rasped.

The car had stopped. The door opened and the
driver stood on the sidewalk. I stepped out and Reece took my hand
and led me into the building. It was tall and brightly lit, but
that's all I noticed. I couldn't focus.

"Good evening, Mr. Kavanagh," said a smiling
concierge from behind a desk in the plush entrance foyer. "Pleasant

Reece nodded and steered me toward the
elevator. We stepped inside and I had enough wits about me to
notice there was only one button and it wasn't numbered. Reece used
a key then pressed the button. We rode up silently, our hands
entwined, and stepped out and into the entrance of an apartment.
Potted plants filled the space and made it feel tropical, calm,

"You live here?" I asked him as he took me
through to another room. Modern furniture in warm woods and black
leather were softened by more potted plants. The living room was
huge. Everything about it was big including the TV and the long
wall of windows. Lights twinkled far below and beyond that was
nothing but inky black. The bay. The most expensive view in

The wealth of my surroundings infiltrated the
desire-induced fog. I glanced around and caught a glimpse of
another room through a half-open doorway. The part I saw was filled
with books.

"Is that a library?" I asked.

He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me
to him. His desire hadn't dampened. I could feel his hardness
through his trousers.

"I'll give you a tour later," he murmured.
"Now…now, I'm going to take you."

"Here?" I squeaked. Where had my nerve gone?
I felt like a mouse again, at the mercy of the cat.

"Here, everywhere, anywhere. I don't care,
I've just got to have you."

And just like that I was no mouse anymore.
Nor a puppy. I was me, Cleo, and I was the object of this hot man's

He kissed me again and it was not nearly
enough this time. We were alone and I wanted to see every piece of
him. I pushed his jacket off his shoulders and scrabbled with the
buttons on his shirt. He fought with his cufflinks and, with a
grunt of frustration, ripped them out.

Finally he was naked and I could get my hands
on his skin. It was warm and smooth like polished wood. The muscles
quivered and rippled at my touch. I touched him everywhere. I
followed the contours of his wide shoulders, the rise and dip of
corded muscles down his stomach, the expanse of chest in between. I
pulled away and gazed at the bronzed skin, the tight nipples, and
the small scar below his ribs.

He let me look, perhaps aware that I needed
to drink him in. But then he closed the gap again. I put out my
hand. I hadn't finished admiring.

"God, Cleo," he croaked. "Kiss me again.
You're torturing me."

I smiled. I couldn't help it.
? Little insignificant me torturing that
God-like figure? It was laughable. But I wasn't laughing. My mouth
was too busy kissing him.

He unhooked my dress at the back and drew the
straps off my shoulders. I shucked it off and stood before him in
my strapless bra, shoes and underwear. I found myself the focus of
his scrutiny. He checked me over as I had done him, his eyes ablaze
with heat.

"You're beautiful," he murmured, once more
taking me in his arms. He kissed me again, as hard and fierce as
the first time. It would seem the man was more tactile than visual
because his hands set about caressing my back, my shoulders, my
hips and thighs. Then he cupped my bottom and lifted.

I circled my legs around him, not breaking
the kiss, and let him carry me off. We entered a large bedroom and
he gently lowered me onto an enormous bed. "You've been driving me
crazy for weeks," he said, drawing back to admire me as I lay

My face heated beneath his gaze. I went to
cover myself up, but he stayed my hand.

"Don't. Don't hide yourself around me. Your
body is magnificent and deserves to be seen. But only by me." He
knelt on the bed, one knee on either side of my hips, and leaned
over me, hands on the mattress at my head. He still wore his
trousers and seemed in no hurry to remove them.

I wanted to change that. I undid the button
and fly and pushed them lower. He gave me a wry smile and stood up
to take them off. He drew down his shorts too and flung them away
with the trousers.

I licked dry lips. Oh boy. He was big all
right. His long, thick cock stood to attention, ready for action. I
swallowed and lifted my gaze to his. He smiled that predatory smile

"Your turn," he said, taking hold of my

I lifted my hips and he drew them down, down,
following their path with a trail of tiny kisses all the way to my
toes. I giggled and felt him grin against my foot. I removed my bra
myself and reveled in the way his eyes focused on my breasts. They
tingled beneath his gaze and tightened as heat spread over my skin
from top to toe.

He knelt on the bed again and lowered his
mouth to my breast. I arched my back as his tongue stroked my
nipple and his lips nibbled gently. "Yesss," I hissed.

I caressed his back and shoulders, and dug my
fingers into his flesh when he tweaked my other nipple with his
fingers. I gasped and arched again, wanting more, more. It wasn't
enough yet it was too much at the same time. It wasn't just the
physical pleasure, it was knowing that it was Reece Kavanagh doing
these things to me. The man I'd desired ever since meeting him. The
man who was as sexy as sin, and who could have anyone he wanted,
but had chosen me.

Blood throbbed in my veins, hot and thick. I
reached down between our bodies and found his cock. He let go of my
nipple and sucked air between his teeth. I relished the feel of him
in my hand, its smooth ridges and damp head. I wrapped my fingers
around the shaft and enjoyed hearing him groan. He pressed his
forehead to mine and breathed heavily, as if trying to control

But I didn't want self-control. I wanted him
to lose it, lose himself, and reveal the side of Reece Kavanagh
that he never let anyone see. I snaked one hand to the small of his
back and used my other to guide his cock to my opening.

He pulled away. "Not yet." He moved down my
body and gently opened my legs. I was exposed to him, vulnerable,
and I'd never felt more beautiful. How could I not when he looked
at me like I was a something precious and rare?

A small, distant voice wondered if he looked
at his other PAs like that when he got them into bed, but I
dismissed that voice. I wouldn't let anything ruin this night.
Tomorrow would be the time for reflection and concerns, tonight was
for pleasure.

The first lick had my blood spiking. The
second had me scrunching the bedcovers in my fists. The third had
me gasping for breath. I squeezed my eyes shut, squeezed everything
tight, as the coil inside me wound up and up and up. Somehow he
made it last. Every time I thought I was close he would ease off
until I was screaming at him to keep going, afraid he would just
stop and leave me in a tightly sprung, tense mess.

But he didn't stop. He built me up, slowly,
carefully, lovingly. He eased me to the brink then gently drew me
back again, before pushing me to the precipice once more. Each time
I thought this was it, now I would tip over the edge, and each time
he proved me wrong. Until I couldn't stand it any longer.

"Please, Reece. Now. Now!" That throaty voice
was not mine. It couldn't be me begging him. I never begged.

But it
me and I didn't care. I
would beg him on my knees if it would only let me enjoy

, he drove me hard to
the edge and let me go. I didn't tip over. I flew.

Everything inside me unraveled. Hot waves
rolled over me, through me, releasing all the coils until they were

"Reece!" I cried, clutching his head in my
hands. I drew him up before my orgasm had a chance to slip away

He fumbled in the drawer beside the bed and
pulled out a silver packet. He tore it open with his teeth and put
the condom on then entered me in one slick, sure thrust. All the

He suddenly stopped, holding himself still.
"Christ, Cleo. You're too…everything."

It sounded good the way he said it in his
rasping, sexy voice. I wanted to be his everything.

I shoved that thought away and lifted my legs
to accommodate his length. I wrapped them around his waist, linking
my ankles at his back, and rocked him. He took up the rhythm and
bent to kiss me. I tasted myself and didn't care.

He rocked me faster, his breaths coming
quicker, until he was grinding my hips into the mattress with each
thrust. He gathered me in his arms so that I was cocooned in him,
trapped against his hard body. It meant I could feel his orgasm as
it rose inside him. His muscles trembled and twitched, his back was
slick with sweat and his powerful thighs tensed.

With a low primal growl, he thrust hard and
held me as he came.

He lay half on me as his orgasm dissolved. My
own had left me feeling loose limbed and fuzzy headed. He rolled to
one side and disposed of the condom then rejoined me. I stretched
out against his body and he wrapped his arm around me. We kissed
gently, sweetly, and he pushed my hair off my forehead and peered
down at me with soft eyes stripped of all arrogance.

I finally felt like I was seeing the real
Reece Kavanagh. Like he was
me see.

I touched my thumb to the corner of his mouth
where an uncertain smile had taken up residence. It grew beneath my

"I think the evening went well, don't you?"
he asked.

"The phone launch was very successful," I

"Somebody launched a phone? I can't believe I
missed it."

He grinned and I had to capture it. I kissed
him and we rolled together on the bed, entwined in arms and legs.
We settled again, my head on his shoulder. The throb of his pulse
matched my own, slower now, but still somewhat erratic. I wanted to
talk to him, ask him questions, get to know him more now that the
ice was broken. Yet I didn't want to shatter the peace that had
descended upon us. A peace I never wanted to leave behind.

He yawned and kissed the top of my head. "Go
to sleep, Cleo. You've been working too hard lately."

I listened to his breathing slow until
eventually it deepened to signal he was asleep. I remained nestled
in his arms, more sated than I'd felt in a long time.

Yet not content. How could I be content when
I'd done the very thing I vowed not to do? I'd fallen for him.

Was this how it started with all his women?
This cozy intimacy where he made you feel like the only woman he'd
ever made love to like that. Had he been this sweet, kind,
attentive man with Ally and all the others?

It seemed unthinkable yet all the evidence
was before me. His past history with women, his cockiness, his
skill in bed. The entire world knew that Reece slept with his PAs
then fired them when they wanted more from him. Perhaps each one
had hoped that they were different, that they were the one he would
change for. After all, he went from controlling to charming, making
it easy to believe he'd fallen too.

If I were wrong and he hadn't been this
wonderfully sweet man with them, just me, how was I going to
untangle myself from the knot I'd tied myself up in? How was I
going to break the news that I was employed to betray him?




We spent all of Saturday morning in bed,
alternating between making love and sleeping. We ordered in
croissants and coffee for brunch. I learned that the building's
concierge was at Reece's beck and call. I also learned that having
someone at your beck and call is freaking awesome. We didn't talk
much, but that was okay. My brain wasn't functioning too well. I
was suffering a kind of hangover from the cocktail of hot sex and
emotional overload. Reece made me feel like the most beautiful
woman in the world. He worshipped my body with his tongue, his
gaze, his body. He made me feel alive.

BOOK: The Billionaire Boyfriend Trap
13.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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