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The Cupid Chronicles

BOOK: The Cupid Chronicles

The Cupid Chronicles

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The cupid chronicles / By Coleen Paratore.—1st ed.

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Summary: High school freshman Willa holds fundraising events at her family's Cape Cod inn to save the local library and hopefully date JFK (Joesph Francis Kennelly).

ISBN-13: 978-1-4169-0867-8 (hc.)

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[1. Social action—Fiction. 2. Libraries—Fiction. 3. Hotels, motels, etc.—fiction. 4. Cape Cod (Mass.)—Fiction.]

I. Title.

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ISBN-10: 1-4169-5484-8 (pbk.)


To my mother, Peg Spain Murtagh, the queen of hearts, who took me on the bus to the library and shared her great love of books

—C. M. P.


1 Juniors Don't Date Freshmen

2 Be a Leaper

3 The Honey-Do List

4 Ruby and the Bramble Burners

5 This Is America

6 Trick-or-Treat

7 The Party in the Barn

8 A Beach Day

9 Ben Franklin

10 Ruby's Revelation

11 “Hot, hot, hot”

12 “Oh, Jo-e-o, My Jo-e-o”

13 Be a Ruffler

14 In the Pocket

15 Dancing for Dickens

16 Rain into Rainbows

17 “The Willa”

18 The Turkey Tango

19 Grabbing the Glad

20 Suzanna Jubilee's Advice

21 Winter Vacation Plans

22 Sing it, Sister!

23 So Quick Bright Things

24 Good Night, Sweet Prince

25 The Sign

26 Making Santa Believe

27 Happy Birthday

28 “The Boy-cott”

29 Willa's Super Boy-Magnet Idea

30 Swarming Like Locusts

31 Big Spenders

32 Compatibly Cupid

“Willa's Pix 2”—Recommended by Willa Havisham


The Cupid Chronicles

Juniors Don't Date Freshmen

This wimpled, whining, purblind, wayward boy,
This Senior Junior, giant dwarf … Cupid,

—William Shakespeare,
Love's Labour's Lost

“But what about Cupid?” I ask my friend Tina.

Ever since Tina's aunt Amber started a match-making company called The Perfect Ten, Tina thinks the way to true love is finding the boy you have ten important things in common with.

Tina stops writing and laughs. “You are such a dreamer, Willa. What's that flying baby with a bow and arrow got to do with love?”

“Everything,” I say “Cupid's got everything to do with love. Cupid's the magic and the mystery, the goose bumps and heart-thumps, the lightning bolt you can't explain, but—”

“Oh, Willa, get your head out of that Shakespeare book. The numbers don't lie. Tanner and I are perfect for each other.”

Tina's Bambi eyes roll from east to west, and set on Tanner McGee. He's sitting at the varsity soccer table. Tall and strong with a lifeguard tan, Tanner's so gorgeous he glows. Girls in the dining hall drool dreamily as Tanner stuffs an entire slice of pizza into his mouth. Tina smiles and takes a princess-size nibble of hers.

“See!” Tina flips her blond hair back and writes in her notebook again. “Favorite food?
Tanner likes pizza. I like pizza. Favorite sport?
Tanner likes soccer. I like soccer.”

“Are those the ten questions?” I ask. “You've got to be kidding—”

“No, Willa. I'm making up my own questions. Aunt Amber's got a patent on hers. But food and sports are important, right?” Tina flips her hair back again. “And we have lots of other things in common, too. Tanner has brown eyes. I have brown eyes. Tanner's name starts with
My name starts with—”

“Okay, Tina, stop.”

I love Tina Belle. She's my best friend. But sometimes I've just got to whack her back to reality. “You've just described half of Bramble Academy Everybody likes pizza. Everybody likes soccer. You haven't even met this boy And besides, Tanner's a junior. You're a freshman. Juniors don't date freshmen.”

“Really, Willa?” Now Tina's getting mad. “Well maybe juniors don't date freshmen in those drippy-do Nancy Drew books you read. But in real life they do.”

“Actually Tina, I prefer Dickens. And Shakespeare, of course. Wasn't Dr. Swaminathan so dramatic reading
this morning? It's like we were in the Globe Theatre in London.
To be or not to be—that is the question …”

“Well, I think Shakespeare's a sleeper,” Tina says, “but Dr. Swammy could be on the soaps. Speaking of which … there's Mackie and Mona.
Tina sticks her thumb in the air. “He's a junior; she's a freshman. And Booker and Babs.

“Tina, those are actors on TV. This is Bramble, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Around here, juniors don't date freshmen. Besides, Tanner's gorgeous and—”

“Thanks a lot, Willa.”

“Oh, Tina, you know you're beautiful.”

Without a doubt Tina is the prettiest girl in the
freshman class. Ruby Snivler's second. I guess
I'm in the top ten, which isn't bragging since there are only twelve girls in the whole class.

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