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By author M. F. Bvlgari


Copyright © 2015 M.F.Bvlgari

All rights reserved. This book is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogue are drawn from the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is fictionalized or coincidental.





The Date



Like any other day



A decision



One step forward, two steps back



Leaving the past behind



Day 1



Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5



Day 6



Day 7



Back to London



Unravelling the mystery



Another surprise






The beginning



Reaching Happiness



Rough reality



Hope is always the last thing to die



About the Author



The Date


Today it was the day they would finally meet and for Carolina an excitement from the boredom life she had for the last few years. It is a sultry summer day, the sun shines brightly over and overheating the air, it was one of those days of excessive heat asking for a cool drink by the blue sea, but in London drinking something by the sea was not possible, as it has only a brownish, sometimes smelly river.

Carolina left work earlier to go home to take a shower and change her clothes, she left home prepared in the event of something more happen than just a circumstantial meeting, and after all they agreed to meet only for sex. She wore a short black dress with sexy white lingerie, knowing by the exchange of messages with JP that was his favourite colour for underwear.

It was strange, why JP does only likes white colour.

What could be the meaning for him? Purity? Cleanliness?
– Questions were wandering inside her head.

Usually men liked sexy lingerie but always in black or red, never any man told her that he liked white colour lingerie and Carolina associated white lingerie to be used only on the wedding day or wedding night, but never in a first sexual encounter.

She was sure that she had made the right choice and would be of his approval, she felt confident enough to face the situation in a comfortable and sensual way if they really reach that stage. Approaching the time for the meeting, she was anxious and a bit nervous, she never had done anything like that before, never had a blind date that could result only in one sex date.

She was well aware of what could happen, and if it happens, she wouldn’t mind. Never had been invited to a stranger’s house to a blind date but today she would go, feeling very open-minded to have sex because it would be only sex and they would never see each other again. That is what she has planned to do as she wants an adventure without consequences, without shame and that’s what she is decided to get with JP.

Carolina wanted a spicy adventure in her monotonous life, she needs to feel alive and desired by a man if only for a few moments, though when she was approaching his house doubts start to arise at every step she took.

Will he be like in the photos?

Will he like me?

Will I like him?

What will happen when we meet, will he invite me door out minutes after we meet?

Or will we end up having sex?

Will it be horrible or will it be good?

So many questions inside Carolina´s head and answers were only a few meters away, she couldn’t predict how the meeting would be and this was already becoming uncomfortable making her to be less and less confident by the minute.

JP had given his address the day before and Carolina and with the address on her phone's GPS Carolina was able to find his house easily as he lives in a typical mews in central London.

These types of houses are very expensive and appreciated by those who live in central London and JP’s house seemed to be the biggest of all in that street. She stops for a moment when she found the house just to appreciate it, the house is made of brown brick and has two or three floors, she can’t figure out well for sure, and the windows were a contrast modern and new it was very clear at eye sight that the house had been recently restored with a flawless look.

Nervous, feeling her heartbeat going faster because of the excitement of her great adventure, a slight tingling comes through her body to  her fingertips making her stop for a moment before pressing the doorbell button. She looked at the doorbell and thought:

Since I got here I will not back down now.

Getting the courage to move on she finally buzzes, getting to see through the large glass of the front door into the house, there was a stairs made of stone with a black wrought iron railing that led to the first floor to be seen.

Seconds later, she saw through the window JP coming down the stairs in a summer sweatshirt, shorts and barefoot. He was just like in the pictures that he had sent her months before, but live he was much better looking. She could see even with the sweatshirt on, that he was in very good physical shape and he was a man who took care of himself.

He is a perfect man with a perfect body
. - She admired him involuntary.

He was tall and thin, with deep and intense blue eyes having a mesmerizing look, the kind where we get lost in his eyes if we stare too long. His face was slightly slender, with a tapered chin, and a 3 day beard suited him perfectly. His hair was dark brown already with a few whites and with a modern cut, giving him on purpose an unkempt way.

In one of the photos she remembered that he had a little sign on his left ear, it had been once used for an earring that now showed absent. JP opened the door and gives Carolina a shy smile but his face was full of a heavy expression like in the pictures.

He gives her a kiss on the cheek greeting her, inviting her to go up the stairs.

She starts to climb up the stairs ahead him and he follows, leaving enough space to enjoy her legs letting her know she was being observed, making her feel even more nervous. Carolina stops on the first floor, looking at him waiting for directions and he said to continue and pointed the direction to an open space where Carolina could see a living room with dining room, office and kitchen all in one open space.

The house is huge just for one person –
Observing discretely everything around.

The house has a decoration with a mix of modern and ancient where rough wood stands out making a contrast joining all together in a perfect harmony. Carolina thinks that JP is a man with great taste, what really impresses her is the house being the cleanest she ever saw for a single man to live in. It was obvious that he had a cleaning lady, but that wouldn’t stop him in her absence leaving everything everywhere, and everything was in place, the house was immaculately groomed and Carolina loved the house from the first instant.
And not realizing that a moment before had worshiped his owner.

JP made a movement with his hand to invite her to sit on the large couch and asks if Carolina wants to drink something. Carolina who was coming from outside and a hot summer day was very thirsty, but now she didn’t know if it was the heat that was out there or if it was the fact that he was already leading it. She feels suddenly boiling inside, saying to him water was just fine and was starting to be afraid that the heat she was feeling was standing out on her face and got a little bit embarrassed when she felt sweating while he was in the kitchen.

JP went to the kitchen which looked had never been used and brought two small bottles of cold water, offered her one and opened the other drinking it while looking at her sitting comfortably on the couch putting one leg over the other one, getting supported by the ankle just above the knee, with open arms he bent over the couch.

He oozes confidence, masculinity and looked relaxed, too relaxed for Carolina’s first impression. Carolina unlike him was really uneasy, and the little confidence she had before entering that house it felt she had lost all when she climbed that stairs and confidence just fled galloping the streets of London away from her, making her feeling now slightly uncomfortable with the whole situation.

He didn’t speak just looked at her expecting her to take the initiative while she was sitting on the edge of the couch, with both hands resting on the legs, which were slightly inclined and placed on the edge of the couch.

She couldn’t help but look at him, when she looked at him and their eyes meet she looked shyly away trying to look around looking for a distraction. She feels really attracted to him because he has charisma and a presence that causes Carolina an inexplicable magnetism, she drinks some water, looking at the bottle in her hand she tried to make conversation, but nothing comes out.

It was the weirdest date Carolina ever had, when they were messaging they were like two parrots, talking non-stop and now there they had nothing to talk about.

Or did we say already everything we had to say
- as she looked at him in silence, struggling to make small talk she starts:

"So...tell me, what are your plans for your summer holidays?"

"I have nothing planned yet, I will stay in London the whole August" - Replied JP vaguely. He was obviously not interested to talk about his holidays continuing mute. There was no topic of conversation, and the two looked at each other speechless. Tension was in the air and Carolina didn’t know if it was a good idea to stay there much longer, she considered whether if she should go and maybe the best was to go away as quickly as possible from there the date doesn’t seem going well. But she was so hypnotized and lost in his intense blue eyes and the intense power he exuded in his manly body, in his large hands, his 3 days beard with a few whites standing out. All this was making him so damn sexy and Carolina unable to move.

She tried to find another topic of conversation, struggling to focus and when she was about starting to speak again, without any warning JP approaches and kisses her, forcing Carolina to shut up and kissing him back. He was like an eagle beginning his hunt and like eagles he stays comfortably within its territory awaiting the prey to get vulnerable enough to attack without effort taking her completely by surprise. It was so long ago that Carolina wasn’t kissed by a man, she was afraid of not knowing how to reciprocate the kiss but it all happened so fast that she only had time to follow JP’s impulse and repay the same way. After the first few seconds she realized how much she missed being kissed. His kiss was soft and firm, his lips were tasty mixed with the fresh water they just had, the beard felt soft at the touch and he gently touches with his tongue in hers giving birth to a desire to be together.

It was a perfect first kiss.

Still sitting, she was grateful because she feels slightly dizzy, feeling her body losing strength, goose bumps all over her skin and a shiver going from the tip of her scalp to each end of her body. Without warning JP rises and grabs Carolina's hand saying softly almost whispering:

"Let's go to my bedroom."

Carolina thought she couldn’t move feeling paralyzed, but as he was holding her hand, she managed to gain enough strength to get up, and starting walking beside him. Founding suddenly as if she was in a trance and moving only at JP’s voice because he had a masculine, seductive yet gentle voice with an assertive command almost felt like a request, it was absolutely irresistible. At this point she was willing to do exactly what this man wanted, she knew him for two minutes and he had only kissed her.

JP showed her the way letting her going ahead of him again hence he could have the opportunity to enjoy her legs one more time as they climbed up more stairs to the next floor. Upstairs there was only one room with windows all around and it was a huge en-suite in open space. There was no doors to the entrance suite, only door frames which previously would have been the separation of a room, the suite continues to another open space giving life to a beautiful and airy bathroom that was also an enormous space, again a mix of old adapted to modern was to be seen.

Carolina found the concept fascinating, the bathroom contrary to usual bathroom which have always small windows, here was full of natural light coming from the windows around it, the bathroom has a double shower and a small room for the toilet and like the rest of the house there was no door, in the middle of the bathroom has an ultra modern double sink with a wall in all its extension, functioning as a barrier for the bathtub, separating a golden claw foot tub which was visible new with ultra modern taps inspired in ancient baths.

Here is no space for privacy
– she thought for a millisecond.

JP walked into the bedroom, the room was elegant and masculine, there wasn’t a trace of femininity, and there was no trace of a woman at all.

From where Carolina was standing she saw a closet with transparent glass windows overlooking the room, giving perfectly to see what’s inside, inside everything was tidy and neatly in place, there was only men's clothing. She arrived on the edge of the bed, rubbing her legs in a soft perfectly put together dark blue duvet displayed over the bed. He slowly approaches her, touching her skin with a steady hand in a smooth way and again causing an electricity stream through Carolina’s body, making her blood run faster and again overheating her body, forcing her heart to beat faster and accelerate her breathing.

Carolina’s body screamed already for J.P. to take her at any time. She's turned back to him and he runs the sip of her dress slowly sliding the dress to the floor. When Carolina turned facing him, he was already naked keeping only his white Calvin Klein boxers.

How did he manage to undress me and undress himself at the same time?!
- thought Carolina in a moment of clarity.

By this time only with the touch of his hands, Carolina was in flames for him, wanting him as she didn’t want a man for years. She needed to feel him inside her urgently, she needed to know how it was like having sex with him and they hadn’t even begun with foreplay. He throws her gently on the bed supporting her with his right arm, resting his hand on her back. Lying on her back, he holds gently her ankles, leaving her high-heeled shoes, stockings and white underwear on. He kneels on the hedge of the bed pulling Carolina’s legs up bending them to support her heels on his shoulders and he starts kissing her legs, the inside of her thighs lingering on purpose. He slides his tongue firmly and gently over her underwear, kissing languidly, slipping with solid movements and insuring up to the clitoris over her panties.

3.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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