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“That’s great Carolina, let me call him and I’ll call you back”


Carolina was exhausted of that entire situation and she went back to bed and turned TV on with her phone next to her to abstract her a little bit from all but it was impossible, until she met JP in real life she never thought about considering having kids again, and if she didn’t had seen the future with JP in her dream with the twins, she would never agree to have kids again, but she had seen how happy she made JP when he discover he was about to be a daddy and how happy they were all together. Now it’s just a question to know if JP will agree on waiting and go through all the process of dating until they decide what option they will take to have babies. While she was deep in her thoughts the phone rings and it was Tess again:

“Carolina I have news for you, before I called JP I called a doctor friend of mine to ask them about all the possibilities to have children after surgical sterilization, and there is always possible in one way or another because none of the organs are damaged in any way. I called JP and he is okay to try alternative methods to have babies if the reverse surgery doesn’t work.”

Carolina tears started to fall down her face uncontrollably. She managed to say to Tess only:

“Thanks Tess”

After a while Carolina was able to calm down and now she knows that he is open to have children in any way with any method leaving Carolina much more at ease.

The phone rang again, it was JP she blows her nose before picking up the phone:

“Hi Carolina, I’m so sorry to put you through all this, but after the news you gave me I thought it was a definitive situation, but we can solve it in any other way.

Just the thought of not being able to have you in my life it tears my heart apart.

I couldn’t sleep all night and in the morning after I’ve sent you that message, which I regret deeply, I spoke with Tess and she explained that in most cases surgeries could be reversible and my hopes lit again.”

He continues speaking while she only listens to him:

“I don’t know why, but I feel that you are the woman of my life and I can’t give up on you just like that, I know that you can give me all what I need.

My dear let me compensate you from all the harm I caused you, let’s go for a long weekend together, what do you think about Portofino in Italy, there is a wonderful hotel with a beautiful sea view where we can enjoy each other and talk calmly about everything. What do you think?”

Carolina took a moment to be able to start talking, she wanted him, he wasn’t give up on her, and she wouldn’t give up on him.

“Yes I agree we need to talk about everything.”

“That’s great, I’m so happy that you aren’t mad at me. What do you think about this weekend?”

“Good idea but you want to go this weekend?! Tomorrow is Friday already”

“Pack your bags I’ll be at your apartment tomorrow at 8am. Sleep tight my dear”

And he hang up leaving Carolina looking at the phone, she felt so relieved that they could manage to go ahead and didn’t need to split.

There are really second chances in life. -
She thought happy with life.

As promised JP picked Carolina the next morning, when he saw her coming out of the building he went out of the taxi to help her with her luggage, he arrived in front of her hugged and give her a sweet and long kiss. Helping her with the luggage to the taxi and they went to city airport for a private flight to the international airport in Genova, Italy and from there they would have a private driver waiting to take them to Belmond Hotel. Carolina went all way to the airport in JP’s arms, he was holding her tight and she knew he would hold her always like that.

When they arrived at the City airport and Carolina enters in the private jet she remembers again of her dream, how everything was so similar to her dream, it was astonish, the private jet was looking very similar to the one in her dream. In the air they were visible tired and JP fall asleep holding Carolina in his arms and so did Carolina, it was obvious both hadn’t slept much the night before but they weren’t admitting to each other. They decided to have a serious talk only upon they arrive and were comfortably installed at the hotel in Portofino, they had 4 full days only for each other. Knowing they were destined to be together, they were decided to make it work, because they knew they would be very happy together.

They have seen in their dreams, the future was together.



There are dreams that can come true.


JP wakes up in the jet, looks for Carolina but she isn’t there. And he sees only the flight attendant.

The flight attendant asks him:

“Sir, did you rest well? We are about to arrive in Heathrow airport, you slept all the way from JFK, are you okay? Would you like to eat anything before we land?”

He was confused for a moment, but recovered immediately knowing that he dreamt about her again. JP asked for something to eat, while he was eating he couldn’t stop thinking about the dream he had this time. All these years having mean less relationships and looking for a woman to be part of his life and he could only find her in his dreams. Today he had finally dreamt and found the last piece of the puzzle and he knows exactly how he can find her now.

“Can you please reach me the phone I need to call my assistant in London? Thanks”

The flight attendant handed him the jets phone and he dialled to his private assistant, she picks immediately up:

“Mr Bennett did you arrived already? How can I help you?”

“I am about to arrive in one hour or so at Heathrow Airport. Look I need a favour, can you please locate a lady called Tess, I don’t know her surname, but I know she works for a matchmaking company in London, please locate her and let me know, I need to talk with her urgently. Thanks”

Hanging up without giving time for his private assistant asking any questions.

On the way home JP received a call from his private assistant saying that she has located the woman he was searching for and give him all Tess contacts.

He called her right away.

“Tess? This is John Philip Bennett, I need your services. I’m looking for the woman of my life, the woman I’m destiny to be with can you please locate her for me?!

Tess was used having demanding clients, she knew immediately from the start of the conversation that he was a big fish, so she needed to do everything to make him happy, that is searching for his match.

“Of course Mr Bennett I can look into it for you no problem, I’ll send you an email with everything I need to know and when can we arrange a meeting to talk in person and fill the gaps?”

“That’s great. We can meet at anytime at my office in London my assistant will give you all my details.

I’m very eager to locate the woman of my dreams and I’ll pay very well for your work. When will you send the email?”

“In the next minutes”


He was very pleased when he hang up, he would finally met the woman of his dreams, the woman who appeared in his dreams every night without licence, he learned having feelings for someone he didn’t knew, it was completely crazy for him but at the same time so intriguing.

JP was so sure that this woman was destined to be his wife, the mother of his children and the woman who would make him happy until the end of his days.





8.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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