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The Harem

BOOK: The Harem

The Harem

by Paul Preston


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Chapter One


I just had the kinkiest sex with this handsome guy named Jeremy! Let me tell you. It was incredible! Oh, by the way, in case you’re interested ladies, Master Jeremy is rich, very sweet and extremely sensual. There’s no ring on his finger so I’m fairly certain he’s available. And his services come absolutely free.

I’m writing in this luxurious room of his Harem, full of puffy loveseats, comfy pillows and white leather couches, like a scene right out of 1001 Arabian Nights. Master Jeremy gave each of the ladies in his Harem a journal to write in. There’s another woman lounging a few feet away from me, sipping on a glass of red wine and scribbling away as well. It’s fun to write about my experience. It makes everything seem more real and less like I’m trapped in the imagination of some naughty man’s wet dream.

I’ve seen three women here so far tonight, although I expect other ladies to start showing up any minute. Just like I did, they’ll come to his Harem to try out an alternative lifestyle, like trying on a sexy new dress in the Express store at Montgomery Mall.

OK, I know what you’re thinking now. Why would any self-respecting woman want to share a man with several other women? I’m a pitiful loser at love and Jeremy must be some kind of awful misogynist, right? An honest question, but I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. While it may be true I’m unlucky at love and Master Jeremy is the male equivalent of a slut, I’m here to tell you he doesn’t hate women at all. On the contrary, he seems to adore our femininity and our bodies, no matter how they are shaped. I mean, he even likes my fat body. Even mine... Up until tonight I wouldn’t have been caught dead lying completely naked face down on a massage table, but Jeremy made me feel… attractive again. And hell yes, I’m coming back here next Friday night in case you’re wondering, and I don’t care if the entire Washington Redskins cheerleading squad shows up!

So this is my plan. I’m going to get back up on the treadmill every day before and after work and hit it hard. You’ll see, ladies. I’m going to drop this extra weight. Then I’m going to arrange to accidentally bump into the Flaccid Bastard again. I’m going to shake my cute tight little ass, big tits and toned body in his face and shout, “You see, you fucking dick! I lived with you for three years, paying for most if not all of the bills while you pursued your ridiculous “dream” of being a singer in a rock band, you tone deaf mother-fucker, and then you have the nerve, you have the nerve to call me a fat piece of shit when we broke up! Well, see what you’re missing now, asshole!” Ladies, I can’t wait. I’ll tell you, I think this place is going to motivate me to lose more weight than facing that embarrassing scale during check in at all those stupid Weight Watchers meetings. I’m so excited!

You should see what I’m dressed in. I have on a pretty pink baby doll camisole with a ruffled sheer top, pink thong panties, white stockings and high heels. I’m relaxing on the sofa, my little black bag within arm’s reach. (More on my little black bag and its contents later!) At first I was mortified to exhibit my body like this, not so much in front of Jeremy, but in front of the catty, prying eyes of the coterie of beauties I expected to see here. Thankfully, the Goth-looking woman in the room has completely ignored me, which is fine by me. (I took a quick peek at her breasts through the sheer material of her black corset and saw two large silver rings piercing her nipples. Ouch!)

Since this is the first evening the Harem is open for business, Jeremy made me sign a legal document, agreeing to all of the terms and conditions therein, one of which has to do with parading around his house three-quarters naked in skimpy clothing. Normally I’d be ashamed to be seen reclining on a sofa in lingerie, but after what just happened between us, I feel better about my body now, so much better. And I have Master Jeremy to thank for that. As you can see, it’s been a very positive experience for me, so far. There are no humiliating acts of servility thrust upon us. He doesn’t ask us to feed him grapes or fan the Master of the Harem with a palm frond. Jeremy is dominant in the boudoir, but outside the bedroom, he’s not an asshole. I know, quite a surprise, right? I couldn’t believe it either. It’s really not a bad way at all to spend a Friday night. I’m having so much fun here, girls. And I really like him. The contract I signed says I’m not allowed to let my feelings complicate our ongoing relationship. Well, contract or no contract, I like you Master Jeremy. I like you a lot. But I don’t want to screw things up by getting all squishy inside. I’ve got a good thing going here. This shit is like therapy for me!

So, do I have your attention now? Would you like to know how we first met?

Chapter Two


If I were to die suddenly and somebody finds this journal and actually reads it, the one thing I would want them to know is that I tried to have a normal life. I tried. It just didn’t work out that way, in my case.

I tried to fit into society, lead a regular life. I married Debbie, a very pretty actress from our local community theater here in Rockville, Maryland. I first saw her on the stage of the Rockville Civic Center during a mime performance. She looked just like Marcel Marceau, in white leotards and black suspenders, with white powder on her face and black eyebrows drawn above her eyes. She moved with such fluidity and grace through the silence, creating an invisible wall with her hands, climbing an imaginary flight of stairs, holding a balloon and being picked up off the ground by the wind and flying away. I was enchanted with her from the first moment I saw her.

I finally got up the nerve to give her my card while she was leaving the theater one night. We discovered we had some things in common. Like Debbie, I had a degree in drama and an interest in the theater. Though a few years ago I’d given up on the idea of being an actor, I respected her desire to keep at it. I emotionally supported her need to be an artist, despite never being able to gain recognition for her work outside the suburbs of Maryland or make any money at it. She appreciated my support and I think that’s what initially drew us together. We started a relationship and several months later we were married.

You could make an argument I’m a rather nice catch for a single guy. I’m in excellent shape and I’ve been told I’m attractive. Due solely to my Dad’s efforts, I’m also rich. My father’s successful Neurosurgery practice as well as his savvy real estate investment in a large upscale high-rise condominium here in the heart of Rockville has made our family extremely wealthy. Eventually, my Father transferred ownership of the building over to me, and the rental income from the property brings in more money than I could ever hope to spend. Debbie was a struggling actress who needed to be financially supported in order to practice her art and I needed someone to love and take care of to feel worthwhile inside. So it seemed like a good match, at least at first. I became the typical doting husband; my only concern was for her happiness.

Looking back, I know now that I smothered her with my affection. I was very well cast in the role of the boring husband. I was constantly nervous around her, always at the whim of her ever changing moods and demands, running out to do various errands or buy things for her to make her happy. I stopped exercising and let myself grow quite soft around the middle, while she jogged five miles a day and seemed to grow lovelier each day. I changed her ashtrays like an obedient butler and kept her clothed in the trendiest styles. After two years of marriage, I could tell she viewed me as nothing more than a piece of unwieldy furniture that always seemed to be in her way. The more I loved her, the more our marriage grew stale and withered.

I’ve always wondered if the breakdown of our relationship had to do with sex. I always thought we had a fairly healthy sexual relationship. I’m not sure what is considered normal by society’s standards, but we usually had sex at least once or twice a week. I was very attracted to her and would do everything and anything to satisfy her in bed, but usually she preferred the basics, with me on top.

I often worried if I pleased her as much as she pleased me. I always tried to hold back on my ejaculation for as long as I could so she could experience her pleasure, but there was always a point of no return for me during sex, if you know what I mean. I always secretly felt I had let her down after letting go and ejaculating inside her into my condom or onto the pretty smooth skin of her belly or cute breasts...

When the end of our marriage came, my wife was in final rehearsals for yet another community theater production. It’s sadly ironic that there was this rich shallow husband character in the play, very similar to me. The basic plot involved Debbie’s character being unhappily married to her husband, cheating on him with another man and plotting with her lover to murder the lout in order to collect the insurance money. They are caught and arrested by a detective in the end, of course. I must apologize for the rather conventional plot of the play. Rockville is a suburban bedroom community of Washington DC, and I’m afraid that’s about the best we can do here, as far as the complexity of our theatrical productions go.

Around this time, a traumatic event in my life occurred, which I don’t wish to discuss in this journal, now or in the future.

Soon after it happened, I called Debbie on her cell phone, but the call went directly to her voice mail. Normally, I would never interrupt one of her rehearsals, but I felt a particular need to see her at that moment, so I drove over to the Civic Center. When I entered the darkened lobby of the theater, it was odd none of the actors in the play were present and the lights on the stage were dim. I thought perhaps the rehearsal had ended and everyone had already left. I was also about to leave when I smelled the pungent aroma of marijuana and heard muffled noises coming from the stage of the theater.

As I walked down the center aisle of the auditorium, I discovered my wife taking the “Method” acting technique to a new level, lying in a bed on the actual stage set, her legs above her head, with her co-star rutting into her, rehearsing. You may find the image mildly humorous, a tawdry affair between two community theater actors really getting into their parts. I might find it somewhat funny too, if it wasn’t happening to me.

What was it like to see my wife getting fucked by another man? It felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest and squeezed between two fists until it burst. We had this huge dramatic argument in the stage shadows. My wife was humiliated and apologized, of course. She gave a rather lame justification for their dalliance. After the rehearsal ended, the director suggested the two actors do an improvisation to create chemistry between them that would allow their relationship as lovers to be more believable on stage. They had gotten a little carried away, apparently.

“So you actually had to let this guy fuck you so you could know what it feels like to have an affair?”

“But the director said—”

“I don’t give a shit what the director said!” I yelled, my voice echoing through the empty theater. “Your character murders your husband at the end of the second act. Are you going to buy a gun and kill me now so you know what that feels like too?”

“That’s not the same thing!” Debbie cried out, grabbing her bra and panties.

“You fucked another man! We’re married! You cheated on me, Debbie! You betrayed me!” I shouted after her as she exited stage left.

When the actor disappeared with Debbie back stage, I got a good luck at him. He was younger than me and much more muscular. It was clear he spent a good portion of his time at the gym, since I could see the veins bulging out of his forearms. It only made the knife twist deeper in, knowing he was in much better shape than me.

Debbie didn’t return home that night. Early the next morning she came back distraught and collapsed on the living room couch, exhausted. I felt angry and hurt. When she woke up late in the afternoon, she lit her first cigarette of the day. Debbie felt guilty and apologized profusely. I know she felt terrible about cheating on me. It only happened once and she never meant for it to happen, she claimed. After the first cigarette, she lit another.

We tried to make another go of it. She tried to be affectionate to me, kept asking for my forgiveness. I just couldn’t get over her betrayal. I shut down emotionally, stopped talking to her. We tried to hold on, but our marriage became like a dying carcass we dragged around the apartment. I never made love to her again after seeing her with another man.

A few months later we separated. My lawyer initiated the divorce proceeding and I paid her a generous settlement for her short time we were together in our marriage. No kids thank goodness, only a kitten which she got custody of. The divorce became official just last week. I guess I should’ve tried harder to get over the affair and forgiven her, but I couldn’t.

Since my Mom moved away to live with her younger sister, I’ve lived alone in the palatial estate my Father left us in his will. My dream was to leave Rockville too and head for California. I’ve had this fantasy of driving across the country and going directly to the tallest snow covered mountain outside of LA. I would hit the slopes in the morning and then drive down the mountain two or three hours west to the nearest beach, rent a board and surf all afternoon until the sun set. Of course, it’s just a fantasy, but it makes me happy to think about it. The truth is I’ll probably never leave the suburbs of Maryland. No wonder my wife had an affair and fell out of love with me. I am a pretty boring guy, I suppose.

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