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Authors: Beatrix Potter

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin (3 page)

BOOK: The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Nutkin began again—

      "Arthur O'Bower has broken his band,
        He comes roaring up the land!
        The King of Scots with all his power,
        Cannot turn Arthur of the Bower!"

Nutkin made a whirring noise to sound like the
, and he took a running jump right onto the head of Old Brown!...

Then all at once there was a flutterment and a scufflement and a loud "Squeak!"

The other squirrels scuttered away into the bushes.

When they came back very cautiously, peeping round the tree—there was Old Brown sitting on his door-step, quite still, with his eyes closed, as if nothing had happened.

But Nutkin was in his waistcoat pocket!

This looks like the end of the story; but it isn't.

Old Brown carried Nutkin into his house, and held him up by the tail, intending to skin him; but Nutkin pulled so very hard that his tail broke in two, and he dashed up the staircase and escaped out of the attic window.

And to this day, if you meet Nutkin up a tree and ask him a riddle, he will throw sticks at you, and stamp his feet and scold, and shout—





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